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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Importing over a modified boneset on: October 24, 2012, 09:04:37 PM

I was wondering if it was possible to rig a model over a brawl character AFTER adjusting their boneset.

For example: I would like a certain character to be rigged over Toon Link. But Toon Link is too small/short for the character. Is it possible to modify Toon Link's skeleton, by giving him some changes in leg/arm length and making him taller, and THEN rig the character over the new skeleton?

This is for a full PSA, so there wouldn't be a need to worry about other color palettes (or one slot). Since they'll all be the character.

Is this possible to achieve?


2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Royal_Blade's PSA Solitude - New Poll: Hidden Link: Bombs, where should they go? on: August 05, 2011, 09:38:52 AM
Hello People of KC:MM! I, Royal_Blade have made my own PSA thread.
Here, I will list off PSA's I am working on and plan on doing in the future.

If you have any comments or changes you think should be made, to movesets,let me know and provide some explanation as to why.

Royal_Blade's PSA Solitude
Twilight Princess Link PSA

Current PSA Work
Kratos Aurion
Lloyd Irving
Ryu Hayabusa (On Hold)


Twilight Princess Link
[A] = animation  [P] = PSA
Green = Done
Red = Incomplete
Yellow = In progress

Neutral Attack - Is now just two slashes that chain into each other. No animation changes, each slash deals 1% less. [A] [P]
Dash Attack - Link puts both hands infront and stabs forward with his sword. Redoing.[A] [P]

Side Smash - Mortal Draw: Link sheaths his sword. If A is pressed, he draws his sword and slashes forward with great force. Slash will have high base knockback to compensate for it's precision. 24%-32%(?) [A] [P]

Down Air - If hits downed characters, deals 25% leaving them on the ground. I'm also reducing the damage from 22% to 18%, and 18% to 12%. It will still have great killing potential. [A] [P]

Back Throw - Link firmly holds the character before tossing them behind himself. Based on tossing rolling Gorons in Twilight Princess. 8%, very good knocback. [A] [P]
Down Throw - Helm Splitter: Link holds the character in place and jumps up and slashes downwards at the character's head applying damage and knockback. 11%, knocks the character to the ground. [A] [P]

Standard Special Move - Shield Bash: Link puts up his shield then bashes forward which deals no damage but applies low knockback with high stun. With his shield up, link can block most attacks. When Link is shield bashing, his shield can relfect projectiles. [A] [P]
Side Special Move - Jump Strike: Link jumps forward and then slashes with his sword in a front-arc motion. (Think of Ike's F-Air) The slash deals 6% to anyone above Link, 8% to anyone infront of Link, and 5% to anyone under Link when he is slashing. The slash can occur sooner if A or B is pressed. The slash cancels upon landing on the ground. [A] [P]
Up Special Move - Spin Attack: Link spins around once in a counter-clockwise motion with his sword sticking out. Deals 12% and has a relatively fast startup but punishable ending lag. If used while Link is at 0%, he will perform the "Great Spin" technique. Great Spin practically functions the same as the Spin Attack. But it deals 15% with higher base knocback. It comes out a bit faster than a normal Spin Attack but has a bit more afterlag as well. [A] [P]
Down Special Move - Backslice: Links fakes a dodge. If someone attempts to attack, Link will roll around the character followed by a rising spin-slash. [A] [P]

Side Taunt - Link puts his sword up infront of himself and then swings it forward leaving the sword at a 45 degree angle. He then reverts back to his idle. [A] [P]

Iron Man (U/MvC3)
Neutral Attack - Iron Man jabs his fist forward. Decent speed, Deals 3%, low knocback and hitstun.
Dash Attack -
Forward Tilt - Iron Man stretches out his leg forward and his boot releases a burst of energy once extended. Deals 5% at his leg, 4% at his foot, and 6% if hit from his boot jet. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.
Up Tilt -
Down Tilt - Iron Man stretches out his leg along the ground. Deals the same damage and properties like his Neutral Attack.

Side Smash - Iron Man puts his arms overhead and then swings his arms infront and releases a blast of energy. Deals 7%-11% with good knocback.
Up Smash - Iron Man kicks his foot into the air at a 60-degree angle and his boot releases a burst of energy once extended. Kick deals 6%-10%, and the blast deals a constant 5% with no hitstun.
Down Smash -

Neutral Aerial - Iron Man puts both of his hands together infront of himself and releases a blast of energy from his palms. Deals 7% at his palms and 4% if distanced from the blast. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.
Forward Aerial - Iron Man puts his arms overhead and then swings his arms down while releasing a blast of energy. Deals 8% at his palms and 3% if distanced from the blast. Semi-spikes if hit from a distance, spikes when hit at close range. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.
Back Aerial - Iron Man kicks behind himself and his boot releases a burst of energy once extended. Deals 5% at his leg, 4% at his foot, and 6% if hit from his boot jet. Iron Man will turn around after execution of the move. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.
Up Aerial - Iron Man puts both of his hands together at an upward angle and releases a blast of energy from his palms. Deals 7% at his palms and 4% if distanced from the blast. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.
Down Aerial - Iron Man puts both of his hands together at an downward angle and releases a blast of energy from his palms. Deals 7% at his palms and 4% if distanced from the blast. More knockback the closer to Iron Man.

Pummel -
Forward Throw - Iron Man takes his open arm and infuses his palm with energy and then strikes their chest while blasting away at them. Deals multiple hits, totaling to 9%.
Back Throw - Iron Man turns around while infusing his open palm with energy and then strikes their chest while blasting away at them. Deals multiple hits, totaling to 9%.
Up Throw -
Down Throw -

Standard Special Move - "Unibeam": Iron Man crosses his arms at his chest and then releases a multi-hit beam forward dealing 2% per hit applying low knocback and hitstun. Each hit also slightly pushes back the character. Unlike ROB's Neutral Special, it cannot be angled. Nor can it reflect of angled platforms. There are 3 levels of charge for Unibeam. Releasing the beam will slow down Iron Man's falling momentum.
Low Charge: Deals 3 hits.
Med Charge: Deals 5 hits.
Hvy Charge: Deals 7 hits.
Side Special Move - "Smart Bomb": Iron Man shoots a few bombs forward which deal 5% on contact with a set vertical knocback and stun.
Up Special Move - "Flight": Works exactly like ROB's Robo Burner.
Down Special Move - "Repulsor Blast": Iron Man puts his arms above his head and releases short-ranged beams emiting from his palms for a total of 5-hits. The repulsor blast deals 1% for the first 3 hits and 2% for the last 2 hits. Each hit also brings characters closer to Iron Man with low hitstun. Totaling to 7%. It can extend into "Repulsor Spread" by pressing B during 1st to 4th hits. This will deals 5% with decent hitstun and good knocback. The maximum damage this move can produce is 10% (4 repulsor blast hits followed by a repulsor spread). It can only be used on the ground.

Final Smash - Can't Decide

Mega Man Zero
Neutral Attack - Basic 3-hit combo with his Z-saber. Knockback wise, same as Link. Damage; 2%, then 2%, finally 4%.
Dash Attack - Zero slashes forward whilst a bit of momentum. Damage; 7%. Horizontal knockback.
Forward Tilt - Zero performs a horizontal slash releasing a short-ranged shockwave. Slash deals 5%, shockwave deals 3%.
Up Tilt - Zero stabs his Triple Rod diagonally upwards. Mid-range; deals 4% to anyone within range.
Down Tilt - Zero slide-kicks low to the ground. Deals 5% with high chance of tripping.

Side Smash - Zero performs an overhead slash to the ground, creating a shockwave as he slams the ground. Based on his Charged Z-Saber attack. Damage; 10%-16%. Knockback at a 60-degree.
Up Smash - Zero thrusts the Chain Rod straight up damaging anyone within range. Deals 6%-3% uncharged and 12%-9% fully charged.
Down Smash - Zero throws his shield as it orbits around him. The shield orbits 3 times. Deals 3%-5% per orbit.

Neutral Aerial - Zero draws his Z-Saber and slashes in a circular motion. 2% but can hit multiple times. Maximum 3-hits.
Forward Aerial - Zero's basic air slash with his Z-Saber. Damage; 5%.
Back Aerial - Zero swings his Chain Rod behind himself. Damage; 3% at the chain, 5% if tipped. Tip applies knockback. The chain can connect to a tip.
Up Aerial - Zero thrusts the Triple Rod above him for a mid-ranged attack. Damage; 4%.
Down Aerial - Zero stabs his Z-Saber downwards damaging anyone who makes contact with it. Damage; 5%.

Grab - Zero uses his "Zero Knuckle" to latch on to nearby foes.
Pummel - Zero pumps energy from his hand into the held character. Deals 2%. Slow for a pummel.
Forward Throw - Zero straight-kicks forward. From Onimusha Blade warriors. Damage; 5%.
Back Throw - Zero whips his arm backwards, tossing the character behind him. Similar animation when Zero successfully steals a weapon with Zero Knuckle. Damage; 4%
Up Throw - Zero tosses the character upwards. Similar animation when tossing a stolen weapon in MMZ4. Damage; 7%.
Down Throw - Zero twirls his Triple Rod in circles damaging the held character. Deals 2% per spin, spinning 3 times.

Standard Special Move - "Buster Shot": Zero takes out his buster a fires energy that changes depending on how long it has been charged for.
Lvl.1 Charge - Zero fires an energy pellet forward.
Lvl.2 Charge - Zero fires three energy pellets forward; similar to "Triple Shot".
Lvl.3 Charge - Zero fires a large energy pellet forward; similar to "Blast Shot".
Side Special Move - "Chain Rod": Zero thrusts the Chain Rod forward to damage anyone within range. Does not deal damage while retracting. 6%-3% depending on the range of the Rod; less damage and knockback the further you are from Zero. Can be used as a tether recovery.
Up Special Move - "Tenshouzan": Zero performs a rising slash with his Z-Saber. Deals 12%, does not put Zero into helpless but can only be used once in the air.
Down Special Move - "Boomerang Shield": Works like a mix of Fox and Falco's "Reflector". Once Down Special is activated, you can do two things. Hold B to put up the shield as a defensive move. Or, by not pressing B, Zero would throw his shield in a linear path where it would travel out to a mid-ranged distance and travel back to Zero. The Boomerang Deals 5% when thrown.

Final Smash - "Lightning Zero": Zero surges his Z-Saber with electricity before stabbing it forward. If it connects, Zero slashes horizontally (angled upwards), then slashes downwards, then slashes horizontally (angled downwards); Each slash forming strokes of the letter "Z". Before leaping into the air performing one last slash erupting the Z-shaped glyph with electricity. The stab deals 5%. The following 3 slashes all deal 10%. The last Slash dealing 25% with high knockback. Total Damage = 60%.

Up Taunt - Zero turns and faces away from the screen before he repositioning himself to his idle stance. Based on Zero's 'Door Entering' animation.
Down Taunt - A Cyber Elf appears out from Zero and swirls around him before it returns to Zero. Zero's body flashes when the Cyber Elf re-merges with Zero.
Side Taunt - Zero puts his hand infront and then swings it to the side while Zero's hair is waving. Based on Omega's pose at the start of his fight.

Victory 1 - Zero stands up straight and warps out of the area.
Victory 2 - Zero deaws his Z-Saber and swings up then down and finally posing with the sword out held with both hands.
Victory 3 - Zero raises his hand to his helmet; he starts recieving some tele-communication from Ciel.
Entrance - Zero warps into the stage.

Neutral Attack - Megaman jabs with his right hand, then jabs  with his left, then straight-kicks with his right foot. Dealing 3%, 3%, 4%. The last hit with good horizontal knockback.
Dash Attack - Megaman performs a spin-around slash. Deals 6%, very high chance of tripping.
Forward Tilt - Megaman arms himself with a sword and slashes horizontally. Deals 7%, decent horizontal knockback.
Up Tilt - Megaman arms himself with a sword and performs an uppercut. Deals 6%, decent vertical knockback.
Down Tilt - Megaman slide tackles. Has sex kick properties. Deals 7% during the initial hitboxes, decent horizontal knocback. 4% for the lengthend hit, very low knockback, high chance to trip.

Side Smash - Sword Chip: Megaman arms himself with a sword and slashes horizontally. The properties of the attack varies depending on the sword that was used. They all deal 10%-18%. Low start-up, moderate-long ending lag.
-Fire Sword: Applies good horizontal knockback, low stun.
-Aqua Sword: Applies good vertical knockback low stun.
-Elec Sword: Applies low knockback, decent stun.
Up Smash - Tornado: Megaman holds his buster up as blades of air hack and slash at anyone caught within. 8-hits. Uncharged deals 1% each hit. Fully-charged deals 2% each hit.
Down Smash - Spreader: Megaman aims his buster towards the ground and releases a blast that hits surrounding opponents.

Neutral Aerial -
Forward Aerial - Megaman arms himself with a sword and slashes in a frontward motion.
Back Aerial -
Up Aerial -
Down Aerial - Megaman arms himself with a sword and stabs downward. Has sex kick properties. 8% at the start of the stab, 5% for the lengthend hit. Upon landing, anyone directly beneath him will recieve 4% damage with low knockback.

Pummel -
Forward Throw - Megaman arms himself with a sword and stabs forward and then slashes upwards sending the foe away.
Back Throw - Step Sword: Megaman swiftly moves behind the held character and slashes the character's back.
Up Throw - Geyser: Megaman swipes his hand and a geyser appears and knocks the character upwards.
Down Throw - Vulcan: Megaman throws the character down and uses the vulcan chip.

Standard Special Move - MegaBuster: Megaman fires a shot from his buster. It can be charged on the ground. Uncharged shots deal 1% and no stun. Fully charged shots deal 10% with decent stun and low knockback.
Side Special Move - Minibomb: Megaman throws a minibomb forward. Deals 6% on impact/contact.
Up Special Move - Escape Chip: Megaman vanishes and appears someplace else. Works like Farore's Wind. Puts Megaman in a helpless frame after.
Down Special Move -

Final Smash -

Yuri Lowell v1
Neutral Attack - Yuri does two slashes followed by "Brutal Fang" which is a rapid punching technique. If attack button is held, the attack continues. Once released, Yuri does one last punch with little knockback.
Dash Attack - Dragon Swarm: Spins around while slashing and kicking the affected character. Minor knockback.
Forward Tilt - Yuri thrusts his sword forwards.
Up Tilt - Yuri slashes upwards.
Down Tilt - Yuri spins around and swipes his fist along the ground and then slashes in the same pattern.

Side Smash - Lone Wolf Charge: Yuri slams his fist at the enemy releasing a wolf-shaped energy blast. Moderate knockback.
Up Smash - Shining Eagle: Yuri spins around while slashing his blade upwards, creating a yellow shockwave that sends the character upwards.
Down Smash - Crushing Eagle: Yuri twirls his weapon once then stabs it into the floor creating a shockwave around him.

Neutral Aerial - Yuri kicks forward then slashes forward. (The last two hits of Wailing Havoc)
Forward Aerial - Yuri slashes horizontally.
Back Aerial - Yuri slashes behind him. (Second hit of Tiger Blade)
Up Aerial - Yuri slashes upwards.
Down Aerial - Yuri hurtles his sword toward the ground.

Pummel - Yuri blunts them with the end of his sword.
Forward Throw - Wolf Strike: Yuri thrusts his sword then slams his fist forward.
Back Throw - Ghost Wolf: Dashes through the foe then pulls a turn-around slash, knocking away the character.
Up Throw - Shining Fang: Yuri slashes with his sword then spins his blade with his other hand. Minor vertical knockback.
Down Throw - Raging Blast: Yuri opens his hand creating an orb of energy. As he pulls his hand away, the orb explodes knocking down the character.

Standard Special Move - Azure Edge: Swings his blade sending out a projectile.
Side Special Move - Destruction Field: Yuri does a flip-slash. Once he lands, his sword creates a fiery burst around it.
Up Special Move - Severing Fang: Kicks upwards while launching himself up then slashes downward knocking down the character.
Down Special Move - Fatal Strike: Once Yuri deals a specific amount of hits, a symbol will appear which he will then be able to use a Fatal Strike. Depending on the color and look of the symbol, Yuri will perform a different action. A sucessful Fatal strike will deal approx. 20%-25% damage with no knockback.

Final Smash - Savage Wolf Fury: Yuri starts slashing the enemy from all directions while jumping and dashing around the enemy. The speed of his slashes gradually increases, becoming quicker and more furious with each strike. After slashing several times, he dashes through the enemy with a single powerful strike, landing an additional four hits on the enemy.

Up Taunt - Taps is sword on his shoulder 3x in an excited mannor.
Down Taunt - Waves his hand 3x saying "Don't just stand there!"
Side Taunt - Twirls his sword then points it outward saying "Come on, bring it!"

Victory 1 - Yuri spins his sword with it ending in his other hand while saying "That's what happens when I get serious!"
Victory 2 - Yuri does a flip throwing up his sword which he later chatches saying ""
Victory 3 - Yuri slashes his sword in an "X" then spins the sword then stab it into the ground saying "Were done here."

Entrance - Yuri lands onto the stage. (Presumably from Ba'ul)

Yuri Lowell v2

Size - 6.5/10 Just under average sized. Between Marth's and Roy's height.
Running Speed - 6/10 Decent running speed. Similar to Falco's.
Air Speed - 4/10 Sub-par air speed.
Combo Speed - 5/10 Mediocre combo speed. Some moves can combo well at lower percentages, but overall mediocre combo potential.
Priority - 6/10 More priority on his punches and kicks more than his sword.
Jump Height - 6/10 Average jump height.
Power - 7/10 Good Damage overall, knockback however, varies on the move.
Weight - 94 Middle-weights.
Falling Speed - 5/10 Average falling speed.

Neutral Attack - Yuri slashes forward with his sword which then spins around Yuri's body to be caught by his other hand and swung forward again followed by a spin around the body. Yuri then catches his sword back in his proper hand and thrusts it horizontally-forward. The two slashes deal 3% each with minor horizontal knockback and stun. The thrust deals 4% with quick Start-up, and some noticable ending lag if fully executed, but has IASA frames to help relieve the ending lag.

Dash Attack - Free-Run Attack: Yuri raises his sword before slashing forward. Deals 8% with low knockback but has a decent stun. Has some IASA frames after the slash.

Forward Tilt - Yuri spins around and then swings his fist in a front-down motion followed by his sword in the same rhythm. Fist Deals 3% and the slash deals 4% with low horizontal knockback. Each hit also hit aerial foes downward, but doesn't spike. The fist has a chance of tripping and applies very little knockback to chain into the second hit. This can however be DI'd out of, but can be tricky.

Up Tilt - Yuri pulls back his arm and then swings his sword upwards. Deals 5% with some decent start-up lag and some noticable ending lag. Again, it has some IASA frames to help. Has low vertical knockback.

Down Tilt - Yuri slams his fist forward into the ground, tripping anyone around him. Deals 5% with some noticable start-up lag, but the trip is guaranteed.

Side Smash - Lone Wolf Storm: Yuri shoulder charges forward followed by a downward punch releasing wind energy in the shape of a Wolf. Shoulder charge deals 3%(uncharged) and 6%(fully charged) with liitle upward knockback. The punch deals 4%(uncharged) and 7%(fully charged) with some downward knockback, not a spike. The wind energy deals a constant 6% with knockback like Fox's/Falco's Down Smash.

Up Smash - Guardian Field: Yuri spins his sword around and stabs it into the ground creating a glyph of energy that damages anyone but the user inside. It hits 4 times dealing 3%x3 then 7%(uncharged) and 4%x3 then 8%(fully charged). The first 3-hits have low knockback and low stun but each hit and can be DI'd out of, which can be difficult. The last his has decent Vertical knockback and pushes characters away from Yuri slightly.

Down Smash - Azure Blast: Yuri raises his sword behind before slamming it into the ground with strong force, knocking down enemies. Deals 18%(uncharged) and 25%(fully charged). This attack has high damage but has a catch. It can only knockdown characters. So it's pretty much impossible to kill anyone with but it deals alot of damage and allows for some tech-chases.

Neutral Aerial - Yuri swings his sword forward horizontally. Deals 5% with dececnt horizontal knockback.

Forward Aerial - Yuri punches in a front-down motion. Deals 4% with a semi-spike and low horizontal knockback.

Back Aerial - Yuri does a turn-around slash behind himself and then reverts back to normal. Has a small hitbox infront of Yuri at the start of the attack which deals 3% with odd knockback sending characters behind Yuri but with some downward knockback. The turn-around slash deals 6% and has moderate ending lag.

Up Aerial - Yuri swings his sword and slashes upwards. Deals 5% with dececnt vertical knockback. Based on the last slash of Divine Wolf - Blaze Lvl2.

Down Aerial - Dragon Slayer: Yuri plummets with his sword toward the ground. Deals 5% but tends to bring characters down with Yuri, this can be DI'd out of, but is difficult but possible. However it can be used to SD because the move does not stop until it hits the ground.

Pummel - Yuri blunts them with the end of his sword. Deals 2%.

Forward Throw - Yuri slashes forward, creating a small burst on the ground, knocking away the character. Deals 6% with knockback like Wario's FThrow.

Back Throw - Ghost Wolf: Dashes through the foe and then turns around quickly and slashes, knocking away the character. Deals 2%, then 7% with low horizontal knockback.

Up Throw - Fang Strike: Yuri slashes downward, stunning the character, and then performs an upward punch, sending the foe skyward. Deals 3%, then 5% with decent vertical knockback.

Down Throw - Wolf Strike: Yuri thrusts into the enemy and then slams them with his fist, knocking them into the ground. Deals 4%, then 6% with a knockdown effect. Yuri's fist also applies high shield damage, as much as Marth's uncharged Shield Breaker.

Standard Special Move - "Skills": In Tales of Vesperia, Skills are used to enhance each character in Battlle. So, special doesn't really do much on it's own. But provides high use with other actions. Here is a list of actions that are available.
-Step Combo: While performing "EscapeB", you can cancel the animation into an attack by pressing the "Special" button. This attack deals 6% and has low knockback and decent stun. Decent Startup lag, Low ending lag.
-Landing Step: While performing a landing animation, you can cancel the animation into "EscapeB" by pressing the "Special" button.
-Recovery: Press the "Special" button either during a "DamagyFly..." or during a "Down..." to regain control only if his damage is under 150%. This also cancels any momentum on Yuri has at the time.
-Hit Plus: Rapidly tap the "Special" button during Yuri's Final Smash to increase the number of hits.

Side Special Move - "Wailing Havoc": Yuri rises up with an uppercut, spin kicks forward, and then slashes forward sending the enemy backwards. Deals 2%, 4%, then 6%. After the second hit, but before the third hit, you can cancel the special into an aerial attack. This move cannot be used more than once at a time.

Up Special Move - "Severing Fang": Kicks upwards while launching himself up then spins around and slashes downward knocking down the character. The kick deals 3% and has a set vertical knockback and leads into the rest of the attack. The spin deals 5% with low knockback and stun and can be DI'd out of. The downward slash deals 8% and can meteor smash similar to Falco's DAir. This move has strict vertical movement, plus Yuri isn't able to move until after the last hit making it very easy to ledge steal. On the plus side, this move does not put Yuri in a helpless state, but cannot be used more than once at a time.

Down Special Move - "Shining Dragon Swarm": Yuri slashes forward horizontally twice before thrusting his sword forward. He then swaps his sword in his other hand and spins it neumerous times. Deals 2%x2, then 1%, then 2%x5. This move can only be used on the ground.

Final Smash - "Savage Wolf Fury": Yuri starts slashing the enemy from all directions while jumping and dashing around the enemy. The speed of his slashes gradually increases, becoming quicker and more furious with each strike. After slashing several times, he dashes through the enemy with a single powerful strike, landing an additional four hits on the enemy.

Up Taunt - Taps is sword on his shoulder 3x in an excited mannor.

Down Taunt - Waves his hand 3x saying "Don't just stand there!"

Side Taunt - Twirls his sword then points it outward saying "Come on, bring it!"

Victory 1 - Yuri spins his sword with it ending in his other hand while saying "That's what happens when I get serious!"

Victory 2 - Yuri does a flip throwing up his sword which he later chatches saying ""

Victory 3 - Yuri slashes his sword in an "X" then spins the sword then stab it into the ground saying "Were done here."

Entrance - Yuri lands onto the stage. (Presumably from Ba'ul)

Master Chief

Veigue Lungberg
Neutral Attack - Veigue slashes forward, slashes downward, and then thrusts forward. 1st Atk = 4%, 2nd Atk = 4%, 3rd Atk = 5%.
Dash Attack - Veigue jumps forward, with his sword covered in ice, and slams it forward creating a burst of ice. (Touga Shoureppa)
Forward Tilt - Veigue thrusts forward. Can be angled up or down. Angled up = 5%, Not Angled = 4%, Angled Down = 3%.
Up Tilt - Veigue slashes upwards. 4%.
Down Tilt - Veigue slashes in a front-downward motion. 4%.

Side Smash - Veigue steps backwards then slashes twice in succession in the fashion of an "X". (Genma Shoureppa)
Up Smash - Veigue performs a short rising slash followed by a second higher rising slash that releases ice as he ascends. (Zekkuu Shoureppa)
Down Smash - Veigue dashes forward with a slash, followed by a turn-around slash, and another turn-around slash very quickly. (Houryuu Shoureppa)

Neutral Aerial - Veigue slashes in a horizontal motion. (2nd part of Kuushuuken) 4%.
Forward Aerial - Veigue thrusts in a front-downward motion. 4%.
Back Aerial - Veigue performs a turn-around F-Air. 4%.
Up Aerial - Veigue slashes in a front-upward motion. (First part of Kogahazan) 4%.
Down Aerial - Veigue slashes in a downward motion. 4%.

Pummel - Veigue brings the enemy closer and shoulder's them. 2%.
Forward Throw - Veigue slashes upwards creating ice, he then thrusts forward shattering it to pieces. (Touga Mueiken)
Back Throw - Veigue holds his position momentarily before dashing forward with a thrust vanishing into the mist and returning seconds later with another thrust that shatters pieces of ice. (Houryuu Mueiken)
Up Throw - Veigue slashes upwards followed by two consecutive rising slashes. (Zekkuu Rehhyougeki)
Down Throw - Veigue throws the character to the ground and then punches them with strong force. Ground throw = 2%, Punch = 4%.

Standard Special Move - "Zehhyoujin": Veigue slams his sword down in an enemy in front of him, his blade shrouded in an aura of ice. Slash = 3%, Ice = 5%. Can only be used on the ground.
Side Special Move - "Shunrenjin": Veigue dashes forward and delivers a sword combo consisting of several high-speed thrusts. Can only be used on the ground.
Up Special Move - "Zesshouzan": Veigue performs a jumping slash that hits multiple times. Does not put Veigue in a helpless state.
Down Special Move - "Zetsu Shun'eijin": Veigue draws his Force of Ice around his body, greatly increasing his movement speed for a limited time for 5 seconds. Decreases the Rush Gauge by 4 every step during a run, and 2 every step during a walk. It cannot stack ontop of itself. Can only be used on the ground.

Final Smash - "Celsius Calibur": Veigue will dash forward with a slash. If it connects, the slash causes energy to erupt. veigue's weapon then changes into "Soul Calibur" as he slashes forward which releases a burst of energy.

Up Taunt -
Down Taunt -
Side Taunt -

Victory 1 -
Victory 2 -
Victory 3 -

Entrance - A block of ice emerges and then shatters with Veigue in the center of it.

Ability ~ "Rush Gauge": Over time, Veigue's Rush Gauge increases. When the gauge is full, Veigue will start to flash blue. Once this happens, activating one of his specials will instead perform new moves. Once a move is executed, the gauge will be depleted.

Standard Special Move - "Majinken": Veigue releases a shockwave along the ground. Slash = 4%, Projectile = 7%. Can only be used on the ground.
Side Special Move - "Fuujinken": Veigue thrust his sword forward encased in wind. Deals 5-hits. Thrust = 4%, Wind 1-3 = 2%. Can only be used on the ground.
Up Special Move - "Senkoushou": Veigue's sword starts flashing before he slashes upwards releasing a stream of light upwards. Deals 4-hits. Slash = 4%, Light = 3%. Can only be used on the ground.
Down Special Move - "Zetsu Muhyousou": Veigue embraces his Force of Ice and embues it within his blade allowing all of Veigue's attacks to have a chance of freezing for a limited time. Can only be used on the ground.

Lloyd Irving
Neutral Attack - Lloyd slashes upwards, forwards, and then spins. This is his basic attack in ToS. 5-hits (1, 1, 3), 2% per slash, Little Horizontal knockback.
Dash Attack - "Sonic Thrust": Lloyd pauses shortly then stabs forward with his right sword. 1-hit, 9% damage, horizontal knockback. (Vorpal Sword)
Forward Tilt - Lloyd brings his swords up and then leans forward while performing a downward cross slash with them. Deals 3% per slash, Low-Moderate Horizontal knockback.
Up Tilt - An Upward slash with his left sword. 1-hit, 5%, Low-Moderate Vertical knockback. (Flamberge)
Down Tilt - An Upwards slash with his left sword while crouching. 1-hit, 5%, Low Vertical knockback. (Flamberge)

Side Smash - "Beast": SCL version. Lloyd raises his swords, crossing them, then at a low-moderate speed, spins around and slashes with both swords releasing energy in the image of a lions head. 1-hit. 18-24% in the earlier stage, 9-12% for the later stage. It has high horizontal knockback.
Up Smash - Lloyd does an upward scissor slash. 2-hits, initial: 6-8% per sword; ending: 3-5% per sword, vertical knockback (Both)
Down Smash - "Grave Blade": SCL version. Lloyd flips both swords and stab's them into the ground creating a small shockwave around him. (Both)

Neutral Aerial - Lloyd thrusts his right sword in a forward-downward direction. 1-hit, 5%, Moderate Horzontal knockback. Low start-up/ending lag.
Forward Aerial - Based off SCL. Lloyd spins 3 times with his swords stretched out. 3-hits, 6% (1% for each sword every spin), Moderate Horizontal knockback. Upon landing Lloyd performs a slash with both swords that deals 2% total (1% per sword)
Back Aerial - Double back slash. Basically the two middle strikes from "Tiger Rage" but facing the opposite direction. 2-hits, 8% (4% for each sword), Horizontal knockback.
Up Aerial - Lloyd slashes upwards with his left sword then with his right sword while twirling around. 2-hit, 3% per slash, Vertical knockback.
Down Aerial - Lloyd slashes in a forward to downward direction. His generic air slash in ToS. 1-hit, 6%. Knockback changed depending on the frame that the character is hit by. It provides moderate horizontal knockback if hit earlier. If it hit's later, it semi-spikes.

Pummel - Lloyd squeezes the enemy within his blades. 1-hit, 2%, No knockback.
Forward Throw - Lloyd performs a horizontal slash with his right sword knocking back the held character.
Back Throw - "Feirce Demon Fang": Lloyd slams his sword forward damaging the held character. Worst throw, knockback wise. 4-hits, 8%, little vertical knockback. (5% x1 for the sword slash, 1% x3 for the shockwave) (Vorpal Sword)
Up Throw - "Sword Rain: Alpha": Lloyd stabs multiple times then rises up with a slash. 9-hits, 10% (1% per stab, 2% for slash), Vertical knockback. (Flamberge) (Note: Leaves Lloyd airborne after the slash.)
Down Throw - "Heavy Tiger Blade": Lloyd slashes up then down with his swords. 2-hits, 7% (2% for the first, 4% for the second), vertical (down) knockback.

Standard Special Move - "Demon Fang": Lloyd slashes with his left sword releasing a shockwave travelling straight. In the air, the shockwave travels diagonally downwards. 2-hits, 5% (1% for the slash, 4% for the shockwave), Minor horizontal and vertical (down) knockback.
Side Special Move - "Rising Falcon": Lloyd leaps into the air and plummets diagonally and slashes anyone incontact as he reaches the floor. In the air, Lloyd goes straight to the dive. 2-hits, 7% (5% for the dive, 1% per sword during landing slash), Minor horizontal knockback.
Up Special Move - "Tempest": It's "Tempest" because you can change which one you'd like to perform. By default, the special would act as Omega Tempest, which provides more vertical gain rather than horizontal. If the control stick is tapped forward during the start-up, the special would be Psi Tempest, which provides more of a horizontal reconvery in that case. Both specials deal 12% damage with low knockback.
"Omega Tempest": 8-hits, 1% x4, 2% x4 for the last few hits.
"Psi Tempest": 6-hits, 2% per hit.
Down Special Move - "Unison Attack": Lloyd slashes forward, if it connects, Lloyd activates one of 4 special techniques based on his current percentage. The slash cannot be performed unless Lloyd's exsphere is flashing. Which will charge over time like ROB's Laser Beam and Wario's Wario Waft. If Lloyd's exsphere isn't flashing when this move is activated, he would then just perform a taunt. (it may or may not affect the charge time) The list of techniques are as follows;
"Thunder Tiger Blade": 0%<50%: Lloyd slashes up with his right then down with his left and then thrusts forward with his right creating a bolt of lightning to strike the character.
"Lightning Tiger Blade": 51%<100%: Lloyd leaps into the air while multiple bolts of lightning are damaging the character then slashes downward ending the stream of bolts.
"Fiery Beast": 101%<150%: Lloyd shoulder charges forward then slashes up into the air, releasing energy in the image of a lion, flips in the air, and then slams his sword down on the ground, damaging anyone around Lloyd.
"Gungnir": 151%+: Lloyd charges his sword with light for 3 seconds and then thrusts forward releasing a stream of light.

Final Smash - "Falcon's Crest": Based off SCL. Lloyd's swords glow as he fuses them together, creating a glyph, before leaping into the air. Charging his blades with energy before slamming them into the glyph, releasing large waves of energy before jumping away. 16-hits, 60% (3% x7, 4% x7 , 11% x1 for the after blast), High Horizontal and Vertical (up) knockback.

Note: All taunts are the same, like Snake.

Taunt - Taunt from ToVS. Lloyd brings his right sword up then swings it downward and then swings his left sword until it's pointing forward.

Victory 1 - "Not bad, am I?"
Victory 2 - "And I was just warmin' up."
Victory 3 - "Way too easy."

Kratos Aurion

Size - 7/10 Average Height.
Running Speed - 6/10 Decent running speed. Similar to Falco's.
Air Speed - 5/10 aVerage air speed. Not the worst, but not the greatest.
Combo Speed - 3/10 Poor combo speed. Speed isn't Kratos' specialty, but his strength makes up for it.
Priority - 7/10 Great priorty, especially on artes and effects.
Jump Height - 7/10 surprisingly high jump height.
Power - 7/10 Kratos has power. While not being extremely powerful, his attacks still pack quite the punch.
Weight - 101 On the heavy side of middle-weights.
Falling Speed - 7.5/10 Quite fast falling speed.

Neutral Attack - Kratos slashes vertically downward and then slashes forward horizontally. He can attack up to 6 times due to his 'Slasher' EX Skill. Each hit applies low knockback and low stun. Every slash deals 2%. 12% total.

Dash Attack - "Fierce Demon Fang": Kratos briefly jumps up then slams his sword into the ground dealing multiple hits; last hit applying knockback. Deals 12% with okay knockback. (Knockback like Marth's DTilt but a bit higher)

Strong Side - Kratos poses with his sword up and then slashes forward. Unison Attack animation. Deals 9% with mediocre knockback.

Strong Up - Kratos slashes vertically upwards. Deals 6% with mediocre knockback.

Strong Down - Kratos thrusts forward. Deals 6% with decent knockback.

Forward Smash -"Lightning Blade": Kratos lunges forward with a sword thrust. Anyone who is hit by the thrust get's stunned then hit by a bolt of lightning. If the "A" button is hit again, Kratos will follow with "S. Lightning Blade". This extension is just like the original side smash but more powerful and has more knockback.

Up Smash - "Light Spear Cannon": Kratos spins around then thrusts his sword upwards. ~Will Update in the near future~

Down Smash - "Guardian Field": Kratos raises his sword and summons a glyph beneath himself that damages anyone inside. Deals 3-Hits, 3% (UnCharged) - 4% (Fully Charged) per hit with low knockback. Ending off with one last hit dealing a constant 8% with mediocre knockback. While in Symphonia this move would normally heal allies within range of the glyph, this move is based on Radiant Mythology, where it just deals damage.

Neutral Aerial - Kratos slashes horizontally that can damage anyone within horizontal distance of Kratos. Deals 6% and has low-moderate knockback.

Forward Aerial - Kratos thrusts his sword at a downward angle. It's sweetspots on the inital hit of the attack which deals 10% and anything afterwards provides a sourspot that deals 4%. The sweetspot has decent knockback while the sourspot has low knockback.

Back Aerial - Kratos straight kicks behind himself. Deals 5% with moderate knockback. Based from the Symphonia OVA.

Up Aerial - Kratos slashes upwards with his sword. Deals 6% and has low-moderate knockback.

Down Aerial - Kratos slashes downwards with his sword. Deals 6% and semi-spikes.

Pummel - Kratos knees the held character in the chest. Deals 2%. Fairly quick.

Forward Throw - Kratos spins around and kicks his leg up-forwards at the character, sending them flying. Deals 6% with decent base knockback, with good knockback scaling. Based from the Symphonia OVA.

Back Throw - Kratos Stabs the character and then turns around and slashes them away. Stab deals 4%, slash deals 8% with good knockback. Has some downward force to the knockback. Based from the Symphonia OVA.

Up Throw - Kratos brings the character downward and then knee's them hard, sending them flying. Deals 8% with average knockback. Based from the Symphonia OVA.

Down Throw - Aerial Magic: Kratos jumps up slightly and slashes downward with his sword, which then casts the spell 'Stone Blast' on the target. The first attack deals 3% and the spell deals 1%x3, and ending with 3% which sends foes upwards.  9% total and has very low knockback scaling, but can't really lead into many follow-ups on it's own.

Neutral Special - "Demon Fang": Kratos swings his sword releasing a shockwave. The initial slash does 3%, the Projectile deals 7%. Low-Medium start-up and ending lag.

Side Special - "Light Spear": Kratos spins up off the ground (same hight as his jump) then dives down at an angle with a thrust. Moving forward with the spin. Spin deals 9%x3 and the thrust deals 5%. Low start-up lag and moderate ending.

Up Special - "Hell Pyre": Kratos spins up (higher than Light Spear) then swings his sword releasing a fireball at an angle. Initial spin deals 6% (2-hits), the fireball deals 8% and the fire burst (upon impact with the ground) deals 3%. 17% Total.

Down Special - "Air Thrust":  Kratos chants a spell that slices foes with a large, devistating, wind sphere. It takes 2.5/3 seconds (not sure) to charge the spell. If the special button is held after the spell would be complete, he can hold the cast indefinitely. If Kratos shield cancels the spell after the hold, he can perform a 'Spell Charge' which allows him to cast the spell later in his life without charge. If he cancels the spell before the hold, then he'll have to restart the cast later. But if the casting of the spell is interuppted, he will have to recast the spell from the beginning. Also, while chanting the spell, Kratos can change the location of the spell by moving the control stick forward or backwards. However, if Kratos instant casts Air Thrust via 'Spell Charge', then the spell will be casted at a set location. The spell itself

Final Smash - "Angel Skills": ~Will Update in the near future~

Up Taunt - Kratos raises both arms and holds his sword arm with his shield arm and starts adjusting his wrists. He then reverts back to his stance.

Down Taunt - Kratos holds his shield arm up using the power of his exesphere to bring forth his wings for a short time before decipating.

Side Taunt - Kratos raises his sword over his body and then swings it across. Based on his ToVS Taunt.

Victory 1 - Kratos turns around and faces his back to the screen saying "Blame Your Fate."

Victory 2 - Kratos raises his sword and swings it down and then sheaths his sword.

Victory 3 - Kratos crouches to the ground quickly stands and swings his sword horizontally. He then raises it infront of his face and swings it back down.

Enterance - A pillar of light strikes the floor and Kratos appears knelt, with his wings out, he then stands up and strikes a pose, diminishing his wings in the process.

Ryu Hayabusa

Size - 7/10.
Running Speed - 7/10.
Air Speed - 5/10.
Combo Speed - 7/10.
Priority - 5/10.
Jump Height - 5/10.
Power - 5/10. His strength varies with his techniques. Some deal low damage while others deal more.
Weight - 90 (Just under middle weight)

AAA combo - Ryu slashes forward vertically, and then slashes forward horizontally, and then twirls around and slashes downward with his sword. Does 2%, then 2%, and then 3%.

F Tilt - Ryu spin kicks horizontally from right-to-left. Fairly quick in execution. Deals 5% with low knockback.

U Tilt - Ryu spins around and performs an uppercut slash with his sword. Deals 9%.

D Tilt - Ryu forcefully stabs his weapon into the ground. It deals 13% to downed players and 7% to airborne players. It weakly spikes airborne players and trips grounded players. It had decent hitstun.

Dash Attack - Ryu slashes outward with his sword while running. Can press A to have Ryu slash forward while stepping forward. Both attacks deal 5%, the second slash has more knockback than the first, but both attacks don't kill well.

F Smash - Art of the Inferno. Ryu channels his Ki to call upon flames and concentrate them into a large sphere which Ryu will fire straight forward. The sphere travels at a fast speed but will diminish once it reaches a certain distance. The sphere of flames deals 18%~23% and has good knockback. The startup channeling can deal 3% if anyone physically touches Ryu. If the move misses, Ryu will suffer endlag.

U Smash - Ryu rises up into the air with a slash. Deals 7%~11% with decent upward knockback.

D Smash - Ryu spins around with his sword extended, slashing around him a few times before rising up with a slash. Deals 2%~3% with each spin, and 4%~5% for the rising slash with okay knockback. The spin sucks in players throughout it's duration.

N Air - Ryu slashes horizontally stalling himself in the air. Deals 5%.

F Air - Ryu spins himself forward while slashing his sword. Deals 2-hits deals 3% then 4%

B Air - Ryu kicks one of his feet behind him and then kicks with his other foot. Turns Ryu around after execution. Deals 2% then 4%.

U Air - Ryu slashes upwards and then vertically spins backwards slashing his sword around. Deals 3% then 5%.

D Air - Ryu raises his sword and slashes down to the ground. The air slash deals 4%. Ryu deals 5% upon landing on the ground.

Neutral B: Shuriken - While on the ground, Ryu can throw forward, up to 3, shurikens with properly timed button presses. In the air, Ryu spins around throwing 4 shurikens at and angle in the air. The start of the special slows down Ryu's falling.

Side B: Wind Run - Ryu somersaults forwards gaining distance. If the special button is pressed after the peak of the jump, Ryu will perform the infamous Flying Swallow technique. Ryu will slash at blinding speed into a direction, from +30 to -30 degrees, dealing 8% with good knockback. The Flying Swallow has some end-lag that is punishable.

Up B: Flying Jump - Ryu springingly jumps high into the air. It puts Ryu into a special helpless state which allows him to use aerial attacks but not specials. The jump can be cancelled by any aerial attack.

Down B: Essence Technique - Ryu charges his weapon. Which has 3 charge states; Uncharged, 1 Charge, and MAX Charge. Ryu will perform a different technique depending on the charge state of the special. The special has quite the end-lag if it misses. It can only be used on the ground.

"No Charge" - Ryu slashes his sword while moving forward. Deals 10%.

"1 Charge" - Takes Ryu about 1.5 seconds after posing to charge. Ryu slashes forward with his sword at an intense speed which is hard to dodge. Deals 15%.

"MAX Charge" - Takes Ryu about 4 seconds after completing 1 Charge to charge. Ryu slashes forward with his sword. If it connects, Ryu will then slash at the character numerous times before sending them flying with a final slash.

Final Smash: Storm of the Heavenly Dragon - Ryu charges the True Dragon Sword. While charging, Ryu has an extremely large wind pull effect towards him. Once Ryu reaches MAX charge, he dashes forward with a slash. If anyone is caught within the slash, Ryu then spin-slash upwards followed by an aerial rising slash, Ryu will then slash at them with numerous Flying Swallow techniques before appearing above them and slashing them down into the ground sending the character flying.

~Other Functions~

Ryu will have some special functions that will make him more interesting.

-Ryu can wall jump while Marth can't.
-Ryu's wall jump doesn't force him to face the direction of the wall. Unlike Brawl Characters who face the opposite direction.
-When Ryu hits a wall, he will run up the wall before falling off.
-While Wall running, Ryu can wall jump.

Naruto Uzumaki
Neutral Attack - Naruto jabs forward with his left fist, then right hooks forward, finally Naruto kicks forward with his left leg. Dealing 2%, 3%, and then 4%. Knockback and hitstun just like Ike's jab.

Dash Attack - Naruto slides along the floor and then kicks upwards. Slide has sex-kick properties dealing 2%-1% and the kick deals 4% with good knocback and low hitstun.

Forward Tilt - Naruto pulls his head back and then slams his head forward dealing 6% with good knockback and decent hitstun.

Up Tilt - Naruto pulls back his fist and punches upwards. Damage and knocback like Link's UTilt.

Down Tilt - Naruto takes out a Kunai stretches and slashes low to the floor. Deals 4% with decent knocback and low hitstun. Very quick move, but very short ranged.

Side Smash - Naruto takes out a kunai and holds it to the side. He then quickly slashes horizontally dealing 7%-12% with good knockback and low hitstun.

Up Smash - Naruto spins around and then kicks upwards with great force. Deals 5%-10% with great knocback with decent hitstun.

Down Smash -

Neutral Aerial - Naruto throws 3 shurikens in a down-front motion at a 30-degree angle. Each shuriken deals 2% totalling up to 6%. Low knocback, low hitstun.

Forward Aerial - Naruto raises his leg to about 80-degrees up before swinging it down with alot of force. Deals 9% and spikes when hit by his foot. Deals 5% and semi-spikes when hit by his leg. When his foot reaches the 0-degree mark, the move always deals 5% and semi-spikes.

Back Aerial -

Up Aerial -

Down Aerial - Naruto dives down at a 45-degree angle until he reaches the ground. Deals 7%, decent knockback and hitstun. Very dangerous because of the moves property not to stop until Naruto touches the ground.

Pummel - Naruto headbutts the held character. 2%.

Forward Throw - Naruto punches forward with a large amount of rage and force. Deals 6% with great knocback but low hitstun.

Back Throw - "Thousand Years of Pain/Death": Naruto vanashes and reappears behind the enemy and uses his secret finger jutsu sending the foe far away. Deals 6% with large knocback but not enough to KO someone.

Up Throw - Naruto takes out his Kunai and slashes upwards and then kicks forward. Kunai deals 4%, kick deals 2% with decent knocback and hitstun.

Down Throw - Naruto creates a clone that is holding the character down while he leaps into the air before slamming down on the character. Deals 7% and leaves the character on the floor.

Standard Special Move - "Shadow Clone Technique": Naruto forms a seal with his hands, summoning a shadow clone to aid him. The action of the shadow clone has a different outcome depending on the player's action. There are 3 variations; up, down, and forward. Each with it's own unique effect and use and are different when used in the air. If used in the air, Naruto cannot perform the action again. The variations are as follows:

(Grd)  Up: Naruto's clone performs a rising punch dealing 5% with decent knocback and hitstun.
(Grd) Fwd: Naruto tosses a shadow clone forward; dealing 6% damage upon impact with low knocback and hitstun.
(Grd) Dwn: Naruto holds on to one of his shadow clones which he lifts up and then slams them forward dealing 3%, then 4%. The second hit applying low knockback and decent hitstun.

(Air)  Up: Naruto jumps ontop of the clone and kicks forward while gaining hight and momentum dealing 5% with decent knocback and hitstun.
(Air) Fwd: Naruto tosses a shadow clone forward; dealing 6% damage upon impact with low knocback and hitstun.
(Air) Dwn: Naruto holds onto the clone as he whips them infront while the clone is kicking multiple times. Kicks 3 times dealing 2%, 2%, then 3%. The last kick applying low knockback and decent hitstun.

Side Special Move - "Shinobi Dash": On the ground Naruto dashes forward at an intense speed, it stops at ledges to prevent SD's. In the air, Naruto dashes at an upward 30-degree angle. If used in the air, Naruto cannot perform the action again. The move cancels upon approaching a character infront of Naruto.

Up Special Move - "Windmill Shuriken": Naruto takes out a Windmill Shuriken, spins around and tosses it at a 45-degree angle into the air. The initial throw direction can be altered a bit, but it will roughly only change 5-degrees to either side. The shuriken deals 8% with good knockback and hitstun. The throw will provide some vertical height while the spin enables you to move left or right for a short time.

Down Special Move - "Rasengan": Naruto summons a clone to assist in concentrating energy into a hand-sized sphere before dashing forward. If it connects the opponent are struck with swirling energy which sends them back. If B is tapped, it decreases the time it takes to charge the sphere. In the air, Naruto dashes in a down-front motion at a 30-degree angle.

Final Smash - "Wind Style: Rasenshuriken": Naruto summons two clones to aid him in forming and shaping energy in the shape of a shuriken. Once ready, Naruto dashes forward. If it connects, it will spin at close-ranged then spins outward and sends the foe forward.

Toon Cloud
Neutral Attack -

Dash Attack - Toon Cloud spins around and then slashes downward with his sword. Deals 7%.

Forward Tilt - Toon Cloud slashes forward horizontally with his sword. Deals 5%.

Up Tilt - Finishing Touch: Based on it's original appearance. Toon Cloud performs a few motions before slashing his sword and releasing a magic tornado. The tornado sucks in characters as it travels. Deals 3%x7-hits. The last hit has low base knockback and scaling. More of a damaging move.

Down Tilt -

Side Smash - Double Cut: Toon Cloud slashes in a front-downwards motion. Then followed by an overhead slam with his sword if A is pressed.

Up Smash - Toon Cloud spins around and then slashes upwards with his sword in a front-back motion.

Down Smash -

Neutral Aerial - Rising Fang: Toon Cloud rotates around slashing multiple times ending off with a slash that knocks the foe upwards.

Forward Aerial - Toon Cloud performs and overhead slash with his sword, meteor smashing anyone who is hit.

Back Aerial -

Up Aerial - Toon Cloud spins around whilst slashing above himself.

Down Aerial - Toon Cloud thrusts his sword straight down, meteor smashing during the starting frames of the thrust.

Pummel -

Forward Throw -

Back Throw -

Up Throw - Climhazzard: Toon Cloud thrusts his sword forward before leaping up into the air, launching the foe upwards. 3% For the thrust, 5% for the leaping slash.

Down Throw - Toon Cloud jump on top of the character and spin slashes downward, sending the foe airborne. Slash deals 7%.

Standard Special Move - "Action Abilities": Once activated, Toon Cloud performs a special guard. Why is it special? Because it works on heavy armor instead of depleting over time. Toon Cloud can withstand up to 10% damage while using this guard. If an attack that exceeds 10% hits Toon Cloud, he'll get stunned normally. This also enables Toon Cloud to guard mid-air as well. If the analog stick is tilted in 1 of 8 directions, Toon Cloud will dash in that direction. However, the dash doesn't change Toon Cloud's direction that he is facing. But it can only be used once.

Side Special Move - "Meteorain": Toon Cloud twirls his sword around before stabbing it downwards calling down six meteors to rain down infront. In the air, Toon Cloud would instead slash horizontally which then releases the meteors preceeded by Toon Cloud twirling his sword. Each meteor deals 3%.

Up Special Move - "Braver": Based on it's Dissidia appearance. Toon Cloud dashes straight in 1 of 8 directions with his sword out. If Toon Cloud comes in contact with a character, he slams them with his sword, meteor smashing them upon contact. After Toon Cloud comes in contact with a character, he is free to use the move again. Otherwise, the move would put Toon Cloud in a helpless state.

Down Special Move -

Final Smash - "Omnislash":


Standard Special Move - Ki Burst: Riven raises her sword and releases a blast of energy around her, stunning characters who get hit. Deals 5%.

Side Special Move - Broken Wings: Riven strikes forward with her sword with low knockback. If the special button is pressed again, Riven will slash forward a second time with the same properties as the first. The special button can be pressed a 3rd time to have Riven jump forward and slaming her sword on the ground, applying high base knockback. Deals 3% for each hit.

Up Special Move - Valor: Riven dashes forward in a direction applying damage to characters in contact with her. Riven has 20% Heavy Armor during the dash. The dash doesn't travel that far distance wise. Maybe roughly 2/3 of a Quick Attack. Doesn't put Riven into a helpess state. Deals 9%

Down Special Move - Clense: Riven can activate this Summoner Spell whenever she is hit by prolonged holds or stuns like DK's Impale or Ganondorf's Grab, etc.

Riven can only activate this special while under these situations, and nothing else. Once active, Riven cannot activate it again for another while. Deals No Damage.

Final Smash - Blade of the Exile: Riven empowers her Runic Blade with power, dealing more damage and increasing her physical range for a period of time. While the FS is in effect, Riven Down Special becomes "Wind Slash" whenever Riven is not under Clense's conditions. Damage increase is 2%~3% per attack.

When Wind Slash is activated, Riven slashes her blade in a wide arc forward, releasing a large wave of wind. However, it's only usable once. Wind Slash has sex kick properties, meaning that the farther it travels, the less damage it does, but still deals considerable damage. Deals 48%~24% (depending on travelling distance).
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