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1  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / Separating Character Sound Effects (For BrawlEx, etc.) on: November 03, 2017, 09:46:15 PM
uh... I sorta waited for someone else to do this, but... Eh, I'm going to give doing a tutorial a try, although I'm not good at explaining and get sidetracked a bunch, so apologies in advance if this is hard to follow.

...sorry in advance for sorta jacking your tutorial style KJP, haha.

What you will need:

- Your Fit(Fighter).pac, of course.
- BrawlBox (I just have v0.77, so I'm just going to suggest that one or higher)
- PSA Compressor (You can also use PSA and BrawlBox, but... I'll be doing this for PSA Compressor)~
- "SoundBank Expansion System (RSBE.Ver) [JOJI]" Found on JOJI's site-- navigate to the bottom of the sidebar 'SSBB CODES'
- Notepad
- Calculator
- An empty Snake sawnd file
- Sawndz and Super Sawndz
- smashbros_sound.brsar, found in the Resources page at the top, go to the bottom of that page, 'Data Partition 2 (NTSC-U)', when you open the Google Drive thing, go to the 'sound' folder, and you should see it there.
- BrawlEx (Not... completely necessary, you can use codes, but I'm not too familiar with soundbank codes) (I'm also not going to explain how BrawlEx works here, this will assume you already know some of its intricacies, apologies for that.)

So this isn't really hard to do, per se, but it does take a long while if you want to do it properly.

First thing I usually do is just to edit my character's fighterconfig with the new sawnd hex ID I intend to use (These are also found in JOJI's site "SoundBank Expansion System ID List" on the sidebar). Like so~
Also, meet Cabbage, our test subject for today, hello Cabbage. I personally keep a notepad file for characters' SFX I have done so things don't conflict, may be a good idea if you plan on doing more than one sfx thing.

Afterward, make a new folder somewhere that you'll use to place this new characters sounds into, I also put two folders into this folder named 'se' and 'vc' (Sound effects and voices respectively) just to make things easier on myself later on-- fortunately for me, Cabbage doesn't need voice stuff so I can completely ignore that, although for most characters you would need both. I'll still note necessary voice stuff in the PSA portion.
should also make a text file in this folder too, this'll be used to note IDs of SFX

Now you'll need to open the smashbros_sound.brsar with BrawlBox, as well as your empty sfx text file, this is how I have it set up, just to give an idea.

I'd also recommend inserting a premade sawnd for whatever character you're separating from to make life easier, however, you don't need to.
Also before actually starting you should make sure to insert that empty Snake sawnd '44.sawnd' in with Sawndz or Super Sawndz
Now since dear old Cabbage is an Ike clone, I'm going to go to his 'se' folder in the .brsar, just scroll down to whichever you need.
like so~

Right click a sound, and export (Or just Ctrl+E), you only really should do this for actual sound-sounds, so remember to give it a listen to see if it is actually something.
Save in your 'se' folder, be sure to keep its name, as it'll again, make things easier later on. (there are some exceptions to this in some of the earlier characters like Link and Bowser... uhm... all I can really suggest is to rename them to the name of an empty sound slot)
After doing that, note down the ID of the sound effect (It's on the part to the right, under Misc>InfoIndex), as well as the name given.

Keep doing this 'till you're done with that bit of it, then move onto the 'vc' portion, and do the same there.
...Along the road though you'll see these subfolders
What I like to do is just create a subfolder of the same name within the 'se' or 'vc' folder. Along with that, while noting SFX IDs and names I include that subfolder's name
I just separate into groups of four to make it easier on myself, you don't need to do this-- just write them as you think would be easiest for you.

Anyway, now that you've got all of your sounds...
(You'll probably have more sounds though, I also usually have a second section of these for 'vc' files for those that actually use that, so you should likely do that as well)
...what comes next is to convert to hex, you can use whatever method you want, but here, I'm going to use the windows calculator
This one, these are the settings that are needed as well.

All you do here is put the 'Old SFX ID number into the calculator as Dec, the change it over to Hex and it'll convert it for you, '5841' becomes '16D1', do this for all IDs

After this is done you get to create your new soundbank, yay! All you really need to do is 'change sound' (YES! Change Sound! Using Replace will crash BrawlBox!) of corresponding sound effects in Snake's soundbank, so I'd replace his 'dash/stop' with the one I had exported earlier.
Don't bother noting these IDs, they're not the ones you need.

After you're done, save, close BrawlBox, Open Super Sawndz, scroll down to Snake (His Group ID is 44, anything else means you're on the wrong one), click Create Sawnd, and name it the sawnd ID you wrote down way back when, Here, I have it as 430.
Remember to export twice! I don't know why, but there's a glitch where the filesize will inflate randomly the first time it's exported, exporting a second time fixes it.

Next up, going back to JOJI's site, and back to the ID list, scroll around 'till you find your character's IDs
Ah, there Cabbage's ID is.
From here, you note down the IDs of those 'Internal Name' next to what you have written, like so.
Remember! The top part of JOJI's list is for 'vc' portion, while the bottom part is for the 'se' portion, don't mix them up, otherwise things will get weird and you will need to redo a bunch.

Last stretch, all you need to do now is replace the old IDs in the PSA with the new ones

The reason I'm using PSA Compressor for this though, is to change misc SFX
Found here~
...You'll have actual IDs in these lists, but I've just nulled them since Cabbage doesn't talk too much, you'll find things like crowd call, KO sounds and such here though.

Now if all has gone well, you'll have a new working soundbank, yay!
...This isn't Cabbage, but Lucina was done beforehand, so.

And a bit of an addendum, don't forget to go into the 'ouen' subfolder in 'vc' folder of the .brsar for the ID of a crowdcall!
Use whatever you think would fit for the crowd call, or simply grab this ID so you can null it in PSA or somethin'... i usually just like, use of the generic crowd sounds for these separated characters though and put that into empty sound slot. *shrug* They're found in 'se>Audience'

Uhm... I hope that people are able to follow this at all, haha, sorry again if it's hard to do so.

Update! Right at the end of the first post!
So it's entirely possible to mass replace sounds if you're lazy or just don't want to take hours replacing SFX IDs or what have you, you still should check it all out to make sure after this, but uh... should save a lot of time.

In a hex editor like HxD, open the 'Replace' function, set Datatype to Hex-values, Search direction to All, and for both 'Search for' and 'Replace with' add three sets of four zeros, so like '0000 0000 0000', the last four numbers are your Old and New SFX IDs, respectively, if you've only three digits for an Old ID, add a 0 in front of it, so 233 would be 0233 for example. Afterwards, hit replace all

Do this for all of your SFX IDs, aaaaand sorta done. This doesn't do things like KO voices and crowd calls, but it should save uh... i dunno, two or so hours if it's done right, the point of all the zeros is so it has a lot more probability to only replace SFX IDs and not everything in the moveset-- trust me, it's a little more annoying sure, but a lot less chance for the thing to be a mess.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Custom GFX Banks on: September 07, 2017, 05:32:57 PM
Probably works best with BrawlEx or PM's clone engine, but...

so, a Japanese hacker that goes by 'JOJI' seems to have figured how to do this. I had NO HAND in this at all

I implore you to look into the site itself.

On the sidebar you're looking for stuff at the bottom. Well, you don't have to look at the bottom of it, but that's where translated pages are.

In action
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Lillith's PSA Thread on: September 03, 2011, 04:48:43 AM
Well hey, this is my thread of PSA's and other wonderful things!
Wait, you're not really all that interested in that, are you?
Well, PSA's being worked on are below.

...I lose interest in things waaaay too fast. *Headdesk*

~The closer to the top projects are, the more recent they are~

AA - Fury Cutter - Repeatedly claws to the direction he's facing.

Dash Attack - Quick Attack - An extremely quick strike, also weak.

F-Tilt - Metal Claw - The target is raked with steel claws
U-Tilt - Metal Claw - Genesect slashes in an arc above itself.
D-Tilt - Electroweb - Genesect traps the target in a small electric web, which paralyzes them for a short time.

N-Air - Bug Buzz - Genesect creates a damaging sound wave.
F-Air - Shadow Claw - Genesect slashes in front of itself with dark energy.
B-Air - Blaze Kick - Genesect's foot is surrounded by flames and then kicks backwards. Turns it around. (Like Marth's B-Air)
U-Air - Zen Headbutt - Genecect does a headbutt upward.
D-Air - Flash Cannon - Genesect Fires a small beam of energy downward.

F-Smash - X-Scissor - Genesect holds both arms out then steps forward slashing with an X.
U-Smash - Iron Head - Genesect crouches down then launches upwards, the strongest smash.
D-Smash - Dark Pulse - Lets out a large pulse of dark energy.

Neutral-B - Techno Blast - Changes with current drive.
Side-B - Extremespeed - Genesect changes into its UFO form and lunges forward at high speed.
Up-B - Flame Charge - Genesect cloaks itself in flames and shoots itself into the air.
Down-B - Light Screen - A wall of light that reflects projectiles.

Final Smash - Genesect Army - Genesect changes to Normal-type drive and summons four other Genesects, they each use Technoblast of their own type, Fire, Water, Electricity and Ice.

Up Taunt -
Side Taunt -
Down Taunt - Drive Change affects Techno Blast, cycles through from normal (Purple, Green), fire (Red/Shiny, Black), water (Blue), electric (Gold), ice (White), and then back to normal.
No electric A attacks!

Crouch - Rest - Heals 1% every few seconds.

A -

Dash Attack -

F-Tilt -
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

N-Air -
F-Air -
B-Air -
U-Air -
D-Air -

F-Smash - Frustration - Pichu launches itself forward, dealing 10(14)%, damage increases by 2% for every 25% until 100%
U-Smash -
D-Smash -

Neutral-B - Thunder Wave - A weak jolt of electricity that paralyzes the target and deals 3(5)% damage and 2% recoil.
Side-B - Wild Charge - Pichu shrouds itself with electricity and charges forward, deals 17(21)% damage and 4% recoil.
Up-B -
Down-B - Nasty Plot - Increases Pichu's Special/Smash damage for a short time.

Final Smash -
Ninten holds an aluminium bat in his hand at all times, most of his A attacks will make use of it.

A -

Dash Attack -

F-Tilt -
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

N-Air -
F-Air -
B-Air -
U-Air -
D-Air -

F-Smash -
U-Smash -
D-Smash -

Neutral-B - Quick Up - Speeds the next smash attack (And maybe the one/two after) by double
Side-B - PK Beam - A multi-hit ability, tavels in a straight line. Unlike PK Fire it won't burst on contact, lightning element.
Up-B - 4th-D Slip - Works somewhat like Zelda's Nayru's Love or Shiek's Vanish
Down-B - Power Shield - Every hit against Ninten will make the shield emit a pulse of energy, dealing 5% damage, although using it for too long will tire Ninten out.

Neutral-B+A - Hypnosis - Sends the enemy to sleep

Final Smash - Brain Cyclone - Deals heavy damage as well as disabling enemies for some time.
Toon Zelda:
A -

Dash Attack -

F-Tilt -
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

N-Air -
F-Air -
B-Air -
U-Air -
D-Air -

F-Smash - Light Bow
U-Smash -
D-Smash -

Neutral-B -
Side-B -
Up-B -
Down-B -

Final Smash -
Young Link:
Entrance - Song of Soaring

AAA - Same as in Melee

Dash Attack - Roll Attack. 6-9% initially, then a second hit for 5-6%

F-Tilt - Young Link steps forward once with a large diagonal slash. 8-11%
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

N-Air -
F-Air -
B-Air -
U-Air -
D-Air - Same as it was in Melee, including the Fire Spike.

F-Smash - Freezes opponents with Ice Rod (More chance at higher percentages) 5%.
F-Smash 2 - Strong downwards slash, 10-12%.
U-Smash - Spins Fire Rod above himself, creating a small tornado, multihit, works like Roy's up-smash.
D-Smash - Young Link thrusts his blade into the ground causing a quake that buries nearby enemies.

Neutral-B - Fire Arrows (Hopefully I'll be able to change to fire slingshot)
Side-B - Boomerang - More angle then both Link and Toon Link's, also a short stun
Up-B -
Down-B - Deku Nuts - Tosses a Deku Nut to the ground infront of him, stuns for a few seconds, similar to Mewtwo's Disable.

Final Smash - Magic Unleash? (Being done by Akeno)

Four Sword Link PSA:

A - Spammable horizontal slash.

Dash Attack -

F-Tilt -
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

N-Air -
F-Air -
B-Air -
U-Air -
D-Air -

F-Smash - Pegasus Dash - Longer the charge, further the dash and stronger the attack.
U-Smash -
D-Smash -

Neutral-B -
Side-B -
Up-B -
Down-B -

Final Smash -

AAA - Downwards slash, followed by and upwards slash, followed by a kick and downwards slash.

Tilts (If possible) will be combos, if not:

F-Tilt - Combo #2
U-Tilt -
D-Tilt -

F-Smash - Lightning Blade (After it connects lightning appears, lightning does 5 damage and stuns (Paralyzes) the 'victim')
U-Smash - Fang Blade
D-Smash - Guardian Field

Neutral-B - Demon Fist
Side-B - Light Spear Cannon
Up-B - Swallow Fury (Hehehehehe)
Down-B - Lightning Tiger Blade

F-Throw - Devil's Inferno
B-Throw - While holding the 'victim' Asch turns around and uses Raging Blast, knocking the enemy back.
U-Throw - Rending Thrust
D-Throw - Throws the enemy down and then uses Slag Assault

N-Dodge - Guardian

Final Smash - Rending Saber

#Invalid YouTube Link#
Ryu Suzaku/Rick Wheeler:
Ryu/Rick is an interesting character I'd have to say, that's why I chose him to say, Goroh or Black Shadow.
...That, and there's a Goroh being made anyway...
For those who don't know, this is Ryu/Rick:

Moveset and attribute info:
He runs slower then Captain, but jumps higher, faster fall speed, more air mobile and walks faster then him.

Up B - Dragon's Ascent
Side B - Boost Fire
Side B (After it connects) - Phoenix Uppercut
Down B - Phoenix Descent? (Falcon Kick, but faces the direction he's going instead of kicking towards it)
Neutral B - Handgun? (Shoots 3 Ray Gun shots?)
Final Smash - Boost Fire Full Power?

A - Captain Falcon's A
AA - Captain Falcon's AA
AAA - Horizonal Kick (Like Snake's 3rd hit)
A Combo - Barrage of kicks (Like Fox's A Combo)

Side Tilt 1 - Knee in the gut, 'paralyzes' the enemy, connects into the second hit most the time
Side Tilt 2 - Hit on the head, kinda like Falco's Side Smash. Makes the enemy fall over.
Up Tilt - ???
Down Tilt - ???

Side Smash - Captain Falcon's elbow jab (Blue Fire though)
Up Smash - Backflip kick
Down Smash - ???

Neutral Air - A forward 'Sex kick'
Forward Air - Quintruple kick
Back Air - Double back kick
Up Air - Upward kick
Down Air -  Strikes both arms down, a meteor smash

Grab Pummel - ???
Forward Throw - ???
Back Throw - Throws the opponent backwards and kicks them
Up Throw - ???
Down Throw - ???

#Invalid YouTube Link#
#Invalid YouTube Link#
#Invalid YouTube Link#
#Invalid YouTube Link#
Meta Knight Gijinka:
...I think i've seen like, one thread on this, but it's never actually been done, has it?
Well anyhow, this is what i'm working on now, but I might give up on it.
Wait, that's not a good thing to say.
Ah... Meta Knight Gijinka would look somethin' like this:

But, all I have is a texture, and a rather crappy one at that, if anyone makes a vertex, then coolio.

It's going over Marth, by the way.
#Invalid YouTube Link#
#Invalid YouTube Link#

Movesets I want to do at some point:
Amy Sorel (If it's not taken up when I finish these off)~ http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=18681.0
Starfox Adventures: Fox~ http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=31961.0
Guy (Tales of the Abyss) Over Marth? Ike?
Skyward Sword Dash (Link) This might bom into an actual moveset:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saZr5CXNFRQ" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saZr5CXNFRQ</a>
Adol Christin (Ys series)~ http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120727073251/ideas/images/7/7d/Adol_Christin.jpg
Karna (Ys series)~ http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131001070457/isu/images/2/2e/Karna.jpg
Miria (The Guardian Legend)~ http://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2011/043/3/d/guardian_legend_by_jehu_chan-d39d2ry.jpg
Like Redux
Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment)
Sword Kirby V.2!
Wander (Shadow of the Cous) (He'll probably have a lot of thrusting attacks)
Classic Link (ALttP/ALBW/OoX/LA Link (At least the parts of the moveset I don't end up using for Young Link))
Takamaru (Nazo no Murasame-jō) ~ http://i.imgur.com/N3m1smy.jpg
Palutena (Kid Icarus: Uprising/ Smash 4)
Greninja (Smash 4)
Little Mac (Smash 4)
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Young Link Melee-ish PSA on: July 24, 2011, 04:56:59 AM
Thanks to:
camelot (Attack 100 PSA)
Neku Sakuraba/SonicBrawler (Perfectifying the attributes)

Young Link PSA from Link

Fire Spike (Down A) - 13%? 15%? 17%? (If you don't know what this is go watch this:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3tl8DUwna0" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3tl8DUwna0</a>
it's at 1:50)
Every other attack - -2%? -3%?
Spin Attack - 'Vacuum' (Toon Link) Effect, 13 hits?, vertical knockback first 12 hits, final hit is horizontal knockback, 1% each hit, 2% each hit full charge
Aerial Spin Attack - 5 hits?, first 4 hits do 2%, final hit does 3% and diagonal knockback

Need to add:
Fire Arrows over Arrows - Shorter range, fire attribute, 6% Uncharged?, 15% Full Charged?
Boomerang over Gale Boomerang - 7% being thrown?, 1% coming back? 2%?
Wall Jump if I can figure out how to get it to work XD
Help would also be appreciated.
Any more things that I can think of....

D-air does 3 hits now, like how Y.Link could do in Melee. Also, screenshot of Fire Spike.
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