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1  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / Taiko's Guide to CSPs on: February 24, 2014, 12:21:46 AM
Hey everyone, in this tutorial I'll be covering how to make higher quality CSPs from start to finish. Keep in mind this method is quite time consuming, but it'll get you the best CSPs you can get out of BrawlBox. For the tutorial, I'll be using my older Sonic CSP that used this method. We'll be going from this:

To this:

In this tutorial I'm assuming you've got basic understanding of how to use BrawlBox and Photoshop. Remember, practice is the most important!
I'll also include the source file for Sonic and his action script, so you can reference those. However, I request that these only be used for reference, and not for releasing your own Sonic CSPs.
Sources here!

1 - Making a Pose
Alright, so this is probably the most important part of making a CSP. You'll want to check out some official artwork of the character to get a feel of how the character acts and moves. For Sonic, he's a very arrogant character personality-wise, and he likes wagging his finger around. His other hand always seems to be in a fist, so I used these for my pose. Of course, you can copy a pose, but keep in mind that it'll have to be cropped! I referenced a lot, but here are a few as an example:

For making the actual pose, right click the character's ModelData and go to New > Model Animation. This will make a "NewCHR" which will save your pose data.

Optional, but you can rename it to something a bit more descriptive. I named mine "Sonic Pose" because that's what it is!
Next, open the model preview window and be sure to select your pose in the left sidebar before moving any bones. The pose won't save otherwise! Then create the pose you've got in mind. As a tip, I personally move the character's "TopN" bone so that the pose will have the distance from the camera right in it, that way you won't need to worry about the camera moving around.

Once you've got a pose you like, screenshot it, then paste it into Photoshop quickly to check if it works at CSP size. If it doesn't quite feel right or looks off, try fixing it and repeat until it looks good at CSP size. It's better to fix it now before you go and make edits! For reference, CSPs are 128 x 160.

Now that the pose is done, export it as a .chr0 somewhere safe by right clicking your pose name and clicking "Export".

Finally, if your character has eyes that need to be moved, these will have to be done through an SRT animation. There's probably a better way of doing it, but this is how I make .brres files that contain all the pose data. First, right click the character's ARChive at the top, and go to New > BRResource Pack.

You'll find a new MiscData[0] at the bottom, so right click it and go to Import > Model Animation to import the .chr0 you just made. Now, right click the MiscData[0] and add a new Texture Animation. This will let you move the eyes for your pose. The NewSRT will have to be renamed to match the name of the CHR you made, so rename it in the same way you did for the CHR.

This next part is a bit complicated, but easy enough when you understand it all. You'll need a version of the character's FitCharMotionEtc.pac to reference. Open it up, then open up the folders so it looks something like this:

They look familiar! Except the MotionEtc has more data for the eyes, so copy the structure of it. You'll be able to add New Entries to your SRT by right clicking it the same way. Once all the values relating to eyes are done, you'll be able to change the X and Y values of the translation field, which will allow you to move the eyes. We'll get to testing them in a second.
Now export the BRRES by right clicking the MiscData with the CHR and SRT, and clicking export. This will let you use the pose for any model using Sonic's boneset. To test the pose, open up a fresh .pac/pcs of the character you just posed, open up the model viewer again, and load the BRRES you just created in the animation box. If all went well, the pose should load as well as the eyes! If the eyes are still wrong, you can open up just the BRRES file now and change the translation values again.

Phew, that was a lot, now for the actual screenshot!

2 - Lighting in BrawlBox
Okay, let's face it. BrawlBox isn't the greatest thing for lighting characters. We can make it a bit better though, it's time to dive into BrawlBox's Environment Settings, which you can access from the model previewer's Options menu.
You'll find a lot of options here, but you'll want to change them to something like this:

The "Azimuth" and "Elevation" values will be different for each character, try messing with it to achieve what you want! Remember, lighting usually illuminates the front of the character. In this case, the lighting hits Sonic like so:

Once you've got your lighting set up, you're ready to take the screenshot. BrawlBox has a screenshot function built in, you'll find it under Options > Take Screenshot > With Transparent Background. This will save it as a .png in the BrawlBox directory with the background already transparent so you don't need to mask it out. It's even got a keyboard shortcut of Alt+Ctrl+I. Handy!

3 - Correcting Stuff in Photoshop
Now we'll be switching over to Photoshop! Open up Photoshop and load up the screenshot that BrawlBox just saved.
First thing's first, BrawlBox's transparent screenshot feature isn't perfect, and any textures with anti-aliasing are sure to leave a noticeable halo. This is especially evident on characters with hair, and in this case, Sonic's eye has the issue. You'll have to manually mask out the bits that are affected. Since Marth is a better example of this, so I'll switch to Marth quickly. Here's Marth's mask:

You'll notice that after masking they'll look like this, which seems like the opposite of what we're aiming for:

But don't worry! This is correct. Next, you'll need to make another layer below it to fill in the spots that are transparent, sorta like colouring them back in. For Marth, it looked like this:

Keep in mind that with this technique, you'll need to re-fill in the colour if the hair or other colour changes. It's best to keep the colourings on different layers for future editing. You'll find a handy transparency lock function in Photoshop that will let you simply fill the layer, and it'll change only the pixels that are already there.

Back to Sonic, his were much easier, and simply looked like this:

Next is getting eye highlights. You'll need to export the PNG of the character's eye highlight texture and bring it into the document. Set the layer blending mode to Screen, so that the black parts become transparent over the image. You'll need to size it down to make it about the same size as it is ingame, then move it to be about where it is ingame as well.

4 - Adding Detail
Now that everything is set up correctly, we can finally get to the fun part! If you haven't been organizing your layers by naming them and keeping them in folders, you should start now. We'll start with highlights first. Create a new layer above the BrawlBox screenshot layer, select your brush tool, and start brushing away over it. I personally use a soft brush. Make sure your brush is white! You'll want to remember the direction the light is coming from to make it as realistic as possible.
Now, a basic stroke should look something like this:

That looks really bad. But, you'll be using this along with the Smudge tool to make it look much better. Play around with the settings for the Smudge tool, especially the Strength, and you'll be able to achieve something that looks like this:

In some cases, a simple Gaussian Blur (under Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) can make it much better looking.
However, you'll notice that the highlight overlaps the nose. To fix this, you'll need to make a mask of only the area you want it to affect, so that it doesn't overlap anything else. Be careful not to simply delete it, so that you can go back and modify the highlight more if you need to.

Now that it's masked out, you'll want to set the blending mode to Soft Light. Suddenly, it looks much more realistic! If it's too bright, you can decrease the opacity on the layer to decrease the strength of the highlight.

Now it should start looking much better!

For the shadows, it's the same technique, but with black instead of white. Remember to name and group your layers accordingly!

After both the highlights and shadows, it'll look something like this:

Remember to keep the lighting realistic, and keep your light source in mind when adding detail. Most of all, practice!

Once you've added all the details you like, the final step is to add two adjustment layers, a Levels and a Vibrance, to the very top. Though the settings will vary for each character and the look you're aiming for, here are Sonic's:

Finally, you'll want to add one final layer above everything and call it "Corner Pixels" which will simply be two pixels, one in the top left, and one in the bottom right of the canvas. These will be useful for when you're making the actual CSPs.

Because we've set up the file in a way that everything is on different layers, you can simply swap out the BrawlBox screenshot with a new one and it'll apply the touchups to the new screenshot instantly as well. If you've masked anything, remember to apply the mask to the new screenshot as well!

Remember to save both a .PSD and a .PNG. We'll be using the .PNG in the next part.

5 - Setting Up Actions
Photoshop has this amazing feature called Actions. Using Actions, you can tell Photoshop to record tasks and play them back exactly how you recorded them. Sounds like that'd be perfect for CSPs, right? Go to Window > Actions to bring up the Actions menu. Make a new group by clicking the folder icon to group your CSP scripts!

Before we start, you'll want to make some presets. Presets can be made by filling out the dimensions, then clicking "Save Preset"

Width: 128 Pixels
Height: 160 Pixels
Resolution: 72.01 Pixels/Inch
Background Contents: Transparent

Width: 128 Pixels
Height: 160 Pixels
Resolution: 72.01 Pixels/Inch
Background Contents: Transparent

Once you've made both of these, open the .PNG of your edited screenshot from earlier. Now, we'll start recording the action. In the Actions window, click the new Action button, then name it something like "Make CSP."

Now it's recording everything you do! Don't worry if you mess up, you can always delete parts of an action. A nice, clean action will make things go by much quicker, so do everything in the minimal amount of steps! Here's how I typically create my scripts:
1. Select the whole canvas (Select > All, or ctrl+A)
2. Copy (Edit > Copy, or ctrl+C)
3. New Document (File > New, or ctrl+N)
Note: This is where the presets come in handy. Select your CSP or BP preset here!
4. Paste (Edit > Paste, or ctrl+V)
5. Resize to fit the frame (Edit > Transform > Free Transform, or ctrl+t)
Note: Be sure to keep the proportion lock on, as this will prevent any odd deformations.

6. Save As... (File > Save As, or ctrl+shift+S)
Note: The Action will save the filename and the directory, so be sure to save it somewhere convenient. I personally name my files Char_00_CSP, but in the end it's up to you!
7. Close (ctrl+W, should close the CSP document)
8. Close (ctrl+W, should close the full-size render document)
Note: If it asks if you want to save, click no.

If it helps, you can stop the script, paste a reference in for sizing, then resume recording. You can also redo the resizing if you undo to restore it to full size, then double click the "Transform current layer" part of the script. It'll automatically redo the transform, but you'll still be able to move and resize the image!

Now try to play the action again and see if it produces the same result. If it does, success, you've created your CSP and can keep creating more!

The last two steps are optional, but I find that they speed up the process. This method will work for both CSPs and BPs, but you'll need separate scripts since they'll be resized differently. The corner pixels we added before will make a bit more sense now, their purpose being that they keep the images the same size, no matter what the character is. This will ensure that they'll always be in the same spot with the same pose!

Finally, if you're doing a batch of CSPs, there's one final thing that will speed up your CSP making by a lot.
In Photoshop, go to File > Automate > Batch, which will give you a new window:

Copy the settings I've shown, substituting the Sonic parts for your own. Remember to click "Choose..." for both the source and destination folders!
If all goes well, your destination folder should automatically fill with named CSPs!

And that concludes this tutorial. Hopefully this has been helpful to you and can up the quality of your CSPs! Feel free to leave comments as well.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / The Smash 3 Project - Get Your DLC Early on: September 30, 2013, 09:10:46 PM

What's Smash 3?
Smash 3 is a visual overhaul of Brawl, with the goal of bringing Smash 4's visual style to Brawl. Though we'll be bringing the visual style, we don't plan on replicating Smash 4 1:1, as there are some things that just can't be brought over. We won't be adding Smash 4 characters. We won't be adding Smash 4 gameplay. We won't be adding Young Link.
Think of it like Brawl was developed with the visual style of Smash 4.

How did this come about?
Taiko, after seeing Smash Wii U/3DS Mario, wanted to attempt to create him in Brawl, but by making the textures from scratch. As he was working, someone else beat him to the punch with a "Smash 4 Mario" making him reconsider. Instead of dropping the idea, he decided to continue with his own brand of characters labelled "New Smash" and released two characters under said label. As he was preparing to continue, Shun sent him a message that he wanted to assist...

Shun, nearing wrap up of his "Vibrant Brawl" project was looking for the next texture project to tackle. He knew he couldn't just do another "recolour" project, as that wouldn't be a "step up" from what he had accomplished previously. Then, he saw Taiko's New Smash Mario and was intrigued. Sending Taiko a message, the two began to talk and ideas started to snow ball for New Smash. However, as the two worked, they realized this project had a specific goal, and thus the name "Smash 3" was coined.

Original Smash 3
Our original goal was to create Nintendo-eqsue textures for all the characters. As we finished characters though, we realized that with our original goal, not all characters looked "right." Some characters simply needed more complex textures to capture their feel correctly, namely the more complex ones. We've detailed the process here, so take a look if you're interested!

Texture Sources
When finished, texture sources will be released for characters in PSD format. Anyone is free to use these and release what they come up with, but proper credit must be given (either individual names listed in the original Smash 3 release, or as "The Smash 3 Team").

- Downloads -
Updated 10/24/2014 - Updated Mewtwo.

The main download pack. Includes everything currently finished with menu assets pre-installed. Does not include additional costume slots.
Click "Download" in the top right, and choose "Download .zip"

Who's working on this?
We are:

Some non-team members have contributed either directly or indirectly. They are:

How do I install this?
We've included instructions in the Pack download. Please read them.

After installing the HUD, my game freezes!
Some people are having issues with it. We have no idea why, and have spent several hours trying to find out why this is. If the HUD has frozen your game, please tell us what mods you are using.
If you figure out the cause, please let us know! We'll be happy to fix it.

Waaugh! My game froze, fix it pls
You did something wrong. Please read over the instructions and get back to us if that doesn't work.
In addition, we can't guarantee something will work if you've modified the files yourself.

Can you walk me through every aspect of getting Brawl mods to work?
No. Refer to this guide: http://smashboards.com/threads/texture-and-vertex-hack-database-how-to-thread.232455/

This should be officially supported by Project M!
Thanks for the compliment!

What's taking so long with *insert character here*?
Unfortunately, we are being held hostage by a fiend called "Life" and cannot work on textures 24/7.

When's Sanic?
He's being held ransom by modelling bugs.

Are you going to do Brawl Marth?
Brawl Marth was based off a design that's 20 years old. Marth told us he doesn't want to remember his days as a prince, so we've chosen to respect his wish.

Are you going to do the Project M alternate costumes?
No. Please understand that retexturing Brawl is already a huge task in itself. Doing the Project M costumes would basically double our work. We will, however, supply recolors to fill the Project M slots.

cBliss Support. Do it.
This Project. Do you want us to finish.

Are stages in the works?
No. We're not even done the characters yet, and stages don't need the touchups we're giving the characters.

Can I modify your stuff? And who do I credit?
Yes. Just be sure to credit either "Smash 3 Team" or the individual users who contributed should you release it.
To make your life easier, we also release our texture sources when they're available. You'll find them under the character's download in the OP!

I want to help!
Great! Post in our thread or message either Taiko or Shun_One.

Do you take requests?
No, no we don't. We'd never finish! You can use the texture sources to make your own recolors, though.

I made this cool recolor using your textures! Can you guys officially add it?
Sorry, probably not. If we accepted everyone's recolours, we'd never finish since there's more to the recolours than just the textures.
However, you're free to upload your recolor to the Vault! Just remember to give us proper credit.

Can I use these textures for my custom build/pack?
Of course! Just remember to give us proper credit!

Are you guys PMBR yet?
Two of our members are, but they're just here to spy on us in the event we go rogue.

What happened to the House of Pancakes?
It burned down with Shun's harddrive.

Who is Scout?
Edel is Scout. Scout is Edel. Why two different names? He's a russian spy. Just kidding. Or are we?

When will this be completed?
Next week*. In game magazines

*if it isn't finished next week, re-read this message until it becomes true.
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / Taiko's CSPs - Prince of Altea on: March 11, 2013, 01:50:34 PM
Welcome to my CSP topic!
Requests are currently closed. However, I've made a tutorial detailing my old BrawlBox method here!

(Old Sets:)


4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / TaikoMang's CSPs! on: August 30, 2012, 08:25:25 PM
I decided I'd try my hand at making my own CSPs, and I quite liked the way they turned out, so here they are.

I'll only take requests for the characters listed below.

[ Photobucket ]
[ Imgur ]

[ Photobucket ]
[ Imgur ]

Toon Link
[ Photobucket ]
[ Imgur ]
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / TaikoMang's SSS Icons on: October 16, 2011, 11:05:48 AM
Since a lot of stages are missing SSS previews and icons for them, I decided to make a few. So here they are~

Not all the screenshots were taken by me, some are the preview screens that the creators uploaded.

Battlefield 64

Final Destination 64

Peach's Castle 64

Yoshi's Island 64

Kongo Jungle 64

Dreamland 64

Sector Z 64

Zebes 64

Saffron City 64

Battlefield Melee

Final Destination Melee

Fountain of Dreams Melee

Fourside Melee

Mushroom Kingdom Melee

SSE Stages



Original Stages
Mario Circuit

SMB64 Peach's Castle

SMB64 Courtyard

Cosmic Lake Galaxy

Melty Molten Galaxy

Gloam Valley

Water Temple

Ganon's Tower

Palace of Twilight

Bell Tower

Mt. Pyre

Embedded Tower (Groudon)

Embedded Tower (Kyogre)

Embedded Tower (Rayquaza)

Aquarium Park

Dr. Wily's Fortress
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Stage Select Crash? on: September 28, 2011, 08:59:00 PM
I recently got the Stage Roster Expansion stages working, so I was adding custom icons and previews for the new stages. After adding all the previews in though, the game now crashes at the stage select screen. Does this have to do with the file being too big? If so, how can I make it smaller?
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / Stage Roster Expansion Help on: September 21, 2011, 09:11:24 AM
Well today I tried getting some custom stages working, so I followed This Guide. I got the stages working with their custom icons and all, but I only have 30 custom stages, 7 under the max that the SSS has. So, I tried removing the lines with the extra stages I didn't need, but all that did was just change their icons. How do I completely remove them?

This is the code:
Maxed Out SSS [Eternal Yoshi]
046B8F5C 7C802378
046B8F64 7C6300AE
040AF618 5460083C
040AF68C 38840002
040AF6AC 5463083C
040AF6C0 88030001
040AF6E8 3860FFFF
040AF59C 3860000C
060B91C8 00000018
BFA10014 7CDF3378
7CBE2B78 7C7D1B78
2D05FFFF 418A0014
006B929C 00000027
066B99D8 00000027
00010203 04050908
0A0B0C0D 0E0F1114
151A1917 06131D1B
1C1F2021 22252423
27280710 12161800
006B92A4 00000027
066B9A58 00000027
1E262A2B 2C2D2E2F
30313233 34353637
38393A3B 3C3D3E3F
40414243 44454647
48494A4B 4C4D4E00
06407AAC 00000090
01010202 03030404
05050606 07070808
0909330A 0B0B0C0C
0D0D0E0E 130F1410
15111612 17131814
19151C16 1D171E18
1F19201A 211B221C
231D241E 251F2932
2A332B34 2C352D36
2F373038 3139323A
2E3BFFFF 40204121
42224323 44244525
46264727 48284929
4A2A4B2B 4C2C4D2D
4E2E4F2F 50305131
523D533E 543F5540
56415742 58435944
5A455B46 5C475D48
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