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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / ~Smash-Kun's Brstm Emporium! (Updated 9/19/09-Requests/Trainer Battle Remix)~ on: August 22, 2009, 08:18:34 PM
Welcome to Smash-Kun's Emporium of free Brstms. Help yourself to anything you might like below. I will be uploading more Brstms as time passes, so be sure to check back every so often! (Note: When I say 'Ideal for...', it's merely my suggestion. You're of course free to put it wherever you like : D)

~Victory Themes~
Ness' Victory~Super Smash Brothers Melee(
) (Download)

~Video Game Music~

Rogueport~Paper Mario:TTYD (Ideal for Delfino Plaza) (
) (Download)
Still, the Road is Full of Dangers~Super Mario RPG (Ideal for Rainbow Cruise) (
) (Download)
Rainbow Road~Mario Kart Wii (Ideal for Mario Circuit) (
) (Download)
Blue Sky Athletics~Super Mario Galaxy (Ideal for Rainbow Cruise) (
) (Download
Boss Theme 3~Star Fox Assault (Ideal for Lylat Cruise)(
) (Download)
Katina~Star Fox Assault (Ideal for Lylat Cruise) (
) (Download)
Menu~Star Fox Assault (Ideal for... the menu XP) (
) (Download)
Enemy Attack/Assault~Final Fantasy X (Ideal for Castle Seige) (
) (Download)
Assault~Final Fantasy X (Ideal for Castle Seige) (
) (Download)
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony~Final Fantasy VII (Ideal for Delfino Plaze/Smashville) (
) (Download)
J-E-N-O-V-A~Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (
) (Download)
SKY HIGH/Candy Mountain~Kirby Super Star (Ideal for Green Greens) (
) (Download)
Marx Battle~Kirby Super Star (Ideal for Halberd) (
) (Download)
Champion Rival Battle~Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen (Ideal for Pokemon Stadium 2) (
) (Download)
Staff Credits~LoZ:Wind Waker (Ideal for Pirate Ship) (
) (Download)
Spirit Temple~LoZ Ocarina of Time (Ideal for Skyword/ Spirit Temple Texture) (
) (Download)
dgn03 (Common Forest Field ~ Battle)~.Hack// Series (Ideal for Distant Planet) (
) (Download)

~Video Game Remixes~

Clash on the Big Bridge~Final Fantasy V (Ideal for Bridge of Eldin) (
) (Download)
Vs. Frontier Brain~Pokemon Platinum (Ideal for Spear Pillar) (
) (Download)
Champion Battle-Cynthia~Pokemon D/P/Pt (Ideal for Spear Pillar) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Rival Battle~Pokemon R/S/E (Ideal for Pokemon Stadium 2) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Team Rocket Battle!~Pokemon G/S/C (Ideal for Spear Pillar) (Preview (Starts at 0:44) (Embedding disabled, limit reached) ) (Download)
Trainer Battle~Pokemon R/B/Y (Ideal for Pokemon Stadium) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Planet Venom~Smashing...Live! (Ideal for Corneria) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Staori Maiden-Third Eye~Touhou 11 (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Nekofrog-Wily's Requiem~Mega Man 2 (Ideal for Shadow Moses Island) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
His World~Reid Slaughter (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Open Your Heart~Crush 40 Vs. Bently Jones (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
CarboHydroM-Rising Sun (Hikari)~Kingdom Hearts (Suggested for Battlefield) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Super Mario Land Overworld~Mario Freaks Orchastra(Ideal for Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1/Smashville) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)

~Anime Tracks~

.Hack SIGN//-Obession~See-Saw (Suggested for Luigi's Mansion) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)


Air Man Ga Taosenai (Ideal for Big Blue) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Danjo! (Ideal for WarioWare) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
The Convinience Store (Ideal for Yoshi's Island (Brawl) ) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
ETERNAL BLAZE~Nana Mizuki (Ideal for Final Destination) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Running in the 90's~Initial D (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Bleach Ending 16- Gallop (Full)~??? (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Death Note OP 2- What's up people!?~Maximum the Hormone (Suggested for Bridge of Eldin) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Final Wars~BucketHead (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download)
Happy Happy Boom Boom~NigaHiga (Suggested for Delfino Plaza) (Preview (Embedding disabled, limit reached)) (Download
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Smash Enigmas-Texture Team[Updated September 28- Hyrule Castle (Exterior)] on: July 11, 2009, 01:57:27 PM


-I. Introduction-

Smash Enigmas is mainly a collaborative machinima group founded by Tiamat475. However, as time passed, texture hacks became more available and easier to use. Texture Hacks prove to be especially useful in machinimating. Members of Smash Enigmas began making textures, and thus,  the blog was created.  It's a nice way to showcase, y'know?

Even though we may showcase our textures, it doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to make them all downloadable. Just to let you know.

-II. Update History-
Green = download link available.
Red = download link is not available.

*NEW* Hyrule Castle (Exterior) Posted on 9/20/09
IMPORTANT! Please read the latest post by Tiamat on the blog. That can be found here.
Smash-Kun V.2 Posted on 9/16/09
Yoshi Island Cave Released on 9/7/09,Mr. Cavan V.2 Released on 8/31/09
Tooniyo Elliyo Posted on 8/23/09
Wolf O' Donnel Released 8/18/09, Spellbinding Circle Released 8/16/09
Card Climbers Released on 8/14/09
Assault Fox & Falco Released, Gourmet Stadium Posted on 8/11/09
Eversion Released on 8/9/09
Fruit Roll-Up Released 8/3/09, Midnite V. 2 Posted 8/6/09
Wikipedia Logo Released 8/2/09
Desert Land Released on 8/1/09
Box of Prinnies Released on 7/31/09

Stained Glass Released on 7/30/09
Falco Lombardi (Assault) Posted on 7/24/09
Sacred Ground Released on 7/22/09
Smash-Kun Posted on 7/20/09
Hyrule Castle (Interior) Posted,
Devastated Mountain Updated on 7/18/09
Heavy Mole Knight Released on 7/17/09
Star Man's Stage Posted on 7/16/09
Devastated Mountain Released on 7/15/09
Rave & Watch Released on 7/14/09
Nimbus Land Tour Released on 7/12/09
Dr Mario Bros Released on 7/9/09

Fox McCloud (Assault) Posted on 7/3/09
Sage of Reliability Posted on 7/2/09

Sector X Hanenbow Posted on 7/1/09
MacBeth Posted on 6/30/09

PS2 R.O.B. Released on 6/29/09
Sage of Friendship Posted on 6/28/09
Corporal Waters Posted on 6/26/09
Sage of Courage Posted on 6/23/09

Circuit G&W Released on 6/22/09
lunar spirit1100 Posted on 6/21/09
Sage of Valor Posted on 6/20/09
General Pit Posted on 6/16/09

Animal Fur Climbers Released on 6/12/09
Captain Zenuun Posted on 6/11/09
Volcanic Summit Released on 6/11/09
Super Weird World Posted on 6/10/09
Midnite Posted on 6/10/09
Brador Posted on 6/9/09

Nostalgic FD Released on 6/9/09
Eladard Released on 6/9/09

Ice Field Posted on 6/9/09
Camo Marth Posted on 6/7/09
Zakath Posted on 6/7/09
Royal Link Posted on 6/6/09
Lt. Virgil Green Posted on 6/6/09

Cavan Released on 6/6/09
Magnasmash293 Posted on 6/5/09
Sgt. Trent Masters Posted on 6/4/09

Cosmic Released on 6/4/09
Bubble Brobble Posted on 6/4/09, Released on 7/18/09
Hyrocity Released on 6/2/09

-III. Textures-

-Newest Texture: Hyrule Castle (Exterior) by Tiamat475

Click on a texture to view more screenshots and (if it's available) it's download link.

*If you would like to download any of MidniteShaymin's textures, please click here

[By Tiamat475]

[By PitNLinkProductions]

[By Magnasmash293]

[By MidniteShaymin]

[By Mr. Cavan]

This thread will be updated as the blog is, so keep checking back!
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