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1  Help & Tutorials / Music/SFX Tutorials / [Tutorial]How to fix weird BRSTMs/SFX glitches on: April 05, 2014, 10:09:49 AM
Have you ever had a problem with your BRSTMs or SFX in Brawl that sounds like this?

An Amature Error Led To A Big Problem (I Killed Project M's Music)

(Credit to No Go/NotAHacker for this video.)

So, to fix this kind of annoying problem, you have to save a backup of all your files (costumes, CSP stuff, SFX, stages, BRSTMs etc...), defragment or format your SD Card, and put back all your files inside your SD Card. Easy fix! Wink

But, you can also avoid this problem like stated below

Example: I wanna replace Final Destination theme (X05), but I already have it in my strm folder.


If you see a window that looks like this, that means you tried to drag and drop your brstm while there was another one with the same name. If you click Move and replace, then it'll cause more or less the mess you saw in the video from above.

Instead, you have to delete the brstm with the same name and paste the new one.

"Et voila!" The job is done. Easy, but can save your ears from annoying SFX/BRSTMs glitches.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Akeno Emiya's Blades Store : Preparing to come back... on: February 11, 2014, 03:09:37 PM

Hey everyone! I decided to (re)make my PSA thread! Here are all the PSAs I've done so far:

Work in Progress



Wind King Saber brings her moveset from the movie Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, the anime Fate/Zero and the game Fate/Unlimited Codes. Let's be honest, using @-nu's Saber is really fun, he made a great job with her animations and kept her balanced etc... However, he focused more on a few moves from Fate/Unlimited Codes than the variety of her fighting style from the animes. That's why I decided to give her a try. But seeing as Saber was monstruously hardcoded, I had to remake the PSA in a way I could easily read it and modify it. So now, let's start with the informations about her abilities!

General Information

Saber is a character who focuses more on the ground fight, keeping her opponent totally defenseless against her speed and strenght. However, do not assume that because she can combo on the ground, she's helpless in the air. That would be a huge mistake... She has an air moveset that doesn't allow the enemy to float for a long time. She can nearly kill you as soon as your feet leaves the ground. Her air attacks are based to bring you down quickly (on the floor, or into death Tongue ). Saber can now shows what she's made of in Brawl! Now, let's continue to her moveset.


Before we start, le me tell you that I precised the origins of every moves. Everything approved Im srs here

AAA Jab : 1 horizontal slash, a thrust and a diagonal downward slash. Low knockback, quite good to start easy combos (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Dash Attack : A hop followed by a downward slash. (Fate/Stay Night)

Side Tilt : A spinning horizontal slash. Low knockback (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Up Tilt : A rising slash. Medium knockback. (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Down Tilt : A down slash. Low knockback, chances of tripping. (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Side Smash : 3 powerful slashes chained together. Low, low and medium knockback
(Fate/Unlimited Codes/Unlimited Blade Works mix)

Up Smash : 2 upward slashes with the 2nd one making Saber leaps in the air. High Knockback (Fate/Unlimited Codes, slightly modified)

Down Smash : A powerful down slash. Makes the opponent slip on the floor, or can meteor smash (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Neutral Air : A weak upward slash. Low knockback (Fate/Unimited Codes)

Forward Air : A fast forward slash, spikes the enemy if hit with good timing. (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Back Air : A 250° backward slash, high knockback, but really slow startup, making this move quite hard to connect with (Fate/Unlimited Blade Works)

Up Air : An upward slash, giving Saber a little vertical momentum, medium knockback (Fate/Stay Night)

Down Air : A frontflip downward slash, with a high chance of spiking the opponent. (Fate/Unlimited Codes/Unlimited Blade Works)

N-Special - Strike Air : A thrust which unleashes Saber's wind power forward. Allows multihit strike and has a medium knockback. Weaker than the original move though. (Fate/Zero)

N-Special Air - Wind Breaker : Saber uses her prana to create a light wind barrier around her and breaks it to repel the opponents around her or the items thrown. Pretty powerful, has a long endlag to avoid spam. (Fate/Zero)

S-Special - Elfin Boost : Saber dashes and performs a combo of 5 quick slashes which leaves no chance to the opponent for a counterattack. The 5th slash is a decapitor-ish slash. (Fate/Unlimited Codes/Unlimited Blade Works)

U-Special - Strike Air Spin : Saber spins 3 times and swings her sword to create a huge tornado slash which multihit the foes around her before releasing a terrible blow. This move is a mix from Link and Toon Link's spin attack. Saber uses it to rack up damage, then send her opponent flies away. (Fate/Unlimited Blade Works)

D-Special - Avalon : Saber summons Avalon in front of her. Can counter ANY attacks and unleash a powerful Excalibur slash. This move is actually in Fate/Stay Night, but it has been well done in Fate/Unlimited Codes. Besides, there are more useful informations for this move in Unlimited Codes than Stay Night (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

D-Special Air - Invisible Air Cutter : Saber dives onto the ground, does a frontflip and swings her swords which release 3 air blades towards the opponent. Quite powerful, this move allows Saber to land safely on the ground. But be careful, better not use it off-stage Tongue (Fate/Unlimited Blade Works)

Ground Final Smash - Sword of Promised Victory : Saber faces her enemy with her back in front of her, slash once to activate the FS combo.
A flurry of 7 slashes before sending the enemy in the air, blasting a yellow beam from her sword while yelling :
The name is self explanatory, once you land this move, it's a promised victory. (Fate/Unlimited Codes)

Air Final Smash - Sword of Promised Victory : Saber stops in mid-air, raises her sword with both her hands, and slashes a yellow blade beam towards the ground. When it lands, the power of Excalibur unleashes a rising beam that OHKO eveything on its path. Works like Entei's attack, but WAY more powerful! (Fate/Zero)



Why only a Final Smash and not a full PSA? I don't have alot of ideas for him. Maybe I'll make one, but for now the answer is no. [censored] this. I decided to get up my lazy ass, so I planned a moveset for him. It has alot of similar animations, but that doesn't mean he works exactly like Ike.

General Information

Gilgamesh is a broken character (almost OP), with a fighting style switching between defensive and offensive. He is slightly slower than Ike and he is heavier than him but lighter than Ganondorf. Heavily inspired from Fate/Unlimited Codes and Fate/Extra CCC, his moveset is based on the use of his weapons whether to throw them in your face, or wreck his foes by wielding them. He also comes with an interesting feature called King's Treasures, allowing him to switch between all his weapons or his favorite sword Ea.


I put between [...] the weapons he uses when using the Gate of Babylon mode (GoB).

Attack11: Like's Attack11 [sword]

Attack12: Ike's Attack12

Attack13: Ike's Attack13 [lance]

Dash: A dash thrust [lance]

Side A: Same than vBrawl Ike [lance]

Up A: Like's Up A [sword]

Down A: Same than vBrawl Ike [sword]

Side Smash: A jumping downward slash [swords or axe]

Up Smash: Ike's FS Start Hit. [sword]

Down Smash: A spinning down slash [sword]

Neutral Air: Same than vBrawl Ike [lance]

Forward Air: An air thrust [lance]

Back Air: Same than vBrawl Ike [Axe]

Up Air: Same than vBrawl Ike [Axe]

Down Air: Same than vBrawl Ike [Axe]

Neutral B - Gate of Babylon: Gilgamesh summons his spam-- I mean, his treasures all at once, and throws them all towards his opponent. Chargeable and multihits.

Side B - King's Treasure: Gilgamesh summons a sword, and dashes at extreme speed towards the opponent and slashes (more power on contact). IF he summons his axe, he will slam it into the ground and if the hit connects, he will chain with a second slash, harder than the previous one.

Up B (GoB) - Golden Hammer: Gilgamesh spawns his Golden Hammer, jumps and smash it on the enemy's face. This hammer has an outrageous power that can even kill at low percent.

Up B (Ea) - Sword of Rupture: Gilgamesh lifts his sword, charges a red tornado beam and unleashes it on the battlefield, causing multiple damages to the opponents.

Down B - Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven: Gilgamesh spawns his Chains of Heaven, binding his opponent for a few moment, allowing him to chain into any other attacks.

Final Smash - Enuma Elish, the star that splits Heaven and Earth: Gilgamesh pulls his sword into the ground, creates a red tornado around him. Those who are captured by the tornado will get caught in his Final Attack. Then he stands above everyone, with 3 huge meteors below him and sword, then he pulls out the sword of thin air, lift it overhead and points it towards the ground. The meteors starts to fall down on the enemies and brings them on the ground. When it lands, the 3 meteors explodes and everyone in the range will be projected. Absolute KO.

Other Projects



This moveset is mostly based on Fate/Unlimited Codes, but contains original moves from me.
After the Holy Grail War, Dark Saber decided to learn a more brutal fighting style. She also modified her sword's shape to fit her new swordsmanship. She is now a completly different character from Saber and has powerful skills which won't make her an easy opponent.

General Information

Dark Saber has an absolute strenght which surpass Ganon's strenght, but she becomes really slow and has a hard time to perform combos. She is also a heavy character with some range attacks (sword attacks changing between short-range and mid-range while her magical powers being long-range) and she has heavy/super armor everytime, making her really hard to beat with weak characters.


AAA : An horizontal slash, spinning slash and a thrust.

Dash Attack : A down to up slash

Side A : An upward slash.

Up A : A circling slash with a slow startup

Down A : A spinning down slash

Side Smash : A slow powerful diagonal slash. Can break the shield if fully charged.

Up Smash : A strong rising slash, which makes Dark Saber jump when she hits her opponent. Hitboxes on the 1st strike, 2nd strike and invincibility during the jump and landing.

Down Smash : Dark Saber slams her sword into the ground, creating a black eruption of prana around her.

Ground Neutral B - Burst Air : Dark Saber slashes upward and creates a black wall before her, multihitting anyone who approaches too close.

Air Neutral B - Black Wheel : Dark Saber spins horizontally with her sword covered in black flames, causing hard damages around her.

Side B - Burst Air : Dark Saber makes a twirling slash, creating a black beam which travels the ground and hits twice

Air Side B - Aerial Burst Air : Dark Saber performs an aerial twirling slash, releasing a blade diagonaly.

Up B - Vortigern : Dark Saber grabs her sword with both hands, covers her sword in black energy and performs a hard spin slash followed by a circling slash. Mid-range, her most powerful move except the FS

Air Up B -  War Hammer of the Vile King : Dark Saber twirls with her sword downward and rises it with black flames to leap in the air. Multihit.

Down B - Zenbu o Koroseru : Dark Saber puts her sword in the ground, leaving her open for any attacks. However, if she takes damages, she'll get angry and create a dark void which causes random effects.

Air Down B - Liner/Sparks : Dark Saber performs a circling slash, brings forward her sword and dives onto the ground.  Upon landing, she'll create a black pillar and a shockwave which will hit the foe according to how far are they from Dark Saber

Ground Final Smash - Excalibur/Kokuryu : Dark Saber pulls her sword into the ground, places her hands on the hilt, charges her energy and waits for her prey. If an opponent is grabbed by her surrounding energy, he'll get hit by her black magic several times, Dark Saber pulls out her sword and slashes once, releasing an enormous black beam which destroys her enemy. OHKO move.

Air Final Smash - Excalibur/Akujin : Dark Saber points her sword forward. If anybody is caught in the range of her FS Start (less than 1/3 FD)
She will activate her Final Smash. Dark Saber rushes towards her enemy and brutally slashes him with 4 slashes, then she dashes through her enemy with her sword, turns back and performs an upward slash which makes her leap and slashes through her enemy, stops in mid-air, shakes her sword in a "It's over" style and a black void surrounds the enemy before sending him skyward.


Coming soon

Collab PSAs I'm working on:

Collab between Kokuto Kyouma and me


Matoi Ryuko is a relentless swordswoman with alot of fighting skills. She's pretty fast and has some killing potential. A character simple to control. Her moveset is more based on smash combos and deadly tilts. Her aerial skills are quite developped too, because she can completly wipe her enemy in mid-air if well used.

General Information


AAA: 45 degree slash(Right to left), Same but to the left, lunging horizontal slash.

Side Tilt: A hard punch with her left fist. Medium knockback

Up Tilt:   A hard upward slash, Ryuko drags her sword along the ground momentarily so there are sexy spark effects. High knockback

Down Tilt: A powerful downward slash. High knockback, meteor smash on the tip of the blade(Very Similar to the last hit of Ike's jab)

Dash Attack: Headbutt from the 3rd video. 18s

Side Smash: 3 quick slashes. Medium Knockback.

Up Smash:  2 circle slashes. Low knockback.

Down Smash: Ryuko jumps into the air before slashing where she was before in a wide arc of like 150 degrees

Neutral Air: A  highspeed spinning slash. Multihits. Low knockback

Side Air: 3 quick slashes. Medium knockback.Low Damage per slash

Up Air: An upward slash followed by a hard overhead up slash. Medium knockback, then high knockback. (gotta detail more that one).

Back Air: A vertical slash(Down to up). Low knockback

Down Air: A hard down stab. Meteor smash. High knockback

Neutral B: Ryuko dashes forward VERY fast(Closer to a teleport, will go 10-15 feet in 3-4 frames) and if she hits an enemy, they kind of explode. To make this look cool, I'll either slow down time or somehow get them to stay stunned for a longer than normal duration.

Side B: Ryuko dashes towards the foe and begins to spin at highspeed, the spin causes tremendous damage, and ends with a smashing diagonal slash.

Up B: Ryuko leaps and spins weirdly with her sword, slashing horizontally and diagonaly at the same time .

Down B(Up for change): Similar to Grey Fox's assist trophy attack, Ryuko slashes wildly, ignoring any projectiles that make contact with her. Still vulnerable to physical attacks.Not sure how this is going to be accomplished.

Forward Grab:  2nd video 5:30 to 5:32

Down Grab: 2nd Video 4:13 to 4:15

Up Grab: 1st Video, 3:04 to 3:10

Back Grab: Knock opponent away by spinning them around and hitting them with the handle of the Scissor Blade(Like a strange bat lol)

FS:Decapitation mode. Ryuko's Sword Scissor grows and lasts for 10 attacks which will all do more damage and have higher knockback.

Entry: Ryuko Crashes onto the stage, when the dust clears she rises and shoulders her sword "Ikuze"
Something like Wario's with a purple bike

Taunt 1: Ryuko spins her sword around her wrist

Taunt 2: Something with a modified version of Wario's bike

Taunt 3:???? Had an idea, need a better one.

Taunt 4(You'll have to figure out how to trigger this, tis a secret)
Ryuko's Evil Laugh from when she was wearing Junketsu

Collab between LJSTAR and me


Megaman Starforce is a human enhanced with the power of an AM alien called Omega-Xis. From their fusion rises Megaman! Behold the power of the Blue Bomber! His PSA will be based on the battle cards and transformations he displays in Megaman Starforce 2.

General Informations

He has 3 alternate forms, allowing him to change his elements and his skills:

- His Normal Blue Form has a balanced fighting style, with medium combos and killing potential.

- The Zerker form is a more powerful, but keeps a balance between speed and power, he is also able to paralyze his opponent with his electric element, making him more deadly than his normal form. Still has medium combos and killing potential.

- The Ninja form allows Megaman to perform a large ammount of combos and increases his speed, but has a very low killing potential.

- The Saurian form is his most powerful form. He has a set of powerful but slow attacks, and can deal heavy blows. So he has low combo potential, but has a high killing potential.


Normal Form

A100: Mega Buster (Infinite shots, normal damage, 1%-3%, No knockback)

Dash A: Jet Ski (Dash on the Jet ski, ice Damage, 12%, low knockback)
Side Tilt: Long Sword (Horizontal hit, slash damage, 10%, low knockback)

Up Tilt: Sword (Vertical hit, Slash Damage, 8%, low knockback)

Down Tilt: Boo Hat (Hat spins around Megaman, normal damage, 13%, low knockback)

Side Smash: Wide Sword (Hard horizontal hit, slash damage, 19%, medium knockback)

Up Smash: Destroy Upper (A deadly Uppercut, normal damage, 25%, high knockback)

Down Smash: Ground Wave (Sends a Ground Wave on each side, normal damage, 15%, medium knockback)

Neutral Air: Typhoon Dance (Spins 3 times and multihits, normal/slash damage, 2% per hit)

Forward Air: Freeze Knuckle (Smash his opponent with an ice rocket fist, ice damage, 14%, medium-high knockback)

Back Air: Great Axe (Hit behind with a giant axe, slash damage, 15%, high knockback)

Up Air: Scythe (spins a scythe overhead which multihits and draws in the opponent, 3% per hit, low knockback)

Down Air: Air Spread (points an air cannon below and shots V-shaped air burst, normal damage, 10%, low knockback)

Neutral Special: Cannon (Has 3 charges: Cannon, Plus Cannon and Heavy Cannon. Range, damage and knockback depends on the charge. Fire damage, 9%, 15%, 22%)

Side Special: Buki (Up to down hit with a hammer fast but long endlag, normal/bury damage, 20%, no knockback or high knockback)

Up Special: Jet Attack (Jetpack propulsing Megaman, normal and fire damage, 12%, medium knockback)

Down Special: Mini Grenade (Link's bomb replaced by the grenade. It's a true projectile, same properties than Link, hits 3 times in a row.)

Final Smash: Million Kick + Buster MAX (Megaman traps his enemy into a flurry of rapid kicks then points his Mega Buster in front of his victim and shoots a powerful beam. 5% per kicks, 30% for the MegaBuster)

Zerker Form

AAA: Rock Buster (Slower infinite shots, 2%, electric damage, no knockback)

Side Smash: Elec Slash (Same animation, electric/slash damage, 21%, medium knockback)

Up Smash: Thunder upper (Destroy Upper upgraded with Zerker's powers, 27%, electric damage)

Down Smash: Mummy Hand (Same animation however Megaman uses a Mummy hand to hit, 18%, paralyze damage)

Forward Air: Stun Knuckle (Same animation but Megaman paralyze his opponent in mid-air, paralyze/stun/electric damage, 13%, medium knockback)

Back Air: Stealth Laser (Same animation but Megaman shoots 2 laser beams, electric damage, 6% per laser)

Down Air: Plasma Spread (Same animation but Megaman shoots a X-shape plasma burst, electric/paralyze damage, 12%, low knockback)

Neutral Special: Plasma Gun (Same than Cannon except that Megaman shoots a paralyzing beam. Range, damage and knockback depends of the charge, paralyze/electric damage, 7%, 16%, 24%)

Side Special: Voltic Eye (Works like Zelda's Side B, Megaman aims, and shoots 3 electric explosions. 6% 6% 8%, no knockback for the first 2 and low knockback for the last one)

Down Special: Elec Grenade (Same except that Megaman throws a fake projectile, which explodes on the ground or on the opponent, electric damage, 13%, medium knockback)

Final Smash: Thunder Bolt Blade (Megaman raises his sword, then performs 2 quick horizontal hits, and a powerful overhead strike leading to a huge explosion, electric/slash damage, 30% 30% 50%, high knockback)

Ninja Form

AAA: Rock Buster (Infinite shots, 1%, grass damage, no knockback)

Side Smash: Wood Slash (Same animation, grass/slash damage, 18%, medium knockback)

Up Smash: Squall (creates a green tornado above him which sucks in the opponents and hit them 6 times, grass/slash/normal damage, 4%, low knockback)

Down smash: Double Stone (works like Ground wave, but with stones, which are more powerful, but has less range and less endlag, 20%, medium knockback)

Forward Air: Poison Knuckle (Same animation but Megaman paralyze his opponent in mid-air, paralyze/stun/electric damage, 13%, medium knockback)

Back Air: Needle Attack (Same than Zerker's Back Air, but with needles, grass/slash/normal damage, 6% per needle, low knockback)

Down Air: Puff Blast (Megaman shoots a line of 3 spiky balls, normal/slash damage, 9%, low knockback)

Neutral Special: Muramasa (A powerful katana slash, it grows more powerful according to Megaman's damages)

Side Special: Mop Lance (Megaman uses a wood spear to quickly impale his opponent, grass/slash damage, 13%, medium knockback)

Down Special: Wood Grenade (Same than Zerker's Heat grenade, grass damage, 9%, low knockback)

Final Smash: Demon Flurry (Megaman clones himself, jumps and throws a massive amount of shuriken on the battlefield, grass/slash damage, 10 per shuriken, no knockback)

Saurian Form

This form has the particularity to have alot of Heavy Armor, which makes it way stronger in a defensive or even an offensive gameplay.

AAA: Dino Buster (a single shot, fire damage, 10%, medium knockback)

Side Smash: Fire Slash (Same animation, fire/slash damage, 24%, medium knockback)

Up Smash: Heat Upper (same than Normal form but enhanced by the Saurian power, fire damage, 30%, high knockback

Down Smash: Taurus Fire (Unleashes a powerful eruption around him immobilizing and multihitting all the enemies nearby, fire damage, 5% per hit [5], low knockback. No Taurus Fire Model during this attack)

Forward Air: Hard Knuckle (same animation but with a slower startup, fire damage, 18%, medium knockback)

Back Air: Flame Axe (Move from StarForce 3, Megaman hit behind him with a giant flamed axe, fire/slash damage, 20%, medium knockback)

Down Air: Moai Fall (drops a rock below him which deals a powerful hit. Has a slow startup, normal damage, 25%, meteor smash)

Neutral Special: Mad Vulcain (charges a Gatling Gun and rains alot of shots on the opponent. Has some endlag, normal damage, 2% per projectile [10->30], no knockback)

Side Special: Fire Ring (throws a fiery ring towards the opponent. Acts like a boomerang and hits 3 times if well-used, fire damage, 10% per hit, low knockback)

Down Special: Heat Grenade (throws a fire grenade. Fake projectile, it explodes on the enemy or on the ground, fire damage, 20%, medium knockback)

Final Smash: Genocide Blazer (Megaman charges his energy and shoots a powerful fire beam which travels the whole battlefield horizontally. 130%, high knockback)

[size=13]Tribe King Form[/size]

This is the fusion between the 3 other forms of Mega Man. When you have over 100% and if you take the Smash Ball, you will be able to activate it and use his Final Smash

Final Smash: King Grandeur (Unleash the power of the 3 Tribe Forms on the whole battlefield. 200%, Very high knockback)
*Video coming soon for that*

Collab between ShadowLuigi-NG, LJSTAR and me.


Rogue is a powerful warrior mastering martial arts and swordfighting. His skills varies between fierce sword combos, fast punches and kicks and long ranged attacks. However, even with all this, his defensive is absolutely terrible, he can easily be interrupted and a powerful attack can be deadly for him. But he has a countermeasure! He possesses a unique feature called "IndiProof".  This is an EM Barrier which makes him totally invincible for less than 1 second, which is enough to stop a combo.

General Information

Rogue is a powerful warrior mastering martial arts and swordfighting. His skills varies between fierce sword combos, fast punches and kicks and long ranged attacks. However, even with all this, his defensive is absolutely terrible, he can easily be interrupted and a powerful attack can be deadly for him. But he has a countermeasure! He possesses a unique feature called "IndiProof".  This is an EM Barrier which makes him totally invincible for less than 1 second, which is enough to stop a combo.


His moveset is based on the games Mega Man Star Force 2 and 3 but there are also a few moves from the anime "Shooting Star Mega Man Tribe"

AAA: right jab, left hook, right uppercut (if B is pressed at the end, you can chain this with the Up Smash)

Dash A: rush left straight (chainable with the AAA)

Side Tilt: An up to down quick slash

Up Tilt: An upward slash

Down Tilt: A sweeping kick

Side Smash: Rogue Sword - A powerful combo of 3 slashes

Up Smash: A backflip Kick

Down Smash: Rogue Wave ver.2 - A powerful punch on the ground, creating a shockwave around Rogue.

Neutral Air: A spinning kick

Forward Air: same

Back Air: same, he just catches his sword with 2 hands

Up Air: same than up smash, but weaker.

Down Air: A "charged" punch towards the ground.

Neutral B - Flying Knuckle: Rogue charges his power, and unleashes several knuckles towards his foe.

Side B - Rogue Wave: Rogue performs an uppercut, unleashing a powerful ground wave towards the opponent.

Air Side B - Mu Technology: Rogue shoots a beam from his hand that looks exactly like the crest on his body.

Up B - Sword Shockwave: Rogue charges his enegy and performs a powerful slash, creating a long slash wave. Travels BF.

Air Up B - Teleport: Rogue teleports himself.

Down B - Rogue Break: Rogue's signature attack, he charges his power and smashes it down on a large area.

Final Smash - Laplace Slash: Rogue jumps and performs a powerful slash, letting his victims paralized and suffering from after-slashes of the attack.

Enjoy the store!
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Project Z Textures Thread on: August 19, 2013, 01:28:28 PM
Hello, there! Welcome to the texture side of Project Z!

What are we doing : we take a character non Zelda related, and we give him a Zelda texture (example : a Mario that looks like Toon Link)
Mario Toon Link
(He still need some work though)

We also take a Zelda character and we give him/her a texture that looks like a character from another franchise :
Dark Saber Toon Link, inspired by Dark Saber from the Fate Series.
(click on the pic to download him)

And, we're also making recolors for Fan Characters Zelda related :
Lena Zero Suit made by Davey
(click on the image for download)

Here is what we've done so far :

(Download by clicking on the pic)


Toon Link

If you want to participate, suggest, or if you have a feedback/question, don't hesitate to post here!
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / DarkFire PSA Projects on: June 14, 2013, 04:03:27 PM

I finally decided to do my own project thread! Here, I'll post everything related to my hacks and some news AWESOME 2.0!

For now, I've made 2 PSAs :

DarkFire Toon Link   Like Minus Version


I'm preparing some surprises for you Grin

Currently working on :

This time, I'll make him almost full blader, he will use only his sword to do everything.


AAA : TLink normal Attack11, TLink normal Attack12, PM TLink Attack12

Side Tilt : TLink normal Attack13 with an extended sword Smiley

Up Tilt : TLink F-Air with a ground animation.

Down Tilt : PM TLink Down Tilt

Side Smash : Same than DF TLink V1

Up Smash : PM TLink AttackHi4

Down Smash : Ness' AttackLw4 (he makes his sword spins around him) May change...

N-Air : Same, but slower

F-Air : Link's F-Air

D-Air : Same, with a possible interruption.

B-Air : Same, with larger hitboxes

U-Air : TLink's Up throw, like DF V1

N-B : Raise his sword, flames appears around, and send a fiery slash to the opponent.

S-B : Expand his sword and slash forward the enemies around.

U-B : same than DF V1, but without explosion

D-B : TLink guards, if the opponent strikes him, he will dodge then hit with PM TLink Attack13.

Final Smash : no idea yet, maybe the same.



Moveset description

AAA : 2 diagonal slashes and an horizontal slash

Side A : 2 quick forward slashes

Up A : a quick upward slash

Down A : he stands up then slashes downward
         (can combo with D-Smash or S-Smash)

S-Smash : 2 hard slashes, one lightly downward, another one upward

U-Smash : 2 slashes, one to bring up the foe, the 2nd one to
           smash the foe to the air

D-Smash : Archer spins very quickly with his swords pointing down

N-Air A : shoots arrows with his bow forward

S-Air A : Slash the opponent with both blades together

U-Air A : slash in the air with the both blades

B-air A : elbow smash the foe behind and slash him

D-Air A : diving headfirst and slash the enemy with the both blades
          when the hit connects

N-B "Hrunting" :

He summons his bow and arrow, then shoots an arrow on the foe.
Trajectory of the shot can be controlled in 4 directions.
However, the arrow goes straightward

Ground S-B "Bakuya and Kansho's dance" :
Archer runs forward, his swords are growing bigger,
then he strikes with them. After the hit they're breaking,
and Archer summons them again.

Air S-B "Twin spin" :

Archer goes forward while his swords turns around him and hurts the foe
with his spinning blades.
Ground U-B "Trapping Swords":

He launches his swords in the air, homing on the foe, making him pitfall.
If Archer throws them again when the foe is still in pitfall state,
then the swords will explode on the foe.

Air U-B : "Archer's lifejump + Kansho and Bakuya's blast" :

He is jumping very high, while his swords grows bigger.
When he arrives at the end of the jump, if you press B again, you'll fall
and hit the foe with both swords, causing an eruption (Archer takes 15% because of the impact)

D-B "Rho Aias, the shield of no loses" :

Archer summons his best shield, Rho Aias to counter an attack,
and the foe takes the damages of his attack (electric flag)
(if I found a model, or something that looks like it, that might be cool)

Ground Final Smash (1st possibility) "Caladbolg II" :

Archer summons his bow, and shoots an arrow with a red trail. This arrow
pierces through the characters like Zelda's FS, but it will bring the foe
upward, then explode in mid-air. (if it's impossible, just explode when
the arrow connects to the last affected foe...)

Air Final Smash (1st possibility) "Caladbolg II" :

Same, but the arrow goes on the ground and explodes when touching the
floor, if someone goes on the trajectory, he will be taken with the arrow
until the blast.

Final Smash (2nd possibility, if possible) "Unlimited Blade works" :

This Final Smash is a dream itself Grin
Anyway, Archer bows down, then a fire circle will surround him and
extend on the whole battlefield, in order to bring you in the
Unlimited blade works, the reality marble (a spell that deforms reality)
of Archer. Inside it, Archer raises his hand, a huge amount of blades will
rise in mid-air, and rain on the foes on the WHOLE STAGE!!!
Damages will be considerable. And to end it, a giant sword will also fall
from the sky to create an eruption, but it will not do really much knockback
(not something too OP. xD)

Time Alter Zero Suit Samus
No previews yet...
I begun it yesterday

This PSA is based on time altering. If you have seen the anime Fate/Zero, you'll probably understand really quickly what I'm doing. If not, I'll explain (I'll do even if you understood :p )

AAA : Same, maybe add a shoot animation.
Side Smash A : Wyvern shot.
ZSS points her gun, then shoots fire from her gun. Deals a lot of damages and a quite good knockback.

Up Smash A : Nothing yet.

Down Smash A : Mowing Kick
ZSS does a spinning kick onto the ground, making the foes tripping. Deals medium damages.

Neutral B : Time Alter Double Accel
ZSS slows time, and moves faster than the other players, more the time altering lasts, more it causes damages to ZSS. It stops until you hit someone or if you press B again.

Side B : Calico Rifle
ZSS uses a rifle and shoots on the foes. Weak, but gains speed with the Time Alter, causes to be a good damage accumulator.

Up B : Nothing yet, might just put the ZSS Down B jump...

Down B : Time Alter Square Accel
ZSS guards, and if a foe tries to attack her during this moment, the time will considerably slow, and she will hit the foe with a kick, 2 seconds after the kick, the time comes back to normal. Can be chained with A moves after the hit

Final Smash : Time Alter Triple Accel
ZSS slows time, then runs forward. If someone is on her way, she will strike him with her gun, paralyzing him, then shoot him with the wyvern shot. Almost OP, the Final Smash is a promised victory by itself. However, if you start the FS and successfully use it, you will take 30% damage, but if you fail, you will take 50%. ZSS doesn't really like manipulate time... lol.
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Codes aren't working on: May 29, 2013, 06:52:36 AM
I'm using riivolution with Michi's PAL .xml and all my hacks are working, except my codes Im srs here

I need some help please? I'm only using the Camera PAL code
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Riivolution doesn't work anymore! on: December 18, 2012, 12:04:12 PM
Hi there.
I have a problem with riivolution :
in the main page (when you see all your patches) I choose my File Code Replacement France (I'm french and PAL user), and launch Riivo, a black screen appears and anything is happening (I wait for 10 minutes). I don't know what is wrong, if someone can help me, it would be really appreciated.
Thanks and have a nice day!
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