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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl : Minus Mogged Mugen project thread. on: November 11, 2013, 09:07:17 AM
Hello, everybody. Some time ago I posted here and on the internet about this side project of mine. Now it finally is in a state I can officially present it.

Therefore, I heartilly present to you:

The character list of version 1.0:



Q: What exactly is this all about?
A: Brawl M3 is an complete hack pack that looks to spread the popularity of Brawl Minus, which, in my humble opinion, I feel is more fun than Project M. Specifically, it uses the latest Minus MAX build.

Q: So it's just another skin pack? What's different about yours?
A: Two main things. The first one is that absolutely everything is changed. Most skin packs only lazily put the skins in there and convert some music and call it "finished". Brawl M3 has every single cosmetic changed. BPs, Stock Icons, CSPs, Menus... it doesn't looks like your average pack.

Q: But that has been done to death before. I'm still skeptical.
A: The other feature that distinguishes it from most other packs is the Mugen part of the name. All of the slots are occupied by different characters, and not just "a character in a different costume".

For example, an average build may have the Link slots as, let's say, Dark Link, Fierce Deity Link, Link in Zora Armor, Skyward Link and so on. I don't consider them as different characters, and therefore there's only one Link in the game, and all of the other slots are occupied by different characters to maximize the variety and to emphatize the MUGEN part.

Q: Well, that's all fine and dandy, but you'll just put the characters you like, am I right?
A: Wrong. The pack is absolutely not biased at all and not bound by my tastes. I absolutely dislike everything Sonic, yet I reckon he's popular enough and so I put 10 characters, two stages and 5 music tracks of his franchise.  The goal of this game is "to represent the major number of gaming franchises in a party game" , while at the same time picking only the highest quality models available on the Vault, to give the game a great presentation.

Q. Technically wise, how this holds up?
A: It combines Cbliss with Stage Expansion plus the custom stage playlist codes, and on top of that, Minus MAX.

Q. If you're using Cbliss, you have every slot occupied?
A: Yes. Over 400 different characters from about 120+ gaming universes.

Q: How about the stages?
A: 70 new stages. I picked the number based on "music tracks". Most stages that have a great amount of tracks have another stage from that franchise, to keep the tracks from going to waste. The sole exception is Pokemon, which gets 3 stages given the popularity of the franchise.

Q: Music wise?
A: Again, not bound by my tastes. I tried to replicate the Brawl OST choices and picked up varying genres. Rock, tecnho, orchestral... the style varies. The only criteria I had in mind when picking is that the song should be fast-paced. Slow paced songs don't fit in a figthing game. Every song has it's volume regulated and it's looped apropiately, which was a lot of work.

Q: Online?
A: No online. The best models available usually wreck Wi-Fi. It may be a possibility in the future.

Q: How about PSAs?
A: No PSAs, either. They would conflict with the balance of Minus MAX.

Q: So, tell me, what are YOU credited for? As in, what did you actually do besides compiling?
A: Editing. Hours and hours of image and music editing. But don't worry. I plan to credit absolutely everyone who (unknowlingly) contributed to this project. From the character importers and stage creators, to the artists on Youtube and even the creators of the good pictures I grabbed in Google. Chances are, if you're reading this, your name will appear in the game.

Q: There's no way you can fit 400 different characters in there, unless they are Anime Characters!
A: Sorry. No anime. That was my rule of thumb. While I had to content myself with whatever the character got (for example, Billy and Mandy on Ice Climbers given the proper lack of good IC models), I promised myself no anime characters at all. If I had to put anime characters in there, I figured I should put the most mainstream anime of them all in there. And that's DBZ. So, DBZ gets a few characters, two stages and 12 music tracks.

Q: Can I suggest a character?
A: For now, no. The first revision of this project has an already stablished roster, but if it ever picks up on popularity, I'll be open to requests. Yesterday the project had an already positive reaction on 4chan, and I already got character requests.

Q: Can I colaborate?
A: Sure! Take a look on the "To do" list under this post. I did all of the editing by myself, so help would be apreciated.

Q: When it will be ready for download?
A: Late November/Early December.

To do list

I'm taking submissions for all of the following, which will all be credited, of course.

*A proper custom CSS for the project.

*EXTRA: I was wondering if there's a code that allows you to choose an skin individually from the CSS, using the Stock Icons or whatever to fit the CSS. If there's any code that allows that, I'll be truly glad and this project will look more complete.

*A proper SSS for the project. Even although all the cosmetics are complete, the project lacks personality as now.

*EXTRA: Yet again, I'm requesting to know if there's a code that allows different in-battle names for each skin. Right now, I opted for erasing them to give the skins more individuality, but I'm still curious about this. I think it can be done, given that, like in CBliss, the files are numered with a giant gap of ten between then. But then there's the info.pac size limit, so I truly don't know.

*There's a glitch in which the game may randomly freeze ONLY when you pick four player completely random matches. You can play fine if you manually pick up the characters, but only in Random it freezes and ONLY when four player pick their characters. I'll say you have a 25% chance of freezing. The freeze happens when the game tries to load the fourth player in battle, or when it tries to load the Results screen. I know the cosmetics are not the ones to blame, given that they all work individually. I talked to ASD1F about this and I said he would check the project once that it's done, but if any of you can help, I'll happily accept your help.

*A proper website. I was planning to open up a blog for now.

Well, that's it for now. I'll add ingame pictures to this post later.
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / CBliss is killing me! Freezing in four player random matches! on: October 29, 2013, 12:34:53 PM
I don't know how to express all my rage.

I have a custom build with CBliss, Stage Expansion and Brawl Minus all condesned in one single package. I was customizing every single cosmetic there is because I plan to release the complete build (while crediting every single person who contributed to it unknowingly , of course). I was about 70% done when this problem arose.

CBliss was working flawlessly. Zero freezes, zero glitches, zero everything. Then a friend came over to play, and it started freezing. Why was that? I usually play, at most, three players random matches, since it's only my brother, my friend and I who play everyday. But the build freezes when chossing a four player random match!

But, you must note that the strange thing is that every character, model cosmetics runs perfectly fine. I tested every single one of them. And you can also play four player matches if you manually select the characters and skins. And even worse, three player random matches works perfectly well, too! Is only the four player matches that freeze the darn game.

What could be the reason? It worked perfectly in four player matches the last time the dude came to play. The only things I've hacked were the CSPs, BPs, stock icons for the SSS, CSS and the Results screen, and erased the names and logos from the info.pac to individualize the costumes.

Thanks in advance.

Post Merge: October 29, 2013, 01:27:23 PM
Never mind, I fixed it.

Apparently, the reason was that I got lazy of replacing manually each stock icon for the selmap.pac, and just replaced the MiscData40.bress from the selcharacter.pac. Either that, or I reached a size limit which I don't know about.

The freeze was only when the game tried to load the four player in an all randoms match, OR when trying to load the Results screen.

Anyway, you can close this topic.
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Does CBliss works with Brawl Minus? on: October 07, 2013, 07:13:40 PM
Ok, so I had Stage Expansion. Some custom codes. And Brawl Minus. Almost everything graphically was set up, too.

And I found about cBliss. I hurried to try it, got all the cosmetics right, and whatnot, and it worked fine, for a while, at least.

The problem arises when I play multiplayer. Three or more people freezes the game randomly, and always when the third character loads and enters the stage.

I got frustrated, so I decided to begin from scratch. All was fine, too. Until i added the code to fix the volume of the brstms. Then it started to freeze up again, too, exactly as before, with the third character in a match being the cause of the freeze. What do I do? CBliss is tearing me up.

Thanks in advance.

Post Merge: October 09, 2013, 10:27:09 AM
Nevermind, apparently the Volume Code was the one causing the crashes.

It froze up when the third player showed up because it was at that time a song started playing. And sicne some songs start playing sooner or later it didn't freeze there, which explains the "random" freezes.

You can close this thread now.

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