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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Falconpunch1729's PSA's: Im Done...for now on: January 09, 2014, 11:58:23 AM
My Planned Projects

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger over toonlink and diddy kong

my reasons for making this:
-literally grew up playing with this character
-been dyeing to make a brawl hack for him( since i found out how they work )
-i think he would be a competitive character for brawl
-this is my first time making a character

Whats needed:
-a model rigged over both diddy kong and toon link with rigged mouth and tail
( i plan to make him over both characters)
-an external graphic to fake a boomerang projectile
-someone to rip sound effects from his 2nd and 3rd games:
Ty the tasmanian tiger 2: bush rescue
Ty the tasmanian tiger 3: night of the quicken
-someone to help me fix random freezes or tell me more about psa and brawlbox stuff

so here is the planed move set:
aaa: tripple slash combo
side a: twin slash
up a: flip kick
down a: low swing

air attacks:
neutral: twin rang spin
front: bite forward
down: bite dive
back: back kick
up: i might do toonlinks attack, but i might need ideas

neutral special: bite:chargeable, fully charged he will lunge forward and bite his opponent
sie special: boomerang throw: can change elements
down special: rang switch: switch between:
flamerang: burns enemies

zappyrang: electrocutes enemies

freezirang: freezes enemies

i was planning on doing just small element gfx on the tip of his rangs, but if there is room i might add actual different boomerangs
up special: flower launch: a rainforest flower engulfs ty and shoots him into the air(need external flower gfx for this)

grab: lassorang over toonlinks clawshot: its a rope attached to a boomerang, you get the idea

pumbel: hits with left rang
up:TL's up throw
forward: double slash
back: still need to think
down: pins opponent to the floor and bites him

final smash: the doomerang:

Ty throws this badboy onto the battlefield,it works kinda like pikachus final smash,but slower and more controllable, dealing damage as it flys around opponents( 1 or 2 per hit) it last for i say 8 or 10  seconds before exploding (20-30 damage)or just press b to explode it before time is up

alternate final smash: The shadow bunyip

ty gets in this robotic mech and starts punching and blasting all over the stage, press and hold b to fire the shadow beam, last for about 10-15 seconds

other misc moves:
his sheild is a series of random colored orbs orbiting him
i also need to put on a glide mechanic for holding the jump button.
need to think about what to do for his stage entry

Sigma over ganondorf

reasons for making this:
-since calikingz01's new x and zero psa's came out(awesome job by the way) i think he deserves a chance to be in brawl
-favorite megaman x villan

still planning,i do intend to base it off zero with a few twists here and there
such as laser eyes,sword dash,and transform into his final form from mmx8(planned FS)

spyro the dragon over yoshi:

-competitive character
-not that different from riddley
-fun asset to brawl

was planning to base it of riddley, with a few fire,ice,earth,and electric attacks,and use an elemental rage for his FS(with a dark blast at the end of it)

Jak and Daxter

-all around popular naughty dog and playstation iconic character
-definitely huge fan of him
-needs to be in other games

-Before you ask, no: i do not plan on animating daxter or giving him his voice just due to file size issues
-i imagine he would be like ike: a little sluggish, but good attack strength
-a series of kicks,punches,gadgets, also i plan to have him do 2 FS's
ground:transforms into dark jak and does the dark bomb
air: transforms into light jam, flies center stage and uses flash freeze,slows time for about 20-30 seconds

Master chief over snake

-beast character for brawl
-have a cousin who loves halo
-almost out of ideas

-mainly similar to snake or captain falcon
-i intend to focus my efforts on his specials,smash attacks,throws,and FS
-moveset involves around gadgets such as armor lock,jetpack, rocket launchers,frag/sticky grenades,and energy swords
-possible final smash options:
1:spartan laser
2:M.A.N.T.I.S mech
3: scorpion tank

those are all my planned projects for now,stay tuned for posted progress soon
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