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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / LC-DDM's "I need some dog-gone help" thread. on: May 28, 2010, 11:21:44 AM
This is where I'll be posting most of my questions, as to avoid spamming the Help section with more threads.

Note: I have a PAL copy, so it may also help knowing that.

1: (Solved) I have seen in a Youtube video (that I sadly did not keep the link of), that exemplifies the Main Menu's text and Wi-Fi Menu having been changed. How would I be able to perform this?

2: (Solved) I have edited a NTSC-region StrapEn.pac, however any changes have not been actually executed within it. Would I require the PAL-region StrapEn.pac?

3: Max Onslaught's sound data does not allow it to play. Does a fix exist for this?

4: (Solved) Some of my downloaded .rel-requiring stage replacements seem to freeze the game. I assume I'd need the .rel's PAL-counterpart for said stage to work?

I appreciate any and all help given to me.
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