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1  Super Smash Bros. 4 Hacking / Smash 4 (Wii U) Hacking / [M, A, PSA] Omega's Projects on: September 18, 2019, 08:11:25 AM
Hi everyone! I know I'm late to Smash 4 modding, but better late than never. I'm now working on Smash 4 projects! I just released the Tech Demo for Master Hand: https://gamebanana.com/wips/50738. If you think you can help, I would really appreciate it! This is going to be a PSA, in addition to Master Hand my other PSAs for this game are going to be these: Crazy Hand, Tabuu, Master Core, Yellow Devil, Metal Face, Ridley, and Dark Emperor. I'll try to get these going before modding Ultimate becomes too popular. Tell me what you think.
2  Super Smash Bros. 4 Hacking / Help / Smash 4 Resources on: October 30, 2016, 05:54:06 AM
I wanted to start hacking the Wii U version. I have no hacks on it right now. Where do I go to get the resources, and info on how to start up the hacks? I also want to be a developer for it, so I need the resources to make the hacks as well.
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Project Master Hand plus Project Crazy Hand on: December 19, 2014, 07:55:03 AM
Ever since Brawl came out I've wanted Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu to be playable, a PSA for Tabuu has already been created, so no need to work on that. I know, I've hardly made hacks at all yet, but if I never work on these I will never get better. This will probably take a long time to get done, and as I work on this, I will probably do some more simple projects that won't take long, but this will be my main focus. I can't create this by myself, I'm going to need help. Right now I'm thinking of putting Master Hand over Bowser and Crazy Hand over King Dedede, but since this is literally the beginning of the project, this might change. I also need soundbank hacks to make those characters use the respective boss soundbank, and preferably use the bosses original files. They should be weaker than the bosses since they can move freely, use items, shield, and dodge. As of right now these are my plans for the PSA (my plans for the moveset are obviously not complete yet), what do you think, and what ideas do you have?

EDIT: I'm going to try to put Crazy Hand over Link now.

Master Hand's moveset
  • Neutral combo: Poke (hold for up to 3 pokes, with the last poke being the most powerful)
  • Neutral aerial: Slam (Master Hand makes a fist and flies forward)
  • Down tilt: Crush (Master Hand jumps then dives down slaps the ground)
  • Side dash: Triple Backhand Smack (Master Hand hits with the back of his hand 3 times)
  • Side tilt: Downward Punch (Master Hand jumps in the air and then punches down)
  • Neutral special (ground): Lasers (Master Hand shoots lasers)
  • Up special (ground): Jet (Master Hand makes a plane-shape with the flame effect, then quickly flies slightly forward and then back, then turns around for one more hit)
  • Up special (aerial): Vertical Jet (Recovery move, Master Hand flies up, and slightly forward)
  • Side special (ground): Slap (Master Hand slaps moving forward a bit)
  • Side special (aerial): Palm Ground Hit (Master Hand dives down and hits the ground with his palm, and uses the bury effect)
  • Up tilt: Drill (Master Hand flies up with the drill then back down and spins with the drill)
  • Forward aerial: Flick (Master Hand flicks the opponent)
  • Up smash: Triple shot (Master Hand shoots three pairs of bullets, the first two trap the opponent, and the last one explodes. However, this will have extremely high start-up lag)
  • Side smash: Gun (Master Hand shoots a pair of bullets)
  • Down smash: Triple hammer (Master Hand makes a fist and quickly hits the ground three times, opening his hand for a fourth hit)
  • Final smash: Hand army (Master Hand opens a portal, and mini Master Hands rush at the enemy/enemies, this attack will be almost impossible to dodge, but can be dodged with perfect timing)
  • Grab attack: Hand crush (Master Hand crushes the opponent in his hand)
  • Throws: Master Hand throws the enemy in the direction pressed
  • Up taunt: Come here (Master Hand uses his index and middle fingers to single the opponent(s) to come to him just like when Master Hand does the catch move with Crazy Hand as a boss)
  • Side taunt: Fist shake (Master Hand shakes his fist)
  • Down taunt: Thumbs down (Master Hand does a thumbs down)
  • Opening: Master hand flies from the background with his laugh
  • Lose pose: Defeat animation with scream
  • All win poses: Wait1 animation while facing the camera

Additional note: The move where Master Hand walks, will be his dashing animation, the moveset has flick for the attacking part of it.

Crazy Hand's moveset
  • Neutral combo: Poke (hold for up to 3 pokes, hitting with darkness, then electricity, then ice)
  • Neutal aerial: Slam (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Down tilt: Crush (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Side dash: Dark crawl (Crazy Hand crawls with darkness hitboxes)
  • Side tilt: Downward punch (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Neutral special (ground): Lasers (same as Master Hand's move except the lasers go through platforms)
  • Up special (ground): Jet (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Up special (aerial): Vertical jet (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Down special: Bombs (Crazy Hand throws bombs up in the air, then they fall unless they hit an enemy)
  • Side special (ground): Slap (same as Master Hand's move, but faster)
  • Side special (aerial): Palm ground hit (same as Master Hand's move)
  • Neutral special (aerial): Triple backhand smack (same as Master Hand's move except Crazy Hand does it in the air)
  • Up tilt: Drill (same as Master Hand's move, but faster)
  • Down aerial: Spasm (Crazy Hand dives to the ground and has spasms)
  • Up smash: Power bomb upward flick (Crazy Hand flicks a bomb with high knockback up in the air)
  • Side smash: Power bomb side flick (Crazy Hand flicks a bomb with high knockback in the direction he is facing)
  • Down smash: Triple hammer (same as Master Hand's move, except with the flower effect)
  • Final smash: Triple team attack (Crazy Hand calls in Master Hand, and they do all 3 boss team attacks, Double Punch, Applaud, and Catch. Crazy Hand is invincible while doing this)
  • Grab attack (same as Master Hand's move, except with the flower effect)
  • Throws (same as Master Hand's)
  • All taunts are the same as Master Hand's
  • Opening: Crazy Hand flies from the background with his laugh
  • Lose pose: Defeat animation with his scream
  • All win poses: Wait1 animation while facing the camera

Additional notes: Crazy Hand will have more diverse moves than Master Hand and have more effects, but he will also be weaker. Crazy Hand's final smash should be just as strong as the boss version due to being a final smash.
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