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1  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Brawl Vault Problems, Updates, and Suggestions on: January 06, 2011, 02:35:43 PM

Old topic was crowded so... here's a new one. As winter break is coming to an end, I probably won't be adding anything new once again...

Since launch, we have added...
  • Advanced Search
    • Search with much more precision than the standard interface allows.
  • [Audio Only] Condensed listings
    • Expands on hover!
  • [Audio / THP Only]Embedded Youtube Previews
    • Similar to OCRemix setup
    • Youtube links will work for other hacks but they will open in another window.
  • Collaboration
    • Similar to crediting but...
      • Collaborators can edit hacks
      • Collaborators get to share the download count with the uploader.
      • Collaborators are informed when edits are made.
      • Collaborators must have an account on here to be listed.
  • Facebook Integration
    • Above the vault, a facebook toggle button allows turning on and off the like button. This is optional as the iframes used to create the buttons may cause lag on lower end systems / slower connections.
    • A facebook box on the stats page displays recent news and articles from our blog!
    • The toggle will not take effect until after a new page is loaded. Additionally, direct links to hack pages and the stats page will always feature the like option.
  • Portraits
    • Two extra buttons appear on character and stage hacks, above the previews: "Show CSPs/SSPs" and "Add CSP/SSP."
    • "Show" reveals all the portraits uploaded for that hack. It does not appear if there are no portraits available.
      • If you don't own the hack and you're not on the BV staff, you see only approved portraits.
    • "Add" allows you to... add a portrait. It does not appear if you are a guest or if the hack owner has disallowed adding portraits. Hack owners can always add portraits.
      • There are two text fields. The first asks for a direct link to the portrait and is obviously required. "Direct link" means the end of the url should be some image extension -- .png, .jpg, .gif. The second asks for the portrait creator's name. If you are the creator, you can leave this alone.
      • When you are done, click "Add Portrait." You will see a message upon success.
    • Hack owners (including collaborators) and BV staff can approve a CSP by clicking the green check mark.
      • Portraits you add to hacks you own are automatically approved.
    • Hack owners (including collaborators), the CSP owner, and BV staff can delete a CSP by clicking the red X.
  • Profile Integration
    • Find under a user's information to access their personal vault!
  • Random Hack Display
    • A random from the gallery is displayed atop the board selection page.
  • Resource Listings
    • All your hacking materials in one spot!
  • RSS of new hacks
    • Also available per user.
  • Safe Search
    • A bit of a misnomer actually. Safe search does NOT protect you from obscene hacks (we allow such material only if the previews are censored) but it does protect you from potential spam as all hacks must otherwise be approved by staff.
  • Signature Generator
    • Creates signature images which update dynamically!
    • Write your own custom text and make use of pre-defined variables such as ByUserName, TotalDownloads, TotalHacks, and LatestHack!
  • Sorting
    • by Name, Date, and Downloads
    • Audio sorts by Source first, then Name)
  • Statistics
    • See the most popular hacks and hackers! Work your way up the top contributor list!
  • Updated Report System
    • Displays troubled hacks in red.
    • Auto-notifies creator by PM.
  • Various fixes

Things that will likely never happen.
  • Comments
    • About as many votes for as against
    • Easily (and often) abused or misused
  • Ratings
    • Arbitrary
    • Easily (and often) abused or misused
    • Resource intensive

And as you all know... I am the sole programmer for Brawl Vault; unless someone else comes in with Javascript, PHP, and SQL under their belt... all feature requests must go through me. If you want a feature added and I'm not enthusiastic about it, you better make it worth my while.
2  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Forum Notice (Quoting) on: August 02, 2010, 04:01:18 PM
I've recently noticed a bug in how SMF handles its quoting, specially when dealing with ampersands...

I've made a quick fix to resolve this so... please notify me of any issues!
3  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / "Template Parsing Error" on: May 28, 2010, 06:02:53 PM
So... if anyone had that error earlier, sorry but... things were [censored]ing insane.

Jack made an edit, and borked the forum --- but fixed it --- but said fix didn't appear for me. The site failed to load in my browser and non-working code displayed... but the ftp displayed working code when I tried to edit it. So, I asked jack... and the site worked for him, but the ftp displayed the wrong code. Neither of us were seemingly able to notice our own updates via ftp... but we could see each other's updates just fine. o.O
4  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Gallery Updates on the way + My photobucket reminder on: March 14, 2010, 06:14:02 PM
First off, the boring news.

My photobucket pro account has expired. Why is this news? I used to host a LOT of other people's screenshots and avatars.

I have deleted 90% of the Brawl pics off my photobucket in order to get back within the free restrictions. About a month ago, I made a backup of all 1,292 images on here (thank you very much Dantarion); if I had hosted something of yours and it is now missing, you can find it here or alternatively, download my archive in 2 180MB chunks [1][2].

You really shouldn't need to worry about fixing links either on here or in the gallery, I've taken care of that with the creative use of the censor options.

On to the  AWESOME 2.0! interesting AWESOME 2.0! news.

As my programming languages teacher would put it, I "know enough to be dangerous". That is... I've had a lot of chances to experiment with HTML, Javascript, PHP, and SQL over the past few months. What this means for you?

A new Brawl Hacks gallery system! No longer will you have to wait on a staff member to manually input your latest work! Well... actually, you'll at least have to wait until I finish creating it.

What features will it offer?
  • Characters, Stages, Models, Textures, Music, Sound Effects...
    • All supported!
    • Not too impressive, considering it just handles links to them. But... still, woo!
  • Instant Submission
    • Fill out a form, click a button, and you're done!
    • New additions will instantly* appear on site!
    • *By default, the gallery will display only "moderated" content. Unfiltered content can be set as an option.
  • Searching!
    • All pages are dynamically generated meaning allowing for custom searches.
    • Search by type of hack, name, creator, or date of submission!

When will it be done? Not sure but, its already operational on my test server. The submission form is currently lacking quite a few choices, I'd like to minimize database queries by caching the main searches, and the layout is currently non-existent.

Also, it still will take quite a bit of work to convert the old gallery over to the new system. I'd be more than happy to have some help with that --- no technical skill required, just a lot of mindless copypasta into an excel spreadsheet. (Contact me for details!)

And because no post of mine is complete without it...

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPb9q4EEThw" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPb9q4EEThw</a>

and a plea to visit my site! Click my sig already, damnit. Tongue
5  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Sorry for the downtime, but good news! [UPDATED] on: November 30, 2009, 12:06:34 PM
Update: Sorry about that taking so long... schedule conflicts and all that good stuff. Also, Dantarion is now an admin (as well... he hosts the forum --- it doesn't get much higher ranking than that).

Yeah... downtime recently has kind of sucked --- but we will have a more permanent (and far more stable) host soon. We might go down for an hour or so in the process, but we'll try to make it as seamless as possible.

More information as it comes.


[Shameless plug]
Also please visit my site and check out my latest animation. Maybe pay me for a request. Tongue


Belle & Blob
[/Shameless plug]
6  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / [READ][Urgent] Kitty Corp & Bookmarks on: November 04, 2009, 09:52:02 AM
We might run into some issues with the forum hosts soon, so make sure that the forum isn't your only link to us.

Have at least one of the following bookmarked as well:
Blog: kc-mm.com
Blog-Alt-URL: kcmm.dantarion.com
Gallery: kittycorpgallery.wordpress.com
My Site: picanogfx.co.cc (It's currently on the same host as the forums, but unlike our freecp address... I can redirect this)
IRC (If you have a client): irc://irc.esper.net/KCMM

Specific issues with the current host... are rather complicated. I'll post more when I am sure of this information. --- At the very least, I'll be making a forum DB backup each day until I am sure of the future.

I know I haven't been around lately and haven't had a chance to update the gallery... but I've been busy with both school and planning for Nebraskon this weekend (Any Nebraska KC'ers / anime fans that will be visiting?). If someone wishes to help out with the gallery, contact me via IM some time. (Check my profile, I answer forum PMs in batches... and don't even look at them unless I'm willing to work on the gallery)
7  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Scheduled Downtime 12-24hr, 22-23rd on: August 20, 2009, 10:39:54 AM
Quote from: Justin
This weekend we will be migrating account on the Gamma server to a new server in a different location.

All accounts will be migrated by us and you will not need to do anything for the process. Downtime for sites will most likely be 12-24 hours after we switch the DNS service over to the new server and start moving accounts. The migration should go smooth, however we advise not making any changes to your sites over the weekend.

Note: Sites with free sub-domains (*.freecp.net) and other sites using gamma1.freecp.net and gamma2.freecp.net will not need to do anything; DNS migration will be handled 100% by us. Those of you using external DNS will need to update your DNS records to point to instead of

The reason for the move is simple, cost cutting. With future growth in mind we need a provider that is easier on the wallet when it comes time to add more servers and resources.


For more details, stay tuned to...

8  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Forum Downtime (August 7th) on: August 07, 2009, 06:59:41 PM
So as to not completely leave ya in the dark... Many of you may have noticed that the forum experienced some downtime today. Reason? Host issue --- PHP broke from an oversized log file.

Quote from: Justin
Sorry for the delay in getting to this. Unfortunately my day job that actually pays my bills takes priority over checking the forums for posts like these. Usually I hear about them much quicker via MSN, but apparently no one noticed today.

Anyway, due to one of PHP's log files growing too large PHP was broken. I have rotated the log out and PHP is back up and working.

Some of you may have seen the error page I had set up... but well, if you have the forum bookmarked directly as...

you may not have seen it. Please, either bookmark the blog or simply http://kittycorp.freecp.net/
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Just so we have a place for this... on: August 03, 2009, 12:59:09 PM
Quickly created this forum.

Want info? Right now just check...


I'll post more when I can do more.
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Who's in your roster? on: July 26, 2009, 03:14:31 PM
Surprised I hadn't revived this topic earlier.

(By me if not otherwise noted)

Captain Falcon
00 - Harvey Birdman (Default)
02 - Green Lantern by zephyrnereus-SamuraiStorm (green)
03 - Space Ghost by chaotix000 & stevetv (blue)
05 - Ronald by MasterHand(pink)

02 - Tux (Green)
06 - Kamek by marvin (Pink)

00 - Toucan Sam by MeowMix (Original)
02 - Perry (Green)
03 - Birdy (Blue)
04 - Black N' Blue (Black)
05 - Sanji by papersak (Yellow)

02 - Cursed by fireking220 (Green)
04 - Borg (Black)
05 - Sajin Komamura (White)

Game & Watch
03 - Hot Pink
06 - Inverse

02 - Dark by Chaotix000 (Green)
03 - MadWorld (Blue)

01 - Sabrac (Red)
02 - Naruto by Marvin (Green)
03 - Simon(Blue)
04 - Ichigo Kurosaki by dragonrage (Another Green)
05 - Kamina (Yellow)

00 - Super Pissed by AngelGlory
01 - Hacker (Red)
02 - Pixel Kirby by Zephron (Green)
03 - Bomberman (Blue)
04 - Bob-omb (Yellow)
05 - Bomb Boo (White)
Luigi - Mr. K by Oizen X

03 - Cosmic by Marcov15 (Blue)
04 - BlackN'Blue (Black)

01 - Sniper by Segab (Red)
03 - Neji by Poxag(Blue)
05 - Fierce Deity by Marvin (White)
06 - Twilight by Cursed Portal (Yellow)

01 - Brack by kwrk85 (Red)
02 - Renamon by Zeckneji (Green)
04 - Egyptian Jackal Joey90 (Light Blue)
05 - Raccario (White)

00 - Travis Touchdown (Default)
03 - Vivi by Zephron (Blue)

01 - Mr. L (Red)
03 - Tuxedo by MasterHand (Blue)
05 - Shunsui Kyoraku (Orange)

02 - Tron (Green)
03 - Twilight by Cursed Portal (Jumpman)
04 - TF2 Engineer by Pako1034 (Wario)
05 - Shadow Mario by pako1034(black)
06 - KFC by dapuffster (Fire)

01 - Zero by papersak (Red)
02 - Riku by Vyse(Green)
03 - Edward by OizenX(Blue)
04 - Lulu Zero (Black)

01 - Count Bleck (Red)
02 - Nazo Koumori (Green)
05 - Galacta by Stacksmash (Pink)

06 - Fierce Deity by finman702 (black)

01 - Random Sister I by Marcov15 (Red)
02 - Miku by papersak (green)
03 - Nia by exfatal (blue)
04 - ARACHNÉ by krlosf (White)

01 - BlackN'Blue
02 - TTGL Boota
03 - Kilachu by Marvin

Pikmin & Olimar
05 - Orange Bulborb by Canon98 (Dirty Helmet)

01 - KPit by KFox(Red)
02 - Green Arrow by finman702 (Green)
03 - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Blue)
Etc - Green Arrows by finman702
FS - Deathnote

Pokemon & Trainer
01 - Dark by mnsg (Red)
04 - Copycat by catgowoof (Light)

Ice Climbers
04 - Ice Mages by Stevetv (Dark)

00 - Super Pissed by AngelGlory
01 - Awesome by Pako1034 (Flower)
04 - Taffy by Progg (Trainer Hat)

03 - Black N' Blue (Blue)
04 - Circuit by Plasmakirby (Pink)

02 - Shining Death by LZ (Green)
04 - ???? Samus by Marcov15 (Purple)

01 - Midna by Marvin (Red)

02 - Kakashi by Marvin (Green)
03 - Hard Gay by inferno (Blue)

01 - Shadow by Marvin (Red)
02 - Darkspine by Moosehunter (Green)

Zero Suit Samus
01 - Yoko by Ike Lawliet (Pink)

Toon Link
04 - Adeline by segab (Purple)
05 - Mama by  alexjol (NES)

01 - Eggman by Marvin (Red)

04 - Amaterasu by segab (Red & White)

01 - Cookie by papersak(Red)
03 - Dino by papersak (Blue)
04 - Dry (Yellow)
05 - Black (Pink)

03 - Devil Zukin by papersak (Blue)
01 - Midna by Cursed Portal (Red)

CRAYON - Yoshi's Apocalypse
DONKEY - Vivi's 75m
ICE - Rainbow Sumit by tjmsrubegoldberg
KART - Rainbow Road by Segab
MANSION - Luigi's Mansion... Hell
MARIOPAST_01 - Yoshi's Island cave by MidnightShaymin :
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AohpmgRvseA" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AohpmgRvseA</a>

PICTCHAT - Dark Themed by josegallardo89

Coin Shooter - Catgirl
Nintendog - Demon Nintendog

Shop Channel - Southern Cross by Shadow
11  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Fun Little Gallery Facts on: July 20, 2009, 12:37:39 AM
I'll update this whenever I find something funny / interesting.

July 20, 2009

Top 3 downloads (by clicks) in the gallery:
1) Might Guy (12 clicks!)
2) Nude ZSS (11 clicks!)
3) Imposter ROB (10 clicks!)
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Boredom + G&W Knowledge = ??? on: July 18, 2009, 01:05:26 PM

Thanks to MidnightShaymin for recording it. ^_^

I had been sitting on this code for a while... I had completely forgotten about it up until today. And well... it's far from "complete" (it's sloppily made, uses a gecko register, and only affects player 1's G&W, and only if it is the first character loaded).

G&W Color Changing (Beta)
82200000 917913E4
86000000 01020300
84200000 917913E4
84200000 9179CCC4
86000000 70707000
84200000 91791400
84200000 9179CCE0

There might be side affects... I dunno. I haven't really tested it enough to know if there is something else that uses that spot in memory.
13  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Need something from the OLD forum? on: June 23, 2009, 07:29:54 PM
It's still around, but you can't post in it.


Continued / new discussions should take place here!
14  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / KC:MM Forum Rules (Updated May 6 2020) on: June 22, 2009, 02:15:05 PM
May 6 2020: As an anti-bot measure, all new users have to post on Introductions first before being able to post anywhere else.
February 8 2015: Amended section about the Moderation Corner to clarify that it's also for rules questions, not just contesting moderations.
October 23 2013: Changed the rules regarding signatures and signature size. Make sure your signature takes account of the changes.
October 13 2012: Small edit to the Advertising rule, which now applies to Off-Topic too.
September 21 2012: BrawlVault-specific rules updated and moved to another thread.
June 8 2012: Added a more explicit "Footnote" to explain more about what is necroposting and what isn't.

Brawl Vault

The rules of the Brawl Vault gallery can be found on this thread.
Make sure to read them before submitting or reporting anything in the Vault.


Disruptive Posting

Everything from Flaming to Advertising is forbidden:

  • Flaming: Directly or indirectly insulting other members.
         Examples: “You idiot”; “Anyone who believes that is a moron”; “Just shut up”; attacking someone based on race, gender, sexuality, etc.
  • Trolling:1 Posting with the sole purpose of annoying other users, provoking flames.
         Examples: Going into a person’s texture topic and saying “You suck” without offering any actual criticism; posting false information.
  • Spamming: Posting worthless topics or messages that contribute nothing to the topic of the forum or thread.
         Examples: Repeatedly bumping a topic; double posting2; necroposting - making a post with no useful content in a thread that has had no other posts for over 3 weeks3; posts that consist of just emoticon(s) or text repeated over and over.
  • Disruptive Behavior: Posting in a manner that makes things generally unpleasant for other users.
         Examples: Posting in ALL CAPS, in topic titles and/or messages; posting illegibly; posting topics in the wrong forum; posting images that are too large (creating horizontal scroll bars or making your post longer than a page); posting unmarked spoilers (game, movie, book, etc).
  • Advertising: Encouraging users to visit other websites for personal gain. This does not include links provided when another user asks for them, but includes advertising for hacking teams.
         Advertising is allowed in signatures.
  • Signatures: Signatures should not be higher than 250 px, including text. Images in signatures should not be more than 695 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall total (even if put in a spoiler). If you're not sure, use this guide.
    Keep your signatures SFW (safe-for-work). Moderators have the right to remove any signature that affects the readability of the board.

Whether a post falls under one of the above categories is not always clear and is at the discretion of the moderators.

  • You may have as many accounts as you like.
  • You must make at least one post in the "Introductions" section in order to be able to post elsewhere. Introduce yourself to the community!
  • Moderations are applied to a user, not an account. This means that any moderations you receive will apply to all of your accounts, not just the one that broke a rule.
  • Creating a new account to evade a moderation will result in the new account receiving a moderation at least equal to that on your old account.

Offensive Material
  • Obscene material is not allowed. We’ll permit nakedness if sexual areas are censored. Sexual acts are strictly prohibited, regardless of censoring, as are gore and any image that could be considered disturbing.
  • Many slurs attacking race, sexuality, nationality, et cetera are censored. Bypassing these censors (for example, using $ instead of s) is not allowed.4 Note that finding a word that is not censored is not considered permission to use it.
  • Using any non-censored word (i.e. “gay”) to imply an insult (i.e. “stupid”) is considered offensive.

Illegal Activity
  • Linking to or asking for a ROM, ISO, music, or any other copyrighted material, or to any site that provides such material, is prohibited.
         This does not apply to files from the Brawl ISO.
         It does apply to providing music in the Music Requests section. If someone says they'll do your request if you provide the music, you must send it via PM or e-mail.
  • Encouraging someone to break a law is prohibited.

All of the above rules apply equally to regular posting and PMs unless noted. (See Illegal Activity for an example of exemption for PMs.)

Warning Levels
There are five warning levels:

Level 0, Normal: This is what your average user has right now.
Level 1, Warned: No functional difference from normal, but another infraction will bump you to Level 2. Goes away after two weeks.
Level 2, Moderated: All posts must be approved by a moderator before they appear on the forum. Goes away after one week.
Level 3, Mute: Read-only. Goes away after one week.
Level 4, Banned: Cannot view the forum. May or may not go away.

The level you receive depends on the severity of the infraction and the discretion of the moderator. Your current warning level appears under your name in posts and near the bottom of your profile summary. (You don’t see anything if you’re Level 0.)

When the time on your level expires, you will return to Level 0 unless you were banned, in which case you will return to Level 1.

If you are warned, you will receive a PM directing you to your moderated post, where you’ll find a reason for your moderation. You will receive a PM when your warning level is reduced as well.

Reporting an Infraction

These rules and punishments are worthless if they are not enforced. However, moderators cannot see everything, so we need your help to keep everything orderly.

That means if you see an infraction, report it! At the end of every post, just above and to the right of the signature, you’ll find a “Report to moderator” link. Click that to let us know what’s going on, and we’ll take care of it right away.

Rules Questions and Contesting a Moderation
If you want to either ask the moderation team about the rules or contest a moderation you've received, you can use the Moderation Corner to do so.

Only you and the moderation team can see your threads on this board, so your privacy is assured.

For more details on the Moderation Corner, including rules particular to that board, see here.
15  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / How To Edit Items With No Hexing on: June 20, 2009, 09:10:08 PM
(Originally posted by VILE)


You will need:
Ash (with ntcompress and TexConv)
SSBExtract (can be found with ash)
Wiiscrubber 1.21 (or trucha 0.21)
A SSBB iso
Basic knowledge of ASH
SSBBinsert (and all the files that are in the .rar file)

Setting Up:

In C: create a folder called "items" and from ASH copy these files into here: ntcompress.exe, cygwin1.dll, SSBExtract.exe, SSBBinsert.exe and lz77ex.exe.

Ok here's how its done:

1. Open your SSBB iso with wiiscrubber/trucha. Navigate into "parition2 > ROOT > system". Now in there extract common3_en.pac to "items" (the folder i told you to create earlier).

2. Drag common3_en.pac into lz77ex.exe, wait for it to say "press any key to continue" and obviously press any key to continue. Once that's done rename the common3_en.pac.out file to common3.pac.

3. Now drag common3.pac into SSBExtract. You will now have a folder called "common3", with in that folder you will have many .pac and .bin files, but all you will need is 003.pac, so delete everything except 003.pac.

4. Drag and drop 003.pac into SSBExtract. There should now be a "003" folder with 66 .pac files (these are all the items). Refer to the bottom of this post to see what .pac file represents what item.

5. Get the item you want to edit and edit it in ASH like normal.

6. Once you've got your _new.pac rename it to the number of pack file you edited (eg: 024.pac).

7. Drag ***.pac, common3.pac and 003.pac into your items folder.

8. Now go "run > cmd". In cmd navigate to your items folder (type cd.. then hit enter to go back 1 folder and type cd "foldername" then hit enter to go to a folder).

9. In cmd copy an paste this command in: SSBBinsert.exe 003.pac -i ***.pac . (Remember to change *** to whatever file you named it to). Minimize cmd as it will be needed later

10. Repeat step 9 but with this code instead: SSBBinsert.exe common3.pac -i 003.pac .

11. Now go back to cmd and put this command in: ntcompress -l -o common3modded.pac -A4 common3.pac .


NOTE: For SD loader, in your system folder rename your "common3modded.pac" to "common3.pac"

NOTE2: For multiple items repeat step 9 for each item you made.

Post if your having some trouble with this (if its confusing tell me and i will fix it up) Wink

Credit to: Spunit, Elrefugio and ]EE[.


Item Indication:

--000.pac - Assist Trophy
--001.pac - Franklin Badge (PLT=1EBE0 / TEX=1EE20(24350))
--002.pac - Diddy's Banana
--003.pac - Barells
--004.pac - Beam Sword
--005.pac - Dollar Bill (Coin Battle)
--006.pac - Bomb omb (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--007.pac - Item Box
--008.pac - Bumper
--009.pac - Capsule
--010.pac - CD
--011.pac - Gooey Bomb (the one that sticks when you throw it) (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--012.pac - Cracker Launcher
--013.pac - Coins
--014.pac - Curry
--015.pac - Deku Nut
--016.pac - Mr. Saturn
--017.pac - Dragoon Parts
--018.pac - Dragoon Targeting
--019.pac - Trophy Maker
--020.pac - Pikmin Stems
--021.pac - Freezie
--022.pac - Golden Hammer (Pedestal)
--023.pac - Green Shell
--024.pac - Hammer
--025.pac - Heart Container (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--026.pac - Harisen (fan) (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--027.pac - Baseball Bat
--028.pac - Party Ball (Confirmed by me aka. VILE)
--029.pac - Maxim Tomato
--030.pac - Mushroom Poison (Credit to me aka. VILE and eternalyoshi)
--031.pac - Mushroom Super (Credit to me aka. VILE and eternalyoshi)
--032.pac - Metal Block (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--033.pac - Fire Flower (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--034.pac - Pitfall
--035.pac - Pokeball
--036.pac - Explosive Crate
--037.pac - Ray Gun
--038.pac - Lip's Stick (Fixed by me aka. VILE)
--039.pac - Lip's Stick (flower) (Fixed by me aka. VILE)
--040.pac - Sandbag
--041.pac - Screw Attack
--042.pac - In Game Sticker (Credit to: Bonzai)
--043.pac - Proximity Mine
--044.pac - Slow Down Time
--045.pac - Smart Bomb
--046.pac - Smash Ball (Symbol: PLT=1C5240, TEX=1C6C40)
--047.pac - Smoke Ball
--048.pac - Spring
--049.pac - Star Rod
--050.pac - Soccer Ball
--051.pac - Super Scope
--052.pac - Super Star (invincibility star) (Credit to me aka. VILE)
--053.pac - Food
--054.pac - Team Healer
--055.pac - Thunder Bolt
--056.pac - Spike Ball
--057.pac - Bunny Hood
--058.pac - Warp Star (Confirmed by me aka. VILE)
--059.pac - Snake's Box
--060.pac - Peanut Texture
--061.pac - Link's Bomb
--062.pac - Peach's Turnips
--063.pac - Broken Eddible Peanuts
--064.pac - Snake's Grenade
--065.pac - Toon Link's Bombs

"I got a very simple solution for people who are having trouble with items being overlapped by others.
It's based on Vile's list. It worked flawlessly for me.

    --000.pac - Assist Trophy
    --001.pac - Franklin Badge (PLT=1EBE0 / TEX=1EE20(24350))
    --002.pac - Diddy's Banana
    --003.pac - Barells
    --004.pac - Beam Sword
    --005.pac - Dollar Bill (Coin Battle)
    --006.pac - Bomb omb (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --007.pac - Item Box
    --008.pac - Bumper
    --009.pac - Capsule

    ADD +1 TO THESE BELOW (Like, 011 + 1 = 012, duh.)

    --011.pac - Gooey Bomb (the one that sticks when you throw it) (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --012.pac - Cracker Launcher
    --013.pac - Coins
    --014.pac - Curry
    --015.pac - Deku Nut
    --016.pac - Mr. Saturn
    --017.pac - Dragoon Parts
    --018.pac - Dragoon Targeting


    --020.pac - Pikmin Stems
    --021.pac - Freezie
    --022.pac - Golden Hammer (Pedestal)
    --023.pac - Green Shell
    --024.pac - Hammer
    --025.pac - Heart Container (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --026.pac - Harisen (fan) (Credit to me aka. VILE)


    --028.pac - Party Ball (Confirmed by me aka. VILE)
    --029.pac - Maxim Tomato
    --030.pac - Mushroom Poison (Credit to me aka. VILE and eternalyoshi)
    --031.pac - Mushroom Super (Credit to me aka. VILE and eternalyoshi)
    --032.pac - Metal Block (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --033.pac - Fire Flower (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --034.pac - Pitfall
    --035.pac - Pokeball
    --036.pac - Explosive Crate
    --037.pac - Ray Gun
    --038.pac - Lip's Stick (Fixed by me aka. VILE)
    --039.pac - Lip's Stick (flower) (Fixed by me aka. VILE)
    --040.pac - Sandbag
    --041.pac - Screw Attack
    --042.pac - In Game Sticker (Credit to: Bonzai)
    --043.pac - Proximity Mine
    --044.pac - Slow Down Time
    --045.pac - Smart Bomb
    --046.pac - Smash Ball (Symbol: PLT=1C5240, TEX=1C6C40)
    --047.pac - Smoke Ball
    --048.pac - Spring
    --049.pac - Star Rod
    --050.pac - Soccer Ball
    --051.pac - Super Scope
    --052.pac - Super Star (invincibility star) (Credit to me aka. VILE)
    --053.pac - Food
    --054.pac - Team Healer
    --055.pac - Thunder Bolt
    --056.pac - Spike Ball
    --057.pac - Bunny Hood
    --058.pac - Warp Star (Confirmed by me aka. VILE)
    --059.pac - Snake's Box
    --001.pac - Peanut Texture
    --001.pac - Link's Bomb
    --001.pac - Peach's Turnips


    --001.pac - Broken Eddible Peanuts
    --001.pac - Snake's Grenade
    --001.pac - Toon Link's Bombs

Important : Edit the texture on the normal way, but when finishing, instead of putting the normal number, put the changed one I posted on the list.
Example :
034 - Pitfall
Extract, edit with ASH etc etc.
When in Step 9, instead of putting 034, you'll put 037."

I have known about this problem for ages, it only applies when using SSBBarc.
Credit to Bluz for writing it up.

NOTE: Some items are not ASHable, I have edited them so they are: http://www.mediafire.com/?ondnefdndmz

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