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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / [general] BrawlEx packages vault [ExVault] on: February 17, 2014, 10:15:56 AM
this thread is meant to be to gather all brawlEx packs/builds and to make it easier to find them.

BrawlEx Compatible Ridley

Pack Creator: Not Kratos
Characters: 1
Character list:
Ridley for Marth with ID 44 by Carnage, SonicBrawler, _Data_Drain_, KingJigglypuff, anivernage, snoopy, Kagemaru
with credit to P:M for entry animation, StarWaffle, Angelglory, PAVGN, mnsg, cuckoos, Flygon for extra recolours, and KGN Nappdagg
: Vault Link

Additional Notes:
[/b][/u] While not much of pack, this contains a version of Carnage's Ridley PSA (originally over Captain Falcon) that I ported over Marth to be compatible with BrawlEx. There are no functional, cosmetic, or moveset differences between this Ridley, and the one that replaces Captain Falcon. This pack includes the PSA, 6 recolors, portraits for all recolors, and all name textures. Note that the included CosmeticConfig files are modified to load the Metroid series icon and the included SlotConfig files are modified to load the Metroid victory theme.
GLITCHES: fix needs confirmation
when jumping foward or backward if you use down special in the air you slide across the stage.
same as  abode for neutral special but neutral special slides much less i will try to fix this in psa but i doubt i can fix it though.

to get your pack added to the OP follow these instructions:

pack creator: (creator)
characters: (Nº of added characters)
character list:
(PSA name) for (original character) with ID (slot ID) by (creator): (vault link)
(PSA name) for (original character) with ID (slot ID) by (creator): (vault link)
aditional notes:

i know this is tedious, but please remember you are making a distribution pack that is mostly composed of stuff you haven't made yourself, so proper credit is the least you can give Cheesy
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / kirby's return to dreamland files on: May 07, 2013, 04:48:59 AM
i've figured how the stuff kinda works in the kirby iso
basically for models, they are all in one folder, and then there are small .dat files that "compose" the levels...

that being said, all the models are in brres.cmp files, so i'm assuming it is possible to retrieve regular brres files out of it...
question is, how?
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / where are the boss files located? on: May 05, 2013, 05:52:37 AM
talking about the one's for the boss battle mode
i just want to know where the models and animations are located
4  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / perfect auto-rig guide on: April 24, 2013, 08:05:35 AM
i hope this increases the quality of imports' rigs, it's very easy and it gives nearly perfect results.

what do you need?

a brain
a computer
3ds max
basic 3ds max knowledge
a scene with the original character rigged (!)

what are we gonna do?

first of all fit your model PERFECTLY to the original model, this means, where one shoulder is, should be the other shoulder as well, they must have the same leg length, arm length, etc...

once it fits perfectly, let's delete some stuff from your original model.

you should delete all extra faces, leaving only the "normal face" delete the eyes if you feel like doing it, since we won't need them, all you should have left is a full body without any "useless" stuff, we only care about the rig anyways Tongue

now comes the fun part, take the model you're gonna import (select all it's pieces) add a edit mesh just to avoid any errors, and then add a modifier called "skin wrap".

now let's take a look at all the wonderfull stuff this modifier does, basically what it does is it takes a existing rig, and applies it to a unrigged model by comparing the rigged model's weights, and applying the same values to the new model's vertices, this is why it's important to have everything perfectly alligned.

Now, how do we apply this sorcery?
Very simple, there is a little window with a "add" and a "remove" button, obviously, click on add, now press the H key to open the select by name window, and add ALL the models, 3ds max may freeze now, dont worry and just let it relax, as soon as it's done you have a fully rigged model; now click on "weight all points" and then "convert to skin" and delete the skin wrap modifier, so yeah, a fully rigged model you haz!
It does have some flaws though, so now we'll fix them quickly.

so first, where do these errors appear most commonly?
easy, at the fingers and the legs.
to fix them is easier then you may think, just go to the hands, and in the skin modifier select every finger bone and set the unlogically weighted vertices to 0, and do the same with the legs.

any doubt u may have, comment.
5  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / how to perfectly port a ness model to lucas and viceversa on: November 23, 2012, 11:06:16 AM

after seeing masked man on ness i was a bit dissapointed, so i compared ness and lucas' bonesets in brawlbox, to notice their common bones are EXACTLY the same, so here comes how to properly port a ness model to lucas, im using masked man as an example.


this guide WONT include how to fix the materials, there are other tutorials for that, im ONLY working with the RIG.

this guide is meant for people who know a bit of importing models to brawl, ive made this as simple as possible, so if you still have any doubt, just ask

let's start

im using 2 3ds max apps open at the same time, though it's not necesary, since we wont work with both at the same time...


one with the ness/lucas model (rigged, from now on "model scene")
one with the lucas/ness boneset (no model at all here, from now on "bones scene")

ok, we'll start with the model scene, select one of the elements that compose the model and go to the skin modifier, now scroll down and click on the SAVE button, save with a name you'll remember and hide this element so you wont double save the envelopes by accident...

repeat this with all elements that have a skin modifier, and if you find one without this modifier just hide it.

OK, once u have no model in view anymore, select all (thus only the bones) and unhide all, now hide selected to have only the model left, now delete all the skin modifiers.

now you have a unrigged model and envelope files that contain the rig, select only the model (NO BONES), and export selected. (any format is OK, but i prefer fbx, since it saves all the info and it's one of the most reliable formats IMO)

now open/move to the bones scene and import the model, if all goes ok, your model should fit perfectly on the boneset, if not, well, scale it till it fits (this will probably mess the rig a bit)...

now select one of the elements that had a skin modifier, add a new one, and add ALL the bones, after that click on load (right next to the SAVE button) and load the envelope file according to the element u selected.

you can now hide this element as we did before, and repeat this with all the elements that had the skin modifier.

ok, now you have a fully rigged model, but there's one problem, and that is that there were elements that didnt have any skin modifier, the reason for this is because those were "single bended" elements, meaning they are fully rigged to a single bone, just rerig those and you're ready to export, this is why i said u need to know some basics of importing, cuz i dont feel like explaining how to rig...

OK, now i exported the model, and got it in brawlbox and LOOK!

masked man over lucas!!!!

remember that you can do this the other way around as well, and if the model has some stuff rigged to exclusive bones, just single bind it to it's common parent bone, that's all folks, i hope this has been usefull, now come one and show me uve learned it by porting ness to lucas and lucas to ness!

6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / jokekid's multi-task lair custom juri preview on: October 19, 2012, 07:49:37 AM

JAK & DAXTER OVER FALCO by kingskull95, KTH,
Frusciante with credit to demonboy

first thing i noticed before touching any bone
or paying any special attention to the model is his head's
size, seeing the previews this confuses me, because
it doesn't look like that at all, so when i get to the
rig and animations i'll recheck this.

second thing is how the model doesn't fit the bones, this
is unacceptable in my opinion, specially seeing KTH is among
the creators of the hack, and he is part of kc:mm's team, but
just as the first point, i'll recheck how this works once i check
out the animations.

now let's take a better look at the model itself.

first of all is this:

weird hole in his nose, i know this isnt a big deal at all
actually it's SUPER easy to fix, just set the head's cullmode
to none, that way u'll see the back of his head through the hole
which has a skin tone as well, and thus making this pretty
unnoticeable, minor stuff that bugged me Tongue

also this:

it's noticeable that daxter has been posed through rough
vertex edits, i'd recomend making a simple skeleton and a simple
rig for this kind of stuff, to avoid this crappy stuff, it's not only
that loose vertex there, the arms look distorted as well...

more minor model stuff:

eyebrows aren't touching the head O.O
nothing much to say, this is just laziness by part of the

that's all i found in a quick model check, now let's go to the rig and
how the model animates...

(that's his arm)

this looks like the shoulderN bones aren't rigged, so im going to take a look
at his T-pose and move the shoulderN bone around...

as i thought, the shoulderN bone isn't rigged at all, this can cause some
serious oddities as seen in image05...

let's go on...

as i already thought would happen, daxter get's in the way in all
sideways' animations, specially the dash attack one, not saying this is
important, i totally understand it, just wanted to point it out.

haven't found any other significant rig errors, other than simple stretching
i totally understand.

oh yeah and fingers aren't rigged, not gonna blame anyone on that,
u ever seen falco's fingers? xD

now back to my first 2 points...

first, i said the head was huge, i still think so, although it's not all
that noticeable so i'll forgive that Tongue

second, bones and model not being alligned... well, weird enough, i found
the animations flow pretty nicely, so that's a nice job, although im sure
it would've looked better with a better alignment.


model flaws:
random holes in nose
huge head (forgiven)
eyebrows aren't touching his head
daxter's bad posing

rig flaws:
shoulderN not rigged
fingers not rigged (forgiven cuz of falco, also, fingers are kinda posed)
daxter get's in the head's way in sideways' animations

final judgement:
it has quiet some model flaws, which kinda made me dislike the hack, but
after seeing it in movement, i gotta admit i ended up liking it, too bad
the shoulderN bones aren't rigged, that would make it a lot better overall
i gave it a download because of the hype for this character, was scared
away by the model at first, but when looking at it in depth, ive almost fallen in love
and it will sure get in my brawl as soon as i re-update my roster ^^

also,i dont know how this model was made, looks like semi-custom and T-posed...

chinese dragon
babydoll custom model over marth
devil girl

------OTHER STUFF------
<a href="http://youtu.be/WbiWow87ddo" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://youtu.be/WbiWow87ddo</a>

7  Help & Tutorials / Help / usb loader not loading codes anymore on: September 24, 2012, 08:20:04 AM
so yeah, that's basically it, ive just formatted my SD card, redownloaded brawl-, ultimate usb loader GX, ocarina (jus in case), so i have the code file in "codes", i have ocarina set to ON, but when i start the game, i just get regular brawl...
8  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / perfect brawl [epic stuff] on: August 11, 2012, 11:44:37 AM
how about keeping the cast exactly how it is, but having some "perfect" alt costumes?

am i the only one who felt it was wrong for link to have just mere recolors?

so yeah, here i wanna recopilate REAL ALT suits for characters, i've already thought about link and toon link:


-red: TP's magic armor
-blue: TP's zora armor
-whitish: fierce deity or OoT style
-yellow: skyward sword link


blue: pijama or spirit tracks suit
red: ¿¿??
classic: cel-shaded


blue: vacations (sunshine)
wario: flying mario

9  Help & Tutorials / Help / GMod account owner plz help me on: July 18, 2012, 03:16:53 AM
could somebody please mirror this:


i guess i can convert the models myself
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / jokekid's brawl- CSPs on: May 31, 2012, 02:40:41 AM
so yeah, ive just downloaded brawl- and the CSPs are hilarious and pretty sylish, so im trying to make some CSPs for vertexes/imports, so they can fit in ^^
here's what ive got done:



travis touchdown:

also, since it's a weird style to copy, please give feedback, this is all drawn in photoshop, although it could easily be done in paint xD
11  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / UMvC3 moveset videos? amaterasu added on: May 29, 2012, 03:34:49 AM
it would be awesome if someone from here could make moveset videos from all UMvC3 characters, would be extremely usefull for making animations...

it would be great if u used annotations to make clear the strength of the attack, but thats just optional...

so yeah, if any UMVC3 owner with a capture card sees this... pwease ^^

MY priority:

1- hulk
2- magneto

1- amaterasuu
2- ryu

please and thank you ^^


<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RR_MG6uxrg" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RR_MG6uxrg</a>
PD: all videos made will be put in the OP
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / a new challenger is approaching. on: May 07, 2012, 09:26:09 AM
character name: "gunner"
slot: link


speed: (marth)
damaging: (high)
knockback: (low)
attack speed: (high)
weight: (low)
gravity: (medium)
jump: (high)
double jump: (medium)
air mobility: (low)

AA: double shot, medium range gun

side tilt: dagger cut, low range
down tilt: sweep kick, low range
up tilt:   dagger cut upwards, low range

side smash: explosive ammo, low range explosion gun
down smash: explosive ammo downwards, low range (impulses character in the air half the amount of a regular jump)
up smash: shotgun upwards, medium range (high endlag)

dash attack: quick cut (dagger attack)


neutral: sex kick
forward: fox's rapid kick forward air
up: explosive ammo up, low range (impulses character downwards)
down: explosive ammo down, low range (impulses character upwards)
back: medium range gun (turns character around)


neutral: (deadpool's NB)
side: flash step (like a sidewards teleport, think of fox and falco's, but without dealing damage, and less endlag)
up: marth's upB with dagger
low: elemental bullet change? (affects all explosive attacks)

killing moves:
- up smash   (75% mario)
- up air     (85% mario)
- up special (95% mario)
_________________________________________________ _________________________________
final smash: single bullet. everything goes in slow mo while the gunner takes his explosive gun out and shoots a heavy insta-kill bullet (zelda/sheik FS)
_________________________________________________ _________________________________

i take sugestions for a low special...

model is in progress, so yeah, i cant wait to start animating this...
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / P:M on USB... on: May 01, 2012, 04:33:11 PM
i only have the NTSC version of brawl on usb, since my original disc is PAL...

ive tried usb loader GX, and wiiflow, but the game wont even load... just a black screen, and i have to keep the power button pressed for like 20 secs to turn the wii off...

help please?
14  Help & Tutorials / Help / Brawl- ?? on: April 24, 2012, 07:56:29 AM
i decided to try brawl- out, but where the heck can i get it???
im asking cuz i dont know what the latest version is, so googling could maybe get me to an outdated version...
15  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / advanced model importing (master the dummy importing first) [WIP] on: April 22, 2012, 11:05:22 AM

this thread will contain some more advanced stuff...
so, here is what will be covered:
-one-slot bone modifications (not the same as size mods)-
-modifying your model to make the rig easier-
-more stuff later-


Q:when does this process start?
A: BEFORE aplying the SKIN modifier

Q: when is this finished?
A: at the very END of the importing process

Q: what do i need done already?
A: you need the model fitting your boneset almost completely (except the bones u're going to modify)

Q: shall we start?
A: sure!

we're in 3ds max, with our model and our boneset, so let's say it's over ganondorf, who has abnormally long arms, we're gonna fix that.
probably most of the models u wanna put over ganon will fit completely except the arms (with this i mean legs fit correctly, so does the torso and the neck, so maybe you want to change the position of the ShoulderJ bones and the arm bones, to make them symetrical edit one of the two sides, right click on the move icon, and copy the X axis of the absolute world part and paste it on the other bone (remember that one should be a positive value and the other one a negative value)

now we have the boneset editted (do this with any bone you want, but remember we'll edit the motionpac, so dont move too many bones around for filesize purposes...)

[enter rigging process here]

[exporting model]

[importing to brawlbox]

now we have our model in brawlbox, if u preview the model, he'll be as in 3ds max, of course, but if u load the motionetc.pac of the character he is over, u'll notice all his editted bones go back to place, and probably giving u some ugly stretching...
copy the motionetc.pac and paste wherever u want, open it with brawlbox, open the fitmotion tab and right click on the animation data, now click on edit all.

u'll get a window, make it look like this:

do this once for each bone u editted, now in ur model, change the bone names to what u've inserted up there.
try ur new fitmotionetc.pac with ur new model and see the awesomeness of awesome proportions.


Q: what will we learn here?
A: lots of stuff, orientated to making the rigging process a bit easier.

Q: where does this process begin?
A: before the rigging process.

Q: where does this process end?
A: before the rigging process

Q: can i do this stuff after rigging?
A: some, yes... most, no...

Q: shall we begin?
A: sure!

MODIFIER 1: vertex weld

Q: can this be done after rigging?
A: i think so, use the modifier and then move it below the skin modifier.

Q: when should i use this modifier?
A: when your model is separated for no logical reason, but has perfectly matching vertices.

i'll only mention this modifier, for all you people who don't know this exists...
if you apply this modifier, all the vertices at the same position will merge together.

this is very usefull, since some models come separated in polygons, instead of real objects, and are impossible to smooth out, by using this modifier you will be able to smooth the model. ^^

TRICK 1: getting ur model in few pieces

Q: when should i do this?
A: when you have a lot of objects using the same texture.

Q: can this be done after rigging?
A: NO!

ok, so what we're going to do here, is attaching all the objects that use the same texture, a GREAT example of models needing this are the mvc3 models.

first, be sure that ur models have no modifiers, if the do have them, right click the last (upper) and click on collapse all, this should get rid of all the modifiers by applying them definitely in ur model.

now that ur model doesnt have any modifiers anymore, select one of the objects you want to merge, right click and click on "Attach", now simply click on every object you want to include in your "global" object.

once you have them all together, we'll apply a vertex weld modifier, that way, when the vertices are in identical place, they'll merge into one, getting rid of the holes between the arm and torso for example.

we're done now, this way u won't have to care that much for giving two vertices the exact same weight values, since they're now just one!!

MODIFIER 2: prooptimizer

Q: when should i use this?
A: when your model has waaaaay too many vertices and faces, remember that if ur model uses quads, the face count will double, since brawl uses triangles...

Q: can i use this after the skin modifier?
A: NO!

tip: use this after TRICK 1 if you are going to use that trick.

this modifier is pretty simple too, apply it to the main objects, like the torse, arms, legs and head, u probably wont want to apply it to hair...
once you've selected the modifier, look at the options, and check both "keep textures" and "keep UV boundaries", now click on calculate, and the modifier will calculate how many faces and vertices ur selected objects have all together, now simply reduce the % as much as you can without making it look crappy, and you're done!

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