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Author Topic: Editing AI for make the PSa CPU friendly(mainly for "B" attacks) Guide?  (Read 848 times)
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    « on: May 12, 2011, 06:49:30 AM »

    as many sure know some of my PSAs is not really CPU friendly (like Goku/Shadow over DK. fail at using up-B and goku as CPU almost never use kamehameha and etc.)
    so i am looking for a really noob friendly guide for editing AI for the PSAs

    or looking for someone who can do three thing for me for AI editing:
    do it so Sonic´ FS AI is over Mario´s FS AI for SMBZ Mario´s FS since it is almost like Sonic´s

    for Goku so he dont fail at using up-B and using more kamehameha attacks as CPU and Goku never use kaioken on Down-taunt or self turn Kaioken off if it is on

    for Shadow almost the same as Goku for his up-B and also abit for N-B so N-B use the teleport while do it black tornado if the CPU need to get back to the stage and Shadow use Down Taunt then Chaos Control is on
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