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Author Topic: How to edit the miscdata[10] in stages with the STPM tool by Mewtwo2000  (Read 1626 times)
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    « on: May 12, 2011, 07:45:14 AM »

    Hi. I'm making this tutorial because I know how the program works (I made it myself  Kirby Dance), but people that has just downloaded it may not know how to use it.

    First of all, a small introduction to the STPM file. In every stage, there's a file with the STPM header, and in most cases this is the miscdata[10] file. It controls some thingies related with cameras, and shadows too. Maybe more things, but these are the ones I know.

    The shadow related things are just 2 angles. Normally, they go from 0 to 90 and from 0 to 360.

    The camera related things are mostly zoom limits, camera wideness and other things that you can't edit by just looking to the stgposition model in the stage.

    Well, first of all, the program works over the STPM file directly. As it's named miscdata[10] in most stages, the program will open a file with that name, and no extension. If the miscdata[10] file doesn't exist in the folder where the program is, this message will be shown, and the program will not run.

    If the file is found and successfully open, the program will look like this:

    Don't check this spoiler, cause the program has some issue and what's in here isn't currently true.

    Well, first thing you need to know now, is that the miscdata[10] file has been copied to miscdata[10]backup, so if you want to keep an older copy of your file, this is made automatically.
    You may be interested in knowing that the file isn't blocked while the program is in execution. I mean, you can replace the file while you're working, and this will not cause any error. Also, the refresh button will show you the contents of the replaced file.

    Now, let's go to editing the values in the file. The ones I usually edit are in those text boxes. Description and offset in the file are just to their left. To edit them, just change the number and press 'enter'. Nothing will tell you that the file has been updated, I guess that's not necessary. To check, just press the refresh button again.

    Now, there's something I didn't test well when I made the program, and it's that the save button doesn't work well. It was supposed to save all the values in the textboxes to the miscdata[10] file, but it only does so with the first one. So, the only way to save the rest of values is just clicking enter when they're writen. Also, a refresh will be made once you save. This means there's no way to copy all the values in the boxes to the file at the same time. But that's not necessary, just edit them one-by-one, and press enter.

    Ignore this spoiler too, it's related to the miscdata[10]backup file, that doesn't work well yet.

    About the save button, pressing this button will make you save a new backup copy, just like if you started the program again. But this time the program asks you if you're sure to overwrite it. Opening the program will not make that question, so be careful, cause your miscdata[10]backup file will be overwritten everytime you open the STPM tool.

    More things. I thought that being able to edit only my known offsets wasn't a good thing, so I implemented an interesting box in the bottom part. You can manually write the offset you're interested and the last center box will show you the value in there. Also, the 'next' button will move you to the next offset in the file. When you reach the end of file, it goes back to the beginning. You can, of course, go to the offsets already listed, there's no problem with it. Once in your offset, and changed the value, just press 'enter' as done with the rest of them.

    Now my personal favorite part. You will see two buttons, 'use echo' and 'no echo'. In some of my stages, I was having some echo effect, and with the number of stages I've made and the files I've used, I didn't really know where the echo came from. I found that the miscdata[10] had to do with the echo, and the approximate part in the file where the echo was. So, in my last stages, I was using 2 different miscdata[10] files, both equals, but with the echo-related part untouched. One of them was slighly bigger than the other.

    So, what's about echo with STPM tool? Well, it copies the echo-related part of those 2 files I used. I don't know which stages were they originally from, but I don't need to know it. I've just checked that they work flawlessly, so the buttons modify how that zone in the file is. The way it's made, it will cut some data if a larger STPM file is used, but I only know about one, the STGEMBLEM one. So, the echo buttons should be inoffensive in any other STPM file you use.

    Well, and what's that echo effect? Just steps and voices as if they were inside a cave. So, use these buttons if you want to put the effect on a file, or just removing it. There's a filesize counter below, to control how the big the file is. This is good to know if the echo is currently on or off, just turn it on/off and you will see if the filesize changes.

    And the last part of the STPM tool, the 'in hex' checkbox. While checked, the numbers will be shown in their original hex format, just as seen in an hex editor. Everything you write needs to be in the correct format. Working in that mode is just the same. You can use it as a float-32 converter tool too.

    Just put the number you want to transform in any box, press enter, and go to hex mode. You will see the float-32 hex values of your number. For example, 21=41A80000.

    This is all. Use this to refine your stages. For example, if you play your stage, pause, and the pause isn't vertically centered, just edit the (78) Pause Y value and test. Or change the direction of your shadows to fit the lighting in the stage. Or change the wideness of the camera with the (3C) Camera Angle, or just test other offsets by changing them with this program.

    You can also use it to visually compare how different the miscdata[10] files are in different stages, and try to understand why their values are those and such. Just have two copies of the program in 2 different folders, or just open it twice, replace the miscdata[10] file, and refresh in only one of them.

    I will update this when I fix the program with the working backup and save.
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    « Reply #1 on: May 18, 2011, 11:55:41 AM »

    Looks like another great guide by Mr. Mewtwo. I'm just posting here so I get a reminded to read this later.

    Will definitely look into it more. Already downloaded your STPM Tool.

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    « Reply #2 on: May 18, 2011, 01:01:09 PM »

    My goodness stage hacking looks so confusing @.@

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    « Reply #3 on: May 18, 2011, 01:04:46 PM »

    My goodness stage hacking looks so confusing @.@

    I think that the same can be said for psa hacking xD
    Anyway, great guide Mewtwo ^_^

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    « Reply #4 on: May 24, 2011, 01:54:37 AM »

    This allowed my Poke Floats 2 to have the camera always zoomed out like the original floats.
    Thanks for this.

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