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Author Topic: Quick and easy CSP and Icons in Paint.Net  (Read 785 times)
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    « on: June 27, 2012, 11:09:54 PM »

    Hello, this is Flygon! As many of you must have noticed, I always put a CSP and an icon along with my hacks, and since a lot of people is asking me how, here is how

    You will need:
    -A hack

    Let's start!

    First open up your model in BrawlBox and click preview

    But if it looks so dull so you can edit the lighting so it fit your model

    Then load the character's FitMotion file or any other animation you want, if you are using the FitMotion file just choose any pose from the animations, I recommend you to use the taunts or win wait animations, but because BrawlBox color is whitegrayblue-ish it can cause you problems later so you may like to change it to one that does not look similar to the textures

    Once you choose a sexy pose you have to click the "print screen" key, it should be adove the arrow keys, now open paint.net (no, paint.net is not the one included in your pc, get it from here http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/Resources.php) and click "paste in a new picture"

    Now, erase everything, just leave the plain character

    Then copy the character into the csp template (you can download it below) and click the black arrow from the tools and change the size to make it fit

    For the icon you have to open your icon template (you can also download below) and add a new layer, paste there, and do the same that with csp and you are done

    But, you may know that the actual ssbb icons have a white glow arround them, to add it, duplicate the layer where the character is and on the one that is not in the top, just click with the "magic wand" tool the un-used areas and click invert selection or ctrl+i

    So, once the selection is inverted, fill up the character with white and why not, with any other color you like

    Now click in effects>difusion>zoom difusion

    And adjust it as you like

    And we are done! and as you notice, I used a bad example (hammer), but with other characters it look better

    And for the CSP recolors just click ctrl+shift+u, but since this is photoshop, you have to select the areas of the same color you want to change

    And now change the color
    Hue is for the color
    Saturation for the dull effect also known as brawl style
    Brightness for how bright or dark

    And that's it, for battle portraits is the same porcess

    Here are the templates
    There's a picture in the left, trust me im a engineer brawl hacker

    And now we are done with this tutorial  Awesome Face go and make good css stuff!
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