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Author Topic: How to make an HD texture with a Sonic Generations model  (Read 672 times)
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    « on: September 22, 2012, 07:15:09 PM »

    Sexy Flygon here, this time I'll show you how to give a Sonic Generations character an HD texure. In this tutorial I'll use Paint.net, but this works with any picture editing program that supports layers.

    First you need the different body textures, which are chr_classic_tails_skin, chr_classic_tails_fal and chr_classic_tails_spc respectively.

    But before anything, lets clear up the things: The skin texture is the default texture, the one every generations hack uses and the dif and soc are the aditional textures that add more deffinition and realism to  the model, they are used in xbox, ps3, pc versions of the games because of the graphics, that's why there is no wii version, because wii doesn't support the graphics of those aftermentioned consoles.
    Enough, lets start!

    Once you have them open them in paint.net or in photoshop or gimp or sai, whatever.
    Make sure to open them in the same picture in different layers.

    As you can see, the spc and dif are dark and dull, so we are gonna merge them with skin texture, but for this tut I'll use the spc.

    Now, put the skin(original) texture over the spc(hd) texture.

    Then, click on the skin texture layer and click in the layer settings or double click it, as a shortcut.

    First a window will pop up, it allows you to:
    Change name
    Choose opacity
    Change layer mode

    Click on the mode bar and you will se a lot of options, each of them makes the upper layer react with the layer below

    So, we will choose adition and voyla!

    But if it is too bright, you can change the opacity, the contrast, the brightness(ctrl+shift+c), the hue and saturation(ctrl+shift+u) as your pleasurement.

    But you can also use the optinon screen to have less brighter effect

    And now just save and replace it in brawl box
    Here's a comparission skin and with spe

    Now you are trained and can do CORRECT HD textures

    This picture uses the skin, the dif and spc respectively so you can have an idea of how it will look like
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