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Author Topic: Stage IDs  (Read 3132 times)
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    « on: March 27, 2013, 08:36:25 PM »

    Is anybody else having a hard time finding which stage they want to open in Brawl Box to modify? Here's a list of all the IDs for the stages:

    Yoshi's Island              STGCRAYON.PAC
    Delfino Plaza              STGDOLPIC.PAC
    75m                         STGDONKEY.PAC
    Big Blue                           STGDXBIGBLUE.PAC
    Corneria                           STGDXCORNERIA.PAC
    Jungle Japes                   STGDXGARDEN.PAC
    Green Greens               STGDXGREENS.PAC
    Onett                       STGDXONETT.PAC
    Temple                      STGDXSHRINE.PAC
    Yoshi's Island                    STGDXYORSTER.PAC
    Brinstar                            STGDXZEBES.PAC
    Distant Planet              STGEARTH.PAC
    Mario Bros.              STGFAMICOM.PAC
    Final Destination           STGFINAL.PAC
    Port Town Aero Dive   STGFZERO.PAC
    Green Hill                      STGGREENHILL.PAC
    Flat Zone 2              STGGW.PAC
    Battle Field              STGBATTLEFIELD.PAC
    Halberd                 STGHALBERD.PAC
    Summit                 STGICE.PAC
    Rumble Falls              STGJUNGLE.PAC
    Mario Circuit              STGKART.PAC
    Warioware, Inc.      STGMADEIN.PAC
    Rainbow Cruise            STGDXRCRUISE.PAC
    Luigi's Mansion              STGMANSION.PAC
    Mushroomy Kingdom 1   STGMARIOPAST_00.PAC
    Mushroomy Kingdom 2   STGMARIOPAST_01.PAC
    Shadow Moses Isle (Rex)   STGMETALGEAR_00.PAC
    Shadow Moses Isle (Ray)   STGMETALGEAR_01.PAC
    Shadow Moses (Gecko)   STGMETALGEAR_02.PAC
    New Pork City              STGNEWPORK.PAC
    Norfair                 STGNORFAIR.PAC
    Bridge of Eldin              STGOLDIN.PAC
    Frigate Orpheon      STGORPHEON.PAC
    Skyworld                      STGPALUTENA.PAC
    Pictochat                      STGPICTCHAT_en.PAC
    Pirate Ship              STGPIRATES.PAC
    Hanenbow              STGPLANKTON.PAC
    Pokemon Stadium            STGDXPSTADIUM.PAC
    Pokemon Stadium 2           STGSTADIUM.PAC
    Spear Pillar (Dialga)           STGTENGAN_1.PAC
    Spear Pillar (Palkia)           STGTENGAN_2.PAC
    Spear Pillar (Cresselia)    STGTENGAN_3.PAC

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