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Author Topic: My OC ReMix Replacement Packs  (Read 1686 times)
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« on: March 28, 2010, 10:09:44 AM »

During the past few years I have played around with the BRSTM tool Dantarion made. Since then I've wanted to replace more and more of the songs Brawl came with since I either didn't like them or just wasn't as good.

Considering this is a easy thing to add I decided to do a total makeover using OC ReMix songs, that way I
could share it with others with ease or have them build off it, plus it would increase the diversity of styles the game's already gigantic soundtrack could have.

I will create them as stage packs so you could replace whole stages instead of a track at a time. If anyone has suggestions for a track list for any of the stages, go ahead and post them here, when I get the time to work on this project more I'll edit the listings below and create the pack when I feel it's finished.

EDIT: I've been rethinking my project and decided to hold off on making them available till I work out a good song list for each stage, and when I do, I'll us the hack submission system that's in place. So, I'm focusing on what will be inside them first. If you want to hear each song, look it up and download it on OC ReMix, its free to do.

Finished Stages:
Bridge of Eldin:
- Fray / Morrowind Fear Not
- The Rabbit Joint / Zelda Rabbit Joint Cove
- BenCousins / Zelda: Link's Awakening AnimalVillageGreenwichVillage
- F4T4L_3RR0R / Zelda 2 HyruleHousing
- zircon / Zelda: Link's Awakening Clash at the Mountains
- Random Hero / Zelda 2 Battle of the Hylian Hero
- NoppZ / Zelda 64 HawaiiShoppi'n
- Scott Peeples / Zelda: Link's Awakening Mysterious Groove
- NoppZ / Zelda 64 Hyrule Party Mix

- Vigilante / Super Metroid Zebesian Midnight
- Corran / Cave Story Escape Route
- Matt Drouin / Super Metroid Energy Tank
- Nutritious / Super Metroid The Galaxy Awaits
- Kidd Cabbage / Super Metroid Fuzzy Green Feeling OC ReMix

- Shadow / Earthbound Bus!
- Spekkosaurus / Earthbound Sound Stone (C Major)

- AmIEviL / Zelda 64 RiverofTime
- Cimarron / Zelda 2 TheTempleRevisited
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    ...could we get links?

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