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Author Topic: Recruiting for Smash U Maximum [Essentially Sm4sh Minus]  (Read 3313 times)
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    « on: February 06, 2017, 10:09:19 AM »


    Smash U Maximum is my take on making an "Overpowered" Smash 4. Inspired by Brawl Minus, the goal is to make every character exceptionally strong and fun. Everyone is broken in their own way, having things like Shulk's Monado Arts with no downsides, Peach with a 60% chance of pulling Stitch faces, Luigi with a 90% misfire rate on Green Missile, Link's boomerang having a hitbox on return that allows true combos, etc. Unlike Minus, I don't intend to take on the silly side of things, nor do I intend on falling into a competitive decline. That said, I do want characters to have power relative to others so that there's at least some semblance of balance better than Smash U. The point is for everyone to be over the top, and viable.

    On top of the more drastic sweeping changes, the mechanics of the game have been overhauled as well. Removal of rage, slightly more vulnerability on air dodges, more shield damage across the board to allow for shield breaking combos and a less grab heavy game, less landing lag from air dodges, all those things. All of the characters have been modified heavily but most of them still need tweaks here and there to make them stand out.

    I've spent hundreds of hours coding, balancing, and testing solo, so having more people for any of those would be great. However, what I'm really looking for are UI, Stage, Texture, and Sound people.

    I've got huge changelists that I'll be able to put up sometime in the near future, but I'd at least like to know that people are interested in helping out before doing so.

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