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Author Topic: Super Smash Bros: Obsession  (Read 2819 times)
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« on: June 10, 2016, 07:20:00 PM »

It's a pack/custom edition of Brawl that I called obsession because the only default characters who are included are the ones I really like. There will be some custom BrawlEx characters who will fight like some of the excluded characters, however. I'm not releasing the current beta over here at the moment, as I've not had a chance to work on CSPs and Cosmetics, and I'm still working on rigging some of the characters I made. My internet avatar, Daveybird, is even going to be included, and I'm almost done with him. If you know a lot about him, and have been following me on sim racing and art sites, you'll know why he's a perfect fit. His primary color is blue, and his secondary colors are red and yellow.  He arrives to the battle in the sama car I drive in NASCAR Heat and Dirt Track Racing 2 (would use my rFactor car, but too high-poly), since my second-favorite sim racing game is NASCAR Heat, he loves doing the Falcon Punch, and says, "here comes the... HEAT!!" When he does the "show me your moves" taunt, he says, "you should sim race with me sometime," and when he does the "come on" taunt, he says, "Cardinal Power!" I, myself, will do the voice acting myself. Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2, and several others will be completely silent, since I can't get voice clips from them easily, like it's hard to find KFP2 voice clips of Shen without music or something going on in the background, even though some of his full sentences would make good win quotes and taunt phrases, and it would cost me a fortune to have Gary Oldman fly over here to voice act him for me personally, rotfl!! No screenshots yet, but there might be after awhile. Some characters are fan favorites from others, done by my comrades the Brawl hacking community, such as Knuckles, Dixie, Cloud, etc. Kirito from Sword Art Online is included, I found a low-poly but accurate model of him, and put him over Marth. He was a request from one of my friends.

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong

Characters who might be included in the Expansion Pack:
Falconn (my Falco parody who will fight like Captain Falcon. Debating on whether I will include him)
Asuna (from Sword Art Online)

Changes and Notes:

Fox and Falco will have their Smash 4 voice acting, and have their Smash 3 custom textures

Bowser will have his Bowser's Inside Story, and thus human voice-acted voice

Stone will have a similar voice to Bowser, and my Bowser 2K14 animation and PSA, while the actual Bowser will have no changes to his handling

Fox and Falco will have the custom PSAs I made for them, where they are more human-sized and -weighted. I might possibly make them have their Project M animations and PSAs with an increase in size and weight.

No Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings will fight on foot, and fight like Mario. I wished they did that in Smash 4. Would've turned out a lot better.

Known Issues So Far:

You cannot load Diddy and Dixie in the same match as far as I know, I know for sure you can't load all three included Kongs in the same match. I tried to start a match between me and the three main Kongs and it froze.

Dixie's eyes look scrambled and weird sometimes. Might have to do with the hack itself.

Some clones will have their default voice acting when facing certain characters, most notably their default counterpart, most notably the princesses. I just hope I don't have a fight between Wendy and Iggy and Wendy sounds like Iggy because all three of them are over Mario, lol! (I was originally going to have Iggy over Luigi since people were suggesting he'd be better over him than Mario, and I agreed, got the bones ready, the model rigged, and everything, but then I realised there was no BrawlEx rel module for Luigi, and was forced to make him over Mario with green fireballs and some of Luigi's standard animations.)

Sorry if I didn't include your favorite default character, I might make or find a clone I like of that absent character and use him/her. It is meant to be more of a "Daveybird's best of the best" mod than a general-puropse Smash Mod.

It'll probably be done this Summer or next Summer. I have to stop modding during the college year, because I was concentrated too much on modding last semester and got a D in class. If it doesn't get done this year, It might get done next year. As is the policy for my Madden 08 and possibly 04 mods, my Maximum Football mods, my rFactor Mods, my DTR2 mods, and my NASCAR Heat Mods. I figured out the problem why I was sucking in school and I think I know how to fix it.

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