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Author Topic: Decidueye PSA request  (Read 2473 times)
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« on: April 02, 2017, 07:06:25 PM »


Atk Pwr: 7.5
Atk Spd: 7
Mov Spd: 7.5
Weight: 5.5

Combo: Lea[censored]e: Decidueye quickly strikes with a leaf, doing 1% before swiftly striking with three leaves, doing 3% (every .8 seconds) and low knockback.
Side.Attack: Peck: Decidueye swiftly brings his head down, beak first, doing 4% and average knokcback.
U.Attack: Astonish: Decidueye covers his eyes and a red circle appears above him for a second. The circle is about the size of Kirby, and then scares anyone in the red circle. It does 6% and knocks the foe a fair distance upwards.
D.Attack: Low Sweep: Decidueye quickly does a very low kick, doing 5% and tripping any foes whom it hits.
Dash Attack: Tackle: Decidueye quickly rams his opponents. It goes 4ft forward and does 8%

N.Air: Hidden Power: Decidueye releases small spheres of energy that encircle himself doing multiple hits and upto 6%.
F.Air: Smack Down: Decidueye does a aerial tackle. 7%
B.Air: Fury Swipes: Decidueye kicks multiple times behind himself. Upto 8%
U.Air: Ominous Wind: Decidueye creates a ghostly whirlwind that moves up a few feet. Upto 7%
D.Air: Acrobatics: Decidueye does a spinning dive bomb onto his opponents head's. 9%

Grab: Spirit Shackle: Decidueye wraps a shadowy chain around the foe. Long range, and can tether. Animation looks Decidueye shooting a chain with a pointed end.
Pummel: Vine Whip: Decidueye whios them witha vine. It does 1.5% and has a medium amount of animation frames.
F.Throw: Decidueye throws his opponent forward before firing razor leaves. 7%
B.Throw: Decidueye spins his opponent around before throwing them behind himself. 8%
U.Throw: Decidueye does a upward kick knocking his opponent upwards. 6%
D.Throw: Decidueye slams his opponent down. (9%) Causes meteor smash if used near ledge.

>.S- Energy Ball: Decidueye fires a ball of solar energy that travels fast. Does If hit, does 11% damage and relatively high knockback.

^.S Razor Leaf: Decidueye fired a tornado of leaves upward. They travel the rest of the stage, trapping foes and doing 2% per second does upto 10% damage.

v.S Shadow Claw: Decidueye slashes in an arc infront of him, It does upto 13% damage and relatively high knockback.

N.B: Solar Beam: Decidueye absorbs energy before releasing a green bean a medium distance. 22% damage and rather high knockback, but can't be used again for ~5 seconds

>.B Leaf Blade: Decidueye slashes forward with it's wings, creating 3 green slashes in the air. Moves him forward a bit, and each slash does 5% damage (each) and low knockback.

^.B Brave Bird: Decidueye surrounds itself with a fiery aura that looks like a bird and fires in the direction you aim. Does 14% damage and 4% recoil.

v.B: Wild Growth: Decidueye roots itself into the ground, and attacks with powerful vines. While rooted, it can't jump or move. Press v.B again to unroot or take a heavy attack (18%+). While rooted Decidueye attacks upto 5ft ahead with its roots. It deals 16% damage.

FS Sinister Arrow Raid: Decidueye flies over the stage leaving a rain of ghost imbued arrows. One falls every time you hit A (rapidly tap to fire them all in one area) and he can fire upto 10 arrows, thus sniping from above. After it's over they detonate creating pillars of phantom energy. They deal 7% and relatively high knockback. Will ko at 85% Decidueye does 2 passes once to the right, then left. This gives you 2 chances to land some hits.

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