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Author Topic: Sora PSA request.  (Read 2905 times)
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« on: April 05, 2017, 04:13:13 PM »

Sora (Iml going primarily with KH:3D Sora due to that being the most recent Nintendo exclusive version of Sora but I will have a couple of Re:Coded and Re:CoM inspired moves)


Attack Speed:7.5/10
Run Speed:7/10

-Standard Attacks-

Neutral Attack: Quick Blitz- Sora jumps forward a couple of feet and swings his keyblade down it has abit more range then most "swordsmen's" basic attacks.

Side Tilt: Elemental Raid- Sora throws his keyblade and if it hits opponents it'll randomly do fire, ice, or electric dmg to opponents. the blizzard raid freezes opponents temporarily and the thunder raid moves faster then the other two.

Up Tilt: Judgement- Sora throws his keyblade straight up, and if it hits a opponent it'll stay spinning in place dealing upto 3 hits.

Down Tilt: Fira- Sora surrounds himself with small flames that circle around him dealing multiple weak hits.

Dash Attack: Sliding Dash- Sora rushes forward swiftly slamming into opponents with his keyblade out.

-Air Attacks-

Neutral Air: Spark- Sora moves forward while surrounded by prismatic energy crystals that quickly spin around him dealing damage to opponents.

Forward Air: Circle Raid- Sora moves forward abit and throws his keyblade which circles around him. This has more range then Spark, but the keyblade only hits his opponents once each per attack.

Back Air: Ariel Slam- Sora turns around and swings his keyblade down. This attack will spike opponents downwards.

Up Air: Tornado Strike- Sora does a horizontal spinning attack that creates a whirlwind that flies up carrying opponents away.

Down Air: Gravity Raid- Sora throws his keyblade straight down and if it hits a opponent it'll double their fall speed until they hit the ground or fall into oblivion.


Pummel: Sora hits his opponent over the head with his keyblade.

Forward Throw: Sora throws his opponent ahead then throws his keyblade at them using strike raid.

Back Throw: Sora throws his opponent backwards then turns around and hits then in their back.

Up Throw: Sora throws his opponent up then jumps up and hits them away from him.

Down Throw: Sora swings his keyblade down on his opponent's head to send knock them away from him.

It may take a little while before the specials are done so if you want to wait and see my ideas for him so you can wait before you vote if you want.

-Smash Attacks-

Side Smash: Prism Windmill- Sora dashes forward While his keyblade spins rapidly while surrounded by a rainbow of light energy. This does upto 17% damage and average knockback for a smash.

Up Smash: Magnet Spiral- Sora creates a magnetic field to draw in opponents before he does a spinning slash to knock opponents away. This does upto 18% damage and average knockback for a smash.

Down Smash: Zantetsuken- Sora takes a dualing stance before delivering a fierce slash that sends opponents flying. This is Sora's strongest smash with upto 20% damage and great knockback.


N.Special: Zone of Ruin- Sora covers his keyblade in a strong golden aura before delivering a single powerful slash. This does 24% damage and has about the same startup time as a falcon punch and has 2x range as a normal slash of Sora's. (Re:Coded)

Side.Special: Faith- Sora flies forward surrounded by 4 columns of light. The columns circle around Sora before separating form around Sora on his left and right sides. This does upto 19% dmg and very little knockback. (KH3D)

Up.Special: Tornado Strike- Sora does a flying spin attack that creates a tornado around himself. Has a good recovery distance and deals upto 14% damage. The tornado continues flying a few feet in the direction Sora was going even after he stops spinning. (KH3D)

Down.Special: Trinity Limit- A large arcane symbol appears on the ground where Sora's standing. Sora stabs his keyblade into the ground before performing a quick but flashy spin around his keyblade, unlocking the radiant light within the symbol. It creates a pillar of light (as high is Palutena's Up.Smash, and as wide as Bowser) It deals multiple hits and upth 28% dmg and high knockback, but it can only be used on the ground. (CoM)

Final Smash: Nightmare's End- Sora creates a keyblade made of pure light, then he does a sweeping slash upwards sending opponents to a cutscene between him and a image of Riku with a dark keyblade. They combine the two blades creating a mighty keyblade that deals several powerful hits in a and like Kirby's Ultra Sword he'll only do the cutscene to those that first slash connects. It deals 52% damage.


Entry: Sora falls through a portal of light a few feet above the stage.

Up Taunt: Sora puts his hands behind his head and say "That all you got?"

Side Taunt: Sora leans forward ready for a fight and makes a fierce (for him atleast) face.

Down Taunt: Sora does that goofy grin from KH1 (you know the one I'm talking about)

Win1: Sora holds up his keyblade which is radiating light and a crown symbol appears under him.

Win2: Sora triumphantly holds up a gold trophy he won in Olympus.

Win3: Sora gets knocked over by Pluto who's barking exitedly.

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