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Author Topic: Vyse over Dark Pit PSA request.  (Read 4337 times)
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« on: April 05, 2017, 04:25:37 PM »

Vyse http://skiesofarcadia.wikia.com/wiki/Vyse is an expert swordsman who fights with twin cutlasses. He can focus his spiritual energy through his weapons and perform high-speed attacks beyond the ability of normal fighters.


Attack: 6.5/10
Movement Speed: 6.5/10
Attack Speed: 8/10
Height: 5/10 (A couple inches shorter then Link.)
Weight: 5/10
Recovery: 6/10

-Standard Attacks- Vyse can dish out long swift hitting combos and chain together any of his tilts. Although he can only chain upto 4 tilts(his basic combo counts as 1 tilt but can be used only once per combo) before stops and has a cool down time of 1.5 seconds.

Neutral Combo: A 5 hit chain of quick slashes.

Side Tilt: A forward stab.

Up Tilt: A single overhead slash with a cutlass.

Down Tilt: A downward sweeping slash with one cutlass.

Dash Attack: A running double cutlass slash.

-Smash Attacks-

Side Smash: Cross Slash- Vyse charges before slashing with both swords releasing a cross shaped wave of energy forward about 5ft. The sword slash deals 13% dmg and the wave deals 8% dmg. together they do 21% and have a fairly high knockback.

Up Smash: Cyclone Slash- Vyse does a spinning slash that generates a small cyclone that goes straight up carrying opponents away while dealing light continuous dmg. The spin attack deals upto 10% dmg and the cyclone deals upto 7% while traveling about 12ft. depending on if it's fully charged.

Down Smash: Soul Slash- Vyse gathers his soul energy into his swords above his head before dealing a powerful downward slash on each side. This move has a sweetspot on his right side. (Since that cutlass is quite abit larger) it deals 13% and decent knockback on his left, and 16% and heavy knockback on his right.

-Air Attacks- While he can't use his combo skills in the air he does deal somewhat more damage per hit do to his Sky Pirate spirit.

Neutral Air: Vyse does a horizontal spinning attack.

Forward Air: Vyse gets a slight boost forward while slashing with both cutlasses.

Back Air: Vyse does a backwards drop kick.

Up Air: Vyse does a quick spin before a cross shaped slash.

Down Air: Vyse does a falling stab that causes meteor smash.


Pummel: Vyse hits his opponent with his right sword hilt.

Forward Throw: Vyse throws his opponent forward then follows up with a quick slash.

Back Throw: Vyse flips his opponent behind himself then delivers a quick kick to their back.

Up Throw: Vyse holds his opponent up then sends them flying with a upward slash.

Down Throw: Vyse slams his opponent on the ground.


Neutral Special: Pyrulen- Vyse gathers his soul energy before creating a large magic explosion ahead of himself from the power of the red moon. It has a range of upto 5ft. ahead and a blast size of 2/3 of a smart bomb. but has a longer prep time then a Warlock Punch. It also deals 18% dmg and pretty high knockback.

Side Special: Cutlass Fury- It starts out with a 4 hit combo while he charges forward. (has some arial recovery) before he jumps into the air and finishes with a stronger double bladed fall slash. Deals upto 12% dmg

Up Special: Sword Storm- Vyse jumps into the air while creating multiple energy blades above his head before sending them flying downward. Deals multiple hits it's good for guarding edges and upto 14% dmg.

Down Special: Skull Shield- A pirate skeleton wielding a single large cutlass wil protect Vyse from the front then counter with a powerful slash of its own. It deals 20% dmg.

Final Smash: Pirate's Wrath- Vyse creates a large tornado around himself before infusing it with a huge amount of electricity trapping nearby opponents while dealing continuous dmg before he follows with a powerful flying cross slash that destroys the tornado leaving a large glowing Jolly Roger in its place. It deals upto 48% dmg and heavy knockback.

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