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29 July 17th, 2016

Slider (Vacation mix) by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Super Mario 64 slider with sunshine's soundfonts
(Source: Super Mario 64)
20 March 29th, 2016

Threaded T-shirt / Embroided hat Diddy by Diddy Kong
[Character - Texture - Diddy Kong]

I'm back from my hiatus of dry mindstorming for one mod i wished to make for wii U, but had no way of demoing it, so here's a scaled down brawl version of the texture work

88 April 18th, 2016

enable SEQ hacking - SEQ music bypass hack by Diddy Kong with credit to soneek00
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

*UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that this mod addresses a major bug in brawlex regarding final smash songs. Please download this if you wish to resolve the bug and refer to this thread http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=65113.msg1358699#msg1358699

READ THE WHOLE INFO PLEASE! important notes below!
Finally a way to hack the RSEQ "unhackable songs"!

This is NOT gecko compatable, inject to ISO or use riivolution. (music itself can be patched via gecko if yo uuse an ISO)
this sfx mod enables you to replace the starman, golden hammer, hammer, final smash songs with a BRSTM, and every character their own victory theme while allowing the ASL code to be used without issue (including transforming characters like zerosuit), pokemon trainer pokemon, and wolf will share victories because they call the pikachu and fox victory slot respectively refer to this list for what BRSTM to replace to mod what,

*mod enables use of the two unused brstm files, X24, and 000

Starman - X24
Golden hammer - 000
Hammer - Y01
Luigi's Final smash - Y02
DK's Final smash - Y03
Peach's Final smash - Y04
King Dedede's final smash - Y05


Victory isolations

Luigi - Y07

Bowser - Y08

Peach - Y09

Zelda - Y10

Shiek - Y11

Falco - Y13

Ganon - Y14

Zero Suit Samus - Y15

Lucas - Y16

Diddy Kong - Y17

Dedede - R03

Lucario - X09

Ike - X10

Jigglypuff - X11

Toon link - Z54

442 March 9th, 2015

BRSTM Copier 4.0 by Diddy Kong with credit to jaklub, soneek, bean & chadderz
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

the latest version of BRSTM copier now features an MP3 converter for on the go enjoyment of custom music!
This is the LAST major version I am going to work on. source code can be found here:

MKW users: this program has an auto speed-up feature and a manual version of it, it will try to patch your revo_kart automatically and if you want but it misses a few tracks. UI layout not as optimal but it was hard trying to figure out an eyecandy UI that was easy to navigate and use for slots that have two brstms assigned to them while trying to consolidate as much as possible

users can use the sawnd identity tool now included which will tell you what to name any given sawnd file if you are using the sound bank code, NO MORE ASKING OTHERS WHAT THE THING GOES OVER OR WHAT TO NAME IT
Program uses a new save feature for default program feature
feedback can be given here http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=42272.0

134 May 30th, 2014

Hackless pack for Wiimm Server for SSBB by TLG, Diddy Kong, Doqtor Kirby with credit to Wiimm from the Mario Kart community
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

This is the hackless pack we put together for people that do not wish to use the Homebrew method to connect to wiimfi. This method not only allows you connection of wifi, but also the ability to get a new FC without having to delete your entire brawl save. To use this, extract all contents inside the archive into your SD card root. Insert your SD card into your wii and start brawl. From the brawl menu, go to Vault and then Stage Builder. You will be taken to the riivolution interface. There will be two options on the left-hand side: an option to enable brawl codes (you will select this option/make sure its selected) and then confirm if you registered your FC to the wiimm database before May 18th. If you answered yes, you can hit launch and then go have fun on wifi. You can also use textures and music hacks--Basically anything you can put into your private folder. You must merge your private folder (if you already have one) with the one you extracted into your SD card.

If you selected No, hit launch. You will be asked to create a new save. Select Yes. You can also use your private folder mods. You can also go on wifi and you will have a new friend code but an empty friend list, but you will also have all of your save data...unlike the homebrew method there is no longer a need to delete your entire brawl save. Please be aware that once you do this, a folder called "DO NOT DELETE" will appear on your SD card. Please heed what it says and do not delete it. It will contain and save all the friend codes you add from online. Should you format your SD card for whatever reason, remember to back up this folder. Enjoy yourselves. The servers still need some bug fixes concerning disconnections and whatnot, but it's bound to be fixed soon. Have fun!

119 July 21st, 2014

Smash Bros. LAWL music set and sfx by Diddy Kong with credit to soneek (brawlcustommusic and root of concept) therealbeanjr (brstm redirect) mike15,000vr (fixes on certain redirect bugs)
[Pack - Audio, SFX]

this set contains alll the brstms I used/made in the LAWL pack i created.


NOT INTENDED FOR GECKO: please REOPTIMIZE the brstms if you must use it with gecko, and DISABLE the SEQ hacks in the pack if using USB loader-inject/FPC hybrid

ALL SONGS were either from the BCM site, or custom looped/made myself

It also includes SFX and a special thing I did to the unhackable songs an da gecko code (removed)

with this BRSAR, you can:
Modify independant victories for certain characters

Modify the item songs and final smash songs (except DK)
to do so, simply replace the responsable BRSTM with the new song

the SEQ songs have been replaced with BRSTMs

240 June 5th, 2014

Custom Server for USA brawl by Diddy Kong with credit to Wiimm from the Mario Kart community
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]


This is a main.dol edit for brawl NTSC-U that will enable brawl to connect to the custom servers after the wifi shutdown

There is no pic preview possible because this isnt an edit that can be demonstrated in any way or prove that the game is actually connecting,

the dol has an edit to a server address string changing gs.nintendowifi.net to wiimfi.de

I tested it and had a successful connection

you will get error code 6000 if you DO NOT register your friend Prior to May 19th at http://wiimmfi.profeibe.at/ the FC registration period has ENDED, any FCs NOT registered wtih us will require their save data be RESET to obtain a new, valid FC from the server, If you are one of these unfortunate people, you will need to choose NO from the riivo options
gecko only user? too bad, you have to kiss your wii brawl save goodbye and delete it

A text mod will be applied at a later date to better user friendly the explanation to noobs in-game

224 April 18th, 2014

BRSTM Copier 3.4 gecko sawnd copying support ADDED by Diddy Kong with credit to jaklub soneek
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

the latest version of BRSTM copier now features program association compatibility with sawnd files so opening a sawnd file like a word document will insta install either gecko users or riivo users independently including brsar backup!
users can use the sawnd identity tool now included which will tell you what to name any given sawnd file if you are using the sound bank code, NO MORE ASKING OTHERS WHAT THE THING GOES OVER OR WHAT TO NAME IT
Program uses a new save feature for default program feature
feedback can be given here http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=42272.0

94 April 4th, 2014

BRSTM Copier 3.3 w/ instant riivo sawnd support by Diddy Kong with credit to jaklub soneek
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

the latest version of BRSTM copier now features program association compatibility with sawnd files so opening a sawnd file like a word document can optionally launch the program, installing the sawnd file into the brsar independently including brsar backup
feedback can be given here http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=42272.0

98 March 29th, 2014

Super Smash Bros. Lawl Audio by Diddy Kong with credit to Mastaklo Rina-Chan Thenintenguy
[Pack - Audio, SFX]

The set of brstms that My LAWL hack pack uses

431 August 8th, 2014

10 Days of Ecstasy: The After Party by NotAHacker, ABloodyCanadian, Diddy Kong
[Pack - SFX, Audio, SFX]

August 3rd, 2014:

With the delay of Smash 4, I decided to hang around the modding juuuuust a little big longer... I now present to you, "10 Days of Ecstasy: The After Party".

This is the largest music pack ever made that is dedicated to Project M (but the brstm and sawnd files still work for normal brawl, of course!). Even though the .zip file is called "projectm" that's just cuz it was the only meaningful folder to have on the root of the SD card when I zipped it (since I'm not gunna bundle the homebrew apps folder and stuff, that'd be wasting memory). So yeah, this pack comes with over 250 brstms and a buncha custom sawnd files! I really hope that the smash community enjoys it! I will get videos up soon previewing the pack.

What's in the music pack? Well, off the top of my head, there's some GaMetal, LAPFOX TRAX, chaosdragon004, xXJerryTerryXx, liltommyj, GuardianSoul7, Feint, Kunning Fox, BotanicSage, DJ the S, OC Remix, and tenChux's Game Music just to name a few! There are a lot of one hit wonders that you might enjoy too! Even if you don't wanna implement the entire music pack, you might find some brstms in here that you won't find anywhere else!

There is also a little Red Eye'd Fox texture I included, with a CSS pic and Battle Portrite if you wanna throw that on.

OH, and it's also important to note that this music pack won't be up forever. It will be taken down sometime after the release of Smash Bros. for 3DS (but before Smash Bros for Wii U).

May 9th, 2014:

(Rename the .zip to something shorter before you extract because the file name is too long, you'll see what I mean when you extract it)

I actually did it. But I can't take all the credit, Diddy Kong and A Bloody Canadian for letting me use some of their brstms (and Diddy got me Pit's shoutout for the CSS). Here's 170+ brstms for your listening pleasure along with all my custom sound effects! The new download link gives you a .zip containing the info2, menu2, sfx, and sound folders. Extract them to your pf folder and you should be good to go. This will BARELY fit a 2gb SD card!

The "original" folder from previous versions still exists and has been updated with all the new songs. For those not in the know, the original folder contains all brstms with proper credentials as to who looped what and will note the original creators of the music. The link is as follows: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s87dpkhvctuzq0f/AAB9-qfgNHkxa_knU0fsf5pTa (Scroll down the page, dropbox shows the files with the .pngs of brstm loop points first)

Original Post:

The moon is coming down, and we only have so little days remaining before wifi dies out... Time to party while we still can! Please watch the "TRAILER" video in one of the preview links, as it will explain everything!

If you've never used music hacks before, drag and drop all the .brstm files into your "strm" folder found in the sound folder. Drag and replace your info2 and menu2 to allow the menus to display the correct titles! If you have any songs you think will suit this pack, or if you have any issues with the current build, please let me know!

Also, if you're wondering why ABC and Diddy are credited, they allowed me to use some of their .brstms. Check the "original" folder to see who made what!

75 March 9th, 2014

HOME button menu rig by Diddy Kong with credit to Torran for pushing me to do this | The developer of wii layout editor
[Misc - Texture - Menu]

so theres this pain in the ass section to mod that i wanted to mess with becuase it was a very interesting thing to do to the home buttton SFX which is held by the game's secret 3rd BRSAR
yes there are THREE BRSARs in brawl, this hack contains the 3rd brsar. as for the TEXTURE or so it looks like but not, i will leave that a surprisevfor you to find out, all 4 wii remote hands have something different about them besides the color

and because this isnt a menu menu edit, idk what to categorizze this on

PM me if you have issues

AFTER you have considered the following:

>file patch code might NOT account for this file which lies in system->homebutton->

>riivolution users: ADD this line to the patches in your XML using notepad (its not hard lol)

>file contains an rsar archive, this means file patch will freak out or ignore it if it DOES cover it, there is NO sawnd version of this brsar and the RSBengine does not cover any brsar other than smashbros_sound.brsar

>only tested to work for RSBE, not RSBP or RSBJ

492 April 1st, 2014

BRSTM Copier **UPDATED** by Diddy Kong
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

changed the brstm directory to the new My Stuff location used by CTGPR 1.03

A useful for noobs tool i made to make it less eyestraining to rename brstm files to install them into your mods or project M! this tool supports PM 3.0, MKW, CTGP, Vbrawl (modded)

program supports insertation of sawnd files right to the brsar on your SD card without having to move it over to the program folder or run the program from the folder it's in

discussion of the program can be found here: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=42272.msg857470#msg857470

the thread is a little dusty >.>

24 October 2nd, 2013

family guy fart BGM by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

that doodoo die arwIIah song form that TV show

the lower pitched disgusting version here
(Source: Family Guy)
2052 June 16th, 2019

Sacred Project: Skyward Sword Hero True Final Release Final Revamp (Please read update description) by StealthImpa, BlueLink, KingJigglypuff, ABloodyCanadian, Hackingstar, Kagemaru, OmegaS3, Diddy Kong, tempesttime, LinKeR, GanonZack, Akeno/Archer, Linkxp500, EpicBanana with credit to Tormod, Kienamaru, drogoth232, Takashi Ohara, Bluebreon, Phantom Wings, DSX8, Iwantgames, and Project M Team.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

1/5/2014 Note: When this reaches 1000 downloads I will create a newer more advance PSA. Let's get it up there.

NOTE: OmegaS3 and I both tested the B consecutively problem. I used a turbo Gamecube controller, as Omega pressed B as fast as he could, we DON'T experience these freezes. So repeated reports of that issue will get this hack removed.

Edit by OmegaS3 06/09/2013 - Finally its finally done, this Skylink is completed. Few minors things are fixed on all versions. With the true skystrike graphic and rotation animation thanks to Tempesttime and Iwantgames. Huge credit to them. Revamped the PSAs so that the sword trail is in every slash animation now. A few minor bugs that were fixed. He is still playable online. Look at image 2 for the new skystrike graphic. It also goes on the final smash. This is the final update of this hack and no more will be applied. A new skylink is being made now with a new version and my own custom version will come later. Thank you to everyone who enjoys this hack.

Edit by Kien 06/09/13 - So I fixed up all of the animations that I could, created the Minus PSA, and helped balanced out the Vbrawl one. There are a ton of changes that fix errors that the original SkyLink download had, and some things that just didn't feel right such as completely off hitboxes... those are all fixed as well.

Edit: Final Edit to this hack will be only to the skyward strike.

NOTE: Reporting because of rels will get them removed

OmegaS3 here with the true final release of my favorite Link. Thats right SkyLink has been freshly revamped in all the areas that where needing help. Fixed Animations, to a smaller PSA file, Skyward Strike GFX added a better looking final smash. Jumping from the heavens into brawl Skylink is back better than ever, new CSPs and now BPs with a special thanks Darkfire. Includes LinKeR HD textures and mine that were made with the help of LinKeR help, so special thanks to him. A brand new special black outfit called Skyward Mode, made by me with special thanks to EpicBanana. Skylink can be ported over 26 other brawl characters from Mario, Yoshi, Olimar, etc with rels. (rels are included). Comes with 22 outfits, both hands, Minus, Plus and Balanced versions. Brstms from the previous release are still included with new revamped of Skyloft Night Version also included. All comes with SSS icons for both versions and a alternate file loader version. Something new is a txt file that has a code to make CPU opponents to be level 16 if you love them hard computers. Special Thanks to everyone that help and Phantom Wings for making porting Link over those 26 characters possible. IF YOU WANT TO USE ANYTHING FROM THIS PM OMEGAS3, IF NOT YOU DON'T HAVE MY PERMISSION.

Note: OmegaS3 (I tested this hack countless times and its freeze proof, if it freezes something was not setup right, so go back and fix it, sometimes it takes a re look to fix mistake we all make)

NOTE: (StealthImpa) If there is any problems, PM OmegaS3.

122 March 16th, 2013

PSY Super Bowl 2013 Ad | Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' by Diddy Kong
[Misc - THP (Video)]


WHY...just why....

44 February 22nd, 2013

Super Mario Guy - Starman Theme by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

now whatdafauq?

ok wait til the brawlbox update, then if possible, REDIRECT the starman BGM to load that unused brstm instead and put THIS over that
(Source: Youtube)
75 January 17th, 2013

DK64 announcer by Diddy Kong
[SFX - Announcer]

because the limited voice clips, only the 54321, time up, sudden death, target smash, and congrats is replaced

preview is still proccessing by youtube since its being gay, it will take a bit for the preview to show up
(Source: Donkey Kong 64)
43 January 11th, 2013

Nintendo Land Plazza (DAY) 8-bit by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

the "channel" that plays on the card menu of the game

Now a fun fact about the main plazza theme when its not he 8 bit channel playing, is that it does NOT loop, it stops and starts over, while the 8 bit one does, though the two tunes remain in sync while the plaza is loaded.

I WILL be making sure that the HACK of it DOES loop
(Source: Nintendo Land)
28 December 5th, 2012

Friends list - WiiU gamepad stream by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

on the WiiU friends list, there are TWO unique audio streams played, one plays on the TV while the other is transmitted through the gamepad's speakers. I am unsure of how it does this in terms of multichanneling or if the wiiU ditches the rstrm format and goes to RAW formats. the preview is of a youtube partner's video, which shows off BOTH streams combined, the BRSTM here only contains the gamepad's stream, not the TV's (the ahhhs)

this would best fit on the menu screens
(Source: Nintendo Wii U OS)
29 October 10th, 2012

Yoshi story ending story (remake) by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

(Source: Youtube)
14 October 10th, 2012

16 bit Kakariko by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

(Source: Link to the past)
16 October 10th, 2012

Star City remix by Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

(Source: Youtube)
766 September 20th, 2012

Question Mark Block and Mario Kart Item Block by Riddler, Diddy Kong with credit to OmegaS3 for teaching me how to remove polygons.
[Item - Texture, Vertex - Crate]

(In case you didn't already know, this has to go in Common3.pac)

Ever want to change your crates? How about changing it to the Question Mark Block, or an Item Box from Mario Kart?

Initially I did this for DiddyKong's MK Item Box, OmegaS3 showed me how to remove polygons, so I removed the corners and slash from the box (you'll notice the box seems to float).

Then I decided to make my own texture, the Question Mark Block.

Also included in this pack is my updated version of DiddyKong's Item Box texture, with the question mark outlined. Sorry no snapshot.

Rolling crates still have the slash and corners, I can't figure that parto ut.

17 August 22nd, 2012

Unite, Descent by Linketsu, Diddy Kong
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

From Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

High Quality Sound, perfect loop.

Made by Diddy Kong as one of my requests.
(Source: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)
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