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183 August 16th, 2015

Grand Stadium V3.02b Alpha Remix by Robz
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Pokemon Stadium]

you thought I was dead. But actually I was Dio!

1111 July 14th, 2014

Project M Training Room (PM 3.02) by NFreak, Robz with credit to blazingflare
[Stage - Texture - Wi-fi Room]

A texture edit of Robz's KC-MM Training Room (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=10195)

PM 3.02 camera and all that. Enjoy!

517 February 10th, 2013

Shibuya (Kitty Corp City) by ZonkoTM, Robz with credit to Robzdablade, Oizen X
[Stage - Texture - 75m]

A retexture of Robzdablade's KC:MM City stage based on The World Ends With You.
Textures ripped by NiohtOwl95 at the Spriter's Resource.

477 March 30th, 2011

Mountain Shrine V2 by Robz
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Final Destination]

-Platform now
-No more lag
-More BG stuff.
-Ported over FD
-Deadzones Fix'd.

It's been a long time since I made anything in brawlbox.

I apologize for doing so...

I've been very busy with Work and etc..


2723 September 15th, 2016

Mountain Shrine. (Robz) by Robz
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - 75m]

A lil shrine I built. IN TEH MOUNTAINS.

The shrine is made of all 2d flat models. Stop asking how I built it. >_>

Enjoy. No .rel needed. and I didnt include any Brstms or icons. Im sorry :(

835 September 5th, 2010

U.N. Owen was her Mix by Robz
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

uuhhh yea. I didnt know brawlbox could make Brstms *serious face*

now I can make perfectly looped Brstms. yay me!
(Source: Touhou)
9942 November 8th, 2013

Draculas Castle -EPIC- by Robz
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Luigi's Mansion]

I see No Errors with this one

Has shadows. is fully animated. with Custom animations made by Yours truly.

Its Dracula's Castle brawl(robz)ified you can say.
I apologize for not having Icons. I... was having trouble with them... but please enjoy I worked pretty hard on this one.

161 August 25th, 2010

CastleVania stage Models by Robz
[Misc - Import - Other (stuff we forgot)]

This is not a stage! these are all the stage models Extracted from castlevania Judgement. There is 10 stages. Other Stage hackers can make use of this package.


1121 June 21st, 2012

Arc Rise Sanctuary by Robz, Puraidou with credit to Micaiah91 and Vish
[Stage - Texture, Import - Final Destination]

EDIT: some characters die upon startup. Will fix later

I played arc rise. and... well... I loved it. It was something I was totally not expecting. Too bad the dubbing was horrible XD

I took the area from the title screen of the game and Pimped it out. :p

This stage will replace FD. doesnt require a .rel file.

Thanks to vish for Brstms and mica for icons.
And thanks to Beyondyou and Pridetobe For epic looking sword. :3


5670 February 12th, 2013

Grand Stadium V3 With SSS Icons. (KC-MM Edition) by Robz with credit to Lensho and Micaiah91
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - PictoChat]

You all remember my grand stadium right? Well it was my first hack. I tried tweaking it before to make it better but I was young back then :p My skills have improved so I decided to try it again. And these were the results.

Enjoy my friends For I have Also included 4 different Brstms for you to choose from and The download comes with 2 .rel files to replace Pictochat or Pokemon stadium1.

(SSS Icons and portraits come included with instructions on how to install them)

2089 March 30th, 2011

KC-MM Training room (including SSS icons) by Robz
[Stage - Texture - Distant Planet]

SSS included. with two Brstms. Feel feel to replace them if you wish.

bar graphs are animated. the back moniter has a flickering effect and there's two barriers on the far left and right. so the only way to kill is from up or down. (its a training room right? let's try killing with skills. :p)

Every game has a training stage right? Brawl had one but it wasn't playable. but everyone knows that. So I made A was -awesomer- looking training room.

3677 January 14th, 2012

KC-MM CLUB V3 (with SSS icons) by Robz with credit to Micaiah91 (my number 1 assistant)
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Summit]

-No more pokemon T-stance. Character Entry's Fix'd.
-New characters added (isaac, lil mac, Kitty cat)
-New outfits for the characters
-Floor now has animations (flicking lights)
-New scenedata, Better lighting
-Dark texture error involving scenedata flags fixed.
-New 3D DJ turntable with Goroh DJ'ing
-New sign and vip list now flashes.
-New Stereo boombox's
-Alot of colour changes and new animations.

HUGE thanks to Micaiah91 for stages icons and Character outfits.

3459 December 6th, 2015

Castlevania Clock Tower by Robz with credit to OizenX... (he fixed spawn points)
[Stage - Texture, Import - Skyworld]

You Fight on a rotating gear Btw XD

A heads up! This stage is fully animated unlike most imported stages. I modded this stage to be more brawlish. The original stage has 2 gears in the middle of the stage. But since brawl is a 2.5D fighter I can only put in one.

You fight on a rotating Cog. The download comes with two Brstms from castlevania Judgement. and the download comes with Some Custom Icons and portraits Along with a tutorial by me on how to install them (I will include Icons and such in all my stages from now on)

And thanks to Micaiah91 for the KC-MM Icon. (which I will include in every stage download for now on)

314 March 30th, 2011

LENROBZLOLPIT by Robz with credit to Lensho
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Pit]

A pit with armor, battle scars, and bad ass shades. What else can you ask for? >_>

The download also comes with a version with pits normal wings.

343 January 31st, 2011

Red Demon Destination by Puraidou, Robz with credit to LenSho, Seraph, LookItsLink, _Data_Drain_, Flammable
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Battlefield]

***Thanks To***
Robzdablade for replacing the models and helping me with everything.
LenSho for letting me use the stage.
Seraph for the Video Showcase and the pictures
LookItsLink for the pictures

***Original Textures***
Red Demon Ganondorf made by _Data_Drain_
Red Demon Garland made by me with help by _Data_Drain_ and Flammable

3413 September 15th, 2016

Kitty Corp City by Robz with credit to OizenX
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - 75m]

UPDATED. BG is no longer a 2Dimage. Mewtwo2000 fixed lighting/flags and stuffz. and he ported it to other stages... I dunno what they are i forgot. Still goes over 75M.

The original city stage. Theres other copies of this stage to fit other peoples needs.
I have also provided a Brstm into package. This stage goes over 75M and doesnt require a .rel file

If you like my work please check out My thread

Thank you enjoy!

2241 September 2nd, 2012

Song's Private Isle by Robz with credit to Vishkugeta
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - PictoChat]

A private little island made for Songeflemy.
Not much I can say about this one. The water and ships are animated and move around.

This stage is orginally 75M I have included a .rel file in download so it can replace PICTOCHAT. (for those who use my club ;3)


1170 January 15th, 2012

Castle Battlefield V1.0 by Robz
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Mario Circuit]

No Pictures. maybe u can help? >_>

EDIT: I have provided a .rel to replace mario circuit.

Lyn has breathing animations theres leaves in background falling. And theres a sun flare.

I still need to add items to it and add shadows to the paths(shadows are on battlefield) I haven't found a good brstm file to match this stage, so no Music comes in this download.

Expect more updates to come. Robzdablade
(PS. If some1 can make a video on this stage and provide a link for it I'd Post it on my hack gallery and give credit, thanks).


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