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37 December 21st, 2018

Brawlified Smash 2 MGS1 Snake by Shranux with credit to Brawl Minus, Smash 2, AlGeorge, Moe, CSProject.
[Character - Texture - Solid Snake]

Yes, I made my own take of Brawlifying this MGS1 Smash 2 costume. It was mostly texture stuff as the only actual model changes was that I replaced the Smash 2 hair model with the Brawl Minus version's hair models.

61 November 11th, 2018

Cowboy Knuckles by Shranux with credit to CSProject, Aghanim, ledgerewskie, tryptech, Franku, Cynapse, Nanobuds, StarWaffle, Mach 7, Tock, Ishmael205, Spex120, Eternal_Yoshi, TheRealHeroOfWinds, LuminousWarrior, Sub
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

Yes, this is the Smash 3C cowboy (Brawlified somewhat) hat and shades on the Nanobuds released model.

43 October 11th, 2018

Phazon Suit Recolor Set 2.0 by Cahalan, SJS, Nanobuds, Shranux with credit to SJS & Nanobuds for the original release, Shrenshen for the CSP Project Setup.
[Character - Texture - Samus]

With the release of SJS and Nano's Semi-alt for Samus, I decided to revisit my old recolors and spruce it up for additional accuracy.

If you still liked the older versions, they are included as well; and the initial version of these recolors lead to the new download too (if it's still up).

10 October 10th, 2018

SJS Phazon Cosmetics by Shranux with credit to SJS, Nanobuds, CSProject
[Misc - Texture - Results Screen]

Didn't take too long for this: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=216791 to get cosmetics

45 October 10th, 2018

Mage Ganondorf CSProject by Shranux, Moe with credit to Ubergruvin, LXP, CSProject
[Pack - Character, Misc, Portrait]

Here it is the CSProject for Young- I mean Mage Ganondorf! Comes with new recolors from the gracious Moe as well.
This .zip also contains the files necessary for making more cosmetics for recolors, or for Ubergruvin's Redux of the mage: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/423993659139162112/492802698186588160/Mage_Ganondorf_Redux.rar

37 September 26th, 2018

Quickdraw Dedede CSProject and Recolors by Shranux with credit to TʘCK, CSProject, LXP
[Character - Texture - King Dedede]

Original costume can be found in Legacy XP 2.0 or: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=35416

7 September 24th, 2018

Ordon CSProject Link by Shranux with credit to CSProject, and who made the costume
[Misc - Texture - Results Screen]

This costume is found in Legacy XP

16 September 23rd, 2018

White Casino Fix and Recreated Gold by Shranux with credit to Kuro, Toti, Icezer, KTH, LJSTAR, CSProject Backroom
[Character - Texture - Luigi]

It was sad that Kuro removed all of his stuff alongside a great yellow Casino Luigi. I wanted to remake it, but this is a costume pack due to me making a fix to this pack's white hat casino due the face being too bright.
Original version of the White can be found here: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=216271
Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/jZenFMl.png

30 September 20th, 2018

DK: Donkey Kolors by Shranux with credit to Moe, Kuro, davidv.kimball, CSProject
[Character - Texture - Donkey Kong]

4 DKs for you all. 3 of which are Kuro's lost recolors, but with Moe's version of the recolors' ties. (Except Sky which got a tie that I made.) (And yeah, Pink DK was added, but the body textures from the LTE Pink Boxer DK got edited.)

So yeah, this is just another pack that's to resurrect Kuro's work through a slight edit.

For Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/AgIbsdB.png

35 September 18th, 2018

Waluigi Strikers Recolors by Shranux with credit to chimpchar775, NickirixXT, shyguybuddy11, Moe, PMDT, Unit, marioking64DS, KingJigglypuff, The Waluigi development team, The CSProject
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

I wanted to make my own recolors, plus I changed the roughness to 0.45 and metallic to 0.5 on the armor in the .blend file so that it'd actually have a shine. Comes with a new Stcs and Stock mask.

62 September 8th, 2018

PM Shadow Queen V2 by Shranux with credit to Kuro, TheShadowMysteryKing, TheDarkMysteryMan, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, MetalLegacy, PMDT, CSProject Team
[Character - Texture - Peach]

This is a pack where I wanted to update the PM alt's textures. (Sure it isn't using the LXP edited model, or the V2 edit by Kuro that didn't get a shot to stay on the Vault long enough for the LXP team to add it in for LXP 2.0, but meh.)

All costumes have their own parasol colors.



37 September 2nd, 2018

Pack of Peaches by Shranux with credit to TheShadowMysteryKing, TheDarkMysteryMan, davidvkimball, Yohan1044, MetalLegacy, Moe, ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, PizzaDog
[Character - Texture - Peach]

Here's another pack from me, and it's for Peach.
Sure I enjoyed Legacy TE 2.0's Blue Shadow Queen Peach, I didn't like the fact that her hair color blended with her crown. So I put Moe's Black recolor's hair on the recolor. But then I wanted a red recolor, yet I had problems again but with Moe's Red recolor's hair, so I used the LTE 2.0 Green's hair. After that, I made my own Red recolor based on the Smash 3C red Shadow Queen, using LTE 2.0 Blue's hair. Then a good old White recolor for the Shadow Queen. And finally Moe's Tanooki Dress Peach was good, but the crown and golden part of her chest jewelry blended into her dress, so making them jade fixed that problem as well helped it somewhat become a green team recolor.

Originals: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213844

33 August 28th, 2018

Pika Libre CSProject by Shranux with credit to CSProject, KTH, Taiko, LJSTAR
[Misc - Texture - Menu]

With this, Pikachu has at least 20 costumes that went through the CSProject.

11 August 27th, 2018

Green Team Brendan by Shranux with credit to Kidneptune, LXP team, CSProject team
[Character - Texture - Pikachu]

Yep, I made CSProject cosmetics and gave the Brendan Hat wearing Pikachu the Green Brawl Recolor's (The green headband's) fur for a place as a Green team costume.

The original can be found here: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=207065

13 August 26th, 2018

Black PM Fox by Shranux with credit to Project M Dev Team, CSProject team
[Character - Texture - Fox]

Yeah... I made a Dark Fox recolor...

12 August 26th, 2018

LTE 1.1 Pikachu CSProject Cosmetics by Shranux with credit to ledgerewskie, RAWRzilla, Layell, bizzozeron, Aghanim, PizzaDog, Jigglypoof21 with credit to Smash 3 Team, PMDT, Starwaffle, Akari_un, AdfroMan, Pantsface16, Kidneptune, davidvkimball, Yohan1044
[Misc - Texture - Menu]

Download the costume found in an earlier build of LTE: https://modulous.net/mod/1376/Legacy%20TE:%20PM%203.6%20Tournament%20Build

28 August 14th, 2018

Ivysaur and Sub Recolors by Shranux with credit to AlGeorgeRomo, Layell, Nanobuds, Moblin, LnktheWolf, Cynapse, tryptech, Theytah, TheGag96, ds22, Starwaffle, ledgerewskie, Taiko, Tailsmiles249, Large Leader, Shun_One, iwantgames, Nezha the Scout, Satoshi, Layell, Aghanim, Sabre, Midnight_B1u3, l3uck5h0t, flaminngo
[Character - Texture - Ivysaur]

1 Pink Recolor for standard Ivysaur that's a hybrid of Theytah's Valentine Ivysaur and Smash 3's Pink Ivysaur.
2 sets of cosmetics for 2 recolors that came alongside Sub Ivysuar in its release.
2 Smash3C recolors for Substitute Ivysaur brawlified.
3 new recolors of Substitute based on 3 great standard Ivysaur recolors found on the vault.
This also comes with a set of images for White leaves for KJP's color coded leaves.

88 August 13th, 2018

Brawl Headed ZSS Alts by Shranux with credit to Program, DarkMysteryMan, Moe, CSProject, PMDT, Windhunter, Theytah, jiang, Pik, DavidV.Kimball, StarWaffle, Albafika, KingJigglypuff, SJS, Nanobuds, Spex130, TʘCK, Sandfall
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Zero Suit Samus]

Exactly as stated in the title as this is for those who prefer Brawl's ZSS over the SJS one. With this and the JB 3.5 personal update, all of the 3.5 alts are now able for a still Brawl style replacement, plus three more alts to go along with them for an easily planned 20 costumes build (whenever or whoever finishes that code first.) for Brawl Zero Suit Samus.
If there's any problems, let me know.

46 August 4th, 2018

Brawl ZSS and PM 3.5 JB updates by Shranux, Program with credit to DarkMysteryMan, Moe, CSProject, PMDT, Windhunter, Theytah, jiang, Pik, StarWaffle, Albafika, KingJigglypuff, SJS, Nanobuds, Spex130, TʘCK, Sandfall
[Character - Texture - Zero Suit Samus]

Forgot some BPs on the last release of this, sorry for the inconvenience.
Remember when Program updated Brawl ZSS with an actual spec map and lights? (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=209005) Well I wanted to apply Moe's Brawl recolors (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213240) to these whilst making new Specs for the recolors. With JB, I put the mats on the original 3.5 version of the body since Program's JB breast had some problems that you could see: https://i.imgur.com/ePorKvj.png. But that wasn't it for JB, who has been given SJS JB's Boots as well as my SJS gun arm to wrist armor edit. Then I used either Moe's or edited Moe's recolors (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213157) to this updated version of 3.5 JB.

119 August 7th, 2018

CSProject 6 Pack (and more) by Shranux with credit to Terror, RaitoEX,LnktheWolf, StarWaffle, Nanobuds, Mach 7, ChucklesDemKnuckles, LuminousWarrior, Sub, Vapor, Tock, Ishmael205, Spex120, Eternal_Yoshi, TheRealHeroOfWinds, NickirixXT, shyguybuddy11, Moe, Unit, marioking64DS, Theytah, jiang, Pik, Albafika, KingJigglypuff, SJS, Spex130, Sandfall, DavidVKimball, MetalLegacy, EggTimer, tryptech, Xenthos, Kuro, Moblin, Sylv, Renegade Jade, Nefnoj, Layell, Moblin, ledgerewskie, Kurukato87, Program, Aghanim, Sylv, MaybeGreg, Dr., Nezha,Brawl Minus
[Pack - Character]

/Important Update to Super ZSS through Terror's sighting of a bug!/ Another Super ZSS bug squashed!/ Metals fix for Super ZSS
Moe's Ice Climber Bear alt recolors, the Surfer recolor for Jet Set Knuckles, Brawl Minus Waluigi Biker recolors, Cadet ZSS.
What's New:
Altered version of TE's Zero Mission ZSS to make it less Fusion and more Zero, Super ZSS, Lucario recolors, an altered Moe Gi Lucario recolor to have green chest fuzz, Bad End Olimar recolors based on some Smash 3C recolors for the alt.

45 May 24th, 2018

Wii U Awakening Roy CSProject Recolors by Shranux with credit to Jaystring,Nanobuds, Pik,TʘCK,KingJigglyPuff, StarWaffle, Theytah,TheRealHeroOfWind, Moe, Brawl Minus, CSProject team, and finally FluffyGomez for the .blend file for it being possible to render these.
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

Basically WiiU Awakening Roy with Brawl Minus and somewhat edited Moe recolors.

15 May 22nd, 2018

CSProject Shinobi Squirtle by Shranux with credit to The CSProject team
[Misc - Texture - Menu]

60 May 18th, 2018

CSProject Charizard recolors and Fixes by Shranux with credit to Brawl Minus, PMDT, BurningGojira, Majora's Wrath | Pyro Gaming, Gunvolt, ChoiceScarf, Codex-9, ruddfcker, Crixler, RoboticCyborg, and all of those involved in the CSProject.
[Character - Texture - Charizard]

89 August 4th, 2018

Shinobi Squirtle Recolors and Fixes by Shranux with credit to ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, PMDT, Codex-9, LnktheWolf, StarWaffle
[Character - Texture - Squirtle]

Ah Squirtle... You've received a nice red and green recolor for your ninja gear in Legacy TE... This pack was at first made to have revisions on them due to some things that I didn't feel right about them, but I also wanted to make a brawl textured version of two Smash3C recolors. (One being a Koga recolor) Then I saw that codex's Koga Squirtle brawl recolor's download link is no more, as well as other stuff, so I used the codex CSPs that I downloaded a few years back as the basis for the cosmetics. And then I made more recolors.

63 March 7th, 2018

VPM Styled Options For Samus by Shranux, Nanobuds, iwantgames, windhunter7, Vinegar, Survivian with credit to Ca$inoWolf, Greyson, Moblin, ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, SJS, Darkstar, Albafika, Theytah, jiang, Pik, StarWaffle, KingJigglypuff, Spex130, TʘCK, Sandfall, Draco, tryptech, TheDarkMysteryMan, Moe, DavidVKimball, Allbait, SmashEmblem_guy, BlueLink, PMDT
[Pack - Character, Misc, Portrait]

Be sure to look out for updates!
1.Like how I fixed up the Materials and Super ZSS's bikini texture thanks to two people noticing it for me.
2. Welp, PED got help from two new people giving me pointers, so...And yep This original Nanobuds mod has been given a nice update to make the ball centered to the animation skeleton, opaque visor like the other PM / Legacy TE costumes, and finally the gun has been shortened to fit with the smash attacks and charge blasts as well!!!
Thanks goes to one playtester, plus one more new person giving me a pointer!
3.Fixed Mats again.
"Samus, you are now authorized to use your real hands again." - Adam.
Ever wanted another real blue alternate costume in Legacy TE besides the Justin Bailey recolor? Ever wanted Justin Bailey to use her Vanilla PM gun arm? Well I did that and more in this definitely tourney friendly pack. Comes with HD cosmetics.
Thanks goes to windhunter7 for tutoring me on stuff.

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