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11 March 28th, 2017

Father by SkySSB with credit to Pervyman Trigger, DSX8 for the original import.
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

Father from Codename: Kid's Next Door joins the brawl!
Works with PM and Brawl. This model comes straight from FusionFall!

Includes all cosmetics. If you have any problems please PM me.

20 January 23rd, 2017

Snake Alt Color Camo by Moe with credit to RoboticCyborg
[Character - Texture - Solid Snake]

Link to the original recolors: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=202971

I used the Desert Camo and the U.S. Navy Camo as a base and thinking how they would be look on a different color

This download includes:
- 2 Character Files
- 2 CSP
- 2 BP
- 2 Stock Icons

Tell me if there is something wrong

151 January 20th, 2017

Red - Pokémon Sun & Moon by Edwguard Flows
[Character - Import - Solid Snake]

Guys, I hope you like it! I did my best :)

Champion Red imported from Pokémon Sun and Moon over Snake.

Red comes with all materials, rigged and it has also facial expresions.

In aditional I changed some models and sounds that match more with the pokemon world: the Knife was changed for a sword (Honedge), the mine for a Voltorb, the Cypher for a Magnezone, the grenade for an Ultraball. Other objects like the box (Themed), the Trench (Sliph Sharpedo), the gun and bullets have new textures.

New sounds like pokemon's cries, pokeball, phone tone and more. Of course snake voice was deleted.

For a wifi safe game, don't use the ultraball grenade model (ItmSnakeGrenadeBrres) because there are some problems with the detonation time.

Subscribe to my Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwtb1sopQlVfoUaH2gFPaA

Enjoy :)

28 December 26th, 2016

Venom Snake Face by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture - Solid Snake]

In 2 versions, with and without bandana.

20 December 26th, 2016

Venom Snake, Big Boss' Phantom (Metal Gear 1) (Advanced and Simple) by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

Venom Snake, The Big Boss' Phantom in Metal Gear 1, joins the Fight.

NOTES: the eye patch has texture defects and is not made of metal, any of you can edit or fix this defect, I speak Spanish,
The drawing of Venom Snake (MG1) is not mine, but it is based on it

NOTAS: el parche del ojo tiene defectos de texturas y no se hace de metal, cualquiera de ustedes puede editar o arreglar este defecto, yo hablo español, el dibujo de Venom Snake (MG1) no es mio, pero en ello me base

244 November 26th, 2016

Deadpool V2.5 by BraveDragonWolf with credit to IWantGames
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]




- Added sword spec map

- Properly positioned swords (A must needed edit)

- Sharper pistol specular texture and slightly improved original pistol texture map

96 November 5th, 2016

Smash 3C Tuxedo Snake Recolor Pack by SkySSB with credit to Smash 3 Team, and Smash 3C Team.
[Character - Texture - Solid Snake]

Includes CSP's, BP's and Stock Icons.

If you have any problems PM me.

35 October 15th, 2016

Revolver Ocelot (MGS3/Twin Snakes [MGS1]) by Johnny Thunder with credit to mariokart64n for Jack Krauser model
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Solid Snake]

''FOXHOUND special operations, Revolver ... Ocelot''

-Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes/MGS1


96 October 16th, 2016

Shiny MegaMan over CaliKingz01's MegaMan Moveset(Link to Moveset Is In Description) by windhunter7, LJSTAR, Mariodk, Dot, GBC, SouthCraft, ⚠WARNING⚠ with credit to KTH, jaystring, CaliKingz01, Leon Exodio, davi vieira, and many more
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

Note: The Rush Armor also is shiny like the regular smaller MegaMan; I just couldn't really take a snapshot since I couldn't time it right.

Note: His feet are slightly glitchy, but not really very noticable during regular gameplay.

This was a request by davi vieira.

Table of Contents

I. Summary
II. What's New
III. About Requests
IV. Credits

I. Summary

A request by davi vieira, this mod puts ! WARNING !'s Megaman Smash Wii U over Lucario over CaliKingz01's MegaMan moveset. The moveset is not included; you must download it using the link

II. What's New
A. New Characters
B. New Models
MegaMan(Small) Model, & MegaMan(Rush Armor) Model
C. New Textures
Reflective Textures
III. About Requests
I do requests, but ONLY of conversions(Including from YouTube), texture-related things,
or basic model imports/vertexes. I will do most requests of these sorts, and I will
tell you if I will do them or not.
[Also, I WILL give you credit for your idea, unless you state otherwise.]
You can contact me via email, PM, or by creating a topic in the proper spot on the forums.
IV. Credits
A. Idea by davi vieira
B. Model Import by ! WARNING ! and jaystring(CSPs, etc. Not Included)
C. Moveset by CaliKingz01, KTH, LJSTAR, Mariodk, Dot, Leon Exodio, GBC, SouthCraft, and more; see description for full credits

32 October 9th, 2016

Revolver / Liquid Ocelot by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Solid Snake]

''I fell waiting for this!!!''

-Liquid Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 2


13 September 28th, 2016

Max Mordon (Max Morden) (Tad: The Lost Explorer) by Johnny Thunder with credit to jaystring
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

''Max mordon on the case''

-Max Mordon (Max Morden)


282 September 22nd, 2016

Smash 3C Big Boss Recolors by ledgerewskie, Aghanim, PizzaDog, tryptech with credit to Smash 3 Team
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

A ton of recolors for Big Boss! Nearly every Smash 3 color now has a facepaint version, plus two brand new camos, and an update of Big Boss's MPO sneaking suit!


375 September 22nd, 2016

Smash 3C Tuxedo Snake/Big Boss by ledgerewskie, Taiko, Tailsmiles249, Large Leader, Shun_One, Moblin, jaystring, Aghanim, tryptech
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

It's Snake's secret tuxedo costume from Metal Gear Solid! This includes two versions - one based on Solid Snake and another based on Big Boss.


245 September 21st, 2016

MGS3 Snake Pack by jaystring
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

This is a huge pack i've been working on for a while combining tons of stuff from MGS3 Snake.

Here's a full list of all that is included

1) A fixed/optimized/debugged and improved version of the project M Big Boss model.

- have working moving eyes
- Hair bandada fixed to render properly with XLU Materials
- fix the inverted radio antenna on the back
- fix the deformed CQC Knife
- fix rigging of the eyepatch
- deleted some unused polygon inside the model
- improved most of the skinning
- fix the big texture stretch on the left knee

2) Tons of new costume for Snake

- Fixed MGS3 Snake (the project M model)
- No eyepatch MGS3 Snake
- Naked Snake
- No eyepatch Naked Snake
- Virtuous Mission Snake
- Tuxedo Snake
- Tuxedo Snake with Eyepatch
- Sneaking Suit Snake
- Big Boss Snake
- MGS3 Snake with end game beret

All costumes have moving eyes, metal shader, facial expresion etc etc. THey should all work fine for Wii too!

3) HD textures to be used with Dolphin

4) all MGS3 Camos and facepaint adapted to my model to allow anyone to make a new costumes out of them (tutorial included as well)

Here is some exemple of what you can do with camos and facepaints : http://imgur.com/a/G3m5i

5) I rendered ALL camos and facepaint and adapted them to allow anyone to make icons for they own created camo/facepaint costume (tutorial included as well)

This pack took a lot of work to get put together. I hope you all enjoy it!

Let me know if you find any issues!

256 September 21st, 2016

MGS4 Old Snake by jaystring
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

Here's Old Snake from MGS4!

This pack comes with 8 costume (4 dolphin version and 4 wii version)

Old Snake
Old Snake with SolidEye
Young Snake
Young Snake with SolidEye

The dolphin version is designed to be used on dolphin WITH HD texture only. They are required or else the model will be super blurry in-game.

If for some reason you do not want to use HD texture, use the Wii version on dolphin.

The dolphin version has full facial expression, moving eyes, metal shader etcs. I've tweak and adapted all texture for Snake to blend well with Brawl characters

The Wii version doesn't require HD texture but is a compromised version with some stuff removed.

- it has some polygon optimization
- Snake has partial facial expression (facial expression for the mouth but not for the eyes). The Wii version does have moving eye and metal shader
- Snake's hairs are using OPA material instead of XLU (lower quality transparency)
- texture size has been reduced (they are acceptable but no where near the quality you would get with HD texture)

Let me know if you have issues!

19 September 2nd, 2016

3c Textured Snake Mccloud by mnnaz05 with credit to PMDT, Smash 3 team, Smash 3c team, and Kidneptune
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

I wanted to make this skin fit more with the other Smash 3 and 3c skins, so I made the textures like the smash 3 ones. There is no rim light cause I can't be bothered with that. I will include a csp but don't expect anything too good.


PS: I will make a video for all my future posts.

544 October 21st, 2016

Sub-Zero over Snake + Brawl EX Slot by CaliKingz01
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Solid Snake]

RE-DOWNLOAD! Fixed an issue and Forgot to insert some files...

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long wait but he's Finally complete.
This mod comes with Alternate Costumes and Brawl EX Slot.
CSPs are optional to use. Feel free to make your own CSP and post it.

Thanks for waiting and ENJOY!

22 August 19th, 2016

Solid Marcus Snake McCloud by Johnny Thunder with credit to Kidneptune
[Character - Texture - Solid Snake]

Solid Snake and Marcus McCloud, the son of Fox Mcloud : Solid Marcus Snake McCloud!!!

209 August 18th, 2016

Ekans Skin for Snake by marioking64DS, TheRealHeroOfWinds
[Character - Import - Solid Snake]


just a skin for Snake made in less than an hour.

271 August 14th, 2016

Deadpool V2 + More Costumes by BraveDragonWolf, iwantgames
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Solid Snake]

Better read that .txt document...

Renders done by me.


3 August 13th, 2016

Uline Box by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Solid Snake]

replace snake's box with ''Uline Box''

5 August 13th, 2016

Old Johnny Thunder Recolors by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

Now, with 3 extra colors: Red, Blue and Green.


CSPs (with and without headband)

BPs (with and without headband)

Stock icons (with and without headband)

8 August 11th, 2016

Old Johnny Thunder (remastered) by Johnny Thunder
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

Old Johnny Thunder remastered!!!, with headband and without headband.

CSP icons
BP icons
Stocks icons
FS eyes (thunder-electro eyes)
Metal texture.

78 August 8th, 2016

Counter Terrorist Factions (Counter-Strike:Condition Zero) by Bloodberry
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

Yes, I can make the name of this mod shorter. And No, there aren't enough Snake imports in the vault yet xD.

Well, here they are, the CT factions, yeah, the CT factions. Did I already mention that these are the CT factions?

I'm still hoping to get more downloads... hoping :'v

Download includes:
-Navy Seals
-Russian Spetsnaz

If you experiment some issues with any of the imports included, or if I forgot to credit someone or add him/her as a collab, send me a PM... reports work too I guess :c

384 August 8th, 2016

Project M Deadpool by CaliburTek with credit to BraveDragonWolf, iwantgames, Mephisto, Reaver Ind., KTH, Beyond, Albafika, SiLeNtDo0m, JCentavo, Ganon-Punch, and a million other people, LITERALLY.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Solid Snake]

(Second image is vid)
This PSA is to make Deadpool a faster, more combo/melee/PM based
fighter. His overall speed has been increased, his combo potential has been drastically increased etc. I'll provide a moveset changelog in here for your favorite "super hero??"
Weight: 99 => 105
To make him more prone to combo's, but live overall longer.
Run Speed: 1.525 => 1.896
To make him match the faster gameplay.
Jumpsquat: 5 => 4
Most of these changes are to adapt to faster gameplay.
Fall Speed: 1.8
Fastfall Speed: 2.9
To enforce that he's a fastfaller/combo food.
Air Mobility: 0.90 => 1.24
To showcase his new combo potential.

Aerial Attacks:
Nair - Redesigned as a combo attack, much bigger hitbox, and no sweetspot.
(Frame 5) (Landing Lag 16/8) (Early: 8%) (Late: 4%)
Fair - Startup buffed, from frame 20 to frame 7. Move is completely changed to what resembles his ftilt. Now chains into itself.
(Frame 7) (Landing Lag 22/11) (8%)
Bair - Startup buffed, to frame 5 from 11. Move reworked to kill earlier.
(Frame 5) (Landing Lag 19/10) (15%)
Uair - Move reworked to be double hit, and kill earlier.
(Frame 8) (Landing Lag 15/8) (Hit 1: 3%) (Hit 2: 7%)
Dair - Move reworked to have meteor smashing hitboxes throughout the majority of it.
(Frame 8) (Landing Lag 22/11) (2% x 6) (5%)

Smash Attacks:
Fsmash - Simply changed to deal more damage and kill move reliably, it also has much more endlag.
(Frame 3) (Hit 1: 6%) (Hit 2: 13%)
Usmash - Changed to deal Ryu's Smash 4 True Shoryuken damage early, and late. No invincibilty carried over. He also jumps a bit higher.
(Frame 6) (Early: 18%) (Late: 8.4%)
Dsmash - Changed to a multihit attack, it spikes offstage opponents as its main use.
(Frame 6) (Hits 1-4: 2/3/3%) (Hit 5: 12%)

Dtilt - Changed to Ike's dtilt in SSB4. Very versitile for combo's.
(Frame 7) (8%)
Utilt - Changed to Cloud's utilt in SSB4, a good combo tool.
(Frame 8) (8%)
Ftilt - Knocks at a combo angle, ftilt, fair is a good combo at middle percents.
(Frame 7) (15%)

UP B - Fixed to grab ledge, still recovers insanely high. It also has a new hitbox upon him spawning in the aerial version. Can be b reversed midair to grab ledge, as before it just killed you.
SIDE B - Can no longer be used to stall, as he goes helpless after it ends.

Dthrow, made into a combo move.
Bthrow throws at a 250 angle, meaning it can spike opponents near ledge.
Fthrow can kill, though generally at higher percents for a kill throw like 140%.
If you worked on the previous 50 Deadpool PSA's are weren't credited just PM/DM me and I'll add you. :)

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