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54 May 31st, 2018

Cel Shaded Toon Link by LinkTahuterasuSpirit with credit to windhunter7, DemonBoy, and Aghanim for the Fixed Project M Outset Link with Brawl Weapons. Team Legacy? I think for Linebeck Link, Mario49 for Blue Eye Texture, DemonBoy for Engineer Link, ShinF, DrKoala, and LJSTAR for Cape Model used for Unique costume, Luna Shinfokku for PM 3.6 Toon Link Sword Trail, Allav866 for the Wind Waker Weapons pack. WarioManX for the CSP ID Templates and the CSP Standardization project for the render poses.
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Toon Link]

Edit 5-31-18 fixed spelling mistakes in the Preview image.

Made with use in Project M and Legacy TE in mind.

If you guys didn't already know Brawl actually has built-in Cel Shaders but it's only ever used for a few Trophies, I actually quite like Cel Shading so I decided to give Brawls Cel Shaders some more use by doing a graphics overhaul Starting with Toon Link. this pack comes with all Toon Link costumes from Legacy TE 2.0 and the Engineer costume Recolors from TE 1.0, some costumes have new references attached to them and a new costume of my own creation intended for use as a hidden alt comes with 4 recolors. Moveset is the same as LTE 2.0 but with a changed sword trail and weapons made cel-shaded as well (though Bombs don't want to appear for some reason and just load regular brawl Toon Links Bombs), I hope you guys enjoy.

4 May 28th, 2018

n64 red toon link by kermit west with credit to Sir Kirby the 4th and ShadeDBZ
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

this is a texture edit of Sir Kirby the 4ths n64 toon link
all credit gos to him for the model and ShadeDBZ for the texture

12 May 19th, 2018

Bulbin (Hyrule Warriors) by dRage
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

With Hyrule Warriors now out on the Switch I figured it would be a good time to release the baddies I've imported from that game for use in my machinima.

Uses Moblin shield (HW) and the club model from Brawl's Bridge of Eldin because the Bulbin weapons were broken in my HW model rip.

36 May 17th, 2018

Toon Link Linebeck Skin recolors pack by EilvaJunner with credit to EggTime, MetalLegacy
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

Hi, this is a recolors pack of Toon Link with Linebeck clothes.

This pack countain : 6skin, bsp, csp, stock in HD and SD.

Click the preview image to see a full album!

13 May 9th, 2018

Legacy TE Conductor Link Recolours by Ubergruvin with credit to DemonBoy, the PMDT, LTE for the original recolours.
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

For anyone who's colourbind (such as myself), Legacy TE's default Conductor Link costumes can very hard to tell apart. I decided to fix this by whipping up some quick recolours to make them easier to tell apart. All needed menu assets are included in the download.

12 April 3rd, 2018

Blueberry (BUG FIXES) Pikmin by Lasercraft32
[Character - Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

Fixed bugs

71 March 6th, 2018

Tetra (Super Smash Sister Final Revolution) by Tyshy!
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

I ported Tetra from Hyrule Warriors! Enjoy

5 June 12th, 2018

Kofi! over ToonLink by JoseWiis with credit to alexhall
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

= Este personaje pertenece a Kofi! =

visita Kofi! Serie:

11 January 19th, 2018

Toon Orion by Lasercraft32
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

Toon link edition!

28 December 24th, 2017

Shadow Toon Link by STHFan1992 with credit to NintenNess for the eyes and PMDT for the animations (included in the Project M folder)
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Toon Link]

Toon Link now has his Shadow Clone from The Great Maze.

137 November 12th, 2017

Sm4sh Toon Link PSA by Lillith with credit to RandomTalkingBush for ripping Toon Link's sounds from Smash Wii U
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Toon Link]

Update-- The alternate PM version couldn't dash dance before, it should be fixed now.

First off, this code is needed to work properly~

Effect.pac Roster Expansion System (RSBE.Ver) [JOJI]

I can't link it directly, but it can be found on JOJI's site~
Navigate to the bottom of the sidebar 'SSBB CODES'

Anyways! Includes both a vBrawl and PM version so choose for whichever suits you best.

If you're familiar with Sm4sh's Toon Link, you should know what to expect. Have fun!

Happy Zelda Month, I will be doing more Sm4sh PSAs as time goes on, Hopefully, I'll get Ganondorf done before the month's end, currently unsure of how I'd go about with Zelda and Sheik unfortunately.

...You'll notice that the fairy isn't glowy as she should be, but... I suck at model stuff and have no idea how to do that :<

265 October 7th, 2017

Nepgear (Major Update) by BraveDragonWolf with credit to Thany, KJP, Nao-chan, bringobrongo, Lillith, and KingJigglyPuff
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Toon Link]

Decided to re-rig the main and cosplay models to use the one boneset that the \"Idol\" model has so that you can forget about the PSA flag method...Also added a few animations from one of the PM Lucina movesets, and the Smash 4 Roy moveset. Check the .txt.

69 May 30th, 2018

Black and Gold Toon Link by jetfantastic with credit to CSBR's CSProject for cosmetics.
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

This slick costume is based upon the Black Marth recolour that's in Brawl, Toon Link even has a little Falchion to match the costume and a gem on his belt buckle.

This Costume includes a CSP, BP, a Stock icon and CSProject alternatives.

5 July 22nd, 2017

Rowsond Toonlink by Rowsond
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

145 July 19th, 2017

Smash 3C Toon Link Colour Expansion by Layell with credit to The Smash 3 Team
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

Toon Link was always a colourful character, now enjoy four more colours.

Check out the Smash 3C Thread here: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3c-project-pm-alts-recolors-and-more.383581/

35 July 4th, 2017

Hylian Aryll (Smash Bros Vs Sis) by Tyshy!
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

How i Think Aryll would Look after going to Hyrule

101 June 15th, 2017

Ninjabread Man by Andymander with credit to Models Resource
[Character - Import - Toon Link]


I was bored, so here's the Hero of Shovelware.


41 June 4th, 2017

Toon Link - Four Swords + Mirror Shield by windhunter7, BBreon, Smash John with credit to Phred, Wonder793, KTH
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

This was a request by Phred.

I now accept donations, so if you would like to donate, please click here: http://windhuntersmods.blogspot.com/2017/01/test-button.html

Table of Contents

I. Summary
II. What's New
III. About Requests
IV. Credits

I. Summary

A request by Phred, this mod puts the Mirror Shield by BBreon onto the Four Swords Toon Link by Smash John.

II. What's New
A. New Models
Mirror Shield, Four Sword
B. New Textures
Alternate Shield Textures(Brawl-Styled or Toon), and a new tunic for the 06 slot
III. About Requests
I do requests, but ONLY of conversions(Including from YouTube), texture-related things,
or basic model imports/vertexes. I will do most requests of these sorts, and I will
tell you if I will do them or not.
[Also, I WILL give you credit for your idea, unless you state otherwise.]
You can contact me via email, PM, or by creating a topic in the proper spot on the forums.
IV. Credits
A. Idea by Phred
B. Four Swords Link by Smash John, Wonder793, and KTH
C. Mirror Shield by BBreon and KTH

67 July 2nd, 2017

Cloud 9 Outset Toon Link by megamanmatrix20XX with credit to whoever made the pm outset toon link
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

As promised here is C9 Toon link.I finally got previews. [EDIT] I probably wont be doing anymore of these unless I get really bored

503 May 15th, 2017

Shovel Knight Version 2! (V3 BETA) (Project M version included) by Neon Green with credit to everyone in the credits.txt
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Toon Link]

(V3 coming out soon)
He is finally here!
Hello everyone, I remade an old moveset hack to be better
Its shovel knight!
He has much better animations and attacks (There is a moves changed.txt which you can read to see which moves are changed)
(Project m version included)
Enjoy :)

12 January 12th, 2017

My Blue and Gold glitch Triforce (Toon Links final smash) by TheSneakyDragon7
[Character - Texture, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Toon Link]

Sorry for the bad quality on my video. This texture, and the glitch mechanics took some time, and also this is my first creation, hope you enjoy, I will release a glitch mario final smash if asked to. Thanks for downloading. Any questions on how I did it or just questions if it does not function, please message me.

229 January 6th, 2017

Toon Link (Hyrule Warriors Legend) by iwantgames
[Character - Texture, Import - Toon Link]

Hyrule Warriors Toon Link Pack
(compatible with pm)


-Recolors (default, red, blue, purple, dark, nes, triforce hero green, triforce hero red, triforce hero blue)
-2 Alternate Weapon Classes
-FS Eyes
-Spec Materials
-Glow Materials

problems? report them here:


152 December 20th, 2016

Toon Link Recolor Pack by Moe
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

It has 2 colors from SSB4 and 3 new colors (personally I like the Shadow Toon Link from the Four Swords Manga rather than the Dark Toon Link from Brawl)

This download includes:
- All Character Files
- 5 CSP
- 5 BP
- 5 Stock Icons

Tell me if there is something wrong

25 December 9th, 2016

LeafyIsHere over Toon Link Hack by Shedew Hegehog with credit to Credit to whoever made Project M, because I used the Toon Link in pajamas skin.
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

The reptillian himself. I just recolored the Toon Link pajama skin from project M.

47 December 1st, 2016

Ravio (With Hood) Recolors (ALBW) by Mobius, russmarrs2
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

russmarrs2 created this awesome custom Ravio model from A Link Between Worlds. I'm using Project M Legacy XP and used him over the purple Outset Islands Link. I figured it would be cool to have the Team Battle versions be functioning too, so I took it upon myself to do some recolors. Enjoy!

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