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229 July 6th, 2017

Giga Bowser Buffed by mnsg
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Giga Bowser]

Throughout my time doing hacks for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I never did do any actual moveset edits. However, I have done some moveset edits in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and decided to recreate one of the edits for at least one fighter in Brawl. In this case, it's Giga Bowser.

Here, I basically replicated all the changes that I made for Smash Wii U Giga Bowser onto his Brawl incarnation, which includes all damage and knockback adjustments.

Some of the most notable changes include the f-smash, where the head hitbox now has enough power to KO fighters at 0% damage when fully charged.

Another change is to the d-tilt, where the first hit will always deal fixed knockback.

Aerial Whirling Fortress can potentially deal up to 60% damage if all the hits connect, but Brawl's physics make that tougher to accomplish than in Smash Wii U.

The Bowser Bomb had an interesting element in Smash Wii U, where it could potentially deal as much as 65% damage. However, that apparently can't be replicated in Brawl, as even against big targets, at best, the attack dealt up to 35% damage.

I also modified Giga Bowser's attributes so that they're more like his Smash Wii U incarnation's attributes (such as his running speed value being set to 2), but the fast-falling speed value is kept at 3.5, since most Brawl fighters have their fast-falling values set to 1.4x their falling speed value. The attribute edits also affect the Subspace Emissary, though you can't normally use Giga Bowser in that game mode.

On one final note, I also tried to increase the duration of the Giga Bowser Final Smash to 1200 frames. However, it's not easy keeping track of the duration when using an emulator on your computer.

Anyway, these buffs simply make Giga Bowser feel a lot more rewarding to use, since in the KO department, I've often seen Giga Bowser feeling inferior to a Bowser who picked up a Super Mushroom.

And for those who are curious about this hack's origin, below is a link to my buffs to Giga Bowser in Smash Wii U.


5/23/2017 Update: After testing out my work during the past set of months, I felt that a few more things had to be adjusted.

I've improved the knockback for certain attacks, such as the u-tilt, f-throw, and b-throw. The n-air deals slightly more damage as well. Also, the slow cliff attack now uses the Sakurai angle for its knockback angle, instead of sending opponents toward him.

The most notable change, however, is to the Bowser Bomb's landing hitbox, which is now larger than before. Now, anyone who's caught near the landing shock wave will take damage, instead of having to be near Giga Bowser.

5/25/2017 Update: The base knockback for the u-smash's first hit has been strengthened a bit, enabling the attack to KO sooner than before.

The cliff attacks have also been modified in that they deal slightly more damage, and their fixed knockback strength is stronger as well.

6/11/2017 Update: Additional damage and knockback adjustments have been made, and almost every attack deals variable shield damage now; this makes it more dangerous to try to block the attacks, even with a full shield.

I also made some hitbox adjustments, and even added some new hitboxes for a few attacks. The grounded Whirling Fortress can now hit airborne targets more easily, and the late hit can now damage airborne targets; originally, the late hit could only damage fighters who are on the ground.

On a side note, only the f-tilt has a chance to trip fighters now, but the odds of seeing that happen are quite small, thanks to its knockback strength; giant and metal fighters are more likely to trip, thanks to their higher knockback resistance.

6/21/2017 Update: I decided to improve Giga Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress so that it's more efficient to use.

Normally, the grounded Whirling Fortress dealt up to 2 hits, but if both of the hits got blocked, then Giga Bowser would literally be wide open to punishment.

To fix up this flaw, I took a page from Smash 3DS / Wii U Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress. Now, Giga Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress deals up to 10 hits, with the final hit delivering high knockback. All the hits also deal some shield damage, so fighters have to think twice about blocking the hits, unless they want to risk seeing their shields break.

The only downside with this attack adjustment is that the grounded Whirling Fortress makes KOs later than when it only dealt up to 2 hits. But to compensate for that drawback, the grounded Whirling Fortress can deal up to 30% damage if all 10 hits connect, instead of up to 25% damage with 2 hits.

6/22/2017 Update: This update is minor, but highly notable. The SpecialSCatch command can now grab aerial targets; originally, it could only affect fighters who are on the ground.

7/5/2017 Update: Additional adjustments have been made. F-air's base knockback is stronger; b-air's knockback angle is lower; the second hit for the dash attack and u-smash have their knockback angles adjusted; u-throw's looping hitbox deals fixed knockback, while the throw hitbox now has the Electric effect.

The d-throw has also been modified in that it can not only bury bystanders, but it can also bury grabbed fighters. However, all hitboxes now deal fixed knockback, making the d-throw unable to KO anyone by itself. If there's no ground, the throw hitbox will instead send the grabbed fighter flying at a low angle.

7/6/2017 Update: After testing out my changes to the d-throw, I felt that it needed more work. Now, the d-throw's throw hitbox comes before the body slam hitboxes. However, the throw hitbox no longer buries, and can't deal any damage, but it can position the grabbed fighter to get buried by the body slam hitboxes.

Also, the body slam hitboxes no longer deal fixed knockback, but despite dealing 30% damage, the knockback growth is very low, so the body slam makes KOs later than the f-throw and b-throw. Despite this, when used near stage ledges, the d-throw can be rather nasty to fighters with bad recoveries.


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