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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Photoshop saving - what format? on: July 04, 2010, 03:08:03 PM
Hey guys. My friend helped me make a Zelda texture in Photoshop - as you can see below:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I saved it as a PNG file, replaced it in the FitZelda03.pac with Brawlbox (when I preview the model, it shows up just fine) and named it like I should have, FitZelda03.pac, (I also made a PAC file with Lex77's program) but when I play the game, her normal costume for blue shows. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Project Lightning - FFXIII (LOOKING FOR A NEW TEAM!) on: June 29, 2010, 04:29:41 AM


Project Lightning (Claire Farron)

Let me just say this: Lightning is the most bad*** character from Final Fantasy I've seen to date, and I'm a Final Fantasy freak. Aren't we all? So I figured, why not put her in Brawl?

Project Lightning Team:

ethanrodgers223 - Director & Manager
Sumire Omelette - PSA Hacker
Hollow - PSA Hacker
MarioKart64_n- Vertex Hacker/Model Editor
ds22 - Porter


Jab: three quick slashes, downwards, upwards, and downwards again. Nice GTFO move, I guess.
4%, 4%, 5%

Dash Attack (Blindside): Lightning stabs her opponent, sliding forwards. This move hits your opponent horizontally and is good for setting up gimps off the side of the stage.

Forward Tilt: Lightning slashes horizontally across her opponent. Think Ike's forward tilt, but without as much lag or power. This move is quicker and weaker. It was supposed to be the slash that Lightning does before entering a battle, and it looks... not too bad.

Up Tilt: Lightning does a quick slash upwards, launching her opponent into the air. This can start aerial combos, but is weaker and doesn't end with an automatic jump like Launch, the Up Smash, does.

Down Tilt: Lightning flips backwards and fires a shot down at where she was standing. This move is great for escaping, stalling, or when you have the feeling the your opponent will roll and want a safe way to punish.

These are the PLANNED MOVES so far. The only two "completed" are Cure (Down B) and Aero (Up B).

Forward Smash (Sparkstrike): Lightning jumps up and slashes her opponent vertically while spinning. This move deals electric damage and hits the opponent upwards more than horizontally and is one of her main kill moves.

Up Smash (Launch): Lightning slashes her opponent upwards. If the move connects, then Lightning crouches down and leaps after her opponent. The longer you've charged your smash, the higher she will jump to chase her opponent. This move isn't that strong and won't kill very reliably, but sets up for great areial combos and lets you get a lot of air by automating a very high jump. If you miss, though, you'll suffer a lot of lag.

Down Smash (Blitz): Lightning does a quick circular sweep, hitting both sides of her. This move doesn't deal too much damage or too much knockback, but has a lot of IASA frames at the end, being not only a good GTFO move, but it'll help you catch your opponent off guard, as well.

Neutral Air: Lightning slashes in front of her and behind her, ZSS's nair style.

Forward Air: Lightning does an upward slash, hitting her opponent forwards, which can cause quite a few gimps.

Back Air: Lightning slashes upwards and juggles her opponents above her, but remember that doing this move will reverse your direction.

Up Air: The bread and butter of her aerial juggling game, this is a move that is not only powerful, but keeps her opponents in the air for a long time, exactly where she wants them to rack up large amounts of damage.

Down Air (Smite): Ike's down air for now. We'll mess with it later.

Special Moves:

Neutral B (Fire, Firaga): Lightning fires a little fire from her hand. Charging this move fully will let her unleash an explosion where the fire lands. Fire moves in a low arc for a while, and can help her camp well in case she's falling behind in a match.

Forward B (Thundara): Lightning creates a small thunder a distance away from her. This move strikes at a medium distance, not close up and not far away.

Up B (Aero): Lightning casts Aero and very quickly rides an air current so fast, she simply cannot be seen. This move has startup/end lag, to balance it out.

Down B (Cure, Cura/Curaga): Lightning's risky ace in the hole. She focuses and waves her arm, casting Cure on herself. This move is VERY slow (think Jigglypuff's "Rest"), and only heals 5%. However, if you charge this spell, you can move into either Cura (15%) or Curaga (60%). Remember, not only will you have to charge first, you'll also have to endure the "casting" period, in order to balance out the move.


Lightning 0.1: Our first beta for Lightning. Doesn't have a Down B move or Up B move.
Moveset PAC

Lightning 0.2: Our moveset with Hollow's adjustments. First Beta of Cure/Aero included.
Motion File


3  Help & Tutorials / Help / How in the HECK do you even use CSPS?! HELP! on: June 02, 2010, 08:16:45 PM
Hey guys. First off, I really have looked through all of these pages, and I cannot find the answer to my question.

I don't understand how to use a CSP. I've tried opening up common5 through BrawlBox, replacing the CSS image with another, and saving it. But when I play, it freezes.

I've tried saving my Zelda image as zelda1_big.tga, but that doesn't work either. It didn't freeze, it just didn't register what I did. That's probably because I'm doing something wrong.

I've found guides on how to make them, but not how to "install" them.

Please help, and again, sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but I HAVE looked, and not a lazy looked. If that makes sense.
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