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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / XeNTaX forums account on: April 04, 2013, 06:30:46 PM
Anyone here have an account on the XeNTaX forums because I need an attachment from there but it costs €5 to register. If someone does could you download the attachment from this post and PM it to me please?
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Fox and Falco on: September 24, 2011, 03:59:02 PM
When I scroll over fox on the CSS I almost instantly get the white screen with green text that says something about disc not being read and when I'm using falco in a match the game will randomly break and give me the same white screen. Fox has been broken for ages but falco only broke recently. I have no hacks on either of those characters so I don't know what could be causing this and they are the only two characters this happens to.
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / AdfroMan's hacks (Caped Link Added) on: November 15, 2010, 05:56:46 PM
This is my thread for all my hacks that I make. I've been making them for a while and uploading them to the vault but now I've made a thread. The details of the hacks are in my vault on the links.

Caped Link



Luke Triton

Dedede With A Fedora

Round Head Yoshi

Foxy Bingo

The Purple Wind


Metapod Pit Final



White & Gold Giga Bowser

Top Hats
I plan on making every character with a tophat, here are my current ones.



Captain Falcon

Diddy Kong





4  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / Fixing Freezing Transforming Characters on: October 30, 2010, 04:51:54 PM
Lately I've been noticing that every Samus/ZSS and Zelda/Shiek hack on the vault says that it freezes when transforming. This is caused by the .pac file being compressed. To fix it:
1. Open the .pac file and it'll be clicked on the FitCharacter## ARC
2. On the right, click on the LZ77 drop down list next to Compression and change it to None
3. Save the file and the file size should increase

Your transforming hack should now not freeze upon transforming.
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Editting UVs on: August 05, 2010, 06:08:56 AM
I'm wondering if it is possible to edit UVs for Pikachu because his body texture is in a tiny square so no textures on him will ever look good and I wanted to make a detailed Falconchu.
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