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1  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / We changed hosts. on: December 06, 2015, 02:23:18 PM

With any luck, this change will do away with the site errors for good. We've got more processing power, more space, more of everything we need.

As always with these moves, though, there's bound to be a little weirdness. If you run into any errors while browsing the forum, post here and let me know, and I'll fix them when I can.

The database backup I used to do the transfer was made around 3 a.m. EST (about 13 hours ago). Any posts, BrawlVault activity, etc. that happened between then and now was lost. Sorry about that.

The blog didn't survive the trip. Press "F" to pay respects. We'll be taking a new approach for featuring the best our community has to offer. More on that later.

If you uploaded an avatar instead of linking it from somewhere else, looks like something broke and they aren't loading anymore. New uploads work fine.

BrawlVault might give you some "Internal Server Error" pages right now. I know about it and I'm working on it. Please don't post about that here.
2  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / BrawlVault: Feedback and Updates on: March 04, 2014, 07:43:19 PM
If you have any suggestions for changes to BrawlVault, or if you have any bugs to report, please post them here. If you're reporting a bug, please include a screencap, if possible, along with a description of your actions leading up to the error and which browser you are using.

Posts about incorrect or rule-infringing reports no longer go here. For details on how to bring such reports to the attention of the BrawlVault staff, please see "Challenging Reports" in the "Reporting" section of the features list below.

Thanks to SJS for providing all of the new graphics.

Quick list of what's new:
  • Actions that were once scattered about as buttons (reporting, adding portraits, etc.) are now located in the Actions dropdown
  • Entries can now have more than one report active at once. To see all reports on an entry, click the under the type line (not visible if you don't own the entry and there are no active reports on it)
  • Instead of posting here about invalid or rule-breaking reports, you can let the BV staff know about the report by clicking the to the right of the report in question
  • To view images users have added to a character or stage mod, click the under the type line. This replaces the "Show CSPs/SSPs" button in old BV
  • BV now supports adding multiple types of images (e.g. battle portraits, stage names) instead of just selection portraits
  • The rest of the changes are self-evident

For brevity, I'll be referring to entries you submitted or on which you are listed as a collaborator as "entries you own."

You can perform simple searches of the Vault using the navigation bar at the top of each screen. For example, click "Characters," then Mario's icon to view all Mario mods.

To perform more precise searches, click "Search" in the navigation bar. Here, you can specify exactly what you're looking for.

In the "Entry Information" section, the "Exact" checkboxes next to each field will make the search match the contents of that field exactly. For example, entering "Final Fantasy" in the "Audio Source" box without checking "Exact" will return all audio mods whose sources are any game in the Final Fantasy series.

When you select a type of entry on the search screen, depending on the type chosen, the list of subtypes may have "And" and "Or" radios next to it. For more information on this, click the on the screen.

While viewing the search results, you can change pages by clicking the numbers at the top or bottom of the page. You can change the sort order by using one of the three buttons (Alphabetical, Newly Added, or Downloads). You can limit the results to more recent entries using the dropdown to the right of the sorting options.

Safe Search

Toggle Safe Search using the button at the top of every BV screen. When this is on, all of your search results are limited to approved entries only.

Viewing Entries
  • The name of the entry is the download link.
  • You can click on any owner's name to view that user's Vault.
  • The Actions dropdown contains all the actions you are allowed to perform related to that entry, e.g. reporting, adding an image, deleting, etc. This dropdown is not available to guests, and its contents will vary depending on your rights, what the owner(s) allow, etc. Details on each of these actions are in their respective sections below.
  • Icon explanations:
    • - Wi-fi safe
    • - Not wi-fi safe
    • - Wi-fi effects unknown
    • - Shows reports
    • - Shows images
    • - Direct link to the entry
    • - PM creator
    • - View creator's RSS feed
    • - View creator's forum profile

The submission process is largely unchanged from the previous version of BV, but I'll go into detail here for anyone unfamiliar with the process.

To submit to BrawlVault, click this button, available in the navigation bar on any screen of BV:

Simply fill out the form on that screen with all the information about your mod and click Submit at the bottom to add your mod to the Vault. If your submission is successful, you will be taken directly to the entry on the Vault, and you can immediately start sharing the link wherever you want. Note that until your entry is approved by the Staff, it will be hidden from searches for any users who have Safe Search active, and it will be marked with this icon:

Note that you can lose your submission rights if you make too many submissions that violate the BrawlVault rules.

Some details about specific fields:
  • Collaborated: Enter the names of other members to share download count and management rights for the entry with those members. Multiple names should be separated by commas. For more details, click the "?" icon on the submit screen.
  • Credit: This is a free-form text box. You can enter whatever you like here; it has no special properties. Use this to credit anyone, including those who are not members of our community, with assistance, inspiration, or providing a basis for your mod. If you have a lot of people to credit, it may be better to include the credit in a text file in the download. If you are submitting a pack, a text file crediting the creators of all included mods must be in the download.
  • Allow others to add images to this entry: This appears only for character and stage mods. Leave this box checked if you want to allow any member of the community to submit supplementary images (selection portraits, names, etc.) to use with your mod. Someone who owns the entry will have to approve any images added this way before they are visible to the public. If unchecked, entry owners will still be able to add images freely.

    For more information, see "Images" in the feature list.
  • Does this entry desync wifi: As it says on the page, this lets users know if your entry causes issues online (not that this matters after May 20, 2014) if all participants don't have it. If your entry uses custom animations, bonesets, etc., then it will cause a desync. Audio and SFX mods will not. If you're not sure, simply select "Unknown."
  • Info Text: Enter any extra information here. Link to your thread on the board if you have one, describe the source or inspiration behind the mod, anything you want.
  • Previews: For more information on submitting proper previews for your entries, see the BrawlVault rules. Basically, you need up to three pictures or videos for anything except Audio or SFX, an easily accessible audio file or video for Audio, and a video for SFX.

To edit an entry, simply select "Edit" from that entry's Actions dropdown. You may edit only entries that you own.

The edit page is identical to the submission page, with one addition: if the entry has any active reports on it, you will see something like the following:

Editing an entry no longer automatically clears its reports. In order to resolve reports on your entry, you must check their boxes before submitting your changes.

When you submit your changes, a PM will be sent to all owners of the entry, excluding yourself, with details of what you changed. This information will also be visible in the entry's log.

To delete an entry you own, select "Delete" from the Actions dropdown. If you accidentally delete something, post here to request the BrawlVault staff to restore it.

Viewing Logs
You can view the history log for any item you own by selecting "View Log" from the Actions dropdown. This log includes edits, deletions, reports, images added, and several other actions.

Reporting an Entry

If you notice something wrong with an entry -- broken download, broken previews, improper credit, etc. -- you can let the owner(s) know about the issue by reporting it. To do this, select "Report" from the entry's Actions dropdown.

Note that making multiple reports that violate the BrawlVault rules can cost you your reporting rights.

Describe the issue in the window that appears, taking care to not report an issue that's already been reported, click "Submit Report," and you're done.

Viewing Reports
To view reports on an entry, click the under the entry's type line. If you don't own the entry, this icon will be visible only when the entry has active reports.

Removing a Report

If you own an entry, you can resolve reports on it by editing it. See "Editing" for more information. If you don't own the entry, you can challenge the report, and the Staff will resolve it.

Challenging a Report

You should challenge a report if you see an invalid one on an entry you don't own or if you see one that violates the BrawlVault rules, even if you own the entry and can resolve the report yourself.

To challenge a report, click the icon to the right of the report in question. The staff will be alerted and will take any actions they deem necessary. No further action is required from you.

This is a revamp of the portrait functionality of the previous BrawlVault. It has been expanded to include any kind of interface change that can be made, including names, stock icons, etc.

You can add images to Character and Stage mods only.

Adding Images
To add an image, select "Add Image" from the Actions dropdown. If you don't own the entry and the owners have disallowed adding images, this action will not be available.

In the window that appears, select what type of image you're adding, paste a direct link (i.e. one that ends with an image extension, e.g. .gif or .png) to the image, and enter the image creator's name, if it's not you. Then click "Submit." If you're adding an image to one of your entries, the image will be approved automatically. Otherwise, the owner(s) will be alerted via PM that you've added the image, and they must approve it before it becomes visible to the public.

Viewing Images
To view the images on an entry, click the icon under the entry's type line. You can use the filter dropdown at the top of the window to show only images of the chosen type.

Approving Images
When viewing images for entries you own, unapproved images will have a icon under them. You can click this to approve the image and make it visible to the public.

Deleting Images
When viewing images for entries you own or images you submitted, you will see a icon under the image. You can click this to delete the image.

RSS Feed
RSS feeds are available for the Vault as a whole and for any specific user.

To view and subscribe to the Vault feed, click the button at the top of the Vault.

To view a user's feed, click the icon under the type line of any of that user's entries, or follow the link on that user's profile.

Dynamic Signatures
BrawlVault can generate an image for you to use as a signature on this or any other forum. Use one of several provided images as a base or upload your own. Use various keywords to display your most recent mod, your total download count, and several other statistics, all of which will update in real time.

To get started, click the button at the top of the Vault.
3  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Any errors moving back to this domain? on: April 19, 2012, 04:39:29 AM
I'm pretty sure everything is working, but I've been wrong before.

So if you find something, post it here. Or PM me, or e-mail me, whatever works for you. I'll fix it. Probably.

Database Connection Problem
max_user_connections exceeded

Please don't post these anymore.
4  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Explanation of forum downtime and changes from 10/14-16 on: October 17, 2011, 10:59:35 PM
Now that the situation is resolved and we can look back at it with clear heads, we understand and can offer much more cohesive information than we could in the midst of the confusion.

The recent slowdown and increase in errors were due to an increase in traffic and a flaw in BrawlVault's RSS. They were not the result of a DDoS attack, and there is nothing wrong with the forum's security. While a DDoS attack did occur, it was small and had no significant impact on forum performance.

We've placed a single ad in the Forum Games board and will soon be placing one on BrawlVault as well. This will fund both a server upgrade and the improvement of BrawlVault, so if you use an ad blocker, please whitelist those areas. Both of these things will improve the 500 error situation. Picano has stated multiple times that BrawlVault is poorly written, and every time he does that he also asks for help or funding to make fixing it possible. Neither has been forthcoming, so we're finally taking matters in our own hands.

Those are the important facts. For details, read on.

On Friday, October 14th, a thread discussing the recent increase in 500 errors appeared.  Various causes and concerns were discussed, as were possible ways of alleviating the problem.

In an incredible case of poor timing, this same day saw one of our hacks, Waluigi, featured on various gaming news sites, and the increase in traffic made the errors worse than ever.

Also at this time, a user named SmashHackers, who between all of his alts has been banned from this board several times, launched an ill-conceived DDoS attack on us with a few of his friends. To make it perfectly clear: in the end, this attack had virtually no impact on us whatsoever.

But we didn't know that at the time. All we knew was that we were getting DDoSed, not the scale, so we took appropriate precautions, increasing security and keeping a close eye on the forum error logs.

Due to these precautions, we spotted an inordinate number (more than 200) of users, many of whom had no cause to DDoS us, sending dozens of strange requests to BrawlVault. At this point, we suspected the worst: a botnet. We're not going to say who we suspected as the source, because as it turns out, that wasn't the case.

At this point, I'd like to reiterate something picano has said multiple times since he created BrawlVault himself: its programming is not good.

As it turns out, BrawlVault was behind much of our recent trouble. The cause of the 500 errors is the incredible number of server queries made by the forum, BrawlVault in particular. Also, the more than 200 people who were making suspicious BrawlVault calls were victims not of a botnet but of mistakes in the BV RSS.

High traffic volume is directly related to the 500 errors, as we've always said, but not for reasons of bandwidth limitation; rather, since most people are here just for BrawlVault (check the number of online guests vs. registered users and you'll see the truth of that), the queries become too much for the server to handle and a 500 error occurs.

The two ways to solve this problem are to optimize the forum (especially the Vault) and to upgrade the server.

To that end, a single ad has been placed in every Forum Games topic, at the bottom of the page, and soon there will be one on BrawlVault as well. The proceeds from these ads will fund the aforementioned solutions.

Why those two places? The rationale for BrawlVault should be obvious. For Forum Games, we figured that since its users aren't contributing to the forum's purpose -- hacking Brawl -- and since the board gets so much traffic, they should contribute in other ways.
5  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / General CSP-making tutorial on: November 01, 2009, 07:27:15 PM
More of a compilation of other tutorials, really.

For Photoshop:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLeVyjb7AFo" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLeVyjb7AFo</a>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keeU5Dwuikw" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keeU5Dwuikw</a>

If you only need to know how to use them, not make them:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsloet8AuK0" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsloet8AuK0</a>
6  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / Wii System Menu 4.3 (HBC Updated!) on: September 28, 2009, 09:10:30 PM
Hackmii Installer .7

Compatible with 4.3! If you've already updated, you'll require some work-around method or to install again with either Smash Stack or Indiana Pwns.

If I may say, it's absolutely beautiful. -picano



Do not update if you want to keep your Homebrew. 4.3 does a better job of deleting it and making sure you can't get it back.


If you want to continue using the Shop Channel, use WiiSCU. (Thanks, mnsg!)
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Banner Contest! Winner announced! on: July 16, 2009, 01:31:35 AM
So, a week ago, I showed you guys this mutated reject of a banner:

And asked you to make a new one, with the reward being one of five fabulous prizes.

Six of you rose to the occasion. Of those six, we have chosen... Plasmakirby, with this entry:


The other entries are below. Feel free to talk about how X should have won, I don't care.

From Ike Lawliet:

From Canon98:

From stickman:


From tjmsrubegoldberg:
8  Welcome / Rules / Feedback / Brawl Vault / We're back (again)! But with one small problem. on: July 11, 2009, 10:30:11 AM
Welcome back!

As you can see, the forum is restored. However, the restoration process isn't perfect. While every message is stored in the backup, random errors during the restoration process may have caused some posts to not appear. While it seems to have gone much more smoothly this time, it is possible that some posts were not carried over.

If you find a blank post, PM me with a link and I will fix it as soon as I can.
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Idea for a Texture Review Site on: July 03, 2009, 09:24:01 AM
(I posted this a couple of months ago, but it's been mentioned recently, so I'm bringing it back to get feedback again.)

The sheer number of textures available can be rather overwhelming, especially for newcomers. Sifting through the seemingly endless lists of lackluster textures to find the gems often feels like a chore. I want to make this process at least a little easier.

What I have in mind is a texture review site. Just like one for games or gadgets or books, but we review textures. The team would be comprised of maybe five or six members: one from every more-or-less prominent hacking team (ESH, SS, and KC spring to mind), with the remaining spots available upon application for members of smaller teams and/or veteran forum members. I would also have guest reviewers - sometimes prominent texture hackers, sometimes randoms that few people have noticed. Note that the main focus of creating the reviewing team is not to form a group of the "best" but one that represents a variety of tastes and art styles.

The site would function as follows. At least twice a week, three or more reviewers would pick a texture from all of those available. (IMO, any texture posted for the public to see and use is also fair game for critique.) The texture would exemplify (or prove the need for -- negative reviews will be posted as well) at least one of several characteristics that makes a great texture: attention to detail, style, creativity, simplicity... I'll iron out the details if this idea gets enough positive feedback. Each reviewer would then write up a decent, thought-out critique, scoring the texture on each of the above-mentioned criteria as well as an overall score. Naturally, due to the nature of the reviewing team, different reviewers will give radically varying scores to the same texture. The beauty of it is that readers are presented with a variety of well-expressed opinions on what makes a texture good (or, to another person, not good).

"But Vyse," you say, "won't something like this just lead to bitterness and inflated egos?" Probably, but those would be due entirely to the immaturity of the people expressing them. The list of positives far outweighs that. First, the reviews shine a spotlight on textures that are truly outstanding. Second and more importantly, they encourage more work of the same quality -- the reviews effectively set a standard that doesn't really exist in the community now. I believe that, overall, reviews would strengthen and improve the texture hacking community as a whole. Finally, assuming the site becomes reputable, it could generate genuine competition for better scores. Competition is a good thing, driving people to make better textures. It also doesn't really exist in this community as of now.

Go ahead and post whatever feedback you have. If, after a few days, I feel like it's a good idea, I'll look into recruiting members and setting up a site.
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / vyTunes: Updated Nov. 18 [Persona 3] on: June 20, 2009, 11:47:45 PM
Welcome to vyTunes! Here you can browse a wide selection of music, mostly from RPGs. Every track is in stereo.

Below, you'll find a list of albums and songs. Click on the name of an album to download all of its songs, or click on the name of the song to go to its BrawlVault entry.

A ★ before a song's name means I recommend giving that song a listen, even if you've never played the game it's from.

If you prefer, you can browse the library on Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/vytunes

Nov. 18: I've been playing Persona 3 and really enjoying it, and while a lot of its music has been done, I didn't see "Living with Determination" on BV. I think it would make a great menu song, so I converted it. You'll find it in the Random section.

Your vyTunes library contains 24 albums and some number of songs.


Battle for the Umbra Throne
Blood and Darkness
Climactic Battle
Fly Me to the Moon (∞ Climax Mix)
Fortitudo ~ In Labors and Dangers
The Greatest Jubilee
The Heavies
Iustitia ~ In Giving Every Man His Due
Mysterious Destiny
Red & Black
Riders of the Light
Sapientia ~ In the Choice Between
  Good and Evil

Temperantia ~ In Foregoing

You May Call Me Father
Chrono Trigger +
Chrono Cross

Battle with Magus
Battle Theme
Boss Battle 1
Boss Battle 2
The Brink of Death
Chrono Trigger
Dragon God
Last Battle
Orphan of Flame
Undersea Palace
World Revolution
Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Battle (FFI)
Battle 1 (FFIX)
Battle 1 (FFV)
Battle 2 (FFIII)
Battle 2 (FFIV)
Battle at the Big Bridge (FFV)
Battle Preparations (Character Select)
Battle Theme 1 (FFII)
Battle Theme 2 (FFII)
Battle with the Four Fiends (FFIV)
Chaos Victory Fanfare
The Decisive Battle (FFVI)
Don't Be Afraid (FFVIII)
Fight On! (FFVII)
One-Winged Angel (FFVII)
This is the Last Battle (FFIII)
Dissidia Duodecim

Battle (FF6)
Battle 1 (FF3)
Battle 1 (FF4)
Blinded by Light (FF13)
Chaos Shrine (FF1)
Esper Battle (FF12)
The Final Battle (FF5)
Force Your Way (FF8)
God in Fire
Grand Cross (FF9)
J-E-N-O-V-A (FF7)
Pandaemonium (FF2)
A Realm of Emptiness (FF11)
Reform (Main Menu)
Summoned Beast Battle (FF10)
Echoes of Betrayal,
Light of Redemption

Blue Planet in Mode 7
Genesis of Destruction
Of Fiend and Man
Survival Instinct
Final Fantasy I (PSP)

Battle at the Big Bridge (FFV)
Battle No. 2 (FFIII)
Boss Battle A
Boss Battle B
The Decisive Battle
Fight No. 2 (FFIV)
Last Boss
Mini Boss Battle
Final Fantasy VII

Birth of a God
Fight On!
Jenova Absolute
Let the Battles Begin!
Nomura Limit
Those Who Fight
Final Fantasy VIII

Don't Be Afraid
The Extreme
Force Your Way
The Landing
The Legendary Beast
The Man with the Machine Gun
Maybe I'm a Lion
Only a Plank Between One and

Fire Emblem 9 & 10

Battle of Pride
The Devoted
Stalwarts Unite
To Challenge Ashnard
Golden Sun

Boss Battle
The First Book
Venus Lighthouse
Vs. Fusion Dragon
Vs. Saturos
Vs. Saturos and Menardi
Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Boss Battle
Felix's Battle Theme
Full Speed Ahead!
Jenna's Battle Theme
Mars Lighthouse
The Second Book
Ship Battle
Tundaria Tower
Vs. Doom Dragon
Vs. Human
Vs. Karst and Agatio
World Map 2
Kingdom Hearts series

A Fight to the Death
Another Side, Another Story (Battle Arrrangement)
Darkness of the Unknown
Deep Drive
The Deep End
Dirge of the Fourteenth
Vector to the Heavens
Forze del male
Fragments of Sorrow
Rage Awakened
Sinister Sundown
Struggle Away
Tension Rising
The 13th Dilemma
The 13th Reflection
The 13th Struggle
Vim and Vigor

Complete game rip
★ Deep Mountain A
★ Dusky B
★ Magnificent Palace B
Pokemon Coeum

Final Battle
First Battle
Normal Battle
R/S/E Champion Battle
R/S/E Trainer Battle
Semifinal Battle
Vs. Cipher Admin
Vs. Cipher Peon
Vs. Miror B.
Pokemon HG and SS

Vs. Champion
Vs. Entei
Vs. Frontier Brain
Vs. Ho-oh
Vs. Johto Gym Leader
  and Elite Four

Vs. Johto Trainer
Vs. Kanto Gym Leader
Vs. Kanto Trainer
Vs. Lugia
Vs. Raikou
Vs. Rival
Vs. Suicune
Vs. Team Rocket
Vs. Wild Johto Pokemon
Vs. Wild Kanto Pokemon
Pokemon Remixes
Vs. Champion (R/B/Y)
Vs. Champion (R/S/E)
Vs. Champion Cynthia (D/P/Pt)
Vs. Champion/Red (G/S/C)
Vs. Johto Trainer (G/S/C)
Vs. Kanto Gym Leader (G/S/C)
Vs. Regi (R/S/E)
Vs. Rival (R/S/E)
Vs. Team Rocket (G/S/C)
Project Chaos

Breathtaking Vision
Dead Batteries
The Doomsday
Live at the Sandopolis
Malicious Fingers
Scrambled Eggman
Walk on Water
Resolution Trigger

Desperate Struggle
Motorcycle Chase
Showdown with Magus
World Revolution
Skies of Arcadia

Armada Battle
Battle on Deck
Bombardment 2
Boss Battle
Final Battle
Ramirez's Theme
Strife! (Homestuck)

Heir Conditioning
Dance of Thorns
Time on My Side
Atomic Bonsai
Knife's Edge
Tales of the Abyss

A Place in the Sun
The Arrows Was Shot
At the Time of Farewell
Awkward Justice
The Edge of a Decision
Everlasting Fight
Finish the Promise
Karma (Instrumental)
Meaning of Birth
Never Surrender
Time to Raise the Cross
Viewtiful Joe

Another Joe
Aquatic Terror
Blade Master
Blue the True Hero
Dark Fiend
Henshin-a-Go-Go, Baby!
Inferno Lord
Iron Ogre
Joe & Silvia (Jadow Space Fort)
Joe the Hero
Let's Ride, Six Majin!
The Omnipotent
Some Like It Red Hot


Act Clear - Sonic 1 & 2
Black Wing Metamorphosis - Final Fantasy 7 (remix of "One-Winged Angel" by OCR)
Blue Beating - BlazBlue
Bustin' Up on the Beach - Kingdom Hearts
Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being ~ - Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith (remix)
Chaos Angel Act 1 - Sonic Advance 3
Cornered - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, arranged by Magical Trick Society
D City Rock - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Dreamland - SSB64
The Final Battle - Final Fantasy 4
Hyrule Castle - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, arranged by ZREO
Knight of the Goddess - Final Fantasy 13-2
Living with Determination -Iwatodai Station Arrange- - Persona 3
Middle Boss Battle - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mr. Unsmiley (Sky Rail) - Sonic Adventure 2
Nostalgic Blood of the Orient ~ Old World ~ - Touhou 8: Imperishable Night (remix)
Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls
The Outer Space Machine - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (remix of "Final Boss" by OCR)
The Rebel Army - Final Fantasy 2, arrangement by Dangerous Mezashi Cat
Revolutionary Etude - Chopin (Catherine version)
Vengeance is Mine (Radical Highway) - Sonic Adventure 2
Transformation (Transformed) - The World Ends with You
Zeromus - Final Fantasy 4, S.S.H. remix
11  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Vyse's Textures! Latest: Lloyd's Final Smash on: June 20, 2009, 11:44:25 PM
Most of what I make is going to be based on RPG characters.

Upcoming: The sun rises again...

Newest textures are at the top.

List of Textures:
Lloyd's Final Smash
Revamped Lloyd
Revamped Vyse
Youngster Ben
Zelos Wilder
KPit (by KFox)
Zetta (Sho Fan Ness)
Lloyd's Final Smash

The legend of Mithos and the Kharlan War says that Mithos the Hero formed a pact with the Goddess Martel. Looks like Lloyd followed in the ancient hero's footsteps yet again... and he can summon the Goddess in battle!


And she leads an army of Cruxis angels!

A while ago (before making Ben and the Terminators), during an extra day off from school, I was bored, so I decided to fix up a couple of my older costumes. The result: much-improved Lloyd Irving and Vyse. (Downloads after pics this time.)

Improvements: arms, pants, WINGS, sword, hair, shield.

Improvements: Just arms and pants.
The T-800, Skynet's relentless killing machine, has arrived in the world of Smash. Who is its target now?


When the standard T-800 has taken too much of a beating, it sheds its outer skeleton to reveal something even more deadly: the T-X.



YOUNGSTER BEN would like to battle!

SHOR -- I mean download!

You've seen it on Stack Smash (maybe), now you can... see it here. And download it.

It's Riku from Kingdom Hearts.

Download (.pac and .pcs)

This texture was my introductory texture on Stack Smash, so you've probably all seen it already. Nevertheless, here she is again (with a download link!): Fina!

Download (pac and pcs)

This next texture will have you believing that victory... goes to... the most...

...Sexy! Dead sexy!

It's Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia!

Download (.pac and .pcs)

As always, thanks to picano for screens and testing.
This isn't one I made, but I was given permission to post it. It was made by a friend of mine, KFox, and it is based on an original character of hers, Kuro.

To see more of KFox's art, including the original Kuro, visit http://kuroseishin.deviantart.com

Download (.pac and .pcs)

Zetta (Sho Fan) Ness! (Thanks to pic for screens!)

Download (includes .pac and .pcs)

Love the bat.

Major improvement on the shirt. I also changed his shorts and socks.

His eyes are about the same color as Sho's.

You're outta your vector!
Asch the Bloody! From Tales of the Abyss to Brawl, he's still ready to break some faces. (Now with green eyes, thanks to Picano.)


Green eyes! Thanks, Picano!

Notes: The sword and the design on his leggings will be fixed in the revision.
Chell! (Best used with KC's Portal Suit Samus, IMO.) (Thanks to picano for screenshots!)

Download (this includes .pac and .pcs files)

Aperture Science logo. ZSS's back is actually a mirrored texture, and the design of this logo makes it impossible for it to come out right that way. I think it turned out pretty well.

I got the Paralyzer as close in color scheme to the Portal Gun as I could.

12  Help & Tutorials / Music/SFX Tutorials / Music Guide and FAQ on: June 20, 2009, 05:03:11 PM
If you want a shorter but vaguer guide using Audacity, use Slashy's here. If you want clear, precise instructions on getting your loops perfect, use mine. But remember: no guide is going to magically enable you to make perfect loops with no effort. Getting perfect loops requires more than a good guide; it requires work, a good ear, and lots of patience.

Please read this before asking any questions. It has solutions to several common problems that are asked about far too much (hence Frequently Asked Questions).

This update makes the entire guide much more concise.

The guide's instructions include color coding for various important elements. The key is as follows:
Green is for keyboard commands.
Yellow is for menu commands.
Teal is for attributes and other important things.

Video Tutorial
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmnUdMTpvfc" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmnUdMTpvfc</a>

This will be easier to follow if you at least attempt reading the guide first, or, ideally, read along with it.


Table of Contents

Use Ctrl+F and the codes in parentheses to jump to a section.

1. Needed Tools (#tools)
2. Getting Started (#start)
-- Setting up Androu's tool (#setup)
-- A base brstm (#base)
3. Making a Song  (#song)
-- Regular Loop or Custom Loop? (#loop)
-- Editing (#edit)
--- Extra Instructions for Custom Looping (#custom)
---- The 14336 Rule (#14336)
-- Converting (#convert)
--- Stereo or Mono? (#type)
--- Creating Your brstm (#brstm)
---- Mono (#mono)
---- Stereo (#stereo)
4. Making a Victory Theme (#victory)
-- Mono (#vmono)
-- Stereo (#vstereo)
5. Testing Your Song in BrawlBox (#test)
-- Playing a song (#play)
6. Changing Music Titles (#titles)
7. Adding Your Files to Brawl (#brawl)
-- SD Loader (#dsdl)
-- ISO modification (#isomod)

1. Needed Tools: (#tools)
-- Androu1's BRSTM Maker and BRSTM2SD
-- Goldwave (trial version here, full version here)
-- MP3Gain for checking song volume
-- BRSTM2SD (another program by Androu1; it is included with the latest version of the music tool)
-- Brawl Track List (so you know what you're replacing; not necesary if using BRSTM2SD)
-- Brawlbox for changing music titles and playing finished brstms
If adding your music to the ISO:
-- An SSBB ISO (Make your own or download it)
-- WiiScrubber 1.21 (Note that the key.bin required to make it work will have to be obtained elsewhere; Google it or, if necessary, PM me.)
-- USB Loader GX or blank DVDs, a good DVD burner, the burning program of your choice (ImgBurn is by far the easiest), and a backup launcher
2. Getting Started (#start)
Welcome to the world of music hacking! I'm Professor Vyse.

Erhem. Glad to have you; it's always nice to see what other people will bring to the table. To that end, I'll provide you with everything you need to know in order to make your own custom brawling music. You're taking another big step towards becoming a Pokemon master making your personal, individual copy of Brawl.

-- Setting up Androu's tool (#setup)
Before I continue, I'll address a question I still hear far too often: why use Androu's tool instead of BCSM or BrawlBox? The answer: volume. Both BCSM and BrawlBox attempt to normalize the volume of new brstms to match that of Brawl's default songs, and the results are spotty at best. Androu's tool allows you complete control of your song, including its volume. That does make it easier to make a mistake, but it also ensures that your song will be perfect once you know what you're doing. And that's what this guide is for!

Now, then. Once you've downloaded the rar from the link provided in Needed Tools, make a new folder at the root of your hard drive (where Program Files and the like are). Give it a name with NO SPACES. Extract the brstm tool into this folder.

You will see a folder with the name "Copy the files in this folder to your SYSTEM folder." These files should go into C:\Windows\System32.

Create a folder named EditedSongs in the root of the music tool. This is how it should look when it's ready:

-- A base brstm (#base)
The tool requires one brstm in the OriginalSongs folder in order to function. As far as I know, any brstm (and there are plenty available in this forum) will work, but for your convenience, the current download in #tools already includes one.

Once you have this in the OriginalSongs folder, you are ready start your own grand adventure in the world of Pokemon music hacking.
3. Making a Song (#song)

-- Regular loop or custom loop? (#loop)

Before you start editing your song, you need to decide something.

All brstms, except some victory themes, should loop. The decision: do you want to make a regular loop or a custom loop?

A regular loop starts over at the beginning of the song once it reaches the end. They’re much easier to make than custom loops, because you avoid the 14336 rule, but it’s much more difficult to make them sound as smooth and seamless as custom loops – without cutting away chunks of the song.

A custom loop plays through the entire song once and, once it reaches the end, restarts somewhere in the middle. It requires more effort, but if you follow this guide and develop a good ear, you’ll almost always create a better brstm than you would have using a regular loop.

-- Editing (#edit)

Open your song in GoldWave. If it’s not in mp3 format already, save it as one. You might want to close the version you just saved and open the original again to preserve the quality. Open the mp3 in MP3Gain and analyze it. If the volume is lower than the 93-95 decibel range, go to Effect > Volume >Change Volume in GoldWave, type in the appropriate number to get it there, and press OK. Close MP3Gain.

-> -> ->

Press Shift+3 to switch to a 10-second view of your song. If you see any silence – empty space – at the start of your song, right-click where it ends and click Set Finish Marker. Press Delete to remove it.

If you want to do all you can to make sure your song won’t glitch when used with the SD Loader, click Effect > Resample and choose 32000 from the drop-down box.


If you chose to make a regular loop, there’s nothing else you have to do in this section. However, you can edit many songs, especially those from video games, such that the end flows smoothly into the beginning, creating a clean loop. If you’re interested in that, reading the following section until you reach the 14336 rule will help you. Otherwise, skip to the Converting section.

--- Extra Instructions for Custom Looping (#custom)

If you’re still reading, that means you’re either doing a custom loop or making a decent-sounding regular loop. Things get a bit trickier from here.

The first step is finding your loop points.  These are two points within the song that sound similar enough that you can jump between them without any noticeable skipping or abrupt tempo changes. With video game music, which is usually made to loop, this is easy; with remixes or commercials songs -- not so much.

The best way to do this is to play the song. Get a feel for it, and listen for similar parts. As you gain more experience with GoldWave, you may find shortcuts here by noticing similar patterns in the waveform and playing only at those spots, but it’s never a bad idea to listen to the music you’re working with.

Once you’ve found some likely loop points, make sure you’re in 10-second view (Shift+3) and look at them more closely. Switch between them frequently (right-clicking on the spots and dropping a cue point will help you remember where they are) and try to spot places where the two waveforms are exactly alike or at least very similar. My video has an excellent example of this.

When you think you’ve found them, left-click on the earlier one to set your start point there and right-click to set your finish point at the later one. Now press the yellow Play button (or Shift+F4). Your song should start playing from the start point you just set. Press Shift+E, click Sample based position, and copy the number in Start, then close the dialog box. Move to your end point and left-click somewhere in the song before it. Playback should jump there. Now press Shift+E again, paste the number you copied back into Start, and click OK. Playback should continue to your set end point then loop back to your start point. (If you're not quick enough on the draw, playback will loop to the most recent location of the start point, but it'll work the next time it reaches the end.)

-> ->

How did it sound? If you weren’t looking at the screen, would you know that the song had jumped to a different point? If so, tweak the location of your start and/or end points and repeat the steps of the previous paragraph until it sounds right.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve finished the hardest part of making a good brstm.

If you’re making a regular loop, make sure your start and end points are where you want your loop to be, then press Ctrl+T. This will cut off the rest of the song, since you aren’t using it. Now skip to the Converting section.

If you’re making a custom loop, there’s one more hurdle to clear: the 14336 rule.

---- The 14336 Rule (#14336)

Remember that number in Start when you pressed Shift+E? Put simply, the 14336 rule states that if that number is not a multiple of 14336, then the song will skip at the loop point when played in Brawl, regardless of how smooth it sounds on your computer.

Does choosing from a limited pool of possible start points and trying to find a matching end point sound like a hassle? A huge headache that you don’t want to deal with? It should, because it is – but that’s not what we’re going to do.

Instead, we’re going to turn the loop point you already found into a multiple of 14336 by adding silence to the beginning of the song.

If you’re thinking about making any objections, consider this: the standard sampling rate is 44,100 Hz; Brawl’s standard is 32,000 Hz. That means each second consists of 44,100 or 32,000 samples respectively. You will be adding, at most, 14335 samples of silence to the very beginning of your song. That’s less than one-third or less than one-half of a second, depending on your sampling rate: completely negligible.

First, make sure your start and end points are where you want your loop to be. Press Shift+E. Open two instances of Windows Calculator. In one of them, type 14336, press +, then start pressing = until you reach the first number greater than the number in Start in GoldWave. Copy this number to the second calculator (Notepad works too, but this is easier.) Copy the number in Start, go to the first calculator, press -, paste in the number, and press =. The result is the number of samples of silence you’ll be adding to your song.


Back in GoldWave, copy the number in Finish and paste it into Start. Click on Finish again, and insert a 1 before the first digit. Press Enter. You should get a warning that the value has been adjusted. Press Enter two more times, then press Delete. You’ve just removed everything after your song’s ending loop point.

Now press Ctrl+A to select your entire song. Go to Edit > Insert Silence and choose 0.5 from the drop-down box. Press Shift+E again. Subtract the number in Finish from the number currently stored in your first calculator. Copy and paste the resulting number into Finish and remove the negative sign. Press Enter, then Delete. You’ve now deleted the extra silence, and the loop point you found earlier is now a multiple of 14336.

-> -> ->

Compare to

To check, press Ctrl+A, then click the yellow Play key. Use the same trick from when you were finding your loop point, but paste the number from your second calculator into Start. It should sound exactly the same as it did before.

Don’t close that second calculator! You’ll need it later, in the Converting stage.

-- Converting (#convert)

--- Stereo or Mono? (#type)
You now have another decision to make. Do you want your song in stereo or mono?

Stereo offers better sound quality at the expense of being twice as large as a mono brstm and having a few more steps in the converting process. (To be honest, I don’t think anyone makes mono songs anymore.)

--- Creating Your brstm(#brstm)

Get to the folder on your hard drive where you extracted the brstm tool. Double-click Start.bat. Enter A for mono or B for stereo, then enter the name of the brstm in OriginalSongs. It will then tell you to "read the enclosed instruction booklet." Instead, refer to the following paragraph that matches the option you chose.

---- Mono (#mono)

In GoldWave, click File > Save As. Navigate to the root of the music tool. Change the file type to Wave and the attributes to PCM signed 16-bit mono. If you're using the brstm I provided, you will see a file named w23.wav. Save your current song with the same name and click Yes when asked if you want to replace it.

---- Stereo (#stereo)

In GoldWave, press Ctrl+A to make sure you have the whole song selected. Now press Ctrl+Shift+L to select only the left channel. Click File > Save Selection As. Navigate to the root of the music tool. Change the file type to Wave and the attributes to PCM signed 16-bit mono. If you’re using the brstm I provided, you’ll see two files: w23L.wav and w23R.wav. Save the current selection as w23L. Press Ctrl+Shift+R to select the right channel, then click File > Save Selection As and save over w23R.

-> ->

Go back to the tool and press Enter. When the tool asks for your starting loop point, enter 0 for a regular loop or paste the number from your second calculator for a custom loop. Give the song a name when prompted, and you’re done! If you want to make sure it came out right, jump to the Testing section.
4. Making a Victory Theme (#victory)
Victory themes are the songs that play after a brawl, at the results screen. They do not loop. However, it is fine to make looping victory themes. If you want to do that, just treat it like a regular song and refer to one of the above sections.

-- Mono (#vmono)

Step 1: Editing Your Song
Open your mp3 or wma or wav or whatever in Goldwave. Edit the song however you like. You may want to do things like cutting out extraneous silence at the beginning or end.

Once you're done editing your song, click File > Save As and change the file type to mp3. Open MP3Gain and run this mp3 through it to find out the volume of your song. Go back to your song in Goldwave. Click Effect > Volume > Change Volume and add enough decibels in the upper-right corner of the dialog box to bring the volume to 94 decibels.

You may want to move the mp3 you saved to another folder, to have as a backup in case you want to tweak it later.

Step 2: Using the Tool
Get to the folder on your hard drive where you extracted the brstm tool. Double-click Start.bat. Enter C for mono, then enter the name of the brstm in OriginalSongs. It will then tell you to "read the inclosed instruction booklet." Refer to the following paragraphs instead.

Go back to Goldwave. Click File > Save As. Change the File Type to .wav, and change the attributes to PCM signed 16-bit mono. If you're using the starter Pokemon brstm I provided, you will see a file named w23.wav. Save your current song with the same name and say Yes when asked if you want to replace it.

Go back to the tool and finish up.

And that's it! If you want to check your brstm to make sure it came out properly, skip to the "Testing Your Song in BrawlBox" (#test) section. If you want to get right to inserting it into your game, see the "Adding Your Song to Brawl" (#brawl) section.

-- Stereo (#vstereo)
Open your mp3 or wma or wav or whatever in Goldwave. Go to File > Save As. Change the File Type to .wav and the attributes to PCM signed 16-bit stereo. Save it in the root of the music tool. Edit the song however you like. You may want to do things like cutting out extraneous silence at the beginning or end.

Once you're done editing your song, click File > Save As and change the file type to mp3. Open MP3Gain and run this mp3 through it to find out the volume of your song. Go back to your song in Goldwave. Click Effect > Volume > Change Volume and add enough decibels in the upper-right corner of the dialog box to bring the volume to 94 decibels.

You may want to move the mp3 you saved to another folder, to have as a backup in case you want to tweak it later.

Step 2: Using the Tool
Get to the folder on your hard drive where you extracted the brstm tool. Double-click Start.bat. Enter D for stereo, then enter the name of the brstm in OriginalSongs. It will then tell you to "read the inclosed instruction booklet." Refer to the following paragraphs instead.

Go back to Goldwave. Press Ctrl+A. Right-click on the left (upper green) channel and click Channel to select just that channel. Go to File > Save Selection As. If you're using the starter Pokemon brstm I provided, you will see two new files named w23L.wav and w23R.wav. Save the current selection as w23L.wav and say Yes when asked if you want to replace it. Now right-click on the right (lower red) channel and click Channel. Go to File > Save Selection As. Name it w23R.wav and say Yes when asked if you want to replace it.

Go back to the tool and finish up.

And that's it! If you want to check your brstm to make sure it came out properly, skip to the "Testing Your Song in BrawlBox" (#test) section. If you want to get right to inserting it into your game, see the "Adding Your Song to Brawl" (#brawl) section.
5. Testing Your Song in BrawlBox (#test)
Now that you've made a brstm (or downloaded one from someone else), you probably want to see if it sounds good before you put it in your game. That's what this section is for!

Playing a Song (#play)
Download BrawlBox from the link in #tools. Extract it somewhere. From here, you have three options for playing your brstms: you can run BrawlBox.exe and open a brstm from File > Open; you can make a desktop shortcut for BrawlBox and drag and drop brstms onto it; or you can set up a file association so that double-clicking a brstm opens it in BrawlBox automatically.

However you choose to do it, this is what you'll end up seeing:

Make sure the Loop box is checked, and press Play. When the song reaches the end, it will loop over. If it sounds good, you're done!
6. Changing Music Titles (#titles)
So you've added a bunch of your own music to the game, but you want it to feel more authentic? Look no further! In this section, you'll learn how to change the names of the songs in the game and the My Music menu. The SD Loader is compatible with music titles.

Editing info_en.pac

Info_en.pac controls the music titles at the start of a match.

To edit it, use Brawlbox, provided in the #tools section. Open info_en in BrawlBox, and click on MiscData[140]. You'll find the music titles here. Start changing them to whatever you want -- there are no length limitations.

When you're done, click save.

If you are using the SD Loader, look at the size of the file. If it is above 391 KB, you need to click on MiscData160 and start replacing messages you think you'll never see or don't care about with single dashes (-) until the file size drops to 391 KB. ISO users do not need to worry about this.

Editing mu_menumain_en.pac

This file controls music titles in the My Music menu.

Editing this is easy if you've already edited info_en. Just right-click MiscData[140] in info_en, click Export and save it somewhere. Then open mu_menumain, right click MiscData[7], click Replace, and double-click the MiscData[140] you just saved. Save it and you're done.

-> ->

If you're using the SD Loader and you had to edit MiscData[160] in info_en, you'll need to export that as well and replace MiscData[9] in mu_menumain with it. Again, ISO users do not have to worry about this.
7. Adding Your Files to Brawl (#brawl)
Ready to hear your custom song in action? We're almost ready to play!

-- SD Loader (#dsdl)

Create the following path in your SD card and place your songs there. Then use the track list in the first post here to give the files their correct names.


To add edited music titles: Remove the _en from the names of both info and mu_menumain. The file path for info.pac is pf\info2. The path for mu_menumain.pac is pfmenu2. That is not a typo.

ISO Modification (#isomod)

Make sure you have the track list provided in Needed Tools before beginning.

Open your Brawl ISO in WiiScrubber (make sure you have the key.bin to make WiiScrubber work!).

Expand Data (partition 2), then scroll down to and expand sound. Expand strm to find every music file in the game. Use the Track List to find the song you want to replace. Right-click it and click Load. Navigate to EditedSongs (or wherever you keep your brstms) and double-click the song you want to put in. WiiScrubber will spend... quite a while on this, so be patient. When it's done, it will give you a message ("Replacing complete, now reparsing" or something very similar). Click OK, and after a moment, you will be back at the root of the ISO. Navigate back to strm and replace the next track you want to change. Repeat for every song you want to add. When you're done and WiiScrubber has reparsed the ISO, click X to close it (click Yes when asked if you're sure).

If using the USB Loader, follow the instructions in the link provided with it in #tools. If using the backup launcher, install it on your Wii. Put a DVD in your disc drive, run ImgBurn, set the burn speed to 2x, and begin. Ignore the message telling you there's not enough space (assuming you're using the full ISO and a single-layer DVD). After a while (about 55% completion), you will get an error saying it ran out of space. Ignore it, then tell it to finalize the disc anyway when prompted. Put the disc in your Wii and play!

Enjoy your custom music!
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