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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Re: Brawl Minus: Help us Code Stuff and win a NEW CAR??? on: February 20, 2014, 01:43:32 PM
Don't you have Kienamaru, OmegaS3 and SonicBrawler in B- for PSA'ing?

We do, but all three are already pretty tied up in their own projects now. Ideally we could use someone a bit more free to work on the minus side.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Brawl Minus: Help us Code Stuff and win a NEW CAR??? on: February 20, 2014, 12:37:15 PM
Ok not really, I like brawl minus a lot but not enough to buy new cars for anyone who helps out. Maybe like a hot wheels or something but come on I have to support myself too guys that's just not fair.

Intentionally misleading titles aside, hello! I'm Glyph, some of the fresh blood on the Minus dev team. If you're an old Smashboards vet you might remember me as the Legendary DtJ Glyphmoney himself, but if you weren't then you don't and I'm just some goon. There is one other thing I should say about myself too.

I don't have ANY idea how to code stuff. Why'd they add someone with no coding background to the backroom? I had to do terrible, terrible things.

'That's cool bro but what is the point of all this right now it just seems like you're saying things for no reason.'
-You, the reader

Damn reader, you make some solid points. Let me make this a little more direct for you. Brawl- has some REALLY exciting ideas for moving forward, but we have next to zero actual coding power when it comes to the character side of the game. That's where YOU (maybe) come in! We're in desperate need for additional coders, so if you're interested in helping shape the future of Brawl- then please post here or send me a PM and we'll see what we can get done together!

I... might have taken that last bit from a cult recruiting pamphlet. I promise Brawl- isn't a cult I just need to be super peppy so people will be more inclined to maybe help, don't judge me too harshly. And yes, I will literally buy you a hot wheels if you help so I'm not a total liar at least.

We are looking for PSA coders. What we need done will range from simple stuff like editing knockback and damage on already existing moves to creating entirely new ones from scratch. If you can do that and have some free time, we could really use your help!
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