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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / for the People who Always Ask is XXXX Hack compatible with P:M(or Other modpack) on: July 13, 2014, 04:36:35 AM
instead of Asking the Maker of the XXXX hack
for the hack is compatible with P:M or other modpack

you can try it out your self by putting the files in the folders
and if it works then it works and if not then it dont work

only report if it dont works if the hack itself is made for Project:M(or other modpack)
but not if the mod is Meant for vBrawl like my Goku/SMBZ mario (or other´s mods ppl have made)

we who make mods dont have time to test all of us Hacks on all the modpacks that exists

since i know many of us modders gets messages all the times with is XXXX mod compatible with P:M or other modpack

all the modpacks for Brawl using File Patcher code or Rii
so any hacks made here on kc-mm can be loaded

but thats is just all since it is getting alittle annoying with ppl who asking all the time
and i know they dont only just ask me for asking any other hackers here too
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / MarioDK´s CSP/BPs Thread: Request Open, updated Bowser/Luigi,Mario on: May 20, 2013, 07:28:14 AM
Requests is Open for anyone i have made for Pose here
Welcome To my CSP/BP Thread Click on the Charater to get Some CPS/BPs


Next CSP/BP pose:
the Next CSP i will be needing since i remaking my SD card setup now

Rules on Requesting:

-you can only Request 10 per Each Charater and you can only request 1 time until i close and then open request again
-for Wario you will only be able to request max 6
-only Request them i have made pose for = them you can see in the First post
-if Requesting CSPs/BPs for a Recolour Pack with all recolours you have used all of yours requests
-No Requesting if First post or Title say its Close
-if Request is Open you can Request any CSPs Request i have already made pose of
-if the model you requested looks bad in the pose(like bad rigged mainly) i might not do yours request
-if a model in brawlbox dont almost look like ingame dont request it(like a Metal mario Texture)

3  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / How to use NTSC-U SSBB hacks on a PAL wii/wii U on: April 01, 2013, 04:10:22 AM
first of all making this guide cuz i am tried of ppl who asking me all time making stuff for pal
and also cuz of this thread here be made:

since its kinda waste of time to port stuff to PAL since there is a method to use NTSC-U Hacks on a PAL wii (i even said it as a PAL wii/wii U owner)
alot easyer then porting alot of movesets/SFX packs/.rel ports/codes
and anyone with a wii or wii U is able to do it so you dont needing a emulator

what you needing:
-SSBB NTSC-U iso(can´t give you link to that)but just search for it on google and if you dont want to be a pirate then too bad cuz you already have hacked the wii to use wii hacks in first place to use SSBB hacks
so you is already a pirate in nintendo´s eyes so you can anyway download the iso beside you already possible own a PAL version of the disc so think about it this way: you just downloading a update to the game so you is able to use mods
-wiisrub(if you wanted SFX hacks)
-USB HDD (prefer +16gb) to have the iso of SSBB there
-SD card
-a USB loader that can handle Gct files or Codes from Gecko OS (for File patcher code+the other codes)

step 1. Download the iso

step 2. after downloaded the iso you can use wiisrub for replace the brsar you edited for SFX hacks

step 3. put the edited iso in the USB HDD

step 4. make the wii or wii U/SD card/USB HDD ready for use USB loaders (there is possible a guide for that here on kc-mm or GBA temp forums) i using CFG usb loader
but usb loader GX or wiiflow usb loader should work too with Gecko OS codes or gct files and on wii U

Step 5. : possible in the settings on the usb loader you have to turn on the Cheat codes or what ever it is named in the usb loader  so the .gct file for codes or the Gecko OS codes works

step 6. download the brawl hacks you wanted or Project: M to SD card and setup as if it was on a  NTSC-U wii with SSBB  NTSC-U with Gecko OS

step 7.  you are done
now it almost feel like if you using a NTSC-U wii with Rii(cuz of SFX hacks)+SSBB hacks but on a PAL wii
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Project: Mario&Sonic Vs. D.O.N Codeset(title alittle unsure right now) on: January 04, 2013, 03:48:32 PM
"insert coming thread image with Mario/Sonic/DBZ/onepiece/Naruto stuff here"
Project: Mario&Sonic vs. D(Dragonball/Z).O(Onepiece).N(Naruto)

Gameplay changes:
-no tripping since that is annoying
-play as yours fav. char. from DON battle staduim vs. Mario&Sonic(sorry no room for bleach yet or i will have added it)
-walljump on all characters(or wallclimbing for knuckles) cuz on some stages im planing its needed so you wont needing to do a up-B and go helpless mode
-atleast 1 taunt with: Moveset change or Boost dmg/knockback on attacks or Heal or slowtime on each character(SSJ modes for saiyans and geno boost for geno powerups for mario bros and that stuff)
-afew more things will be added since but im too lazy to list more right now
-All will be able to do "A" air attacks while in helpless mode (like after used sonic/snake´s up-B)
but unable to use "B" attacks until landing

Characters Roster:

Green text= Done
Yellow = WIP or not made yet but Joining first beta
Red= not made yet or not joining first beta
Blue= Joining first Beta but the moveset is not made/updated yet  
Purple= not Sure if joining first beta or not

them from Mario:

-Mario: SMBZ Mario moveset(90% done)(Fire,Cape powerup)
-Luigi: SMBZ Luigi moveset(there is one but making my own)(ice,Raccon/tanooki suit powerup)
-Bowser: Moveset Mostly based on M&L Rpg3/SMRPG but also alittle from brawl
-Peach: Moveset mostly Based on SMRPG/alittle from Super princess Peach(DS)/Brawl
-Yoshi: Moveset will get some stuff from SMG2 powerups,alittle revamped PSA for Yoshi
-Wario: get SSBF2 like Moveset mixed with Project:M
-Waluigi: Over Donkey Kong will port v2 if it gets done before i getting ready for release first beta of this codeset
-Baby Mario bros. : Over ICs
-Bowser Jr./Shadow mario: Over Zelda/sheik
-Geno: Over Rob if not the updated Geno gets done i will just fix v1 and let him join this codeset
-Doctor Mario: over Game&Watch a not so much melee moveset he is a Temp until Paper Mario moveset gets Made so i remove Doctor Mario to Paper Mario on G&W slot
-the alloys from brawl will be: Goomba/koopa/shy guy/a other mario enemy since alloy dont got "B" attacks and stuff they fit good for mario enemies and they´s up-Air "A" attack will work as a unlimited recovery (cuz of they are weak and stuff) and give us kinda 4 extra chars.

them from Sonic:
-Sonic: SMBZ Sonic Moveset v2 a mix of my old PSA,Project:M,SSBF2 movesets(inc. Fire Sonic maybe)
-Tails: over Fox: moveset mostly based from SSBF2

-Knuckles: Over Jiggypuff

-Amy Rose: over Dedede
-Shadow: over Falco no .rel port
-Silver: Over Diddy Kong but it will be V1 moveset or a new revamped moveset
-Doctor Eggman with 3 robots:
a Robot where dr. Eggman is controlling and sitting on at same time
Metal Sonic
SMBZ Mecha Sonic(cuz of most of the chars. gets SMBZ PSA so why not him aswell)
over PKtrainer

them from Dragonball/Z:
-Goku: Over Pit will maybe get Moveset v2 if not i just make v2 for 2nd. beta of this codeset
-Kid Goku: over Ness
-Vegeta: Over Wolf: basely just needing some fixing and afew revamps but it is ready to join
-Gotenks: over Lucas: like as vegeta just needing some bug fixing and alittle revamps
-Teen Gohan: over ToonLink: it is made but needing alot of updates
-Majin Buu(Super/kid buu): over Lucario: there is made a Kid buu moveset but im planing to make that psa to more fit for both kid/Super buu but maybe first in 2nd. beta for now just kid buu psa with super buu alt
-Cell or Piccolo or Frieza: over Samus or ZSS will make a Poll about that then i make chars. over ZSS/Samus

them from Onepiece:
-Monkey D. Luffy: Over Marth
-Zoro: over Ike (or .rel ported to Olimar if Naruto over Olimar fails)
-Sanji: over Captain Falcon
-Ussop: over Snake
-Franky: over Metaknight

them from Naruto:
-Naruto: over Olimar with Clones over Pikmins if that fails over Ike
-Kid Sasuke: over Pikachu: moveset mainly based on back then he was with team 7
-Rock Lee: Over Link
-Kakashi: over Kirby and can copy other´s N_B like as kirby do
-Neji or jiraiya: over ganondorf will also make a poll about that later

if +3 slots gets possible(bug free) there will be added 1 more serie to this codeset and i think that will be pokemon so it will be 3x games vs. 3x animes(i count pokemon as game and not anime) and so will the roster be changed alittle aswell like what chars. is over who

them from Pokemon(if over 3 slots get possible):
-Pikachu over pikachu(and Sasuke will be moved to extra slot)
-Mewtwo over the extra slot or lucario(what will win the poll for buu or mewtwo to be over lucario/extra slot)
-1-3 more pokemons (prefer 1st or 2nd gen. and not jiggypuff) maybe lucario(i know he is not 2nd.) since Lucario fits well with a roster of DBZ chars. since he is after all the DBZ pokemon

Stage Roster:
Unsure right now but atleast 1 home stage for each serie/character not going to use the +36 stage slots more cuz of the codeset is made for emulator too

the codeset will have afew versions: Rii/Gecko OS/Emulator
and no PAL ports since there is method for PAL to use stuff from u-ntsc

Mariodk: Leader/PSAer/model importer

and if other wanted to join(noobs like them who wanted to join but never done any hacks at all is not allow)

needing any type of hackers for this project since most of the stuff will be changed from Menu stuff to full  characters replace(moveset,SFX pack,models) and i dont mind if you working on your own projects too just you give alittle help here thats fine and afew ppl already have helped here

non yet but will come soon(or just look at my youtube channel since there is previews of most of the movesets)

and if you got any ideas for gameplay and stuff just say so
but no stupid ideas like: make SSj4 gogeta and make him so overpowered so he just needing to stay still to kill the others

the reason for i call it for codeset instead of a pack cuz i change the gameplay like as Brawl plus/minus and project: M do

before  ppl think this will fail we already have lots of the moveset/Model imports done or atleast as a beta just look at my brawlvault/my WIPs we already got most of the Roster already
so even if i stop this project right after i have posted the thread i can still make release a beta with lots of playeble char. but wanted monkey D. luffy done first(not for this codeset) so we got +1 from each serie and wanted to update some stuff to be made for this codeset
so no beta right now

im not planing to make this codeset as big project as project: M since that is almost impossible but im hoping it will be a good codeset still and i know the fanboys will love it: plumbers,hedgehogs,saiyans,pirates,Ninjas figthing each other

and i dont want to hear from ppl who think all these things is overrated and it will be a bad idea cuz of its over overrated series or dont want to hear from the annoying fanboys who asking all time then "insert stuff here" is done

and to the old members of Kc-MM yes this is a Revamped Version of my old idea DragonBrawl but added more to it
5  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / OneSlot resize Mode (without a Fitmotionetc.pac) note: only works on afew chars. on: May 27, 2012, 09:21:56 AM
hey i just discovered a way how to make oneslot resize mode (only on afew bonesets or model imports that dont use all model changers bones),
i show you how to do it:

step 1. make sure the chars. you wanted oneslot resize mode for got unused model changers bones before TransN bone like on Ike got the: HaM bone that not many model imports over Ike uses:

step 2. make the bone ready for oneslot resize:
the bone model changer most be right before TransN like as Ike´s HaM bone
on that bone you needing to edit the bone flags to be Only: NoTransform

needing to look like this:

Step 3. resize/edit bone tree:
now right click on TransN bone then click on Add next up:

now it should look like this in the bone tree:

since HaM bone was anyway the bone before TransN bone it did not chances any bone IDs
now rename HaM bone to anythink else like: Resizemodebone
go in the model preview and then resize the bone to the size you wanted and save

sometimes after you have saved you have to reOpen yours  .Pcs or .pac and do Step 2 again and save it since the bone flags sometimes changes back

this method only works on Unused model changer bones like this one on Ike,model imports that dont use model changers

[Brawl Hacks] Tutorials: 1-Slot Size Mods
6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Request models (only Mario) for SMBZ mario moveset V3 with Fire transfrom on: January 15, 2012, 07:56:54 AM
as some of you know im making SMBZ mario moveset V3 with fire mario transfrom but in order to get it to work you can only use these models/Vertexs i will make a pack for or else Fire mario transfrom will look like as this hack:
http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=9446 while in Fire mario mode

so know is your chance for request models for SMBZ mario moveset V3

there is no Request limit only that it got to be a Model/vertex/texture of Mario
not a pokemon,sonic char,(maybe) luigi over Mario it got to be mario
since pokemon/Sonic char.(thinking mainly about blaze here) dont got fire transfrom from fire flower and luigi i am not sure it will work
its ok to ask for Dr. mario for SMBZ mario moveset V3 his fire transfrom will be Red shirt and white Pants/hat

here is how you can ask:
1. give a DL Link to the mario model/vertex/texture
2. say what colour cape you wanted like if you wanted Blue cape instead of yellow
3. what texture for fire transfrom you wanted brawl one or one in Brawlvault(give link)
if youonly give DL link it will be brawl Fire mario and yellow cape
also you can´t ask for something there is needing oneslot resizer since there is not filesize for it

all the request will be in a pack i upload at same time as SMBZ mario V3 moveset
was not sure where to post it cuz it is model editing at same time it for a moveset
this thread will close in afew
video to proof Fire mario transfrom works(right now its over FS eyes but working as a mode for SMBZ mario moveset v3)
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh-4evyUC7g" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh-4evyUC7g</a>
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Project: Geno The WoodDoll from Super Mario RPG: Released(remember its a Beta) on: December 01, 2011, 10:45:37 AM
Project Geno:

  unsure right now it is same as R.o.B´s

"A" Attacks:
-AAA combo(not done):(if not AA cuz rob can only do 2xA):
-DashAttack: not sure yet but right now Vbrawl Mario´s dashattack over Geno any ideas will be good Cheesy or it will stay mario´s Dash attack
-Side Tilt(Done):
-Down Tilt(Done):
-Up Tilt(Done):
-Side Smash(done):
-Down Smash(done):
-up Smash(needs revamp): i just ported Samus´s up-smash right now for this
-N Air(done):
-F Air(done):
-Back Air(done):
-Down Air(done maybe needs a revamp): /

-N-B: geno Beam(done but needs alot better revamp):
and one star for each charge level :
works alot like the kamehameha on Goku moveset but  no multi hits only one single hit: 7%/14%/21% dmg
-Side-B Geno Whirl(almost done):

if you press "B" right before the Geno whirl hits someone it will do 2x so much dmg
10/20% dmg
-up-B: Geno rocket(Done):

a good recovery move you can control it to go Right+upwards/Left+upwards or just upwards
you wont go in 100% helpless mod after this move but you is not able to do "B" attacks until land
-Down-B: Geno Blast(not done):

again a charge up move with 6x change up levels each level is +1% more dmg each hit but its a attack with multi hits so it is more then just 1%
-FS: geno Flash(not done and not got the model for canon):

will fire a shoot infont of the canon:

will try to get it look like this but not sure i can if not then just a normal big explodsion
-Down-taunt: Geno Boost(done but needs a revamp):
this Taunt will boost yours Damage % on yours attacks or boost Def.
it will be random what you will get boosted  in attack or defense and low chance for both
the taunt will take long time to use
if you got boosted in attack
the 4 next "A" attacks( no smashes)/next 2 Smashes/next 1 "B" attack(geno blast/Geno beam/geno whirl up-B/FS does not work with this taunt)
the dmg will be 2x so much the normal
if you got boosted in def
next time you got hit by something you can´t be knocked back (if possible) if not possible i will do so next time you got hit you will heal 15% dmg back

the Team:
MarioDK(PSAer,Animation maker,model)
KTH (Animation,recolours/texture,CSP/BPs)
southcraft(port Geno to R.o.B)
8  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Big release day maybe tomorrow, hopefully Dot is soon done with texture for buus on: November 06, 2011, 02:02:51 AM
hey i just started to learn to use 3ds max
i will do model imports if i am not in mood in making my movesets  

Done imports:

Thread for my movesets: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=21256.0
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / help with fix a vertex on: October 23, 2011, 08:28:34 AM
i needing help to fix a vertex (super buu over lucario)
in Brawlbox it looks 100% perfect and works with any animations

but ingame looks like this:

i needing to get Body polygon to be show ingame
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / help with The Alternate File Loader on: July 31, 2011, 03:03:39 AM
hi i needing help with get that The Alternate File Loader to work for afew PSAsbut not sure how to set it up
link to the The Alternate File Loader code: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=250370

like if i just Press A on Mario it will be SMBZ mario
if i Press R+A it will be my Fire Mario moveset
and if i press L+A it will be Project: M mario moveset(with my edits to Brawl dodges so it fits for brawl too)
11  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / the Truth about DB(Z/GT) hackers/haters/Fanboys (something all need to read) on: July 23, 2011, 06:30:42 AM

lets Start with the True about the DBZ hackers and how hard they really work/have:
1. we get almost non help at all like then i started with Goku PSA i was requesting recolours of Goku 6 months after we finaly got them while someone like spider-man or a other capcom vs. XXX char. get Recolours+outfits/versions/transforms/whatever like that there is for that char.  1 day after the vertex or moveset is out and without non request them(i have nothing against them just a explem)
(thats is the reason for Goku moveset took that long and still not done not just Recolours but also help for other things if needed i know if i leave Goku moveset now it will never gets done)

2. all these stupid or just small kids fan boys asking me,beyondyou all time about a DBZ char. we making
it become that worse so beyondyou need to put this image on Vegeta preview:
and i fully undersntad him since i get like 10x Pms like this one: MAKE "insant Dragonball/Z/GT char. here" NOW!!!! each day( i just block them from now on)

3. all these haters then we are finnaly done with a dragonball/Z/GT hack or someone post in the blog a DBZ hack i see this in the comments: i am tired of Dragonball or dBz sucks and ppl ther is more likers on these ports then dislikers and if someone just say good work awesome hack that post got alot of disliker on KC-mm Blog becoz the haters things the fanboys that make beyondyou to make a preview up like this for vetega and the Hackers who working hard is the same thing

4.(this is mainly meant for the moveset DBZ hackers): all these haters say a dragonball/Z/GT can´t fit for Brawl no matter what but thats not true just as soon you make the moveset good see how good my goku come out maybe this is still a beta but it become more and more fair to use in Brawl each new version

5. one thing we DBZ hackers/haters can both agree these stupid fanboys is really Annoying this is ok to be a fanboy just not a Annoying one that request any vertex/moveset you wanted it will be a big help if you fanboys soon start learn hacking to help us DBZ hackers(thats also means non DBZ hackers)  abit like i did i still remember then Sdo0m removed his Goku moveset idea from his Thread and see what that made me: a Good PSAer i wish there was more like that

6. the DBZ hackers working as hard as the other hackers

The True about the DBZ haters on this site and how Annoying they can be also(almost as worse as fanboys):
1. they piss use DBZ hackers(not beyondyou) really much off while we dont do to non DBZ hackers or them saying like go to hell with yours DBZ hacks we want "instant a char. only them cares about" not even look at images(if a texture/vertex) they just see the word Dragonball

2. the haters thing the hard working DBZ hackers and the stupid fanboys is 100% same thing (as they are not) the stupid fanboys just asking in beyond you make "insent DBZ char.) please
the DBZ hackers try to make the char. they wanted or atleast do something about it

3. the haters only hate the DBZ hacks becoz of the fanboys or they will dont care if the fanboys was not like this(maybe even use them if the char. is over a char. you dont want) thats also the reason for they saying we got alot of DBZ hacks(as that is not true) we got even more spider-man recolours packs then there is a hack for a dbz char.

now to the stupid/small kid fanboys(not only DBZ fanboys but also the random ppl who make alot of requests):
1. as i said before they are really Annoying but i still dont know what is worse the DBZ haters or the fanboys there is like them on beyond´s thread or mine or in my PMs sure beyondyou´s Pms too

2. they dont even read around they asking for something ther is posted not many post since/dont read ReadMes or Guides (if need to do something for a PSA/other hack to work 100%) this is not only for DBZ hacks but for anything

3. they are too lazy to learn how to hack if they really wanted a Char./moveset(again not only DBZ but most of them is DBZ fanboys) and them i talking about is the real noobs here but them who trying to learn it i only can say good luck or the good hackers have to be friendly to help
i am trying to be Friendly for them who really want to learn to hack but i can´t becoz of all these other stupid fanboys PM me all time with they requests

4. the best way to make a request here is offer something like i did in this Thread: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=28661.0
and if you needing a Vertex say you needing it for a moveset(but you HAVE to do the moveset after)
or if you needing a moveset you can try to offer afew Vertexs requests or say you needing the moveset for a vertex


so fanboys think before you post/PM to a DBZ hacker this is becoz of your kind  DBZ  hackers or just Dragonball/Z/GT get hated
and more hate on DBZ = less hacks for DBZ and maybe get good DBZ hackers to stop making them
DBZ haters you too think before you post/Pm to a DBZ hacker you dont know how hard they worked  on the hack with all these fanboys of DBZ and  almost no help at all
it will be like if we DBZ hackers say/do the same thing to your´s hacks

and for the DBZ hackers this is not your´s fault ppl is like this just keep working and good luck with your´s hacks

this thread does not mean to let ppl stop on DBZ hacks or start making  more of DBZ just afew words to them who making DBZ hacks and them who pissing off them who making DBZ hack and the stupidness of a fanboy

not sure where to post so i just post it here move it if you want
maybe get it sticky for awhile(not forever) ppl have to know this since we got so many problems with DBZ hackers/haters/fanboys(mainly haters and fanboys the hackers just do the job they set them self to)

this thread has to be made i not only speaking for myself but also all other DBZ hackers who is tired of fanboys/haters like these i talking about and i know ppl will hate me now but i really dont care or you will maybe even agree with me if you read this post (the whole one)
and i really dont care  if you dont understand this whole Thread
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Project:Gotenks : updated Progress on: July 15, 2011, 05:00:19 PM
as many ppl sure know Gotenks is my Fav. char. and still not made by me
so now i finnaly soon got time to make him after the lastest updates for Goku
so i will get a team for make him and not only moveset but also Revamp the Vertex over Lucas to look much better i have already done texture revamp but needing Model revamp

anyone who can open brawlbox and make animations is welcome 
this project is going to be a big colab. so we can get Gotenks as good as possible over Lucas

here is the team:
adding more if they offer some Animations (+ uploaded to me) or have helped in PSA

moveset idea:

AAAAA combo(0% done) - A super long combo that requires 5 button presses.  The first three hits are simple hooks, then the four button press follows with a 4 kick cossack dance and the final hit is a sort of downward one handed punch.  It's quite hard to land fully.  15% (2+2+3+1+1+1+1+4)

F Tilt(0% done) - Gotenks does a gut punch to the foe which has a set knockback then with another press of A he will do a backfist (Heavy Finish).  Good knockback on the backfist.  10% (4+6)

U Tilt (0% done)- Gotenks lets off a burst of Ki energy around him (Kiai Cannon).  This can be followed up with the "Tri Attack" combo by pressing A three times.  Gotenks will teleport back and forth, knocking the opponent forward, up then back down to finish.  The three attacks require good timing to execute.  15% (6+3+3+3)

D Tilt(0% done) - Gotenks does a sweep kick to knock the foe off of their feet then shoulder barges them (Ground Slash).  Faster than the F Tilt and has more potential to combo after the sweep (if you decided to do a different action that isn't pressing A) however, does less damage.  8% (3+5)

Dash Attack(0% done) - A simple flying kick.  It has fairly early IASA frames, allowing for an easy follow up.  4%

F Smash(80% done) - Gotenks releases a burst of pure Ki energy from his hand (Rush Ki Wave).  Amazing range, poor damage and ok knockback.  His main killing move  10-14%

U Smash(0% done) - A set knockback uppercut that can knock foes into the air and then follow up with either a forward headbutt or an upward headbutt.  15-23% (7-11+8-12)

D Smash(0% done) - A spinning on the spot pirouette with low horizontal range but decent vertical reach and slight suction abilities.  Deals multiple hits then throws the foe out (somewhat like Mario Tornade, but a pirouette).  12-16%

N Air(100% done) - A fast triple kick (Flying Kicks).  Fast speed and good combo potential, but overall low damage.  7%

F Air (0% done)- A downward head smash that deals a decently strong spike at a 45 degree angle.  It's pretty fast too, but again does fairly low damage.  8%

B Air(100% done) - A triple back kick (think like my Shadow's B Air).  Again, good speed and combo potential.  7%

U Air(100% done) - A flip kick.  Pretty standard affair.  Actually one of his slower aerials.  But also one of his more damaging.  10%

D Air(0% done) - Gotenks dives head first downwards, dragging any foe that happens to hit him down with him.  His strongest aerial, but has long landing lag if it lands on the ground, and will most likely SD in the air.  12%

F Throw(100% done) - the Throw from DBZ BT3

B Throw (0% done)- Gotenks simply kicks the foe backwards.  A pretty standard throw.  Does it's job.  8%

U Throw(100% done) - Gotenks does a double handed upward fist (a lot like Ike's upward throw).  Quite a bit of knockback and is more used for killing at high % rather than comboing.  9%

D Throw(0% done) - Gotenks throws the foe to the ground a lets loose his famed "DIE DIE Missile Barrage" onto the grounded foe.  His most damaging throw.  12%(will be edited to something else since N-B is Die Die missiles)

Neutral B(90% done): Die Die Missiles - you will Fire alot of Ki blasts if you Pressing "B" afew times,
long start up time before starting to fire and long endlag after last Ki blast or you stopped pressing "B"
1-2% dmg each Ki blast and shot range

Side B(90% done): Galactic Donuts - Gotenks creates an energy ring with his finger, holds it above his head and throws it straight.  If it connects with a foe, then it stuns them and explodes.  The projectile move pretty fast, but comes out pretty slowly.  8%

Up B(80% done in Animations): Flight Burst - A burst of flight in one direction.  Somewhat like Fox's Up B, except with a faster start-up and a bit less distance.  0%(will maybe be so you can only fly upwards but float in mid air after up-B for afew sec. like Peach)

Down B(80% done in Animations): WildSense - Counter attack Like as Goku moveset(v1.5)´s but instead of a kick downwards it will be some kinda of hammerfist you can cancel this move into a other attack

Final Smash(0% done): Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack - Gotenks summons four of his cheeky ghosts that reflect his appearance and personality.  These ghosts then rush forward simultaneously.  The ghosts can be controlled in the same way as PK Thunder, however if they hit the ground, an enemy or go around for a certain amount of time, they will explode.  20% each ghost

Down-Taunt(99% done): Finish Sign - Gotenks does a "you're going down!" gesture and increases the power of his next Smash Attack or Special.  The animation for this is pretty dang slow, so it's quite hard to get out.  But if you can, the reward is pretty nice.  0%

Extra Tidbits

vertex with recolours+transforms (100% done)
but needing import instead with Brawl styled texture+recolours
look in Spoiler for how Vertex for Gotenks normal/SSJ1,3/team Colours: Red,Green,Blue looks like:

entry(50% done): fusion dance(if we can get Goten+Trunks over the entry model and animate fusiondance in one model)

nothing in PSA is made yet since waiting for DivineOverlord for PSA the Ghost FS and waiting for Model of Ghost GFX(prefer low filesize)

like as Kid buu/Goku this moveset will get On-Hit-cancal system for the DBZ combo feeling in SSBB
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / anyway to vertex without 3ds max 8? on: July 03, 2011, 12:12:45 PM
as the title say
since my 3ds max 8 wont work anymore no matter i use crack/keygen/whatever
14  Help & Tutorials / Help / afew questing about online SSBB playing on: May 31, 2011, 12:11:17 PM
ok i finnaly got my wii online/working again  AWESOME 2.0! AWESOME 2.0! AWESOME 2.0! AWESOME 2.0! AWESOME 2.0!

and i got afew questings

1. if there is a hack theee Desync it will not desync if all the ppl got the same hack on they wii´s?

2. can you play SSBB online with a usb loader+.iso or it has to be a disc?
15  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / [Request] File patch code or Rii for Dolphin emulator? on: May 12, 2011, 12:08:03 PM
i think it is possible but i dont know to C++/etc. and i think it will help alot of emulator users instead editing .isos and only can replace one file by one
i meant this plugin for SSBB but others games can use this plugin too like NSMBwii. on emulator
also so codes like more Stages or soon more char. slots/texture slots and etc. on Dolphin too we can only replace but not add files for the .iso
so Dolphin loads the files from a Folder that got the same setup as a SD card for like Brawlhack or whatever
also it have to work on both 32bit/64bit
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