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 on: November 07, 2017, 09:53:11 PM 
Started by PhantomWings - Last post by Ricky (Br3)
Thanks Sammi!

 on: November 07, 2017, 08:13:06 PM 
Started by PhantomWings - Last post by Sammi Husky
Wow it's been a while..

Well, anyways on to the point of this post. It's recently come to my attention that the CSS expansion wouldn't work on Wifi. (crash upon making a room). KingJigglyPuff came to me about this some time ago and i finally was able to get to it and fix the issue.

If anybody is interested, the only file you need to replace is MiscData[13] in common3.pac (in newer BBox versions it's named sora_menu_sel_char). Replace that with the one here to fix the wifi issues (PMEx version)

 on: November 06, 2017, 11:49:00 PM 
Started by iwantgames - Last post by iwantgames
Yesterday I posted 2 more skins on twitter, Here they are

Star Fox Zero Fox

Star Fox Zero Falco

W-Well I mean, the Zelda looks wonderful, yes, but... Calamity Ganon! *shot*

 on: November 06, 2017, 03:39:18 PM 
Started by omegafalcon - Last post by Super Devon
These forums are dying because frankly, all of us have lives and jobs.

 on: November 06, 2017, 08:50:05 AM 
Started by KingJigglypuff - Last post by KingJigglypuff
Going to give a minor bump to let you all know I'm still working on stuff. I've also added my update to my overhaul of Classic Ridley under the "Current Projects" label. Unfortunately, progress for the poll winner hasn't been made recently.

For those looking forward to my Alloy project, I've decided to port Kirby's model over onto Jigglypuff's moveset for the Green Alloy, as Kirby lacks a BrawlEx module, due to complications regarding his Copy Ability Articles. There's a few minor issues I still need to fix, but otherwise, it's an almost perfect port. I just need to port and edit Jigglypuff's Special animations to fit over Kirby's skeleton + Idle.
The current issues I'm facing at the moment are as followed:
-Jigglypuff has less shadow bones than Kirby. This can be fixed, but requires tedious hex editing.
-When using Rollout, Kirby's model does not spin (Jigglypuff's model still spins though). I'm assuming this is something controlled in the module, as I haven't found anything relevant in PSA, so I'm going to have to ask around for this one.
Though despite this, I've managed to experiment with some ideas I've had for the Green Alloy's Specials. While I wanted to wait to show previews, it's going to be a while until the Green Alloy itself is in a preview-able state, so I'll just show my rough drafts in the meantime.
Side Special: A custom variation of Pound taken straight from Sm4sh.

Up Special: A custom variation of Final Cutter taken straight from Sm4sh, but with some minor tweaks. Since this preview, the Beam Sword has been replaced with the Primid's Beam Sword.

Down Special: A custom variation of Rest, but this time, it's an original concept.
This is all I have to show for today. I'm hoping to show off more things in the near future.

 on: November 05, 2017, 10:46:15 AM 
Started by PlayingGames97 - Last post by PlayingGames97
No idea why this is happening, but I have two BRSTM files with loops assigned that I've made myself with BrawlBox v0.71.

Neither of them play when added to my virtual SD card (with the correct names, yes). I have no idea if it's because the files are too loud or large.

Here are the BRSTM files I've made:

 on: November 03, 2017, 09:23:40 PM 
Started by SirFiremanBob - Last post by Ricky (Br3)
What exactly did you do for Project M? There's not much difference...

There are good tutorials for beginners here:


 on: November 03, 2017, 03:35:37 PM 
Started by SirFiremanBob - Last post by SirFiremanBob
I've been modding Project M for a few years now, but I've yet to figure out how to mod Vanilla Brawl.

What I want is to use Vanilla Brawl as a base and add individual hacks from Brawl Vault and run it using either Homebrew or the stagebuilder exploit.

 on: November 03, 2017, 04:19:33 AM 
Started by Lillith - Last post by Lillith
It's that time again for more clones! YEY. Since it's Zelda Month, like, all of the clones that I will do will be Zelda related, although two of this showcasing are not Zelda related since they were done for Halloween but forgot 'till now... uh... I'll probably go back to actually 'finishing' everyone next month, but for Zelda Month, just going to start a bunch of new clones as well as some other random side projects, one of which will be noted a little into the post, so let's begin, shall we?

...But first, Young Link! His model has been updated to one which people may think is much better, it also comes with Razor Sword/Hero's Shield, and Gilded Sword/Mirror Shield versions, screenshots~

And in action~

Here are all three Young Link PSAs, all with the new models, have fun choosing your favoured version~



PM alternative

Now with that out of the way, stuff!
First off may be uninteresting, but eh, he's a bit filler and is Zelda-y
Classic Link!

This is basically PM Link with different sounds, a different arrow and boomerang and that's basically it-- his sounds and GFX are separated though so I suppose people could like, use him as a base for their own clone, or if they changed Link, but want to keep a PM-ish Link moveset. I dunno...

His arrows are of extremes, and take a rather long time to charge.
Either they don't go far at all if uncharged.

...Or very far if completely charged!

...Of course the middling charges exist, hehehe.

shiny! Almost like the Silver Arrows (that don't seem to exist in Zelda anymore?)

Uh... His boomerang does go through things, though, so that's neat!

And, if you would like to see him in action, although... If you know PM's Link already you should know what you're in for...

That about does it for Classic Link, let's see who's next!

Second to go is...
Dark Meta Knight! Although I just call him Darky because I think it's cute.

You'll notice that he's left handed, even though he's a righty in Kirby, this is just going by logic really, if he's a mirror image of Meta Knight...

A small stupid thing, but a thing I had fun doing none-the-less, is that a lot of his sword trails actually move, unlike Brawl's Meta Knight.

As with Sm4sh Meta Knight, all of his rapid jab is in front of himself, instead of half of it hitting behind.

He also has the rapid jab finisher, again like Sm4sh Meta Knight

Also a bit of random info, unlike the usual Meta Knight, he does a 3-hit combo before the rapid jabs, more akin to the Kirby series.

Darky also has the Sm4sh Shuttle Loop, a quick two-hit attack!


Ending off for Darky, here he is in motion, how fun!

That's it for the dark knight-- oh wait.... Is Darky secretly Batman? Mysterious...

Coming up next!
Dry Bowser! ... Less work than the others have been, but fun anyway, made as a bit of a more 'extreme Bowser', being slower (In attack speed), stronger, and having more armour frames, his mobility is pretty stellar though, considering it's well... a dead Bowser.

If you see this coming at you, you're likely to run the other way though. Run monkey, run!

Don't really have much I can really show in screenshots, but uh... His armour is especially prevalent in smash attacks, and even more in shell-related actions.


If you'd like to see the deceased koopa king beat up his living counterpart...

Looks like he wants you to join him, Bowser, oooooh.

Aaaand, last but not least, the first actual Zelda Month thing (The first was done early last month)
Linkle!... well er... sort of. She wields the Magical Sword instead of her crossbows, but, I thought she'd be a fun weird and unexpected clone, she may get her own moveset later, but for now, she holds what is essentially Sm4sh Link's moveset.

...and also i'm not the best at model stuff s-so don't be surprised at its inaccuracies.

anyway, uhm...

Running! I love Link's Sm4sh run animation, haha.

She also has the shiny new tilting spin attack.


Jump attack!

She also has new graphical effects, of course, to replicate the Sm4sh feel.

...A bit tangential, but uh... I love how Link's new down get-up attacks look in Sm4sh-- sad not many people seem to touch these animations.

Arrow shooty!

Not quite a crossbow but uh... She doesn't seem to mind the change too much.

Crouch stab cliff attack!

Stylish up throw!

New stabby up air!

she looks adorable having fallen on her butt. hehehe.

Down air meteor!

No air for you.

That uhm... Seems to be it for her, but, as always, you can see her in action here

Aaand that's it! Thanks for dropping by!

I'm actually also working on an actual Sm4sh Link and he'll be done soon, hehehe.

Have a nice day~

Edit: oh! One last thing-- All of the current betas (Aside from the last shown here) are playable in PMDX, of course they will be released separately upon being finished, but if you'd like to play any of them early...


 on: November 03, 2017, 12:28:07 AM 
Started by iwantgames - Last post by Lillith
W-Well I mean, the Zelda looks wonderful, yes, but... Calamity Ganon! *shot*

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