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Author Topic: Get Rid of that annoying "toon" texture!  (Read 656 times)
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    « on: November 02, 2011, 10:59:41 AM »

    Are you tired of ticking that toon texture button on and off to see your character in brawlbox? This simple tutorial rids you of that task once and for all without having to remove the texture itself, causing problems in-game.

    Step one: open up any model that has a "toon" texture that covers it. (The toon texture that has the all white texture over the character)
    Step Two: Export that model from brawlbox as a DAE file.
    Step Three: Import the dae that you just exported back into brawlbox, replacing the original mdl0 file.
    Step Four: Now preview the model, note that the toon texture is still part of the texture list, but the white sheet of color that the texture makes over the character is gone!
    Step Five: Close the model previewer and export the same model again (I recomend saving over a different file)
    Step Six: Import this DAE into 3DS max and there you go, that white texture is gone and you can see your character/item.

    Not really sure if this is a useful trick, but hell I'ma post it here anyway.

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