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Author Topic: partial brawl styled texture guide (photoshop)  (Read 573 times)
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    « on: February 17, 2012, 10:37:22 AM »

    this method can be used for clothes and stuff also
    btw still not sure how to do brawl styled skin though(if you want me to try to figure out brawl styled skin textures PM me)

    just for this tutorial use this image(right click save as)

    with this hack
    needed at the end to see the texture(credit to ds22 for the hack)

    step 1
    -open the image in photoshop and maximize it to have full veiw

    step 2
    - select the fur of the image(just the yellow) with this tool

    should look something like this

    step 3
    -press ctrl-u to have a box open up that looks like this

    step 4
    -change the saturation to about -20
    -then you can press ok

    step 5
    go to here

    i cant print the screen for this part so just follow the text

    NEXT:now depending on the type you want(for hair or clothes or fur) you use different ones but for this one for this we will use smudgestick.
    go to artistic:smudgestick and you can adjust the settings to your liking then press ok.

    step 6
    -if you want it to be brighter go to image adjustments birghtnes and contrast and adjust to your liking and save.

    previewing it
    -open the file in brawlbox and just replace the first thingamajig in textures then preview.

    for any questions just PM me or post here i'll be happy to help
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