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Author Topic: 5thHero's BOOTYFUL Textures: NOW IN TECHNICOLOR!  (Read 2946 times)
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« on: February 07, 2013, 09:12:17 PM »

Ello, all! I would like to show off all my hacks!

You can all download them, HERE!

First hack goes first, so here's Toon Adult Link!

He was the first mod, and I thought it was funny, considering Skyward Sword is like Wind Waker AND Twilight Princess!

Second, Bind and Dark Bind from Legend of Princess, an indie game!!

Bind came first, I wanted a Legend of Princess mod so I said "WHY NAWT"
Dark Bind came after as an edit of Bind...

NEXT, we have....
Cless Alvein from Tales of Phantasia!

I took the Playable Issac, and the Cless texture Angelglory made AND BOOOOOOM. YOU GOT YER TALES CHARACTERS IN BRAAAWL.

Next, we have Anime Styled Toon Link!

I took Color-Specific Toon Link's body and Chibi Minato's eyes.

"The Kid lands in the battlefield, with nothin' but a sword, a bow, a boomerang, some bombs, and his wit."
The Kid from Bastion!

WOAHHH, Bind grew up! Adult Bind from Legend of Princess!.. againn....  Azn

Here it is, Kirito (AKA Kirigaya Kazuto) from Sword Art Online!

Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online! AKA MMORPG Teen Mom.

"The Worn-Down Hero, is still able to fight.."

I took Calamitas's Vaati and Color Specific Toon Link by ZachAttax64, an billthekill's Chibi Minato's eyes.

Well, I hope you like my textures! Thanks for looking!
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