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Author Topic: Majoras Mask 3D models? I found them, but....  (Read 3232 times)
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« on: March 02, 2015, 03:00:00 AM »

I don't know about the rest of you, but there are a lot of characters and stages in Majora's Mask I'd like to see in Brawl. Thing is, I'm a 2D game designer. I'm currently designing a hack of Pokemon Firered that turns the game into a GBC styled Zelda adventure called Zelda: Sacred Paradox. I play Brawl all the time with my friends though, I have a copy of Project M and I dabble in texture editing here and there.

But anyways, there's this guy who goes by Twili over at Facepunch who has the MM3D models extracted and all ready to go it seems for whatever people need it for...


And he left this as a preview image of the dumped models converted into Ocarina of Time3D Format for viewing in an OOT3D model viewer:

So my concept I suppose would be trying to take as many characters and stages as possible and throwing them into Brawl.

Who wouldn't want to play as Odolwa over Link, or maybe Tingle over Luigi, Goron Link over Donkey Kong, Zora Link over Sheik Maybe? The possibilities are endless there. I would also love to see a playable version of Majora's Wrath, complete with a stage for him, or even playing as Kafei over Toon Link or a Deku Scrub for Ivysaur.


I followed the directions on the other forum and managed to extract a .dae and the textures of MM3D's Fierce Deity Link, Tingle, Zora/Goron/Deku Link, Odolwa, and a few masks. I'm currently downloading my free Student copy of 3DS Max 2014, and I'll be trying to import a model as a start later... If all goes well, I hope to do this for a bunch more characters, and maybe stages, myself. I'd love to see what other more EXPERIENCED users can do, though, as no doubt mine is bound to suck at first.

Here's a pic of the Odolwa model I found in that pack, complete with the eye on the back of his head.

Here's Majora's Wrath:

I can share the models with anyone who isn't willing to go through all the hoops I had to jump through if they believe they could do a good job porting one of the characters. In fact I'd prefer that because I know I'm not going to be too good at this.

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