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Author Topic: Project M:Decloned  (Read 1502 times)
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    « on: July 30, 2015, 12:59:24 AM »

    OK so um...first full on project...but as the Title suggests...this project is going to be an attempt to declone some aspects of project M. For some occasions there will be a roster change as well

    Now I only just started on this a couple of days ago and It's not ready for a beta release however I will be posting changes as I make them

    There wont just be declonings however, which is why this is in projects not attack/animations.

    There will be costume changes, maybe slight moveset tweaks, stage changes etc. etc.

    Also for every character that gets changed, all of their portraits will be changed from the original P:M portraits[as a way to tell you a character that was changed in case I forget


    If a creator of a mod used in this pack is unhappy with me using it in the pack, or if the Project M development team themselves are unhappy with me doing this, please, said people, send me a PM telling me so and I will removes it/stop the project respectivley

    So listed below will be the changes I've made so far[will provide pictures when I can figure that out if someone could tell me how I'd greatly appreciate that]
    Characters changes thus far[In order by css arrangement]

    Bowser/Giga bowser
    changes thus far:swapped out blue costume for dark bowser.
    Csps changed to SJS csps[most recent old set I believe]

    changes thus far: Models completley replaced with melee wolf models made by JoeTE[smash 3c version done by sonic the brawlhog and whoever else worked on it] csps changed to those provided with the smash 3c pack

    changes thus far:Models replaced with skyloft zelda made by DSX8 using the recolors made by Shun_One and alt costume replaced with goddess zelda made by DSX8 as well
    csps are, again, by SJS

    changes: psa untouched for now, but currently replaced with ghirahim
    Model by:DSX8
    textures by:windhunter7[used from his ghirahim recolors pack and ghirahim dragon hero pack]
    csps used from packs made by texturer above
    sfx replaced with ghirahim sfx hack on vault[the only one thats under shiek]

    changes: Models replaced with
    00-06:Hyrule warriors Link made by  iwantgames, Taiko and Satoshi
    07:Ordon link made by Jocky and iwvi
    08-09:magic armor and zora armor made by jocky and mewtwo2000
    10:Fierce deity Made by wii
    csps by sjs[except dark link csp since it looks like sjs forgot that one XD that one is from the hyrule warriors pack by the previously mentioned]

    Toon Link
    all models replaced with the hylian tunics[both packs] made by  ShinF, DrKoala and LJSTAR
    Psa replaced with project M DX psa made by kitsu-chan

    Attempting to replace him with demise[will have ganondorf alternate costumes]
    Demise model being used by Bronzegeekgod
    Recolors from jrush's demise moveset[with slight modifications by me]
    Psa being used is triforce ganon 5.2b with slight modifications so that it now uses demise's sword rather than ganondorfs
    csps from jrush's demise moveset pack
    Sfx replaced with soul calibur III nightmare made by Linkfan990[may replace this with the recent soul calibur II nightmare or just return it to ganondorf...though if someone could attempt to make a demise voice pack I'd love that]

    Models[not including the gicarios cause those were awesome] replaced by smash 3 mega lucario made by Hansi
    csps made by, you guessed it XD, SJS

    Meta knight
    only change so far is the voice being replaced with the vanitas voice pack on the vault

    fitike05[or maybe it was 04...]replaced with oni ike by sjs
    Csps by, wait for it, SJS XD
    voice replaced with japanese ragna[will be swapped with english ragna when that is released]

    completley replaced with Lucina, using the lucina v2 psa and the models from...well I honestly cant find the upload of the models I've been using so when the picturs are up and people wanna tell me who made the models I shall put the credits in

    Models swapped with ssb4 models
    csps swapped with the ssb4 csps on the vault[too lazy to keep going back and forth between tabs]



    Final destination:Replaced with ssb4 Final destination
    ONLY working music hacks are credits which has been replaced by a bleach track but I will be replacing it with a later decided song
    and final destination melee which has been replaced with god rugals theme from capcom vs snk2

    Luigi's mansion:Replaced with ventus dive into the heart
    music replaced is as follows
    Luigi's mansion:Another side battle version
    Castle/boss fortress:The other promise Boss version
    Airship theme:Rage awakened bbs version
    Tetris a:the xiiith struggle
    tetris b:the encounter bbs version

    Skyworld:Replaced with suzaku castle from smash4
    Tracks replaced are as followed
    Underworld:Ryu theme[smash 4]
    Skyworld:Ryu theme ssf2hd
    title(kid icarus):Old temple street fighter 4
    Kid icarus original melody:Gouken vs ryu theme street fighter 4

    What I will need to do/attempt to do before beta1 is released
    Battle portraits to match the csps/character changes
    stocks as well[cant seem to do those right if someone can help out a bit]
    Unscramble what is what in marth's and lucarios soundbanks to properly replace roy's and mewtwo's voices with their smash 4 sfx
    start decloning luigi with a psa based on his M&L appearances

    Now this will be an attempted solo project, but I will not say no if someone wishes to help

    Well until Then I'll see you guys next update


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