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Question: Which Movset do you think better fits PKMN Trainer or would be better in Brawl/PM
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Author Topic: Introducing Project Pokemon Trainer  (Read 1063 times)
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« on: July 05, 2016, 04:53:41 PM »

So I was in the process of making my Dillon PSA(which I plan on releasing a beta for in the coming months), but then I was scrolling through the post of a forum and one of its members said something that caught my attention. "People don't like PKMN Trainer because he was in the background instead of using actual items you get in the game." Now whether this statement is true or not isn't the point, it actually got me thinking about what it would be like to have PKMN Trainer in smash using key items in the franchise, like the Acro Bike, Super Rod, Pokeballs, etc...but he'll also retain his overall playstyle in Brawl summoning pokemon, now I've actually come up with a moveset that does both. In this PSA PKMN Trainer will both command pokemon and use Items from the pokemon series.

Now, there are two movesets that have been made based on this idea, both of which only alter the specials of the moveset: The first one allows the trainer to summon and return pokemon with his Neutral Special and use his Up, Side, and Down Specials to tell the summoned pokemon to use a specific move(Example: PKMN Trainer uses his Side Special and Popplio use Water Gun).  Each pokemon will be able to move freely and have 2 standard attacks, one Smash Attack, and 3 air attacks that they'll be able to use at their own free will, the trainer will only determine when they use special attacks like,  Water Gun, Flamethrower, Razor Leaf, etc.. The Pokemon will also have their own stats and will have a certain amount of Stamina depending on the Pokemon, but if the Pokemon faints then they won'tbe available to the player for either the rest of the match or until PKMN Trainer is K.O.'d . This Moveset is a more cannon moveset than the second one. The second moveset also allows the trainer to summon pokemon and will work exactly the same as in the first moveset(the Nspec will also work the same), however the instead of commanding the pokemon with his specials he will instead use items from the series and the pokemon will be able to attack the opponent with their specials freely however, like in the second moveset Pokemon will also be permanently gone once K.O.'d , but in this moveset PKMN Trainer will be able to use is Down Special to Increase the Pokemons health and stats .  There's a poll above for you guys to vote on which moveset you want in brawl(which you can read the full movesets below, but there's one more important detail, Which pokemon trainer should be used and which pokemon should He/She used. Now I'm not sure what the limit is on Pokemon(it will most likely depend on who he's over) but I plan on adding 6 total pokemon. I want you Guys to list a 6 pokemon team that fills each of the below criteria and how they fill that criteria. If you want to, you can even add what moves they might use(you can include GenVII).

Each of PKMN Trainer's pokemon will have different traits that work for different playstyles or situations:
1. Balanced - A balanced pokemon who can play well in the air and on the ground, he/she also has a balance of offensive and defensive play and is essentially good for any situation. There stats are well rounded and they have a average amount of stamina(80hp-100hp).

2.  Aerial - A pokemon who stays close to the opponent and helps for recovery, he/she is also good for aerial combos. Aerial pokemon are faster and more agile allowing for good combos, but have low attack, defense and stamina, making them easy targets.

3. Offensive - An Offensive pokemon is a pokemon who attacks fast and focuses more on attacking and punishing
opponents than anything else. The Offensive pokemon has high attack and speed, similar to the Aerial pokemon but will have more options on the ground and is more of a K.O. option. As a counter to this, the pokemon has low defense and stamina(25hp-60hp), making him something of a glass canon.

4. Defensive - A defensive pokemon is one that stays close to the Trainer and helps defend the player from incoming damage. As such, the Defensive pokemon has low speed(though this is dependent on who fills this position) and low attack power, but boasts high defense and high Stamina(150hp-200hp).

5. Support - The Support Pokemon relies on teamwork to help the Trainer. They focus on inflicting status effects and/or helping with recovery, they are also the only one of the pokemon that has a grab. The Support Pokemon's stats are all low overall and require constant help from the trainer.

6. Tank/Powerhouse - The Tank/Powerhouse Pokemon is the strongest of the 6. They have a balance of offense and defense and have high stats(again depending on the pokeomn filling this role) and stamina. However, there attacks friendly fire both the Trainer and the Pokemon itself. The pokemon also have cooldowns in between Special Attacks.

PKMN Trainer Moveset
Basic Combo
A forward punch followed by a kick

Side Smash
Hops on his bike flips a wheelie then slams his front tire down

Down Smash
Hops on his bike and spins his back tire around

Up Smash
Hops on his bike and does a bunny hop

Side Tilt
A forward Kick

Down Tilt
A sweep Kick

Up Tilt
A upward uppercut

Dash Attack
Slides forward on his/her skates

Neutral Air
Swings his backpack around him

Forward Air
Swings his backpack forward

Down Air
Slams his backpack downward

Back Air
Swings his backpack backwards

Up Air
Swings his backpack upward

Grab - Super Rod
Swings his Super Rod forward and flings opponents into a designated direction

Forward Throw
Swings the opponent forward using his Super Rod

Down Throw
Swing s the opponent downward, slamming them into the ground using his Super Rod

Back Throw
Swings the opponent backwards using his Super Rod

Up Throw
Swings the opponent upward using his Super Rod

Taunt 1
Shuffles his/her Pokeballs

Taunt 2
Pets his/her pokemon

Taunt 3
Gives the opponent a thumbs up

Victory Pose
Raises a Pokeball in the air and yells "Oh Yeah!"

Ending Pose
Stands and claps

Specials 1
Neutral Special - Pokeball
Throws a pokeball and summons an pokemon to help you, can be used again to retract your pokemon

Side and Down Special
Commands the pokemon to attack a pokemon with a special attack

Up Special
Dependent upon the pokemon currently with the opponent:

Balanced - Lifts the Trainer into the air, has low range
Aerial - Grabs the opponent and Flies upwards, has high range
Offensive - Throws the Trainer in the designated direction. has medium range
Defensive - Throws the Trainer into the air, has low range
Support - Throws the Trainer upward, has high range
Defensive - Blasts the Trainer shooting him upwards, has high range but inflicts damage to the opponent

Specials 2
Neutral Special - Pokeball
Throws a pokeball and summons an pokemon to help you

Side Special - Gotta Catch 'em All
Throws a pokeball and catches opponents

Down Special - Berries/Repel
uses an item to help his pokemon. Uses repel when no pokemon is on the field, temporarily grants all of pokemon trainers attacks armor.

Up Special - Escape Rope
The player is teleported in a designated direction

Now, that you guys know all the details about this project, you guys need to know something about me, I am not a Animator and I can't Import Models, so I'll need you guys help. Anyone who wants to help with the project is welcome. I will be taking on the role of main coder, but I need a model importer and an animator, as well as someone for SFX and GFX.  With all that said I want to her your thoughts and opinions on this project, have another idea or advice then post it in the comments section below.

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    This looks interesting. Subbed. Smiley

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    Too much to read, though, so I think I'll just wait for some previews.
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