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46 April 15th, 2023

Shadow (Sonic Rivals Pose) by Shy, nanobuds with credit to N!ck for the Shadow model used
[Pack - Portrait]

what more is there to say, just Nano's old pose he did for (possibly) Sonic's Shadow semi-alt

171 March 29th, 2022

Mewtwo 4 Pack by Shranux, King Draco, nanobuds, Mach 7, MetalLegacy, tyleto, Moe with credit to Snoe, Radzo, PMDT, Icezer, Elliot, N!ck!, SJS, Eiji_AR, kazoomageddon, Carter, Rainbow Land, LnktheWolf, Ca$ino Wolf, LazyRed, Ryztiq, RAWRzilla, kenmak, Psycho_Ghost
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

A pack of Mewtwos based on the RainbowLand model featuring recolors for Standard, Armored, Shadow, and Galaxy.
What's the difference between the original, and this pack's alterations to the RL model?

King Draco released his PM Spec pack in CBM, and a trio of Snoe, Tyle, and SJS edited the eyes, so the eyes wouldn't be blown out due to unfortunate side effects of the PM glow materials.

Metal Legacy edited the snout and tail to be closer to the Sugimori Gen3 art (making the snout slightly shorter and narrower), and he added more detail to the main texture (which Shranux had to adapt all of the recolors to)

Shranux edited the iris sizes to be 110% larger and wider than the Rainbow Land release while making the Mew recolor and Pokemon Yellow recolor have recolored eyes

Snoe made the irises more vibrant

Moe remade Shadow Mewtwo

Armor was edited and changed up by both Snoe and Shranux to fit the new model (Snoe for the torso, body, and arms, Shranux for the helmet and leg armor, Shranux for uv edits to fit the updated Armor texture by Nanobuds more)

Shranux remade Galaxy with slight advice from Icezer

Snoe also optimized the textures, culled the model, and used the eye trick to make it so that they only use the 2 eye models for all 3 eye mats.

Tyle did the renders and cosmetics

Radzo had set up some stuff for the blend scene

Poses by, or recreated by, SJS, Mach7, and Shranux
Rainbow Land's Pokken Mewtwo couldn't be fully given the PM glow, the exception being the eyes, due to the leg band... So a version without the band, fitmewtwo12, and one with the band being AltZ was made.

There's four choices of Alt R, just rename the one you want to FitMewtwoAltR. Though there are two that have cosmetics if you want one of them to be fitmewtwo39 instead.
Original model's credits:

True Brawl Mewtwo v1.5 by Rainbow Land - https://twitter.com/RainbowLandTeam

Model: https://twitter.com/Eiji_Ar

Textures: https://twitter.com/erebus745 & https://twitter.com/kazoomageddon

Alternate Colors: https://twitter.com/erebus745

Link to original model:

361 November 2nd, 2021

Shadow The Hedgehog (Brawl V3) by nanobuds with credit to N!ck!, Firelis with credit to tyleto, BullockDS
[Character - Texture, Import - Sonic]

i thought SubZero's shadow was too dull for Brawl so I made the textures HD and next-gen.


No recolors sorry XDDD

69 November 1st, 2021

Scizor 0.1 Beta by Gr8pe, nanobuds with credit to I believe originally Nano was the founder
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Falco]

April Fools!... sorta. It's fully playable with minimal freezing (since I'm one person, troubleshooting freezes is difficult; hence my slow progress) despite it being a bootlegged falco moveset. Anyone is free to expound upon considering the model has no rig, but it works.

81 July 1st, 2020

PM Roy CSProject by tyleto, nanobuds
[Pack - Portrait]

More and more PM poses resurface! Even though they can't be recreated 1:1, even if we have the exact .chr0 files, its still very neat to have the option of HD PM cosmetics. This one was pulled straight from Nano's dump, tried to make it as accurate to the original as possible. Enjoy

*psst, click on the banner for included renders!

2710 April 22nd, 2020

Cobalt XR by szion, KingJigglypuff, Ambipom, nanobuds, Lillith, Sirkura, Firelis, PyotrLuzhin, Kuusotare, Atma, FWCrash with credit to PMDT, Legacy, PMEX Remix, Smash CE, Project +
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Misc, Portrait]

This pack, otherwise known as Cobalt Legacy, seeks to combine, and improve where necessary, through balance or overhaul, characters and assets related to them on the vault or in other builds, and potentially make more competitive versions of them for a tournament environment. Most notably, Remix, Legacy, CE and P+ content is mostly available here, and may have undergone some minor changes. If you like fire emblem, you might like us just a little bit. There are dolphin and wii builds available, and a discord to help you get set up. https://discord.gg/3zR4nYp We also host community events including netplay tournaments with prizing. I hope to see you there.

275 May 4th, 2020

Brawl Zero Suit Restoration by Cahalan, jiang, Pik, StarWaffle, Albafika, KingJigglypuff, nanobuds, Spex130, Spigel, Xenozoa425, Mach 7, TʘCK, TheDarkMysteryMan, Ryztiq, Sandfall, Program, tyleto, Ca$ino Wolf, Moe, radzo73 with credit to SJS
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Zero Suit Samus]

Program's Zero Suit edits have been given the Chozo Armory Treatment! Same ideas for the costumes, but on a model that's much more consistent with Subspace cutscenes and lagless in most cases (except when using the SJS alts, they cause slight lag in 4 players iirc).

This is an option for those using the Chozo Armory in their builds, so the Varia Suits ARE NOT included. The blender setup for the vBrawl Zero Suit Samus by Spigel (with edits to make the lights work by me) is included however.

149 December 31st, 2019

Nano's Holy War CSProject + Moe's Recolors by tyleto, nanobuds, Moe
[Character - Texture - Marth]

PLS READ! To clear up confusion, this download also includes the actual .pacs themselves for the recolors, because Moe never released them on his own (although I did with his permission). So this is a bundle of both the scene and the recolors!

Straight from Project M! Cleaned up Nano's pose from his dump and tried to get the angle as close as I could to the original. Credits to Moe for the recolors!

*psst, click on the previews for full renders of all recolors and in game screenshots!

54 April 5th, 2020

Capeless Black Ike (No Cape) by Mazux, jiang, Pik, nanobuds, ymtah with credit to GIMP team, Intelligent Systems
[Character - Texture - Ike]

Credit goes to ymtah, jiang, Pik, and Nanobuds for their mod (Alm skin for Ike: Fire Emblem Echoes) which I used, and swapped in the textures from the black armored Project M Ike.

Version 1.0


Tested in Project M 3.6 Legacy TE 2.1

262 May 4th, 2020

Chozo Armory by Cahalan, jiang, Pik, StarWaffle, Albafika, KingJigglypuff, nanobuds, Spex130, Xenozoa425, Mach 7, TʘCK, TheDarkMysteryMan, Ryztiq, Sandfall, tyleto, Ca$ino Wolf, Moe, radzo73 with credit to SJS, CSP Project, DavidvKimball, tryptech for the poses used for Rendering & Mariodox for some additional feedback on colors.
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Samus]

Update 5: How long did I mistakenly not include the right costumes for Fusion Blue and Black!?!? No matter, it's fixed... finally. My B.

Update 4: The tourney friendly version of the FitFake files I posted on my modding workshop are now included in the pack.
If downloaded before 1/27/2020, you can download the file again to get them, or edit the FitFake files to not include the overlay.

Update 3: One last color edit to the Dark Samus themed ZSS recolor. If downloaded before 9/20/2019 please update. Hopefully this will be the last update for a while...

Update 2: Mario Dox's Bury Animation Fix has now been integrated into Samus' PSA.

Update: CSP Project 2.5 Color Smashed Stocks are now included. There are also some new notes about the features of the pack and TE 2.5 friendly files to take advantage of the new Team Costume Code (that also applies to the CSSConfigs) along with fixes for the Hotpants costumes' bellybutton introduced in TE 2.5 and a minor color update to the Black Fusion ZSS costume.

Introducing a pre-packaged collection of over 30 Costumes for both Samus and Zero Suit Samus!

This has edits to older costumes like the Prime 2 Multiplayer Costumes by Xenozoa425 and Moe's recreation of the Melee Black alt, along with new original recolors for both the Power Suit and Zero Suit that are meant to be paired with one another.

This package also includes edits to my previous Phazon Suit release to better match how the lights are recolored for vBrawl costumes and a brand new take on vPM's Dark Samus inspired recolor on the SJS Phazon Suit model.

93 July 26th, 2019

PM Armored Mewtwo V1.5 by Shranux, nanobuds with credit to Project M team, Brawl Minus Team, Nanobuds, Ryztiq, LnktheWolf, thecoolguy27
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

Using Nanobud's dump, I used what would've most likely been the texture for his unfinished V2 (or something else) Diffusetest.png as a basis to make a v1.5 Armor Mewtwo with Brawl Minus's Light Spec Maps.
I also included the stuff necessary to recreate all of the old Armor recolors here on Brawl Vault into a new V1.5 version.

287 September 1st, 2019

Pack Of Upgraded Roys by Shranux, nanobuds with credit to KorytheMaril, Moblin, jaystring, Moe, AlGeorge Romo, Nanobuds, Ryztiq, Crixler, Ubergruvin, Char, Brawl Minus, Project Plus, Vert092, Sub, Layell, Carter, CSProject, Smash 3, 3C Team, PMDT, ShinF, WorseDoughnut, Pik, TʘCK, KingJigglyPuff, StarWaffle, ely, Snoe, MarioDox, ?????
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

2.5 Update!

New Download set-up for the Update

See Imgur Album and included text document for more details.

Yep, I implemented Moe's Upgrades to Awakening (Shoulder Cape) Beta, and Great Lord (Now with a new neck). Great Lord, Beta and Awakening got some more optimizations as well in this pack.
Some recolors that are on the vault, like the Lord Roy Semi Alt recolor, have been recreated for Standard.
A Sheath-less version for Beta has been made as well so that all four won't stand out with a sheath in the middle of a match.
Again, the Shoulder Cape came from Nanobud's Twitter dump, so I'll give him Collaboration credit.

179 September 9th, 2019

Prime Power Suit Samus by MarioDox, Pik, nanobuds with credit to SJS, CSPBR
[Character - Texture, Import - Samus]

Edit: Updated to CSProject 2.5 stock system.
CSProject files: https://gamebanana.com/dl/431437

(except you can't)

Samus forgot her Varia suit in the ship so now she smashes with her power suit instead! This missing beauty was (supposedly, by my suspicious suspicion) going to be an alternate costume in PM, but was replaced by the Retro Suit (which is the same power suit). It was once submitted on the vault but removed for no unknown reason (Nano probably didn't want to show the various clipping issues it has? nothing I can fix, the armor can't bend without looking incredibly off)
It comes with a few recolors based on some palettes from Metroid, while the last from Super Metroid.

Comes with CSProject cosmetics.


60 July 9th, 2019

Phazon Suit Recolor Set 3.0 by Cahalan, nanobuds with credit to SJS & Nanobuds for the original release, Pyro for the weight adjustment, Shranux for the initial CSP Project Setup
[Character - Texture, Import - Samus]

Firstly, I now have a patreon account here:
If you feel like it, become a patron. Mods and other content won't be behind a paywall, this is just something I'm trying out for the first time. Now onto the fun stuff!

I have once again revamped the Phazon Suit recolors to the point of having the phazon bits added on the costume be prepped in the blender setup (making it look good in blender, and having accurate nodes). Also joining in on the fun is an additional recolor... though I must warn you that this new color is a bit dangerous.

There are some minor fixes to help the model play nice with Blender (thanks Pyro!) and the CSP Project pose for Samus.

A .blend and the paint.NET files for the textures are also included for those wanting to make new recolors in the future.

102 June 29th, 2019

Canon Shoulder Cape Awakening Roy by Shranux, nanobuds with credit to WorseDoughnut, Pik, TʘCK, KingJigglyPuff, StarWaffle, Theytah, Moe, Brawl Minus, CSProject, ely, Snoe, and Nanobuds again for his Twitter dump
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Custom Character]

Update Time!

Thanks goes to the Discord user Snoe, for helping out and ely's pointing out an easy node reducing method.

After Nanobuds released his dump of unfinished stuff on twitter: https://twitter.com/Nanobuds/status/1141168698335649792 , I noticed that it contained an old version of Awakening Roy with a shoulder cape. I questioned why the final released version didn't have it, so I decided to apply it towards the final version. I didn't just slap it on either, there had to be some editing needed to be done to fit.
Plus there was problems with the headband and hair I found on the Final Released version that got touched up here.
Recolors included are a fusion of Moe's, Brawl Minus, and Legacy's.

32 May 19th, 2019

Knuckles: &Knuckles by LesbianChemicalPlant, StarWaffle, nanobuds, Mach 7 with credit to TheRulerOfOats for inspiration (Jefferia)
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

Album: https://imgur.com/a/iFJ9RFD

The default Knuckles skin by Nanobuds, StarWaffle, and Mach 7, but with all of the textures changed to this image: https://i.imgur.com/PIOngif.png

Includes CSP (an edit of the CSP provided by the original skin's creators) and BP

77 October 11th, 2018

Phazon Suit Recolor Set 2.0 by Cahalan, nanobuds, Shranux with credit to SJS & Nanobuds for the original release, Shrenshen for the CSP Project Setup.
[Character - Texture - Samus]

With the release of SJS and Nano's Semi-alt for Samus, I decided to revisit my old recolors and spruce it up for additional accuracy.

If you still liked the older versions, they are included as well; and the initial version of these recolors lead to the new download too (if it's still up).

70 October 9th, 2018

Phazon Suit by SJS, nanobuds
[Character - Texture, Import - Samus]

An overdone and simple mod.

Tested in Dolphin only.

303 September 11th, 2018

Morpho Knight Butterfly Sword by KorytheMaril, nanobuds, windhunter7, Puzzled, Moe, jetfantastic, DemKnux with credit to TNC | Wumb0 for the screenshots, the Legacy Team for their base Morpho Knight recolors
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Meta Knight]

Morpho Knight, a being of pure destruction, ditches his long trusted Nectar Sword from Project M 3.6 and dawns his finest weapon: the Butterfly Sword from Star Allies! Now you can beat people with Meta Knight like never before! ...or, no longer Meta Knight, since his prototype design took on it's own life.

This has been a humongous project with a lot of people getting involved. WindHunter started it off with the model import, Nanobuds made the Brawl-esque texture, Puzzled optimized the model and improved the texture further, ChucklesDemKnuckles and I made a few recolors, Moe made the PM 3.6 render, and, finally, Wumb0 took the screenshots: the very reason this mod is here now. The fact that I'm taking credit for this mod at all is a disservice: I hardly did anything compared to these talented individuals. God bless every single one of them for their efforts.

3rd pic is the history of this mod's development, in relative order.

327 February 3rd, 2021

Bowser Jr. Over Bowser by windhunter7, StarWaffle, nanobuds, Boygos with credit to catscatscats99
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Bowser]

This was a request by catscatscats99.

Also, check out my website: http://dragongames7.wixsite.com/mainpage

Table of Contents

I. Summary
II. What's New
III. About Requests
IV. Credits

I. Summary

A request by catscatscats99, this is a port of Bowser Jr.(From Ness) over Bowser, with an alternate shell for his spinning moves! Also includes FS eyes and perfect metals! :)

II. What's New
A. New Characters
Bowser Jr.
B. New Models
Bowser Jr. Model
C. New Textures
Edited Textures for Some of the Parts During His Spinning Shell Moves
III. About Requests
I do requests of all kinds, but only commissions now
For more information, you can visit my website at https://dragongames7.wixsite.com/store
IV. Credits
A. Idea, and Help with Providing Me with the Models: catscatscats99
B. Original Model by Nanobuds, StarWaffle, and Boygos:

104 June 30th, 2018

Surfer Jet Set Knuckles by LnktheWolf, StarWaffle, nanobuds, Mach 7 with credit to MarioDox for the stage pic
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

Knuckles has once again donned his Jet Set inspired gear, but this time he's going to ride some waves instead of some rails! Sport

Made for the Custom Brawl Modding Discord's summer contest!

304 December 4th, 2022

Unofficial CSProject & Knuckles Expansion by LuminousWarrior, StarWaffle, nanobuds, Mach 7, Vapor with credit to CSProject Backroom, N!ck!
[Character - Texture - Custom Character]

We don't chuckle.

An addon for the CSProject filetree that will allow you to easily make cosmetics for your own personal Knuckles recolours and costumes.

Comes with the .blend files for all of Knuckle's costumes, renders and UI replacements in both standard and HD, and the pose.

419 June 4th, 2018

Cosmetics for Injustice Batman Import by All Things Gaming 6, JBG, RanShak, nanobuds, Spex130
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Solid Snake]

A CSP, BP, & Stock for Infinite Smash Team's Injustice Batman Model Import.

The mod is also included for ease of access.

I was going to make Recolors as well, but the large amount of Black & Grey in Batman's Texture's made that difficult.

1170 May 15th, 2018

Knuckles the Echidna by nanobuds, StarWaffle, Mach 7 with credit to Tock, Ishmael205, Spex120, Eternal_Yoshi, TheRealHeroOfWinds
[Character - Import - Custom Character]

Technically a regular old Sonic skin, but it needs custom animations to look proper. You'll have to find/make your own I guess.

Without custom animations, it still works fine on Sonic, but looks kinda funny.

Includes models, renders, and UI (both vanilla and HD sized)

547 May 12th, 2023

Smash 3C Substitute Ivysaur by Layell, nanobuds, Moblin, Ryztiq, LnktheWolf, Cynapse, tryptech with credit to The Smash 3 Team
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ivysaur]

Ivysaur used TM 90 and is now fighting as a cute plush substitute. This pack has ten colours, two renders, and four different versions: regular, no fuzz, HD fuzz, and HD extra fuzz. HD fuzz versions are for Dolphin users.

HD Textures are included.

Check out the Smash 3C thread for more: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3c-project-pm-alts-recolors-and-more.383581/

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