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157 February 24th, 2018

Flygon Recolors by KorytheMaril, BBreon with credit to Heavy King Chuckles for screenshots
[Character - Texture, Import - Charizard]

Flygon! Take me away, with a few new recolors based on other Gen 3 Pokémon. These were made to go with the Sm4sh Charizard moveset by KingJigglypuff, but this skin, as with the original by BBReon, will work with all Charizards. CSPs not included... Yet!

IMGUR ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/w7l8S

79 February 3rd, 2021

Toon Link - Four Swords + Mirror Shield by windhunter7, BBreon, Smash John with credit to Phred, Wonder793, KTH
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

This was a request by Phred.

Also, check out my website: http://dragongames7.wixsite.com/mainpage

Table of Contents

I. Summary
II. What's New
III. About Requests
IV. Credits

I. Summary

A request by Phred, this mod puts the Mirror Shield by BBreon onto the Four Swords Toon Link by Smash John.

II. What's New
A. New Models
Mirror Shield, Four Sword
B. New Textures
Alternate Shield Textures(Brawl-Styled or Toon), and a new tunic for the 06 slot
III. About Requests
I do requests, but ONLY of conversions(Including from YouTube), texture-related things,
or basic model imports/vertexes. I will do most requests of these sorts, and I will
tell you if I will do them or not.
[Also, I WILL give you credit for your idea, unless you state otherwise.]
You can contact me via email, PM, or by creating a topic in the proper spot on the forums.
IV. Credits
A. Idea by Phred
B. Four Swords Link by Smash John, Wonder793, and KTH
C. Mirror Shield by BBreon and KTH

1003 August 29th, 2015

Deku Link [TLOZ:MM 3D] by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Import - Olimar]

You've met with a terrible fate haven't you ?

I think he was talking about the Deku himself.

- BP
- Stock Icons
- P.Metal
- Team Colors included
- Colored "Dekmins"


691 January 8th, 2016

Kirby 0² by BBreon with credit to Hanshumon
[Character - Texture, Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Meta Knight]

Custom model based on this Art:

Features glow effect (wing), Cel Shading, Specular and Metal.

My thread:

638 October 22nd, 2014

Postman (Zelda MM) by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Import - Luigi]


226 October 15th, 2014

Mewpie by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Import - Ness]

Mewtwonite Z

379 July 25th, 2014

Rosewer by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Bowser]

It's now the turn of Peach to rescue Mario...


- Retextured him to look girly
- Vertexed the face, the spikes, the teeth and the claw
- Removed the horns
- Custom parts: Hair, Eyebrow, Rose, Jewels, Spiked Heart

The idea was eighter to make Bowser's wife or swap his gender, both were merged to create... this.

If she looks cute at the first sight, she however hides in her a terrible and unstable temper.

What would it be as Giga Rosewer...

1547 July 22nd, 2014

Flygon (RSE) [V2] by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Charizard]

Finally updated this beauty

###What's new###

- FS Eyes
- Remade rig, more accurate (besides the lack of vertices)
- Added Specular
- Textures enhancement

Shiny version included

906 September 5th, 2015

SA2 Sonic HD by BBreon with credit to Mattimation
[Character - Texture - Sonic]

The model was imported and rigged by Blaseth, I remade the textures and added a cell shading effect.

Team color included.

894 August 29th, 2014

Mario [Wii U] by LucinaSuitSamus, BBreon with credit to KTH, Smash 3 Team, Aramythe, Tocksnock
[Character - Texture - Mario]

Nintendo's mascot, Mario, returns to SSB4!

Thanks to KTH and Bluebreon, Mario has been stunningly redesigned in HD, with finer, brighter fabric.

He's received fancy white gloves, along with a new smooth red cap.

Looks like this plumber has a different day job!

136 October 14th, 2013

Orange Toon Link by BBreon
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

A nice orange skin color allowing you to play some orangina of time :)

1103 February 28th, 2017

"True" Young Link [24.2%] by Amarythe, BBreon with credit to Riddler and KTH
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Toon Link]

Videos (of hack's first release at least):

Pegasus Dash Fixed
Character Properties slightly adjusted

The "True" PSA hack series is designed to provide each and every character with a moveset that is 100% faithful to their in-game abilities, while maintaining a sense balance.

These hacks are currently PROJECT M only, however they don't feel terribly out of place in standard Brawl.

- Costumes Included -
3DS Young Link (LoZ:ALBW) [Made by me, credit to Riddler]
GC Young Link (LoZ:WW) [Bluebreon, KTH]

- Change List -
Changed Jab to Toon Link's standard attack first seen in A Link to the Past.
Changed Side Tilt to Toon Link's stab attack from the original Legend of Zelda.
Dash Attack changed to Toon Link's Pegasus Boots attack first seen in A Link to the Past.
Down Tilt changed to fast stab first seen in Ocarina of Time.
Up Smash changed to one of Toon Link's attacks from Wind Waker.
Neutral Aerial changed to Helm Splitter from Wind Waker.
Forward Aerial changed to jump attack from Wind Waker.
Back Aerial changed to the Backslice from Wind Waker.

- List of Known Bugs -
None! This hack is bug free. C:

Visit the official thread here!
Please be sure to give me some feedback! Thank you for downloading my hack; you WON'T be disappointed!

3888 November 6th, 2021

[SSB Wii U] Villager by KTH, LJSTAR, BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ness]

1590 June 25th, 2016

[SSB Wii U] Fox by KTH, BBreon with credit to Mewtwo2000
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Fox]

1643 November 6th, 2021

[SSB Wii U] Kirby by BBreon, KTH
[Character - Texture - Kirby]

May causes some T-Pose to Kirby when the battle starts.

3189 November 6th, 2021

[SSB Wii U] Mario by KTH, Mewtwo2000, BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mario]

Update: fixed textures

1379 August 29th, 2014

Mirror Shield (Wind Waker) by BBreon with credit to KTH
[Character - Texture, Import - Toon Link]

Just the mirror shield from The Wind Waker replacing the regular one, with its reflect effect.

There is 2 versions:

1. Cel-shaded one, with KTH's Cel-shaded Toon Link.

2. Brawl styled one, with the regular Brawl Toon Link.

Thx to KTH who helped me with TL's eyes.

856 July 22nd, 2014

Skull Hammer (Wind Waker) by BBreon
[Item - Vertex, Import - Hammer]

Take care birds.
Hammer head item will be inclued.

423 April 20th, 2013

Drums of sleep by BBreon
[Character - Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Donkey Kong]

Goron Link is now ready with his drums !

It's more effective than DK'ones, that's why he'll use it too.

This is for Donkey Kong's final smash.

523 July 22nd, 2014

Warp Cloud by BBreon
[Item - Import - Warp Star]

A Lakitu's cloud over the Warp Star.

Dunno if the common3_en (NTSC) inside works since I have the PAL version (inclued too), as well as the bress if not.

Common3.pac (Ntsc)/Common3_en (Pal) goes in pf > system.

The brres goes into a Common3, by replacing the Warp Star archive.
I replaced the smalls stars by smalls clouds, but can't find their texture so they appear Yellowrange, but still look nice anyway.

1006 July 22nd, 2014

Toadette by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Toad is not alone anymore since Toadette joins the brawl, again.

It was originally the trophy model, T-Posed and fixed by use some parts of my previous Toad (Arms, feet and panties).

She has metal, FS Eyes, Expressions and Size mod.

Will of course be improved, since the rig isn't perfect, mostly because I didn't attached correctly her shoulders to her body and was pretty hard to deal with it.

1837 July 22nd, 2014

Toad by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ness]

Update 2: Brighter model.

- - - - - - -
Update: One-slot sizemod inclued, but loses his FS eyes and alternate head (smile) for his entry..

- - - - - - -
Just a quick Toad over Ness.

Has metal, FS eyes, expressions, rigged fingers as well as a smile over Ness' black head at the start of a fight (Entry).

Will be improved.

2605 July 22nd, 2014

Jumpluff (Pokemon HG/SS) by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Jigglypuff]

Blueberry like Pokemon with flower Poms.

Has perfect metal, FS eyes, expressions, specular, and its poms follow the camera so they never look flat.

May be improved in the futur.

901 April 1st, 2013

Milotic (Pokemon R/S/E) by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Charizard]

The beautifulest Pokemon evolution of the ugliest one.. But every Pokemon is beautiful.

Has Metal, FS Eyes. Expressions (Eyes) and Specular (Shining body).

Shiny version inclued, as well as a no speculated one since the eyes can appear brighter in a few animations for some reasons.

It will be fixed and improved in the next update.

727 July 22nd, 2014

Froslass (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl) [V2] by BBreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mario]

What's new ?

- Expressions (eyes, mouth)
- Metal
- Shining Horns
- Spec Body
- remade rig (better)

In the next update:

- The Yellows eyes don't work yet for some reasons, it will be fixed.

- The model looks a bit grey, it will be fixed too.

Use an Ice Mario PSA for the best experience !


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