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108 October 17th, 2019

Sakurai Smash Ball by TNigh7
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

The show of the true power

How much power does a Smash ball need?

Sakurai: Y E S

30 April 2nd, 2018

Fancy Ball by FancyThevBrawlGamer
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

A quick mod I decided to make.

94 March 10th, 2018

Nathaniel "Smash Ball" Bandy by e x p a n s i o n p a k with credit to Hilmy091, The Spriters Resource
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]

every fucking time

33 September 9th, 2016

The KimBall by malistaticy with credit to my dawg davidvkimball for his meme face :^), the rest of the LXP devs and community
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

David kimball needed a way to contain His Godhood, so he transferred his essence to the smash ball. Now you, too, can wield His power and strike fury upon those who oppose you.
However, his lifeless husk remained when he transferred so his drained body is just sitting in my basement, someone please pick him up or something i cant go down there now

Shoutouts to simpleflips

604 February 3rd, 2018

SSB4 Wii U / 3DS Smash Ball texture by Hilmy091 with credit to Nintendo
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]

Simple texture port. The glow effects are not added yet. The texture is imported straight from SSB4.

156 May 15th, 2016

a rare smash ball by tissuebox
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

a rare pepe for your smashing experience. there is no aura, only memes. replace your smash ball with this file, or just edit yours with the texture if you don't trust me.

17 February 13th, 2016

Vault Boy Smash Ball by Bigoldnutsman
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Fallout FTW!

97 December 21st, 2015

Materia Orb (SmashU) by DSX8
[Item - Import - Smash Ball]

Took the Materia Orb model from Midgar's SmashU stage and imported it over the smash ball!! Enjoy!

Item can be seen in the video.

15 December 18th, 2015

LennyBall 2.0 by Bigoldnutsman
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Fixed the textures so you can see Lenny's sexiness

122 December 14th, 2015

The Ultra Combo Smash Ball! by Darkenergy345
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Hello! I am Darkenergy345! And for my first Item Hack I bring to you the Ultra Combo Smash Ball!

Included in this file is a retextured smash ball, Click the "unable to display image 1" button in order to see what it looks like. And the smash ball even gets it's own new sound effect to go with it, don't worry, it is a sawnd file. They much easier to install than hex packets.

Please enjoy!

Read me also included.

Also, I know it looks like the screen shot is broken but it isn't, try clicking on it to see if it works. It works for me. Instead of reporting the submission, message me if it still isn't doing anything and I will see what I can do to fix it.

15 August 7th, 2015

LennyBall by Bigoldnutsman
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Because everyone loves old forced memes that are spammed on all of Etika's videos right?

33 January 9th, 2015

KE$HA SMASH by Ebola16
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Tonight we’re going har har-har ha-ha-hard

246 October 20th, 2014

Calumon over Smash Ball by Mattimation
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]


Didn't think you'd see this now did ya?

This is a hack I did in like a half hour and I'm quite proud of the result.

Ever played Digimon Battle Spirit and thought \"Man... I wish Calumon would help me win in Brawl too!\"?

Or maybe you just really hate Calumon- EITHER WAY! This Hack is just for you!

The Smash Ball gets completely replaced by Calumon! With custom animation and a dumb smile added in as a bonus.


14 August 21st, 2014

The Nose Ball by Pantsface16
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

My very first hack for Brawl! :D
The evil nose smashball will grant any player the power to obliterate their opponents!
Actually looks OK in game!
Too bad the Brawl community is dying though...
Please download and please wipe your nose...

233 August 19th, 2014

The Jon Ball by nyancat6650 with credit to JonTron
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

unleash the power of the jontron

Replace the ItmSmashBallBrres in your common3.pac with the file here and you're done.

If you're not sure, yes, it works with Project M.

811 August 30th, 2014

[Project M Unofficial] Project M Smash Ball V2 by ZG
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

A little shout-out to Scout for the idea

Things different:
Added the smash symbol behind the M
Made the changing color texture brighter

358 August 30th, 2014

[Project M Unofficial] Project M Smash Ball by ZG
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

An unofficial Project M Smash Ball for Project M Users

287 April 7th, 2014

Mario Head Ball by Yoshi10
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Mario:Oh nice smash ball you got here!Can i have it?
Mario head join the battle.
In the smash ball.
Break the smash ball to have mario head power!!

282 March 21st, 2014

The World Ends With You Skull by StrawHatDanny
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

My First Hack!
Just A Meager Texture Hack, But It Looks Sick. If there's anything wrong, please let me know. Add your own touches or anything that would seem better, just give me credit.
[How To Apply]

1.Open Common3.pac in Brawl Box. (minusery>pf>system>Common3.pac)

2.Find ItmSmashBallBrres.pac

3.Right Click it and select Replace.

4.Select The File from wherever you have it.

5. There Ya' Go ^_^

301 August 30th, 2014

Burning Smash by ZG
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

A red smash ball burning with energy!

179 September 13th, 2013

X.A.N.A Smashball Alt. by seelkedow
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

X.A.N.A Smashball alternative version. Black one. :D
Original version.

96 September 13th, 2013

X.A.N.A Smashball by seelkedow
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

X.A.N.A had possessed the Smash ball :D...
Hope you like it!
Alt. version.

148 May 9th, 2013

Starman Smash Ball (Blinking) by Neil Coolio with credit to SMFan for module and texture in his SMB Starman
[Item - Texture, Vertex - Smash Ball]

This is not my module or texture but i did put it on smash ball and made it blink :D. This was kinda a test for item module swapping because i'm semi new to modules and stuff. Anyway, enjoy :D.

73 March 27th, 2013

8-Bit Mario by Mari0Maker
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

The item hack replaces the SSBB symbol inside the Smash Ball with an 8-Bit Mario!

The image was taken in the Advanced Model Editor (AME).

Enjoy! :D

180 March 9th, 2013

Jeweled Pagoda of Bishamonten by LJSTAR
[Item - Vertex, Import - Smash Ball]

Shou Toramaru's precious artifact, it possesses the powers granted by Bishamonten.

Well, nothing much to say here, expect that I just wanted to try a "glass-like" material and... I did this

The lights around it spin during the animation.

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