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This member has a total of 8 award(s)
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Constructive Constructive Constructive April 21, 2012: Awarded to users praised for giving constructive criticism to hackers. Favorite Award
Social stuff
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Super Saiyan Topic Super Saiyan Topic Super Saiyan Topic April 30, 2020: Awarded to users who made a topic with 90 000 views or more.
Pin Collector Pin Collector Pin Collector November 3, 2014: Awarded to users with 7 awards or more. (Not counting the Pin Collector one.)
Heart Container Heart Container Heart Container March 11, 2017: Awarded to users whose last warning dates from more than 24 months ago. There is a 500 posts requirement for this award.
Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat April 1, 2014: Awarded for making a post containing a picture on Upside-Down Day.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Starstormer Starstormer Starstormer April 26, 2015: Unleash the power of the cosmos! One of their hacks recieved 5000 downloads!
Renowned Hacker Renowned Hacker Renowned Hacker March 16, 2014: Their hacks were praised by the gods, with over 50 000 total downloads !!
Active Contributor Active Contributor Active Contributor March 16, 2014: Contributing in the Vault is their way of life. More than 50 hacks!
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