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This member has a total of 6 award(s)
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Tutorial Writer Tutorial Writer Tutorial Writer March 16, 2014: Awarded to users who took the time to write a detailed tutorial. Favorite Award
Novice Restorer Novice Restorer Novice Restorer March 1, 2014: Awarded to users helping in the Brawl Vault Community Support, with at least 12 points of participation.
Social stuff
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Heart Container Heart Container Heart Container July 15, 2014: Awarded to users whose last warning dates from more than 24 months ago. There is a 500 posts requirement for this award.
Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat April 1, 2014: Awarded for making a post containing a picture on Upside-Down Day.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Featured Featured Featured August 18, 2015: Awarded to the ones whose works were featured on the KCMM Blog
Dedicated Hacker Dedicated Hacker Dedicated Hacker August 3, 2015: Their sheer dedication to SSBB hacking granted them over 10 000 downloads.
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