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This member has a total of 18 award(s)
Social stuff
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
KCMM Storyteller KCMM Storyteller KCMM Storyteller August 10, 2011: Awarded to users creating stories and manga/comics depicting KCMM users. Favorite Award
Super Saiyan Topic Super Saiyan Topic Super Saiyan Topic January 4, 2016: Awarded to users who made a topic with 90 000 views or more.
Pin Collector Pin Collector Pin Collector December 22, 2012: Awarded to users with 7 awards or more. (Not counting the Pin Collector one.)
KCMM Veteran KCMM Veteran KCMM Veteran April 22, 2013: Awarded to users who registered in 2010 and have at least 1000 posts.
Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! January 11, 2016: Awarded to users who started 100 topics or more.
Heart Container Heart Container Heart Container November 10, 2012: Awarded to users whose last warning dates from more than 24 months ago. There is a 500 posts requirement for this award.
Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat April 1, 2014: Awarded for making a post containing a picture on Upside-Down Day.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Warm Welcomer Warm Welcomer Warm Welcomer June 12, 2020: Awarded to users who posted at least 100 times in Introductions.
Sniper Sniper Sniper January 31, 2019: Awarded to users who did at least 30 valid reports on the boards.
Helping Hand Helping Hand Helping Hand April 28, 2018: Awarded to users who wrote at least 5 tutorials.
Hacking Teams
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Decade Staff Decade Staff Decade Staff November 16, 2023: Members of the Decade mod Developer Team.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Original the Character Original the Character Original the Character December 21, 2012: Winner of the Original Character Contest
Cookie Clicker! Cookie Clicker! Cookie Clicker! June 19, 2014: Awarded for finding the Hidden Cookie lurking somewhere on the boards. Take a screenshot and send it to Miacis to recieve the award. You'll know for sure when you find it.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Renowned Hacker Renowned Hacker Renowned Hacker November 27, 2012: Their hacks were praised by the gods, with over 50 000 total downloads !!
RAGE!! RAGE!! RAGE!! November 15, 2021: One of their hacks managed to get less than 10 DLs in a whole year! RAGE!!
Hyperactive Contributor Hyperactive Contributor Hyperactive Contributor November 16, 2011: They just can't stop posting hacks! More than a hundred already!
Featured Featured Featured January 19, 2014: Awarded to the ones whose works were featured on the KCMM Blog
Favorite'd Favorite'd Favorite'd May 10, 2013: One of their hacks grabbed the attention of all, and got 3000 downloads.
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