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Social stuff
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Pin Collector Pin Collector Pin Collector July 18, 2021: Awarded to users with 7 awards or more. (Not counting the Pin Collector one.)
KCMM Veteran KCMM Veteran KCMM Veteran April 22, 2013: Awarded to users who registered in 2010 and have at least 1000 posts.
Heart Container Heart Container Heart Container August 4, 2015: Awarded to users whose last warning dates from more than 24 months ago. There is a 500 posts requirement for this award.
Fiery Topic Fiery Topic Fiery Topic June 10, 2020: Awarded to users who made a topic with 50 000 views or more.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
King for a Day King for a Day King for a Day December 6, 2015: Awarded to hackers whose hack was the most downloaded hack today, in several categories.
Famous Hacker Famous Hacker Famous Hacker February 1, 2016: Their hacks were blessed by the power of SMASH, with over 20 000 total downloads.
Dedicated Hacker Dedicated Hacker Dedicated Hacker July 18, 2021: Their sheer dedication to SSBB hacking granted them over 10 000 downloads.
>9000 >9000 >9000 January 8, 2016: What does the scouter say about the downloads level of one of their hacks?!
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