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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / CSP and the like on: September 18, 2011, 04:23:07 PM
(Deleted Old Topic because it came out... broken)
Hello, I'm trying to replace the CSP, CBP, Character Icon, and Results Screen Image of Link. Currently I've been having no issues, as I have found the location of Link's CSP in the Common5.pac. Having replaced that and loading SSBB, it works. Now that I have done that, I moved on to trying to get the others changed.
Now here is where I come into trouble. Having looks around through Common5.pac, I noticed that there are certain parts where objects seemed to be duplicated, such as two different locations in which character Icons are found. I'm having a hard time figuring out what items are where, and would like some help from someone experienced in where to find Link's CBP, Character Icon, and Results Screen Image.

Edit: Also, just a quick question, has anyone yet created a way to convert back to .mdl0? Last time I was online commonly here was december.
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Another Thread About my Continuous Issue. on: February 02, 2011, 05:52:44 PM
Ok, Has anyone ever heard of this issue before, and if so how do I fix?

My issue is that I cannot code. No matter what I do custom codes do not work. I input them into my gct and run it in ssbb, but only the original code runs. In this case I can only use file replacement code, not any other code inputed through Ocarina. One person suggested that I use a program, I think gctedit to get the text file for my gct and use it in ocarina to get it to work. Still nothing happened...
Has anyone ever heard of this and if so, help ME!

Edit: Tried using GCTEdit to manage my codes, it failed like ocarina.
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Code Help on: January 30, 2011, 04:44:39 PM
Can Alloy's css pictures be changed without modifying the original character (Like Red Alloy having there own css, not the one captain falcon has)
New Question. See Next Post.
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Complete Newby topic about WiiXplorer on: January 30, 2011, 11:03:27 AM
My question is... How do I view the files on the disk I put in through wiixplorer? Because Some of the files I'm after are not placed in the ssbb resource page in mediafire. So how do I?
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Horible Graphic Issues. on: January 29, 2011, 10:55:06 AM
Ok, I'm trying to make a Waluigi Over hack. I my first try Waluigi was invisible, but I think that is Because his BodyM bone was at the same bone index as 's teeth bones. So I tried to change his BodyM Bone Index to another index, which I choose 31, not sure why. Then in game he works well, he doesn't even have the hurtbox and hitbox glitchs. But once his Side B and Neutral B are used, or the game is paused in training mode, His Polygons stretch out covering the entire screen, and this includes menus like in training mode. How do I make the first one not be invisible, or fix the graphic issues.
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Ok, textures not wanting to work right? on: January 28, 2011, 05:56:36 PM
Ok, I tried to do a retexture of  's Pinkish Costume. My texture is partially transparent, and when viewed in game, only the body part of keeps the texture how I want it. All other part's of him have Black where the transparent parts were. If this matter's I'm using the cmpr texture option each time.
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / New Question... Subspace Stage over Normal on: January 25, 2011, 07:10:31 PM
How can the polygons of certain models be switched with each other? Like is it possible to Take the Polygons of a Red Alloy and switch out captain Falcon's with those polygons to make him appear like the alloy? And would this be possible with more diverse characters? And even better if there is a tutorial on it!

And a second question, just because I fealt like there is no need to post more that one at a time. Is there any reason why any custom Gtc files made from Ocarina PC cheat code manager do not work?

Thanks for any help!

Ok New question, Following WackaAlpaca's tutorial on using Rel files, I did the same thing he told, taking the Beginning coliseum and putting it over another stage using the Final Rel used in the tutorial for the stage. As soon as I click BattleField (The stage it was put on) my wii froze... Was this because I chose BattleField instead of replacing 75m like in the video? And is there another Rel file that won't crash with that stage?
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Yet Another Topic... Downloadable File Is Missing? on: January 08, 2011, 02:35:51 PM
Yet Another Help Topic  Undecided
I've have been recently getting my files for hacking from illinialex24's MediaFire Share And have been wanting to start a playable Knuckle Joe. The thing is that there is no Knuckle Joe Files there, excluding the ItmParam.pac. Is there an alternative way to get this file, or is it in another location?
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Importing Model Only on: January 06, 2011, 05:59:00 PM
Is it Possible to import the model part only, not the bones or any other part not connected to the visual aspect? Becuase I've been trying to get the Alloys as an alternate Color choice of there original character, but the bones don't match up right, and cause many graphical glitches, like the Hip in the center of the stage one. Any help would be appreciated! Awesome Face
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / Opening .Mdl0 Files in Blender? on: January 05, 2011, 06:06:24 PM
Is there a way it can be done? Because I need to convert it to nif. to use it in the right program. So is there a way I can get my Mdl0 files into blender? And if so, could they be exported back into Mdl0? I atleast need it to open the file, but exporting is a nice touch.
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Cannot Edit the Common5.pac File without Crashes? on: January 03, 2011, 07:40:14 PM
I cannot. No matter what, after I edit the common5.pac file, my game always crashes after entering the CSS. I've tried many things. After all of those, I've finally released that whatever I do to the common5.pac, the game is going to crash. It cannot be file size, as my new commont.pac file made is lower in size that the origional, with 11,924 KB for original and 11,921 KB for my new file. My new inputs are the exact same size as the others, and resolution. So why does it always crash?
12  Help & Tutorials / Help / Changing Bone Index on the Model Itself on: January 02, 2011, 02:42:59 PM
Can it be done? Because I'm trying to make a Red Alloy over one of Captain Falcons Colours, but for some reason ingame his waist is in the center of the stage away from his body, except when he runs. This causes weird graphical glitches to occur when I use Falcon Punch. So I checked the model. I suspect it is the WaistN bone indexs on each one don't match up, with 16 on the original and 17 on Zakoboy's. So can I change the Bone Index of this bone for just the model, or is there a way to get it working? Or can I export Captain Falcon's skeleton onto Zakoboy's model.
Edit: Off topic to this, but does anyone know why my game crashes if I even make the slightest edit to the Common5.pac file?
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / Walking Animation Glitchs on: December 31, 2010, 10:42:52 AM
     I have two question. The first is an animation issue. I'm slowly starting to replace a motion file with other animations. So far all I've tried using three new animations found normally in the game, all to the same model that is being used. For some reason the PkmSirnightEntry.chr0 file and the PkmSirnightWalkTurn.chr0 work perfectly, but when I try to use an action that uses PkmSirnightWalk.chr0 my character sinks into the floor so they are not visible and walks in place. I've tried an animation fix tutorial, but my character model didn't have the "YrotN" bones so it wouldn't work. Any Ideas on this?
14  Help & Tutorials / Help / Question about Bones on: December 30, 2010, 06:01:56 PM
I'm creating a model and animation replacer, and I need to place more bones into my model to successfully replace Jigglypuff without crashing. I tried to download BoneAdd first from this linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/?dttmnkm2y0j, but norton keeps tellling me a threat was found. If I try to run it anyways I get this message
"Windows cannot access the specifired device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
then It closes. Is there any way to add unused extra bones like boneadd does to a model or an alternative link that will work?
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