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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / Dark Samus import Model on: August 17, 2012, 04:16:48 AM
Hello everyone!  Grin
I'm stay working on the MP2 Dark Samus model, but i found a problem.

Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?

In the brawl box I see the model right, but in game the texture dont work...
I hope someone can really help me, I will PM you the file.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Crony's Dark Samus Update! on: August 25, 2011, 09:07:37 PM
Hello guys, i finally post the Dark Samus project for all people who always wish playing REAL Dark Samus!
Here is the link:


The skin is not mine, it was made by Nuke, so all the credits refer to him.
And now with the new original MP2 skin!!!!  Happy Face

                                      Here the link:


I used the best parts of other projects of Dark Samus of the vault, in order  to create a new one, with new moves!

The new moves are:

Phazon Shield                              down special

Like the real one can deflect enemies' attack!                   4% damage

Phazon Sphere                            special up on ground

Levite in air, and make a lot of damage                            6% for 10hits (but can hit 2 or 3 times max Im srs here)

Astral-jump                                  special up on air

Powered version of Samus space-jump boots. This attack can shoot down the enemy if it is used near opponent !                                  6% damage

Phazon Comet                              aerial down attack

Crash to the ground and hit opponents!                   8% damage, 3% ground crush

Dark Boost Ball / Kinetic Release                Special Neutral

First Dark Samus charge...

... then she transforms herself into a black morphball ballet...

                                                                     10% damage

... for finish the job by a rapid super missile, just like on the elevator in Metroid Prime 2!

otherwise you can release the kinetic energie by press B (Special buttom) durnig the charge!

                                                                        7% damage

Phazon Massive Cannon                  after normal combo Attack1-2

Great attack!
It can only be performed if the second attack of the normal combo 1-2 does not hit your opponent!

                                          10% damage

Dont foget that Dark Samus can split his body in hundreds of phazon particles...

... and shoot Phazon spread beam too!           Side Smash

I was very careful to create a really really really balance version, so everyone can enjoy it!
If someone wanna help me to finish the project, there still 1 things to do:

The skin of Dark Samus durnig the final battle of MP2


This time to use D.S. PSA you must use the zerosuit and Samus Fit file on in their property folder, and unfortunaly ZeroSuitSamus become completely useless! Undecided
I'm sorry but its necessary. How need to use ZSS can use the file in the "Hold Version" folder but i probably dont update it anymore.

                                             FOR RIIVOLUTION USER

So yeah. The issues I was having was caused by the codes and the CSS/common5_en.pac I was using. After I deleted them, and put all of DS's files in the right place, it started working perfectly. It turns out you need to insert Zero Suit Samus' and Samus' FitMotionEct.pac's in both their fighter folders, and the common_en.pac.

And just to make sure everyone can understand in the case that anyone else encounters this problem, here's a poorly made guide to illustrate the file's locations:

Note: I'm using Beyond's Riivolution, so '_en' isn't required in the file-names, any other version of Riivolution will require it though.

First, make sure you have a common_en.pac inserted in the 'System' folder. then open it up in BrawlBox.

Next, click on the 'FitSZerosuitMotionEct' and replace it with the respective file, repeat this for the 'FitSamusMotionEct'.

Finally, just make sure you have all the PSA files in their right folders.

And with that, Dark Samus should function in Riivolution. And if it doesn't, well then that sound slike a personal problem.

Enjoy and comments

News on page 17, New Upload!
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