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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Brawl Hacks from USB? on: November 07, 2012, 01:22:17 PM
Hey, is it possible to load Brawl Hacks from a USB the same way you would from a 2GB SD card for Gecko/Riivolution?
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / ASF1nk's NTSC-U CSS/SSS with All Suggested Codes Freeze on: October 31, 2012, 08:58:56 AM
Alright, I'm fairly sure I followed ASF1nk's guide to his CSS and SSS to the letter (though I won't say I'm absolutely certain, since I had to find workarounds to getting it to work on the Wii).  The only hacks I used are the Flaming Blue CSS (for increased character portraits) and SSS, all the codes included in ASF1nk's guide to using it, as well as several other codes such as the force music code on the CSS screen, ASF1nk's X07.brstm in his guide, and the [Original] Brawl Hax StrapEn.pac.

Now, it COULD be because I had to scrub the hacks to my backup, since I don't have a 2 GB SD card, but it hasn't been a problem before.

I use CFG USB Loader to load my .gct file, and I'm able to run the game even though my GCT file is over 256 lines... I am confused however, as to why the latest CFG USB Loader MOD version doesn't allow me to download a text file of all the cheats from the database, which claims that there are too many code lines and hints at the number (512).

I can compile the GCT file outside of the loader, but I haven't tried a code list over 256 until this instance where it is almost necessary to have codes that go over that limit.

Could there be a possible fix related to CFG USB Loader MOD that would not generate that error when downloading a code list within the Wii?  GBATemp has been down for a while, so I can't get help there.  I hope someone here can help me, and if so, it'd be very appreciated.

PS: If you need more info to help me out, please ask what you need specifically so that I can get this resolved more quickly.

EDIT:  I just found that GBATemp is back online, but I'd still want some suggestions here in case it's not the loader.

EDIT 2: Okay, I now know that CFG USB Loader MOD cannot load the massive amount of code lines, but it DOES support up to 1000 lines of code currently, so that explains why my GCT file loads with the game.

I've confirmed that the hacks DO work up to the CSS, haven't been able to test the SSS yet.  At the CSS, the game freezes, though I have no clue why.  I didn't modify the sc_selcharacter_en.pac, other than renaming it to replace the previous .pac.

I did not use WiiScrubber, but I did use WiiBaFu to extract and then convert back to ISO, then WiiBackupManager to convert it to a split WBFS archive.  I followed the recommended procedures according to WiiHacks to do this, but I have heard that there is always a chance that this method could screw up the ISO.

I'm starting to believe this, because on a previously scrubbed version of my backup, the OPIntro.thp (GaMetal) did show a pause in the middle of the video without me doing anything.

Post Merge: November 01, 2012, 12:12:11 PM
I was searching the forums trying to look for projects, and I found one thread that explains how to fix this issue.  If I scrub the ISO, I need to put it into my common_5.pac as well as insert it into the files/menu2 directory.

So I think this issue is resolved... I wonder... is there an FAQ for these kinds of questions?
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